The Chair


The work at the office had really piled up,and I had no choice but to work late on Friday night. I called my husband to let him know I would late, and told him if he wanted to go out with the guys, that was fine and we would catch up later.

I finally wrapped things up about 8:30pm and left the office. On the way home I tried to call my husband, but just got his voice mail. I figured he was probably at the bar and not paying attention to his phone, and besides I just wanted to go home and relax.

As I opened the front door of our apartment I was surprised to see a dozen or so candles burning in the living room, which was pitch black, except for the light given off by the candles. In the center of the room was a wooden chair, and on the chair was a rose, an envelope, a blindfold, and some silk ropes.

I called out to my husband but there was no reply. Intrigued, I walked to the chair and looked at the envelope, which had my name on it. I opened it and read the very simple instructions listed inside. The note read, “please take off all your clothes, sit on the chair, and secure a silk rope to each of your wrists, and to both ankles. Once you have done that, put the blindfold on and call out that the task is complete. After that, no more words, let yourself relax, and go with whatever happens…you will be safe.”

Honestly I was a little apprehensive, this was unlike my husband, but at the same time just the thought of being tied up made me wet. I quickly undressed, followed the rest of the instructions and called out that I was ready.

At Şerifali Escort first I heard nothing, I sat there for what seemed like 15 minutes, but probably only a few minutes passed. My heart was racing, my nipples were hard and I was very wet between my legs. Then without warning I felt my left arm being touched, and moved to the side of the chair where it was tied down. The same thing on the right side.

My pulse was racing as my arms were secured to the chair, and my legs spread apart. I felt the warm breath against my pussy just before a flick of a tongue caressed the hardened nub of my clit sending a shiver throughout my entire body.

I let out a moan and pushed my hips up, wanting more tongue. I was not disappointed, as the expert oral stimulation continued, working me into a sexual frenzy. I whimper, moaned, and then screamed as an incredible orgasm rocked my entire body.

He let me catch my breath then slowly untied the ropes, stood me up and guided me to the bedroom. I was still blindfolded, and I tried to remove the blindfold as he sat me down on the bed, but he grabbed my hand, indicating that it should not be removed.

He positioned me on the center of the bed, and gently secured by arms to the headboard post, and my legs to the post at the end of the bed. I was laying on my back, spread completely out, and absolutely vulnerable.

I heard a faint humming sound, then felt the tip of a vibrator at the entrance of my pussy. He slowly worked the tip around the folds of my opening, spending a little more time on my still İstanbul Escort very hard and sensitive clit. Each pass sent shocks through me and caused me to buck up towards the vibrator, wanting more.

He teased me for awhile, and then without warning pushed the vibrator deep inside me. It felt so good to have something in me that I started to buck wildly, trying to get more. He moved it in and out until with a guttural moan I came hard, soaking a spot on the bed with cum.

I was physically drained from such an intense sexual experience, my tied up body lay limp on the bed. I must have dozed off because I was startled somewhat when I felt the bed move, as someone got on it. I could feel him position himself above me, and then felt his warm breath on my nipples, as he gently bit them, and licked them. He moved from one to the other. My nipples were rock hard as moved down to my stomach, kissing, licking and nibbling all the way. Stopping just short of my pussy, I felt him shift his weight.

I was not expecting what happened next, but I felt a hot burning sensation hit my breast, then another one. The pain was intense, but short and for unexplainable reasons charged me sexually. This continued for several minutes, and covered my breast and stomach. I soon realized that what was dripping on me was the wax from the candles. The dampness from my previous orgasms was being replace with new juices, and again I was needing more.

I begged to be fucked, and with that the wax stopped, the bed shifted again and without warning I was penetrated Ümraniye Escort with a warm, hard cock. He slammed into me hard, and deep and I gasped as it hit bottom. It felt so much bigger, and thicker than ever before and I felt completely filled. He worked his cock into me, getting a little deeper with each thrust and work that magnificent tool around in me causing me to cum multiple times in a very short time frame.

As he continued to fuck me I was amazed at how different this was for my husband to do something like this, and my god his cock had never felt so good. I had wave after wave of orgasm until I heard him grunt, tense up and then I felt his warm cum spill deep inside my womb.

I was so exhausted, and so completely satisfied I simply fell asleep. The last thing I remember was feeling him pull out of me, warm cum seeping out of my well fucked pussy and a gentle kiss on the cheek.

I woke suddenly as I heard the door to the apartment unlocked. I rolled over, realizing I was not bound by the ropes, and noticed my husband was not in bed. In fact it looked as if his side of the bed had not been slept in. My mind was racing as I jumped out of bed, and ran to the living room. The chair was not in the center of the room, and there was no indication of anything that was there earlier.

As the door opened my husband entered, and seeing me quickly apologized. “Sorry honey, I did not mean to be this late, I went out with Ron and just lost track of time.” I was was speechless, had a I dreamed it? I stammered out, “that’s ok, I was getting up to use the bathroom and just heard you unlock the door.”

I walked to the bathroom, very confused, wondering if I had dreamed the entire event. As I turned on the light, my attention went to the red rose wrapped in a silk rope sitting on the sink…

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