The Gym

Group Sex

It was a cold dark morning when I got to the gym, not a lot of people around at 5:30 a.m. in the middle of a midwest winter. I am a curvy woman that works hard at not going beyond curvy! I was thankful the gym owner had given me a set of keys so I could let myself in at this hour.

My lifting partner arrived a few minutes after I did and he was whining about the time of day. After his initial self “pity party”, we got right to it. Today was chest and back day. Secretly my favorite workout day because I often fantasized about straddling this younger man and fucking him on a weight bench when I was masturbating at home.

I laid on the bench first and he handed me the chest press bar. I struggled through my first set because I was having a tough time with focusing on my task at hand and not on my naughty thoughts of my sexy lifting partner.

He told me to quit being a whimp and focus! I looked at him and said, “Hey, it’s YOUR fault I’m having a tough time focusing.” We bickered for a moment while we changed positions.

I added his weight to the bar and helped him lift it off the rack. He whipped his set out like nothing, he was incredibly strong.

I could feel my yoga pants becoming a bit wet because of my sordid mind wandering back to fucking this man while he was lifting!

We placed the bar back on the rack and he just lay there. I told him to get up, that it wasn’t nap time.

He looked up at me and I swallowed hard. His eyes had glazed over with what I thought to be lust, but I couldn’t be certain. Then in one smooth move, I knew it was lust in his eyes as he reached over his head and started rubbing the sides of my thighs.

The sexual electricity that passed between us was incredibly intense. His hands rubbing up and down my thighs were shooting lustful sensations all through my body, my mouth dropped open and I heard myself panting!

My dainty hands were shaking as Avcılar Escort I reached for his biceps. I had fantasized about touching them so many times, they were so big, so hard and so strong. His skin was smooth, he felt so soft but so masculine, it was the perfect combination.

I suddenly found my boldness and I walked around the bench and straddled him as he lay on the bench. I leaned down and we began to kiss. As we began, our kisses were sweet and gentle, almost as though we were testing the waters. After a moment they became deep, lust filled and needy. So hard, so deep, he was nipping at my lower lip. I sucked his tongue in pretending it was his cock. His moans filled the gym as his tongue fucked my wanton mouth.

I felt myself being pushed back up to a sitting position on what I could feel to be a very hard cock. He slid his hands up my tummy and to my breasts, he cupped them so gently, filling his hands with them. He circled my hard nipples and suddenly squeezed my right one pinching harder, and harder. I was about to pull away when he said, “shhhhhhh, let it happen” and I felt a lust filled jolt shoot directly from my nipple deep into my soaking wet pussy.

Our eyes locked. My eyes began to drift shut, my head was falling back.

He demanded I look at him. I did as commanded. He was squeezing my nipple through my sports bra, exact same pressure, just held it and wham!

An orgasm rocked my body! I fell back onto his chest amazed that I had just had an orgasm with him simply squeezing my nipple.

I sat back up. The wonderful, animalistic nature of lust took over. My hips were grinding my cum soaked cunt on his now rock hard cock. I began sliding myself up and down his shaft through our clothes. Dry humping like a couple of teenagers.

He reached the inner thighs of my yoga pants and with one quick tug he ripped a hole in the Beylikdüzü Escort crotch of them exposing my cum soaked pussy. He gazed at me and smiled saying, “I knew it would be this beautiful.”

He slid a single finger up and down, between my swollen pussy lips. He then put his finger to my mouth. I sucked my juices from his finger, feeling so sexy and erotic. He slid his hand down my neck, my chest, down my tummy and slid two fingers deep inside of me, strumming my clit with his thumb. He began pumping his fingers hard, fast and deep inside of me.

I begged for release, “finger fuck my sweet little pussy baby, fuck me so hard…yes…yes….YESSSSS” I hissed. My hips were bucking uncontrollably, legs quivering, I was squeezing my tits riding this man’s fingers like it was the last fuck I’d ever have in my life.

I felt my orgasm build, starting in my core, radiating out, up and down! I came so hard that my juices gushed from within me covering his entire hand with my lust.

He took his fingers out of me, leaving me feeling empty and he began to lick my thick, white cum from his hand. I leaned down and we shared my juice as we kissed with his fingers in our mouths.

I ached to taste is cock and lick the pre cum from the tip. I whispered to him, “Let me suck your beautiful cock baby.”

His smile spoke volumes.

I stood and turned around, straddled his chest so he could see my ass and my cum drenched pussy. I pushed his sweat pants down and exposed his gorgeous cock. A tiny pearl of pre cum was on his slit and I leaned down to lick it off, as I licked and softly sucked the very tip of his cock I wondered if I could get such a girthy rod in my mouth. I licked my lips and spit on the tip of his cock.

He let out a loud low moan as I slid my lips around the head and slid his cock deep inside my mouth. It hit the back of my throat and Esenyurt Escort I gagged a little, he moaned again. I began sliding my mouth up and down his cock while I jacked him off with one hand and gently squeezed and pulled on his ball sack.

His hips started to buck as he fucked my face. I was in cock heaven! His breath was coming in gasps when he said, “I want to be buried in your creamy tight cunt baby, fuck me!”

My long term fantasy of fucking this man was about to come true! I stood and removed my top, he gazed at my full, large breasts and grabbed two handfuls. I straddled his hips and positioned his cock at the entrance of my vagina. I slid his beautiful cock up and down between my voluptuous pussy lips and in one swift movement I buried him to the hilt! So deep inside of my soaking wet cunt that it hurt! I pressed down so hard, grinding my hips, I was so full of cock, yet somehow I wanted more.

He grabbed my waist with his huge hands and slammed me down harder onto his rod. I was screaming and squirting all over this beautiful beast of a man!

I began to rock back and forth on him. I had never felt so completely fucked before! I began bouncing up and down on him like a piston hammering, screaming at him to fuck me harder and deeper! My tits were bouncing in time to our connection and my orgasm was building in my tummy. My nipples hardened more, my chest became flush, and another orgasm ripped through me, gripping his cock like a vice! I was screaming his name as I was squirting all over his taught belly! He gave one final thrust up as he filled my cunt with his hot seed! I could feel him fill me, spurt after spurt. Spent, I fell onto his chest smelling his scent, so manly, so animalistic, so hot.

We lay there for a moment and let our breathing return to normal. I stood up and put my shirt on. He pulled his sweats over his now soft cock. As he got up off the bench the owner of the gym walked in. “Hey guys, how was the workout?” We grinned at one another and replied, “it was probably one of our best!”

That day is forever burned in my mind. We work out a lot these days and we’ve added a new friend to our group, but that’s another story for another time.

Until next time,


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