The Cabin


She was seventeen when we met. I was an eighteen year old senior. I first saw her at a football game. Our team was losing so I went to the snack bar to drown my sorrows in a hot dog and coke. She was in line in front of me. I could see from her backside that she was well built, flared hips and a bulge up top that promised a large chest. Her honey blond hair hung to her waist. When she turned around, she turned out to be the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. How could I have missed seeing her at school?

I barely managed to blurt out, “Hi, I’m Tommy Johnson.”

“Hi, yourself, I’m Vicki Wade.”

She had a voice like an angel.

“Would you like to come sit with me for the rest of the game?” I pleaded.

“I don’t know. I’m here with friends.”

“Oh, you have a boyfriend?” I asked as my heart dove into the dirt.

“No,” she laughed, “I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m here with the Glee Club.”

“Okay, what are you doing after the game?”

“Daddy’s picking us up. He’s taking us to IHOP.”

“I really would like to see you again. Can I have your phone number?”

“No, daddy won’t let me give that to anyone, but I’ll take yours.”

I gave her my number with no real hope that she would ever call me. I was pretty much crushed. For a brief time, she had played me like a yoyo. I felt like a yoyo. I couldn’t forget her sparkling smile and the lilt of laughter in her voice.

For the next two weeks I stumbled down life’s path. I just couldn’t forget the beautiful girl at the football game. I looked for her on campus, but never even got a glimpse of her. It was like she disappeared. I was sulking in my bedroom when the phone rang. Mom answered it.

“Tommy, it’s for you.”

I got up and dragged myself downstairs. Probably one of my buddies. “Hello.”

“Hi, Tommy? It’s me, Vicki Wade. Do you remember me?”

My heart lifted off the launching pad. “Yes, of course. How could I ever forget you,” I answered, trying not to sound like an anxious puppy.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but I’ve been really busy.”

“That’s okay,” I answered, knowing I would have waited for icicles to form in hell for her call.

“Do you want to hang out?’

“Sure! When? Where?”

“I could meet you at Elmer’s.”

“Great. When?”

“How about in half an hour?”

“I’ll be there!”

I dropped the phone and headed for the shower. I sprinted from the bathroom back to my bedroom and was dressed faster than superman in a phone booth. I shot out the door at mach two headed for Elmer’s.

She smiled when she saw me. That smile could have been used as a lighthouse beacon. She was just as beautiful as I remembered.

“Hi, Tommy,” she said demurely.

“Hi, Vicki,” I panted.

We sat in a booth and ordered a couple of hamburgers. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

“Why are you staring at me?” she asked.

“I’m afraid that if I look around, you’ll disappear again,” I mumbled.

“When we finish our burgers, let’s go walk in the park.”

“Okay,” I readily agreed.

We strolled to the park. Well, actually, she strolled and I floated. We walked around the lake and sat on a bench. It was there that I first touched her. She held out her hand and I took it. Electricity shot up my arm. She was warm and soft. I wanted to kiss her, but I was afraid I’d scare her.

“I was really surprised when you called me,” I said.

“I wanted to before but I’ve been so busy that I just couldn’t find the time.”

“What keeps you so busy?”

“Well, there is thespian school, singing lessons, dancing lessons and school work, not to mention chores around home.”

“Are you going to be an actress?” I queried.

“I’m not sure what I want to do yet, but I know I like to entertain. I think my voice is my strong point. I’m not too sure about my acting and dancing.”

“Don’t you ever date?”

“I seldom have the time. Mom and dad are like Fort Knox guards. They’ll let me go if I really want to but most of the time it’s not worth the effort.”

“How did you manage to get out today?”

“I thought it was worth the effort,” she explained.

“Can I see you again?”

“Oh, sure. I want to start having real dates. Mom and dad are going to have to adjust. I’ll be eighteen in a few months. Do you want to date me?’

“More than anything in the world!” I exclaimed as I squeezed her hand.

She squeezed mine and once again, I was climbing that yoyo string. We got up and walked deeper into the park.

“Would you like to meet my mom?” I asked.

“Yes, but what about your dad?”

“Dad was killed in an airplane accident. He was a fighter pilot in the Air Force,” I explained.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. Do you miss him?”

“Yeah, I miss him a lot. It’s just mom and me now. She really took it hard, but it’s been five years. We won’t forget him, but the pain of loss has dulled over time.”

“Are you into sports? Do you play football or basketball?”

