The Business Meeting


Chloe walked quickly down the side walk, her high heels clicking on the pavement. She was surrounded by the countless other morning commuters on their way to work. She spotted him up ahead, coming towards her and her pulse quickened. She always looked for him, hoping for a glimpse to start her day. She didn’t know his name, where he worked or anything else about him, except that he was devastatingly handsome and set her passions aflame. She guessed he was 6′ 4″, 220 lbs and in his late twenties. His muscular body filled out his tailored suits so well, she felt a tingling in her belly just imagining what he looked like out of them.

She tried to move closer, so that she would brush up against him as he passed. She flung her thick, wavy auburn hair over her shoulder and pushed her shoulders back, causing her full, 36C breasts to jut out. She was 22 and her body was lush and firm. Her hazel eyes stared into his deep blue eyes, meeting for one electrifying moment, and then he was gone. She let out a sigh, her full lips curving into a small smile.

Her day was long and hard, and only the fact that it was Friday made it bearable. She and her friends were going to a hot new club that night and she was looking forward to unwinding and letting loose.

Later that evening, after she had showered, done her hair and painstakingly applied her makeup, she luxuriated in the ritual of dressing for the evening. She slid the silky sheer black stockings up over her thighs, snapping the garter belt to the tops. She then pulled on a very tiny black thong, fitting it carefully over her freshly shaved pussy. Next came the lacy, sheer black bra. It pushed her full breasts even further together, accentuating her luscious cleavage.

She stepped into a mid-thigh flared skirt, enjoying the feeling of the silky lining against her bare ass. Next came a sheer black button-up blouse. She was a blatant exhibitionist and you could see her nipples through the bra beneath. The thought of a stranger catching a glimpse of her excited her and tonight she felt like showing herself off. She left it unbuttoned to just below her bra, her cleavage on wide display. She slid her slim feet into her four inch high, garnet red stilettos and she was ready to go.

The club was packed but she and her attractive friends never had to stand in line and were inside quickly. She downed a couple of drinks and felt herself relax. She was getting a lot of stares in her provocative outfit and was relishing in the attention.

She was making her way through the crowd when she saw him. Her heart began to pound and her breathing became ragged. He looked even hotter here than he did in the mornings. His black hair was sexily tousled and he was wearing low slung Levis and a funky T-shirt that revealed the muscular body his business suits only hinted at. There were a few people between them when their eyes met and held. His electric blue eyes, heavily fringed with dark lashes, burned into hers. A small smile curved her lips and she meant to act coy and just walk past him when his arm caught her around the waist, pulling her close. Her body was pressed tightly up against his, her crotch pressed against his thigh and her breasts crushed to his chest.

“Hello,” he said simply, the deep tone of his voice sending a thrill through her.

Chloe found it hard to find her voice to respond. “Hello,” she replied, her voice a mere whisper as she gazed up at him.

He silently stared into her eyes before his hand reached up and his thumb gently caressed her garnet red painted lip. He pulled his thumb away and glanced at it. Realizing that she was wearing a non-smudge brand of lipstick, his lips curved into a small smile before they descended to hers.

The immediate intensity of the kiss took her breath away. Her eyes closed and she clutched at his muscular biceps as their tongues danced and twirled. The pounding of her heart increased in tempo and she thought she might pass out. She had fantasized about this moment and it was even better and hotter than she had imagined.

She felt his hand on her thigh, sliding up under her skirt. He broke the kiss and stared at her, his breath coming heavily as his hand encountered the top of her stocking and her bare thigh. He again smiled wickedly and captured her lips with his. His hand continued higher, touching the bottom of her butt.

The crowd pressed around them, oblivious to his hand beneath her skirt. He inched higher, caressing and squeezing her bare ass. Her pussy was surging with wetness, this very public display turning her on immensely.

She etiler escort gasped and flung her head back as his fingers encountered her wetness and boldly slid insider her. “My place?” he whispered in her ear. “I don’t live far.”

“Yes,” she breathed.

Without another word he grabbed her hand and began leading her through the crowd. She passed her friends and giggled, “Don’t wait up.”

They were quickly outside and he hailed a cab. He gave his address to the driver and again pressed his lips to hers. His hands impatiently unbuttoned her blouse and pushed the cup of her bra aside, baring her hard nipple.

He caught the dark pink nub in his mouth, sucking on it hungrily. She gasped loudly and pressed his head to her breast. From between her half closed lids she could see the cab driver watching them in his rear view mirror. He was young and rather good looking so she pulled her shirt open, revealing her other barely hidden nipple. She pulled the cup aside and tweaked the already hard nub, all the while her eyes locked on the cab driver’s in the mirror. He glanced occasionally at the busy streets in front of him, but mostly was watching them.

