The Golf Widow


Here I was, 5 months before my 55 birthday. As far as love, sex and women, I thought I had most of the bases covered, seen it all, or at least what society says we should have seen. You know the old myths, a man reaches his sexual peak in his late teens, and how a woman hits her stride in her thirties, yada yada yada. I was about to learn the lesson of my life.

For all of those that think a woman loses her sex appeal, her sensuality or her sex drive as she ages, you do not know a lot about women. You see Lynn was about to turn 62, been widowed for about 5 years, and craved sex and intimacy now, more than ever.

Lynn had been married to her high school sweetheart, and they had had by all accounts a great marriage, and it wasn’t until I met her and we became friends and confidantes, that I discovered that you can be married and have not only a great sex life, but a extremely satisfying one, one that include things that your family and neighbours would never have expected.

I was just coming out of a 30 year marriage, one in which we married too young and really did try to make it work, it just was not meant to be. I had met her at the golf course where I was a member, and we had gotten paired up one Saturday morning along with another couple to complete the foursome, that neither of us had met before.

She was about 5’5″ 140lbs, hair, piercing greenish eyes that danced with vitality, silverish hair, showing off her beautiful tits with a top that showed just enough cleavage, and skirt that let all admire her legs.

One would not have guessed her age over 50. She had definitely kept herself in great shape. I was having trouble not staring or even hiding the bulge she was creating in my slacks. When she looked down and seen my obvious distress, she smiled ever so coyishly. She knew what she had caused and she was enjoying it.

By the fifth hole, we were laughing, flirting and being downright childish. She was making me feel alive. I had not felt this young since I was in my twenties. As I went into the bushes to look for my golf ball, she followed me in, and to my surprised, stuck the shaft of one of her clubs between my legs, causing us both to laugh. As we continued on through the match, I took a chance and made her reach up to high five me causing her tits to bounce. She knew exactly why and why I was doing it, and did not seem to mind one bit. I bought her a drink at the concession after the ninth hole, and we continued on our way. By now, the flirting had advanced where I was feeling fairly comfortable and confident that Lynn loved a good risqué type time. When the other couple was out of hearing range, I teased her about squeezing those melons of hers, and she smiled and said that they felt even better than they looked. That was all I need to hear, and I reached out and grabbed one. She might have been older, but her tits felt awesome to the touch, and her nipples rose to the occasion, seeking even more attention from me.

The round of golf could not have ended soon enough for this guy, and as soon as it was, we headed for the clubhouse lounge. After we had the customary drink with the other couple, Lynn suggested going to her house for supper. Hell, who was I to refuse a dinner with a gorgeous older woman. I followed her across town to a beautiful house in a more established neighbourhood. Lynn offered me a rum and coke, which I graciously accepted and we sat on the couch making small talk. Her knees tucked under her Escort Beylikdüzü legs, allowing me a glimpse of her black panties, making me want even more. I was sure I could see a wet patch forming on them, and her smile let me know I had been busted. She asked me if I liked what I had seen, and I eagerly replied, how could I not. She told me that a lot of men prefer younger woman, and I added that they would be fools then, that mature women had even more to offer a real man. I told her that I had always been attracted to women, particularly women older than myself, and this was just part of the natural progression.

Lynn smiled, leaned forward and kissed me ever so softly on the lips. I responded by taking her head in my hands, cradling it as I returned the kiss, exploring her lips, inhaling her sweet breath. She told me that she had not been made love to in years, and that I was the first man that actually made her want to have sex, regardless whether there was emotional attachment or not. I took that compliment, the way it was intended, that we could start here, and see where the relationship went. At least we both knew there were sparks, and from that, a fire can be built.

As I held her in my arms, the smell of her hair and subtle perfume intoxicated me even more, as I fell deeper and deeper under her spell.