“No, I do some power lifting and I’m pretty good at track.”

“I could Bostancı Escort tell you were strong by the way you squeezed my hand.”

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” I asked.

“No, you just felt real strong. I like that. It’s getting chilly. Maybe we better go home.”

I would have stayed in a blizzard just to be near her, but I reluctantly agreed to walk her home. I stood on her front porch with her hands in my hands.

“When can we go out?” I asked.

She slipped a piece of paper into my hand. “How about tomorrow after school?”

“Okay, I’ll meet you at the science lab.”

She squeezed my hand again and disappeared inside her house. As I walked home I looked at the little piece of paper she gave me. On it was her phone number. I shoved the paper into my pocket and floated home.

I waited at the science lab for twenty minutes. Just as I was about ready to give up, she came around the corner. I went from despair to elation in one heartbeat. I was on the damned yoyo again.

“Sorry I’m late; I had to stay after class for a while.”

“That’s okay,” I answered.

She held my hand as we walked from the campus.

“When is your birthday?” I asked.

“I’ll be eighteen before summer,” she replied.

“Can we go to a movie some night?”

“I think I can convince mom and dad. Give me a couple of days. Can we walk back to the park now?”

I squeezed her little hand and we headed for the park. We found ‘our’ bench and sat down. She put my arm around her shoulder and melted into me. She was so soft and warm. One of her breasts was brushing my arm.

“Do you like me?” she softly whispered.

“More than anyone I’ve ever known,” I whispered back.

“I like you too. A lot. I can’t wait for summer!”

I smiled at her. “You have another year of high school after this year. I’m going to the university this fall. At least I won’t have far to go. What are your plans for after high school?”

“I plan to go to college. The university sounds about right to me. At least I won’t have to leave town.”

Her plans seemed to fit my plans. Now all I had to do was keep from screwing this relationship up. At that point, I decided to go very slowly.

“Maybe we can go together,” I said.

“I would like that,” she answered.

I crushed her body to mine. She hugged me. Life was good. I dated her for the next year and some months. Her graduation was approaching and so was her birthday.

I got to her birthday party a little late. I was closing the deal on my new car. Some of dad’s insurance money bought it for me. I pulled up in front of her house and parked. When I got out, she was waiting for me.

“Where have you been Tommy?”

“I had to close the deal on our new car,” I explained.

“Our car?” she squealed and jumped into my waiting arms. For the first time, she gave me a deep, deep lover’s kiss. I saw her dad watching us from the window. He just smiled and turned away. We walked arm in arm into the house and into the party.

“Tommy bought us a car!” she cried to her mom, who gave me one of those knowing woman type looks.

“I bought you something else,” I said.

“What could be better than a car?” she asked excitedly.

“Come with me into the living room,” I told her.

I pointed to the couch. “Sit,” I ordered.

She did. I knelt beside her and took out the ring box. “I want to marry you as soon as you graduate,” I whispered.

She took the engagement ring out of the box. You could have heard a pin drop. The party slammed to a halt. Her mom smiled. Her dad smiled. She smiled. “Yes,” she whispered. I slipped the ring on her finger and suddenly the party was going full blast again.

She knelt on the floor beside me and offered her lips again. It was a slow, sensuous kiss, almost X rated.

“I want you,” she said quietly.

“I want you too. How about right now, right here on the floor?”

“I’m not that desperate yet, but I will be soon,” she giggled.

I stood up with her and hugged her tight. “I love you,” I breathed in her ear.

Her mom said, “All I got was a ring when your dad proposed to me. You got a ring and a car with a driver. You’re so lucky!”

Her dad said, “Good luck, son. Treat our daughter right. She’s the only one we’ve got. Her mother and I were afraid she’d be pregnant and deserted by now.”

“Daddy!” she protested, “I’m still innocent. I gave Tommy lots of chances but he wouldn’t take them. I’ll bet he takes them now!”

“I’m sure he’ll do the right thing,” her dad said as he shook my hand.

I finally got some time alone with Vicki later that night. I looked into her bottomless eyes. She was still the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I wanted her so bad, but I knew it would be a mistake to take her here in her own house with her parents present.

“We can’t do it yet, you don’t have any protection.”

“Sure I do silly. I’ve been on the pill for months waiting for you to move on me.”

“So, you knew all along that I was in love with you. When did you Kadıköy Escort first discover it?”

“Remember the hot dog stand at the football game? I’ve know I had you from that moment on.”