Her businessman switched his attentions to her other nipple, exposing the wet one, shining in the dim light of cab’s interior. His fingers plunged into her pussy, causing her to cry out loudly, flinging her head back. He pushed her skirt up, impatiently pulling off her thong before his fingers slid into her again, finger fucking her hard and fast. The smell of her arousal filled the small space and she again met the hot stare of the driver.

They pulled up in front of his luxurious apartment building. The fare came to $11, but he just threw a $20 at the driver as they scrambled from the cab, her wet thong dangling from the pocket of his jeans. The driver lifted the bill to his nose, smelling the pussy juices his fingers had left behind on the cash as they ran up the steps to his front door.

They stumbled into the elevator and after punching the button for the 23rd floor, he gently pushed her up against the wall, again kissing her, his hands reaching for her wrists. He pulled them above her head and held them with one hand while the other reached down and squeezed her exposed breast.

His knee spread her legs and his thigh rose to press against her pussy, grinding against it, almost lifting her from the floor. She pressed down hard, feeling his muscular leg stroking her exposed clit, pushing her closer to the edge.

There was a soft “bing” and the doors opened just as she reached orgasm, crying out loudly. He grabbed her wrist and led her down the elegant hallway to his apartment. He opened the door and they stepped inside. As he closed the door, he pushed her to her knees in front of him. He opened his pants, pulling out an impressive long, thick cock.

Chloe glanced at it appreciatively and opened her mouth to him. He gently pushed his dick into her mouth, seeing how much of him she could take. His eyes widened as her nose pressed against his belly. Chloe prided herself in giving one hell of a blow job and her business man was not disappointed.

She sucked him hungrily, every fantasy she had ever had of pleasing him flooding her mind. His fingers tangled in her hair as his breathing deepened and a groan escaped his lips. His hands moved to the sides of her head and holding her still, he began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. Chloe didn’t move and took every inch of him, letting him plunge deeply into her throat with every thrust.

His cock twitched and swelled just before the first shot of cum hit the roof of her mouth. He pushed in deep and poured his cum down her throat, groaning loudly. She sucked him clean and looked up at him with wet lips, her own breathing labored.

He gently pulled her to her feet and without warning, flung her over his shoulder, carrying her into the bedroom. She was laid on the bed and he immediately spread her thighs wide. Pushing her skirt up, he lay between her thighs and nestled his face into her wet pussy. His tongue gently parted her engorged lips, licking the length of her as Chloe gasped and arched on the bed. He gripped her thighs and swirled his tongue around and suckled her clit. Her breathing was coming hard and fast as he stiffened his tongue and plunged it into her, poking it in and out.

She lay on the sheets writhing and whimpering under his expert oral attention. She felt the orgasm building and ground his face into her cunt as it roared through halkalı escort her, obliterating everything but the incredible feelings coming from her pussy.

Gasping, she peered up at him as he sat up and peeled off his shirt, revealing a heavily muscled chest and arms. He stood and dropped his pants exposing strong thighs as well.

She wriggled out of her skirt, pulled off her shirt and bra as she kicked off her shoes. He rose from the bed and picked up her dangerously high, dark red shoes, sliding them back on her feet, flashing her a mischievous smile before he knelt between her legs. He gently wrapped his hands around her ankles, caressing her nylon covered calves as he slowly ran his hands up the length of her legs, dipping his hands to the insides where her thighs were bare.

His thumbs just grazed her wet pussy before continuing up over her hips and flat stomach. She squirmed under his hands as they traveled over her ribs and finally cupped her breasts. The dark pink nipples were standing fully erect and he rolled the hardened nubs between his fingers before lowering his head to suckle them.

She gasped and arched her back, clutching his head to her. She felt his teeth nip and pull at them as he roughly squeezed her soft flesh.

His mouth moved to her throat, nibbling and sucking while his hands remained on her breasts. She clutched at his back, digging in her nails, her pussy aching for him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing her wet snatch against him.

Chuckling at her impatience, his lips caught hers again in a mind blowing kiss. She melted beneath him, her fingers moving up to tangle in his hair.

“Roll over,” he whispered in her ear.

She quickly complied, as he grabbed her hips, pulling her ass high in the air. The mattress dipped behind her as he knelt, pushing her head down. She felt his hands caressing her ass and thighs, a finger trailing between her spread pussy lips. Groaning, she bucked against his hands, her dripping wet pussy a clear indication of her desire for him.