As I was drifting into this fantasy world, I was abruptly awoken as she brazenly grabbed my cock through the slacks, and ran her small hands up and down the length of it, causing it to grow at a rapid rate of expansion.

I figured one good turn deserved another, and since she was not being exactly lady like, I figured no sense in being a gentleman any longer.

I reached for her breasts, squeezing them, gently at first trying to gauge her reactions. The harder I squeezed, the throatier the moans. Her nipples seemed thick and long, the way mature women’s nipples seem to get with age. Not sure if others notice that, but I find it so sexy.

Lynn pulled away, lifting her top over her shoulders, leaving her in bra that barely contained her white creamy breasts. It was cut low enough that her areolas peeked above it, while still covering her bullet like nipples.

She reached behind, unclasping the bra, and her tits spilled into view. Lynn then grabbed my head and pushed her now quivering mounds into my face, massaging me with them. To say she was aggressive would be an understatement. She was in complete control, knowing what she wanted, and I was not about to upset a good thing. I greedily sucked her nipples,, bouncing back and forth between them. As I sucked one, I would twist the other. Her fingers entangled in my hair, guiding me back and forth, trying to put her whole tit in my mouth, pushing them in. Damn this woman needed sex in the worst way, and all I could do was pray I did not get too excited and disappoint her before she had her fill. I am not normally premature, in fact been told sometimes I last too long, but then I had not had a woman like this before, so who knew what to expect.

As I was munching on her fun bags, she reached down and unzipped me, my cock springing forward, pre-cum running down the shaft. Her fingers were soon coated with the seminal fluid as she stoked my rod. Lynn released my throbbing cock, pushing my face away from her mammaries, forcing me back into the couch. Lynn took her fingers that were still wet, and gently forced them into my mouth. Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan I was not sure about this, but she had an evil smile that sort of let me know, she was the rule maker, and if I did not play by her rules, the game was over. I opened my lips slightly and she slowly forced them in, and to be honest, the taste was not as bad I thought it would be. As I sucked her fingers clean, she coated my lips.

As I was licking them, Lynn slowly dropped her head, taking my cock into her mouth, teasing the head. I grabbed her head, trying to make her take more into her mouth, but she resisted, instead swirling her tongue over it.

She pulled back, and ran her tongue up and down the side of the shaft, her hand holding it from the other side as she played it like a flute. I was still playing with her breasts, feeling the weight, the texture as I squeezed them. Finally she re-positioned herself, and she pulled the foreskin back, exposing my red pulsing head, and she slowly wrapped her lips over it, letting her teeth gently scrap as she slowly sucked her way down the shaft.

My body trembled as I felt her inch her lips down my cock, my hips wanting to thrust to speed it up. Lynn placed on hand on my chest, letting me know to stay still as she manipulated my prick with her oral expertise.

Lynn’s head bobbed up and down, using her spit as lubricant, never releasing my cock, not for one second. She sucked her cheeks in, creating a vacuum, loving the pressure she was using on me. Finally she released my cock with a pop, pulling me to my feet, and leading me down the hall to her bedroom.

Lynn removed her skirt and panties as I removed my clothes. I laid her back and slowly kissed a trail of light kisses across her stomach, kneeling between her open thighs. She propped her legs up on the bed, opening herself up to me, and I proceeded to lick her. My hands going up around her legs reaching for her tits, as I started to suck her now wet pussy, causing her to reach for my head, pushing it as she gyrates her hips into my tongue. Her cunt tasted sweet, with a tangy sweetness one only reads about. I lapped at her cunt, licking the lips, reaching inside, and as she released my head, she used her fingers to pullback the hood of her clit, exposing the little red head. I could see it all shiny and wet, and I slowly circled it with my tongue, not wanting to shock it, but instead wanting it to come out from under the hood on its own as it swelled. I let my lips caress it, lapping gently, as my chin rocked in her cunt. As I picked up speed, her tits seemed to start to flail in my hands, her body starting to rock in time to my licking motion. She started to moan loudly, almost throaty screams, gurgling unintelligible sounds. Something incredibly sexy about a woman that can get lost in sex makes me want her even more. Young girls are so uptight; they never lose control, where a woman that is comfortable in her skin enjoys the moment. I begin to thrust with my tongue, alternating with lick of the clit, when she pulls away, telling me she wants to fuck.