“I think I knew it then too. I didn’t move on you because I was afraid to scare you away. I didn’t want to piss your parents off. But I have been in love with you from the first moment I saw you.”

“I’ll graduate in three weeks. When do you want to get married?”

“You pick the date.”

“June fifteen.”

“That’s what I told mom you would say.”

“What will we do until June fifteen?”

“Honeymoon practice!” I stated.

She laughed, “Okay, but we can’t be flagrant about this. I want to be right with everyone.”

“Maybe we’ll just wait and go up to the lake for our honeymoon.” I said.

Dad left mom and me a big cabin up on Lake of the Woods. We spend a couple of months up there every year. I was planning to ask her and her parents to visit us there. Now, it would be our honeymoon resort.

“What if I can’t wait that long? Every minute I’m around you I want to jump on you and screw you to death.”

“June fifteen is only a few weeks away. Let’s just practice our approach maneuvers until then. We’ll both be really hot by then.”

“What if we’re practicing and we can’t stop?”

“Well, accidents happen. I want to do it on our wedding night, but if we really can’t wait, I’m not going to cry.”

“Good plan! Let’s practice right now!”

She walked into my arms and I smothered her tiny body. Every time I touched her I was impressed with how soft she was. She looked up at me and opened her mouth. I leaned down and stuck my tongue between her lips, caressing the inside of her mouth. She moaned and sucked on my tongue. I broke the kiss and sucked on her neck. She tasted so damned good! I wanted to lick her all over but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop. I also knew that she had no intention of stopping me.

We were panting into each other. I put my hand between her legs for the first time and felt her dampness. She sighed deeply. “More, more,” she whispered. I felt her hand on my cock as she squeezed it through my pants. “If we don’t stop, we’re gonna have an accident,” I told her.

“Oh poo, don’t be a spoil sport.”

“Come on honey. You won’t be sorry, I promise.”

“Well, alright, but you better be great!”

I left her house after all the party goers had gone. I was shaking from the sexual sensory overload I had brought on myself.

She graduated on June fourth. When she came off the graduation stage, she whispered in my ear, “Eleven more days and you are mine!”

I clung to her tightly and whispered, “We’ll see who belongs to whom.”

The wedding was attended by about two hundred people including relatives. After the vows were said, I drove us to my house where our clothes and bags were waiting.

I had gone to the cabin the week before and stocked it with staples. Mom had two sacks of fresh food waiting for us. I loaded it all in the car while Vicki went into final assembly. When she came down the stairs from my bedroom, she was absolutely stunning. She wore a short yellow sundress and some slip on shoes. The girl was clearly ready for action.

“We may not make it to the lake,” I remarked

“I hope not,” she replied.

We arrived at the cabin in the late afternoon. Before we unloaded the car, I carried her across the threshold. As I sat her on the floor, she pulled my lips to hers and thrust her tongue into my mouth. I petted her tongue and rubbed it with my own. I broke the kiss.

“Let’s unload,” I croaked.

I was putting the last of the perishables into the refrigerator. When I turned around, she was standing on the rug in the living room stark naked. I growled and ran to her.

“Get those clothes off!” she barked.

While I took off my shirt, she unbuckled my pants. I sat on the couch and shucked my shoes and socks. When I stood up she squealed, grabbed my boxers and jerked them all the way to the floor. She was eye to eye with my cock.

“I’ve been waiting to taste this for years!” she cried. She licked the drop of precum from the tip and smiled up at me as she ate the whole thing. I’m not hung like a horse, but I’m not real small, either. I couldn’t believe she inhaled all of me in one gulp. She saw the quizzical look on my face. “Banana practice,” she slurped.

“When do I get to eat?”

“Lay down on the couch!” she ordered.

I lay down and she lay on top of me and sucked my cock into her mouth again. He pussy was pointed right at my mouth so I licked it. It tasted really good, like nothing I had tried before, so I sucked the whole thing into my mouth. I knew from my exploits in porn that she had a clit up there somewhere, so I started licking my way around her pussy and finally located the sweet little nub. I sucked it between my lips and licked it gently. It was like a bomb went of in her. She was thrashing wildly around and making animal sounds, muffled by my cock in her throat. I felt Göztepe Escort her legs stiffen and she collapsed on me. Gallons of fluid leaked out of her cunt. At first I thought she had pissed on me, but a little taste told me it was pure, sweet pussy juice.

