The Institute of Technology and Science Pt. 10 Pt. 02


Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking.

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I didn’t see Ms. Simington-Smythe for the rest of the week. I spent a fair amount of time getting to know how my newly enlarged genitals worked with a variety of hot young co-eds and staffers at the Institute. It turns out that a massively oversized cock and balls is extremely attractive to many women. At least the ones that I took to bed!

My sex life had gone from zero to well over the speed limit in almost no time at all. And I have to admit that I enjoyed every minute of it! Having sex on a regular basis did wonders for my self esteem and my complexion!

So I was in a good mood as I settled into my regular seat for the Monday Staff Meeting.

Ms. Simington-Smythe gave me the same withering glare that she shared with everyone else.

It was only a few minutes after the meeting started that I felt something brush across my lap. Startled I looked down to see that Ms. Simingon-Smythe was caressing my upper thigh! I hadn’t noticed but she had moved her chair a little closet to my side of the table. Close enough that she could reach my crotch under the table without anyone noticing!

She adroitly extracted my penis from my trousers! Within moments she had my rapidly hardening cock in her hand! Her long fingers and soft palm stroked and pulled on my dick without giving it away to anyone else in the meeting!

For the better part of two hours she played with me! Or rather, she played with my long penis shaft and head. She brought me to the edge of an orgasm time and again. Then she would back off and let me recover. She would palm my dick head and swirl her hand around. Smoothly stroking up and down, pausing to tickle my balls, she would encourage precum to leak copiously from my dick head. Some of it she would take on the tips of her fingers and dab it onto her lips where her tongue would pick it up for her to savor.

Twice she made me cum! I spurted rope after rope of jism under the table, onto the underside of the table. If she had pointed me in the wrong direction I would have splashed cum onto the person across from me! Don’t think old Dr. Pellas would have thought that was funny!

By the end of the meeting I was a wreck. I had cum twice and now I had a pulsing, throbbing, hard-on stretching more than a foot in front of me. I had no idea how I was going to get out of the room without others noticing me!

Ms. Simington-Smythe had a solution. As everyone was getting ready to leave she dropped a bunch of stuff in my lap and demanded that I help her get it to her office. With that junk as cover I managed to make it to her office without flashing anyone.

Once the door was shut behind us Ms. Simington-Smythe grabbed the stuff I’d been carrying, threw it onto the settee and pulled me to her using my cock as a handle.

“No fooling around now,” she told me. She sank to her knees and pulled my dick into her mouth. “I just wanted to be sure that you are as erect as possible,” she told me as she got back to her feet.

She turned her back on me, braced herself against her desk with one hand and pulled up her skirt with the other one. Crotchless pantyhose! My bitchy, intimidating, stern, un-feminine boss was wearing crotchless pantyhose! And no panties! She must have planned for this!

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this massive penis!” she told me. “I kept remembering how it felt, how it was so smooth and so thick and so, so LONG! It’s all i’ve been able to think about. And I have to feel what it is like to be penetrated by such a specimen! I want to know how it feels to be serviced your exceptionally large penis! So…”

“NOW!” she demanded. “NOW! Take that monster male appendage you have between your legs and push it into my vagina!” She was impatiently wiggling her ass as she spoke.

I ignored the verbiage, stepped up behind her and used both hands to position my rampant dick at the entrance to her cunt. It was dripping wet! She might talk like an old maid but her pussy was ready to be hammered by my dick!

So I did! I put some of my weight into it and began to press myself against her slippery cunt lips. It wasn’t easy! It took me several moments to begin to make headway. Once I did though I pressed myself against her again and again. It was slow going but I was making progress!

And faster progress as she began pushing herself back against me. I was about half way into her when she stiffened, gasped and then let out a yell I thought could be heard across the quad! She was shaking and shivering in front of me, yelping and crying, biting her hand to try and stifle her sheiks of pleasure.

“OH, MY GOD THATS SO GOOD! I’VE NEVER HAD AN ORGASM OF SUCH INTENSITY” She was collapsed across her desk in front of me, still trying to recover from what had to be a huge cum!

Her left hand slipped between her legs and her fingertips explored the area İstanbul Escort where her cunt lips were stretched tight trying to accommodate the massive girth of my dick.

