The Florist


I pull in to a parking space just around the corner from the shop, pause for a moment to compose myself and attempt to calm the butterflies fluttering in my stomach. It had been just over six months since we split and although I was sure that it was what I wanted at the time, not a day had gone by since when I’ve not thought about you and fantasied over my memories of the sexually intensity of the early days in our relationship. Everything about you turned me on. Your long shapely legs, the way you dressed, your curvy figure, the smouldering look that you always gave me with those beautiful eyes, and your appetite for sex at every opportunity has left me unable to move on.

I eventually pluck up enough courage to open the car door and begin the short walk in the dark and rain. My destination is your florist shop where I know you’ll be tidying up at the end of a busy day. You’ve run your own florist business for over five years and have built it up to the thriving success that it is today. But it’s 6.30pm, the shop is closed and you’ll be getting everything ready for the following day. As I approach my nerves are going through the roof. How would you react to me just turning up out of the blue like this? Would you still feel anything for me? I’ve done my homework. I’ve stalked you on social media and I’m pretty sure that you’re not seeing anyone but what if you’ve found someone new?

So I walk past the window and glance in but I can’t see past the condensation built up on the glass. I arrive at the door. One deep breath, I push it open and step in. There you are. You’ve got your back to the door working over the sink behind the counter. You’re wearing a long floral dress with your sleeves rolled up and your hair up in a bun. When you hear the door, you begin to say “I’m sorry we’re clos…” as you turn around. When you see it’s me and stop dead in your tracks. After a momentary pause you ask what I’m doing here. I explain that I had to see you and how much I’m missing you. You don’t move or say anything as you process what I’ve told you and your facial expression gives nothing away. An awkward silence follows as our eyes are fixed on each other’s across the counter. Time seems to stand still. My mind is racing, I don’t know what reaction I was hoping for but this isn’t it. I just know I’ve blown it as I wait for you to deliver the knockout punch by telling me to leave and not come back. I tell myself over and over what an asshole I was for letting you go.

You turn to the side and walk around the counter without making a sound but maintaining eye contact the whole time. I brace escort bayan myself for the inevitable “fuck off” and shove towards the door that I’ve convinced myself is on its way, but instead you come in close, put your hands either side of my face and draw my lips to meet yours. After a couple of seconds of shock, I respond to your kiss with all the vigour I can muster. I put my hands around your waist pulling you in closer and we kiss deeply, my tongue immediately reminded of how good you taste. There is an instant reaction in my trousers as I feel your soft sumptuous breasts pushed against me and your crotch interlock with mine. My hands are roaming over your body and yours over mine. You break the kiss and through your breathlessness tell me that you’ve missed me too.

I step forwards backing you up against the counter. I bow my head slightly to lightly kiss your neck. You tilt your head back up towards the ceiling with your eyes closed as my feathery kisses trace a path over your soft skin. I kiss my way down towards your rapidly panting cleavage pushing my nose and tongue between your breasts. How I’d love to once again bite and suck on your hard sensitive nipples. Whilst my left hand rests on your hip, my right instinctively reaches down to the front of your dress and I start rub and caress your thigh through the fabric. I gather up some of the material and eventually my fingers gain access to the sweet prize beneath. I discover that you still enjoy wearing those sexy 1940’s style stockings and satin suspender belt. I love the feeling of tracing my fingers up the smooth nylon reaching your soft warm flesh at the top. But they don’t stop there, edging ever further upwards, my fingertips graze against the that satin fabric that’s covering your sweet pussy. I trace a teasing pattern over your pubic mound before you part your legs just enough to allow me access between them.

I can feel how wet you’ve made your panties and how swollen and puffy your lips are beneath. I pinch your lips between my thumb and forefinger and manage to slip two fingers beneath the satin cover. I plunge those two fingers deep into you and you moan loudly as the walls of your pussy grip them tightly. God you’re so wet, so hot and so horny. I slide my fingers in and out of your hole, then along the length of your slit from your clit to your puckered ass hole, teasing your rear entrance then sliding back again. You always loved it when I slid a finger into your ass when we fucked.