My cock popped out of her mouth and she didn’t move for a long time. Finally she said, “What happened?”

“I think you fainted when I munched your muff.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember. Do it again.”

“When I cum, it’s going to be deep in your pussy.”

“I’m wet and ready. Give it to me!”

She flopped over on her back and spread her legs. I crawled in between them. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her entrance. “Now! Make me a woman NOW!”

I started pushing into her and sooner than expected found her cherry. “Bust it! Bust it!” she cried.

I backed out a little and rammed my cock into her. She shrieked like she’d been shot. I was totally dismayed. I had hurt the only girl I ever loved. I started to pull it out.

“You leave it in! I’m not dying. It just hurt a little more than I thought it would. Keep it in me until I get used to it. I feel so full. I can feel it throbbing in me.”

I could feel her pussy quivering around my throbbing cock. It started squeezing me, milking me. I pulled out a little way and then plunged back into her.

“Oh, yeah, that’s what I want. Fuck me Tommy. Fuck me hard!”

I pushed all the way into her and heard her grunt a little when my pubes mashed her clit. She undulated like a serpent as I thrust as hard as I could into her. Her legs stiffened again and her cunt clamped down on my cock. She really was milking me. I could feel that feeling deep in my balls.

“I’m gonna cum!” I cried.

“Do it! Give it all to me. Fill me up. Oh, god I’ve waited for this for so long.”

I felt my legs stiffen as I drove my cock as far into her as I could. I emptied my seed into her pulsating pussy. I may have passed out for just a second. My whole world was centered on her body, deep in her body. I could feel my semen as it seeped around my cock, coating her pussy.

“Don’t take it out. Leave it in me forever.”

“It’s gonna fall out pretty soon. It’ll get hard again. Let’s go to bed.”

I picked her up, trying hard not to let my cock fall out of her, but half way to the bedroom, she came unplugged. Copious amount of love fluid ran down her legs.

“Take me to the bathroom,” she ordered.

I walked into the shower with her still clinging to me. Her pussy was rubbing my deflated cock. When the water hit her, she let go. She wrapped her fingers around my flaccid member and squeezed it. I slipped two fingers into her pussy.

“Ow, it’s sore,” she complained.

I took my fingers out and she moaned her disapproval. I slowly soaped her body. I rubbed her tits and watched the nipples come to attention. I scrubbed her armpits, rinsed them and then sucked on them. We played shower games for half an hour or so.

As I toweled her off, I stuck my tongue into her belly button. She squirmed and let out a little squeak. Then she laughed.

“It’s lucky I’ve got equipment besides my pussy to amuse you. I can see where we’ve got lots of experimenting to do.”

I kissed her sweetly as I laid her on the bed, our wedding bed. It occurred to me that there were probably bloodstains on the couch. I didn’t care. I lay down beside her and rolled her little body on top of mine.

“I ought to make you sleep with my cock in your cunt.”

“That sounds like fun, but we don’t want to break it the first day do we? See? You should have taken me weeks ago.”

“Blow me!” I ordered.

She slithered down the bed and found my half hard cock. She sucked it into her mouth. Then she took it out and said, “You know I’m only doing this because it tastes good.” And she went right back to sucking on it. She squeezed my balls and soon I felt my semen rising toward my cock.

“Here it cums!” I warned her.

She sucked it as far into her mouth as she could and hummed on it. That completely blew my mind as well as my cock and I fired a big gob of baby juice down her throat.

“Yummy, yum that tastes a lot better than my girlfriends said it would. Can I have some more please?”

“The fountain is closed for a while. In the meantime, I’ve got some exploring to do.”

I rolled her over onto her back and started licking her body. She had a light sheen of sweat on her and I licked it all off. I rolled her onto her tummy and started licking her back. I licked all the way down to her butt cheeks. I pried her cheeks apart and licked her ass.

She giggled, “No one I know has ever had their ass licked. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

“No, I’m experimenting. Do you like it?”

“Well, it did feel kind of nice. Say, you aren’t planning on sticking your dick in my ass, are you?”

“The thought has crossed my mind but if you don’t want to, we won’t do it. I don’t want to ever hurt you.”

“Maybe we’ll try that later.”


I licked her legs paying close attention to the backs of her knees.

“I like that,” she commented.

I put her on her back again and licked her tiny feet. I sucked on her toes. I tried to get her whole foot into my mouth. I licked her insteps and sucked on her ankles.

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