“Oh, Dear God in Heaven, not even half way and yet more man-meat than I’ve ever encountered,” she exclaimed. Her fingers were stroking my ball sack and running up and down between her cunt lips and the base of my cock. “SO much more to go, So thick! So many more inches to cram into my poor little vagina! I can’t wait. Don’t make me wait!” She was almost pleading as she looked over her shoulder at me.

So I kept on. I pounded away at her while she tried to push herself against me even harder. I was still making slow progress. After another couple of inches managed to cram their way into her she had another cum, almost as strong as the first.

She was panting and sobbing in front of me, impaled on almost nine inches of cock. As I stood behind her she struggled to take off her blazer. She threw it toward the settee and reached back, trying to pull me toward her.

“You like that big hard, dick, don’t you Ms. Simington-Smythe,” I asked, confident that I knew the answer. “Well, go ahead, take as much as you can. I’ll just stand here while you try and get your fill of the biggest, hardest cock you’ll ever meet!”

I stood, arms crossed over my chest, as I looked down at her.

Something flashed in her eyes and she growled, “You bastard! You arrogant bastard! I’ll show you, I’ll … ugh, huh, gugh,” She was pushing herself back against my immovable, rock hard dick.

“Oh, my Lord! So hard! So long! I need it so badly!”

Again and again she worked to force her pussy to take more of my immense cock. Her head dropped to rest in the desk top while her hands gripped the edge of the desk. She used both arms to pull herself back and forth. I could see her pussy getting stretched, being pushed inward as she drove herself back toward me, then being pulled thin as she let my dick slide back before she drove at me even harder!

She was huffing and puffing now as she worked. She had managed to take in another inch or two and I think she had had a couple of little orgasms while doing so.

Finally she pushed herself up on her arms and looked back over her shoulder at me.

“Please,” she begged. “Oh, please! Help me! I want more of your big, your big, your huge, COCK!” She almost shouted the word. “Won’t you help me take more!”

“What is it that you want, Ms. Simington-Smythe?” I asked.

“Oh, God, you bastard. You huge cocked bastard.” This time she seemed to linger over the word ‘cock’. “I want you to call me Penelope and I want you to drive your inhuman cock as deep into me as you can! Grab my hips and punish my vagina. Force me to take more of your magnificent COCK!”

“You want me to fuck you?” I prodded her. “You want me to fuck you with my big dick? Tell me exactly what you want, Penelope.”

“Push, uh, push, ah, I mean, FUCK me! FUCK ME! I want you to FUCK my vagi, I mean, pussy, FUCK my pussy with your horse cock! Fuck me with that horse cock until I’ve taken it all. More! I want more! I need it all! Please fuck me!”

“It will be my pleasure, Penelope,” There was a chuckle in my voice.

“Oh, God,” she muttered as she turned back to face the far wall, “Oh, God, help me!”

I did exactly as she had asked. I grabbed her hips and pounded the hell out of her soaking wet pussy. I went faster and faster, harder and harder until the whole desk was gettin moved across the room!

Penelope, Ms. Simington-Smythe, was just lying there taking the punishment that she had demanded. I was fucking her harder than I had ever fucked anyone and she was cumming and cumming and cumming.

“What do you want?” I demanded. “Tell me what you want!”?

“Cock! I want cock!” she told me. “I want your horse-cock. I want that magnificent huge cock as deep in my pussy as possible. Don’t stop, don’t ever stop! Break my vagina, pound me to pudding! I want it all! ALL OF IT YOU HUGE COCKED…FUCKER!”

“I can’t get enough of it,” she continued. “Fuck me until I can’t take any more! Break my pussy with that magnificent horse-sized COCK! Please, I want you to crush my cunt! Fuck me hard, HARDER! MORE MORE, oh, My, GODDDDDD!” She was convulsing thru a huge cum while trying to push herself even further onto my steel hard dick!

Ten minutes later we were still goin at it. She was no longer calling on me to keep going.

Now she was calling on God to help her, pleading with me to “stop, no, don’t stop, make me take it, I can’t take any more. Is there more? Oh God, there is more, so MUCH more!” And then she would go silent as she had another earth-shaking orgasm.

It was a lot of fun to watch. But I was getting close to cumming in her hot slimy, horny pussy. I had just about given her every thing I had – there was only an inch or two that wasn’t getting slammed into her. She was taking over a foot of dick with almost every stroke! And she was Anadolu Yakası Escort loving it!

“Where do you want it, Penelope? Where should I cum, you hot fucking slut?”