I climb up between her legs, standing as she lays, and I slowly enter my cock, feeling her wet cunt engulf me, as if it was on fire, so hot, so wet.

Inch by inch, I feel her pussy grab mu cock, squeezing it with her muscles.

My legs begin to shake, as I start to thrust, grabbing her hips to not only steady myself, but to gain leverage and deepness. Beylikdüzü Escort The harder I slam her, the more she loved it, her tits violently shaking, her hands reaching to claw me. We are now fucking like wild animals, abandoning any sense of love making, instead just fucking. I look down and watch my manhood ramming her cunt, her lips surrounding it, holding it, the sounds of squishing as it pistons in and out of her. I start to fall on her, when she says she wants to ride me, and being the type of man that love to be underneath, in jump at the opportunity to let this sexy creature have her way with me.

I crawl up to the bed, and Lynn straddles me, taking my cock in her hand, and slowly settles down over it. As she lowers herself, she reaches for my shoulders and begins to rock, setting a slow rhythm, enjoying the moment as I am deep as I could possibly go. She is not going up and down, instead just rocking, and keeping it impaled in her. I lift my head taking her hard nipples between my teeth, and I bit the one, causing her to throw her head back. I then bite the other one a little harder. Her eyes now are just white, as the color has rolled completely back. I could feel her tense up, and with a growl, her first orgasm hits, feeling her juice spill out, running over me, soaking the bed. The second orgasm hit as we kept rocking, and she collapsed on me, saying fuck me, more, fuck me.

I pulled her down to me, holding her, feeling her heart beat through her chest. As her spasms subsided, she looked into my eyes, kissing me, holding me, and she asked me if I had cum. I told her no, that I was more concerned with her, and she smiled. She said something about having g to rectify it, but I told her it was not necessary, and she just smiled. With her sexy sly grin, Lynn got on her knees and with my cock still in her; she spun around so she was facing the other way. She reached over to the night table, grabbing some lube, and told me that no man could resist her ass, and not one had been able to leave it without ejaculating, and I would be no exception.

She rocked forward causing my cock to fall out, and she lathered it up with the lube. Lynn then holding my cock, she positioned her fine ass over it and slowly started to sit in it. Her brown eye slowly swallowed my cock, and the heat that her asshole generated was amazing. I held her ass cheeks open so I could watch my cock go in and out. Something about watching your cock in a woman’s ass, no wonder no man ever got out of that ass dry. I was in heaven, and the sounds she was making, talking like my personal slut, telling me to fuck her dirty little ass, was driving me wild.

I tried to reach forward to grab her swaying tits, but I could not get high enough, but I did see her hands rubbing her clit. Her ass began pounding back on my cock, and I just lost it, I began spewing my hot cum into her sweet dark hole. I could see a mixture of lube cum and her brown juice spurting out with every thrust. The liquid was covering me, and I had to hold her hips, and soon she was coming again, and every time she clenched, more juice would fly out of her ass, covering my pubes. It was nasty, dirty, and sexy all at the same time. Lynn fell forward, my cock being expelled with a loud plop.

After both of us laying there spent for a few minutes, Lynn crawled up and lay in my arm. We kissed and cuddled, and smiled, not word spoken. Finally Lynn spoke up and said, I guess I promised you dinner, and I replied you sure did. We hopped off the bed and into the shower in the ensuite bathroom. I held her in my arms and thought, I sure could get used to spending my life with this older woman.

Next week it will have been one year since we met on the golf course, and we will be married. Gotta love the Mature Woman!!!

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