The day DICK ate my story’s plot


The day DICK ate my story’s plotHe was a big DICK. A big and fat DICK that ate my story plot…Never discovered this DICK’s name, but he came into my bedroom from the window adjacent to my garden’s bed of roses…He would often do this to avoid making noise in the neighborhood. Mind you, I loved when he entered my room like that…It happened one evening while I had just finished up the tenth chapter of my new novel, that DICK happened to visit.. While he was waiting for me to finish in the shower, he noticed my last chapter sitting on the bed..This particular chapter was erotically explicit Escort and I was hoping that my editor would except it’s rawness and truthfulness..It began with a lonely man who kept thinking about the woman he loved who had just broken off an engagement .. He was depressed and in need of sexual pleasures, like the pleasures he had with his fiancee.It began with him masturbating hopeless and forlorn in bed… He kept the one thing that belonged to his fiancee, her silk panties she had worn the night she broke up with him…He called out her name, as if she were in the next Escort Bayan room, every moment he had come close to an ejaculation..I hurried my shower, so that I would still have DICK’s hard cock to play with…As he read the following pages I could see that he was putting his head down, as if he too, had lost someone special…As he read more of the chapter, he began to rub his cock more vigorously, but I intervened and place my hot mouth at the tip of his huge and beautiful DICK… He kept reading how the lovelorn man imagined eating out his lovely fiancee. until Bayan Escort she came…Before I knew it, BIG DICK was down on my freshly shaven cunt… Eating and fingering my juicy cunt.He knew how delicious all of it was, our eating each other out…Just as I was having the orgasm of a lifetime, DICK was between my tits and I began sucking its’ head ..Mouth fucking was my forte… I loved a big DICK in my mouth all hard and juicy…We went on for fifteen minutes or more and DICK was fucking me good…I had lifted my legs up over DICK’s beautifully framed shoulders while DICK was riding pass my G Spot… I closed my eyes I as I was having orgasm after after orgasm… DICK was a trooper and when DICK came it was the pen ultimate for me… I came too… I was so pleased that DICK ate my story plot; I am now on my next chapter …..

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