“Anywhere you want, horse-cock. Anywhere. I’m your’s! Use me. Put your sperm anywhere! In my pussy, in my mouth! I just want all of it!”

“Here it comes, Penelope Simington-Smythe” I half shouted as I started to cum in her pussy. After three or four spurts I pulled out, yanked her off the desk onto the floor and slammed my dick into her mouth.

Both hands came up to stroke and pull on my dick as she took all that I had left to offer and drank it down.

“Mummm, mumps, so good,” she said tiredly. “So much and so good! Did I get all of your horse dick?” she asked.

“Almost,” I told her. “There was maybe an inch or two that you didn’t get.”

“I’ll get it next time,” she promised. “That was so good!” she was licking her lips and hands where there was some sperm spillage.

“Help me up,” she asked.

Together we managed to sprawl on the settee. She pushed her blazer to the floor and lay there. Her skirt was askew, her blouse had pulled free of her waist band.

She reached over with one hand to grip my still stiff hard-on.

“Dear God, you are still erect?” she asked wonderingly. “Look at this, Peter! He’s still strong and ready to go! You would be snoring by now! But look at this huge cock! So stiff, so long and hard! What a MAN!” She was addressing the picture of her fiancé that was facing us on the desk. She was reverently holding my dick in both hands. Her tongue came out to lick her lips as she continued to marvel at the size of my shaft.

“I’m going to take advantage of this young man’s enormous penis, Peter. You have never satisfied me like he just did and he’s going to do it again right now!”

She squirmed out of the skirt revealing surprisingly supple legs. Her hips were svelte and shapely. From what I could tell her waist was slender.

She started to unbutton her blouse. As I watched she revealed a heavy duty bra. A bra that was larger than I expected. MUCH larger than I expected. I’d never noticed, Ms. Simington-Smythe, Penelope, had never shown, any hint of the pulchritude I was getting a glimpse of now. I had considered her bulky, fat even. It seems I had been mistaken.

“Man, you got some big tits under there, don’t you Penelope?” Yeah, I know, I’m a class act, right?

“Young man,” she responded sliding back into her snooty managerial attitude. “I do NOT have big tits, as you so crassly put it.” She struggled to her feet to stand in front of me. “‘Big tits’ would connate a Double D or E cup size. Huge tits fall between F-cup and Triple H cups. I’m larger even than that.” She was standing, hands on hips, thrusting her chest forward.

She looked down at me over the ledge of breast flesh that was barely contained by her bra. “I,” she stressed the personal pronoun, “I, have gigantic tits!” She began running her hands over the massive cups of her bra. I swear I could hear sounds of stress coming from the fabric that encased almost all of her immense bosoms. There was a swelling of flesh escaping where her breasts were pushed together forming a cleavage and more escaping near her armpits. Whatever size brassiere she was wearing it was just a little too small to contain her magnificently gigantic bosom.

She smiled proudly down at me. She pushed her upper arms together forcing even more cleavage to appear.

“Thirty-six Double M,” she bragged while watching for my reaction. “This bra is a little undersized perhaps. I should revisit my seamstress. I have all my intimate garments custom made. I can’t find my proper sizes at Sears, you know!” she had a proud and haughty look in her face as she told me this.

“Wow,” was all I could say.

“Why? Do you like tits? Are you attracted by my gigantic thirty-six Double M cup bosom?” She was sneaking a peek at me from under her eyebrows as she said this. She had to know the answer!

“I”m a tit man,” I admitted. “The bigger the better, as far as I’m concerned. And I’ve never seen tits this size before I my entire life!”

My hands had joined hers, running my hands over the fabric of the bra, caressing the flesh that was peeking out here and there. I half expected her to object but she just sighed happily. She looked from my face to her chest and back again as we both continued to fondle her amazingly large (gigantic) breasts in their bra.

“Help me get out of this,” she asked as she turned away from me to allow me access to her bra catches. Five heavy duty connections held the three inch wide band together.

When I finally released the last fastener she turned back to me. Holding my dick with both hands she stroked and fondled me for a few moments while making happy sounds. Her bra lay on the floor, forgotten.

“So big and hard. What’s you first name?” she inquired.

“Horace,” I told her.

“Horace? Horse, more likely,” she Kartal Escort giggled while rubbing my stiff dick against her abdomen. “I’m going to call you Horse! It’s fitting!”