As if performing some kind of well-rehearsed ritual dance, whilst my fingers were being reunited escort with your delicious hole, you had unbuttoned my jeans and you have my hard cock gripped tightly in the palm of your hand. You slowly wanking it up and down, scraping the throbbing head with your nails on each stroke. As we mutually masturbate each other against the shop counter, I undo the top three buttons of your dress exposing your satin covered breasts to the world. Pulling your dress and bra strap from one shoulder, I feast my eyes on the sight of your beautiful breast and large dark nipple. I grope it firmly and urgently as your wanking of my now desperate cock is bringing me closer and closer to the edge. I too quicken my fingering of your now dripping pussy, rapidly vibrating my digits inside you whilst pounding your protruding clit with my thumb. I take your nipple into my mouth and suck hard, biting you as I do. You yelp, first with shock then with pleasure as I draw it deeper into my mouth. With your free hand firmly gripping the wrist of my hand that’s buried inside you, you pull it hard against you, bucking your pelvis to my rhythm. You come hard on my fingers. I come in your hand shooting my thick cum over your dress, your soaked panties and your stocking covered legs.

We just stand motionless for two or three minutes whilst we regain our senses. We kiss deeply again before you release my cock from your grip and lick the my cum from between your fingers, savouring the taste with the tip of your tongue. In return I remove my fingers from your sticky pussy and we both hungrily lick them clean, our tongues clashing as we fight for the succulent honey that coats my hand. As we stand there in silence wrapped in each other’s arms, I can’t help wondering if this was just a final fling or the start of something.

I don’t have to wait long for my answer. You look up at me and we kiss again. I can taste the cocktail of my semen and your pussy on your tongue as it lashes around my mouth. Your breathing is now heavy and laboured. You break off our kiss and there it is, that look that I thought I’d seen for the last time. That look that says “get your hard cock in me now and fuck me senseless”. I don’t need a second invitation. I grab your arm and spin you around. In one fluid movement I bend you over the counter and pin you down with my hand on the back of your neck. With my free hand I reach down and softly stroke the back of your calf. Continuing to forge a path upwards, I drag my fingers across the back of your knees and up the back of your thighs. My hand disappears up the back of your bayan escort long dress lifting it up as I go higher, past your stocking tops to your waistband of your panties. With a firm downward yank I roughly drag them from your sexy ass and down your legs. You shuffle your feet to let then fall to the floor. My fingers once again stroke the length of your pussy and smear the juices oozing from your slit all over my fingers and your lips. Your dress is up around your waist and you’re standing with your legs astride. Your ass perfectly framed by the tan stockings and suspender belt that you’re so provocatively modelling. All the time I’m rubbing you, you’re talking to me…”I want your cock”, “please fuck me hard baby”, “my cunt has missed you so much”.

I release my grip on your neck and kneel behind you. Your remain in exactly the same position as I spread your cheeks and take in the sight before me. The aroma of sex is overwhelming . Your reach back between your legs and start to enthusiastically rub your clit. I tease your spread lips with my tongue, darting in and out, and licking along their length towards your exposed rear. I circle your puckered pulsating hole with the tip before forcing my tongue in, pushing in and out, gradually coaxing it’s tightly guarded entrance to relax and open. Your legs are shaking as a result of your self-inflicted assault on your clit and my invasion of your back entrance. I retract my tongue and get to my feet. Standing behind you, my erect cock pushed up against your soft ass is now screaming for attention. You’re getting close to another orgasm making your moaning increasingly intense. Positioning my swollen head between your lips I push it all the way in and start to fuck you. Slowly and deliberately to begin with quickly building the pace and urgency to satisfy my months of pent up desire. You suddenly cum with my cock deep in you, tensing and gripping me so tightly that I find it difficult to pull out.

You remain sprawled across the counter catching you breath, your hand still between your legs but now motionless. I walk around to the other side where I manoeuvre my cock to your warm inviting mouth. You lightly kiss and tease my sensitive head with your tongue, licking it clean of the slick juices left by your pussy. You hungrily open your succulent lips, inviting me to slide my manhood inside your mouth. I fuck your face, forcing my cock in to the hilt and making you gag slightly. After little more than a minute of fucking your mouth and throat, I can feel myself building up to shoot another load of cum in to you. You greedily slurp and gurgle on my cock, savouring every last drop of my salty sperm that you extract.

We straighten ourselves up and talk deep in to the evening about whats been going on in our lives during the last 6 months and the prospect of giving “us” another go.

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