The Fantasy Box Ch. 1


Chapter I.

MY hands tremble slightly as I open the box…the tremble of anticipation, desire, and just a hint of nervous excitement. Our fantasy box, filled with written desires. Your desires and mine.

Our eyes meet. I adore the sexual tension that sizzles always just below the surface with you and I. It is more than just chemistry, more than just affection. More a conscious adventure of two souls, reveling in our natural state… The Wild side of life.

I lick my lips seductively as I pull a folded piece of paper from the box. Your eyes narrow in appreciation and lust. Feeling a bit mischievous I tuck the paper inside my bra on the underside of my breast. “Ah, Cecelia is feeling a bit naughty this afternoon?” You ask. “Eternally” is my reply. Laughing you reach out and grab my hair, twisting it around your fist, you pull me roughly towards you. “Slut” you growl seductively as your hand reaches inside my bra, stroking my nipple as it seeks the paper. Strong desire fills me at your touch. I never tire of your touch… I begin to moan and my body instinctively moves toward yours. “Not yet, little slut” You smile…

You slowly, teasingly unfold the small wrapped piece of paper. You gaze at the paper, looking up at me intensely with eyes that make me hungry for you. “Cecelia, will be the adoring Cum Suck Slut Slave for this afternoon, and will obey my every command.”

“Well,” I add “it seems the energy has already been moving in that direction, before you even read the note.”

“Indeed” you say. You reach your finger out to stroke my lips. “And who am I this afternoon, my little slut?”

“You are Master” I suck your finger gently, a promise of what will come later. You pull your finger out and hook it in the neckline of my blouse. Eyes not leaving mine you pull roughly ripping open the front of my blouse. “Take it off,” You sultangazi escort command. With trembling hands I remove the blouse. “Now the rest.”

“Yes Master” I love the heat your gaze evokes in my body as I slowly and teasingly remove my skirt, bra and panties. “Come to me slut.” You are now seated across the room from me. I move slowly toward you, our eyes locked, sexual energy so intense the hair on my arms stands up. You feel it too. “Come, naughty slut, lie across my lap, you need to be disciplined I think.” I stop for a moment. “Oh, Master, please”… I whimper. “Now, Slut.” I swallow hard with some embarrassment, a flush moving across my body. “Yes Master” I lie across your lap with my round ass vulnerable and exposed to your gaze. “Very nice.” You say. I feel your hand running across both cheeks, stroking me, teasing me. I can feel your hard cock pressing into my belly, and wetness trickling between my thighs. “Please” I moan. Whack! Whack! Hard and fast you begin to spank me. So hard I cry out and tears fill my eyes. I begin to whimper and wiggle my body, at first to avoid the stinging slaps… But then the sensation of your rough hands on my ass and hard cock pressing up into me turn into intense pleasure. So intense, that all I want now is to feel your hard cock inside my now soaked cunt. I begin to move towards climax… “No” you say in a harsh voice. “You will not cum yet” With one final slap you push me off your lap. “Get the toys Slut.” I shakily climb to my feet. “Yes Master.” As I walk across the room I can feel your gaze fixed upon my now sore ass. “Slave?” I turn to look at you. “Who do you belong to?”

“Only to you Master” I say with emotion.

“Good Slave, now get the toys and lie down on our bed.”

I move to the drawer where our “toys” are kept, and with desire, arnavutköy escort I pull out first the leather hand cuffs, and then the nipple clamps. I have read your thoughts this afternoon and instinctively know these are the ones you want. I place them on the bed and lie down beside them arms behind my head and legs spread wide in submission. You move into the room slowly, your gaze moving over me appreciatively. “Good choices Slut, very good indeed, and I will be in that pussy before this afternoon is over, but first I will be fucking that beautiful mouth of yours. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master” I lick my lips in anticipation. “Kneel before me.” As I kneel directly before you, you place my hands securely behind me and fasten the leather cuffs. “Now, tell me how badly you want my cock Slave.” I look up at your eyes and the intense need within them matches my own. “Master, I want to feel your beautiful hard cock fill my mouth, I want to be filled by you totally and completely. I want to suck every last bit of your essence into my being. Yes, Master, I belong to you, but your cum belongs to me.” Roughly your hands grasp the back of my head and my hair as you slam your cock into my mouth, harshly. At first it is almost too overwhelming. You feel me start to pull back. “No, take it all,” you command. I feel the words in my body and in my soul. My throat instinctively opens to take you in. You are Master, and I submit not just to you, but to the wild energy we create together. I can taste your pre-cum now. I lick the tip and underside of your cock, sucking gently at the same time. The gentleness does not last for long. I want more, and feel a craving need to milk you savagely. You hear my thoughts. You begin to pump your cock hard and fast. We move together within an ancient primal rhythm. başakşehir escort My sucking sounds along with the sound of your balls slapping against my chin, take us both to a wild sweet release. You call my name out: “Cecelia” I suck your delicious cum deep into my being. I continue to suckle gently, so as not to miss a single drop.

“Sweet Suck Slut” you sigh. “Master, you are still hard.” I marvel at your cock, still rock hard. “Yes, little slut. I vowed I would fuck that pussy this afternoon, and fuck it I shall.”

“Now, on your hands and knees, I want you from behind.” I hold up my cuffed hands, still behind my back, for your assistance. You pull me roughly to my feet, this is not an afternoon for gentleness, but gentleness is not what either of us needs today. You push me onto the bed with my arms still tied behind me, and yank my legs and ass high in the air. My head falls roughly into the pillows. You laugh and pull my hair, moving my face to the side. “So you can breathe slut.” I feel so exposed, so open with my ass high in the air and my wet pussy stretched wide and waiting to be fucked. “And now, the clamps” you whisper softly in my ear. You reach underneath me and deftly attach both nipple clamps to my already aroused and swollen breasts. “Nooo” I cry out in pain, but only for a moment. As I feel a wave of pain move through my breasts you harshly impale me with your cock. I now feel waves of pain and pleasure moving from my tits to my pussy. I cry with the intensity of feelings that move through me like waves. You whisper love words in my ear in languages I do not know. I am your slave, and I am also your beloved. The knowledge brings me to the edge of a powerful cum. “Master, please, please may I cum?”

“Now, sweet slut, cum for me now.” I scream as the energy of my cum moves throughout my whole body and into my mind. I feel you inside my body, inside my mind, inside my soul… You cum with me. As you do, you bite my neck. Gently, now, you undo my binds, and remove the clamps from my swollen breasts. You lift each wrist and place feather soft kisses on my tender skin. Eyes not leaving mine, you lean down and gently lick my nipples. “you have pleased me greatly my love”

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