“Now, Horse, sit down on the sofa and let me try to sink my poor empty vagina onto your massive penis! Watch this, Peter, see how poorly you compare with my Horse!” she was sneering in the direction of his picture.

She pulled my erection between her legs as she straddled me in a reverse cowgirl position. She leaned a little away from me as she slotted my dick between her pussy lips. With a heartfelt groan she began to let her weight drive her down on my cock.

Rising and falling in small movements she began to fuck herself on me.

She was panting and groaning as she began to make progress. “Look Peter, look! I’m only a few inches down his horse sized shaft and he is already giving me more than you ever could! I love it! How did I not learn this before! I need COCK! BIG HORSE COCK! Not your little Peter pecker! So tiny! Not enough for me now!”

She leaned back against me and pulled my mouth to hers. She gave me a scorching kiss.

“I want you to handle my bosom, Horse! Grab my gigantic tits and squeeze and play with them! I need to feel your big strong hands on my breasts! Pinch my nipples and pull on my teats!”

I followed her directions for the next five or ten minutes. During that time Penelope managed to take over half of the massive organ that she was riding! And in doing so she had at least three orgasms that I counted.

“I love this so much, Horse! So fucking much! So hard, So long, so BIG,” she exulted while riding me. Her hands were on my knees now as she slammed her hips up and down. I couldn’t reach her boobs any longer but I slapped her butt from time to time just to let her know that I was here.

Finally, apparently worn out, Penelope slid off my still hard shaft and lay on the floor in front of me. She managed to roll over and beckoned me to her.

“Slide that huge cock between my gigantic tits,” she directed. “Peter used to love to do this. I think it’ll be even better with your huge cock! Let me just get it wet,” She pulled herself to my dick and ran her tongue and lips up and down my shaft before reclining on the rug and urging me to climb onto her torso.

I slotted my hard-on between those incredible melons and began rocking back and forth.

Penelope used both hands and her forearms to force her breasts around my dick. When she pressed hard I disappeared from view. When she released her grip a little she could reach out with her tongue to lick my dick as I powered back and forth in her cleavage.

“Ha ahahaha,” she chortled, “Look little pecker Peter! You always disappeared when we did this! But I can lick and suck on this massive cock even while he’s pounding my gigantic boobs! So much fun! I can’t believe how big his dick is! SO FUCKING BIG.” She had slid one hand down to her pussy and was stroking her clit as I worked away.

I admired how her over-sized ovoids jiggled and bounced as we moved together. I felt her stiffen into a mini orgasm as she kept working her titis against my dick. We both were enjoying it.

“I’m about to cum, Penelope, I’m on the edge.” I announced.

“Oh, good! Cum for me, Horse! Cum on my gigantic bosom and on my face and in my mouth! Cum all over me! Empty your balls onto me! I love it so much! You taste so good, I can’t get enough of you!”

The first spurts were captured between her breasts, the next several landed on her face, lips and open mouth. Then she slid out from under me and jacked me off over her huge tits as she hung them in front of me. Her mouth was kissing and licking my nipples as she milked me for all that I had to offer. I was panting when she finally let me go and cuddled up next to me.

“I love your taste, Horse,” she was pushing her tits up to her lips so she could clean me off of her. She savored every drop she could collect. What she couldn’t reach with her mouth she scrapped up with her fingers and then sucked them into her mouth.

“So, so good,” she sighed. “And you seem to cum so much! More than any man I’ve ever known. SO MUCH more than poor little pecker Peter. I like drinking all that you have to offer!”

My dick was resting across my groin. It was finally limp after all the activity we had had.

Penelope’s hand rested on my thigh and I could feel her immense bosom against my rib cage as we rested.

We kissed for a moment and then again. I allowed my hand to cradle one of the biggest tits I’d ever encountered. So large! My hand was not up to the task of really controlling her breast. But it was so soft and yet firm at the same time. Her tits jutted from her chest. The projected strongly in front of her as she snuggled up to me. Her nipples were still hard and jutted out another half inch in front of her. I couldn’t resist tweaking and gently pulling on them. She sighed as I did so. She enjoyed my playing with her tits as much as I did!

And as I fooled around with her tits her hand began to flutter over my cock and balls. She cupped my balls in one hand while the other gently stroked my shaft with just her thumb and forefinger.

Penelope pulled a cushion off the settee and told me to lie down.

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