The head of his cock pressed against her entrance and she held her breath as he slowly pushed into her. “Oh yes,” she sighed, releasing her breath with a rush as he filled her.

He began to pump in and out of her, slowly at first, increasing his speed until he was quickly driving in and out of her. Crying out wildly, she pushed back, meeting each of his thrusts.

The first slap surprised her, the second thrilled her and those after only increased her excitement. He could feel the extras surge of wetness against his cock as he spanked her and her ass eventually glowed pink with his handprints.

Grunting with effort, he repeatedly plunged deeply into her, fucking her hard. Chloe’s orgasms roared through her repeatedly, the next one tumbling over the previous. Just as she was about to tip over the edge into delirium , he cried out loudly, pushing in deeply, his cum shooting into her.

They collapsed into a sweat soaked heap, both of them breathing heavily. He rolled off of her and lay on his back, his chest rising and falling quickly as she stared at him through the hair trailing across her face. His hand slipped down his chest, and over his stomach to his cock. She stared in amazement as it stirred to life, hardening again. A third time, she thought with wonder.

He turned his head to look at her, his lips again curling into a dangerous smile. He stood and after briefly rummaging in a bedside table, took her hand, pulling her from the bed. She barely noticed the expensive furnishings as he silently led her through the spacious apartment, out to a large terrace.

Her nipples hardened in the cool night air as she stared out at the city spread before them. She spread her arms and breathed deeply. There were other buildings close by, and if someone was looking, the two of them could easily be seen, naked out on his terrace.

He guided her over to a large wooden table and gently pushing on her back, bent her over it. With his knee, he spread her thighs wide. He’s going to fuck me out here, on his terrace, she thought excitedly, knowing that they would most likely be seen.

His hands caressed and squeezed her ass as she lay quivering beneath him. She gasped as he spread her cheeks and touched her ass hole. Her pussy surged with wetness as she felt the cold lube on her tight hole. She had once dated a guy who was an ass freak, so she was no stranger to anal sex, but she hadn’t had it in over a year and was a bit nervous.

She bit innovia escort her lip to keep quiet as his finger slid into her. She expected the slight pain, knowing that it would soon ease as a second finger slid into her. She pushed back, relaxing, waiting for her ass to open. A soft moan escaped her lips as a third finger was pushed into her. The fingers began to plunge deeply into her, fucking her ass as she lay gasping on the table.

The fingers slowly withdrew and she could barely contain herself as his cock began to press against her ass. She pushed back and again had to bite her lip to keep from crying out as the head of his thick cock entered her ass. Slowly he pushed in, filling her, a moan of his own slipping through his lips.

Soon, he was buried in her to the hilt. He paused a moment and gripping her hips tightly, he began to fuck her with long, deep strokes. Whimpering, Chloe lay beneath him, the intense pleasure of him deep inside her ass, coursing wildly through her body. He reached down and touched her clit, immediately releasing an incredible orgasm that shook her to the core. She clamped her hand over her mouth to stifle the screams that erupted from her throat as the tidal wave of pleasure crashed over her again and again. His thrusts came faster and deeper as he pushed to find his own release.

He bent over her and whispered in her ear, “There are a couple of guys across the street watching us.”

Lifting her head, she glanced up and saw them, two guys sitting in deck chairs, stroking their cocks, watching her getting ass fucked. An orgasm swept through her as one of the men raised the beer he was drinking to her.

He again rained slaps down onto her ass, driving her to the edge of reason as his large cock relentlessly fucked her stretched hole. She thrashed against the table, venting the incredible pleasure his cock was providing. As yet another orgasm roared through her, he groaned loudly and pushed in deep, his cum flowing into her ass. He stood behind her for a moment, his cock going soft inside her, relishing the afterglow of orgasm before he pulled out and fell into a nearby chair.

Laying limply against the table, she didn’t dare stand, afraid her legs would not be able to hold her as she waited for her breathing to slow and her pulse to return to normal. She could faintly hear clapping and a cheer from the direction of the two guys watching and she again glanced over at them.

She felt his arms around her as he lifted her into the air, carrying her back inside. His lips descended to hers and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he carried her back to bed.

He pulled the blankets over them before drawing her to him, holding her closely as he drifted to sleep. She lay next to him, curled against his body, staring at him as he slept. She was wide awake, the adrenaline of their fucking still coursing through her body.

She slid out from his arms and quickly gathered her clothes, leaving her thong in the pocket of his jeans. She snuck into his bathroom and dressed, fixed her hair and makeup before slipping out the door.

Hailing a cab outside on the street she headed home, her mind swirling with the events of the last two hours. She could scarcely believe what she had just done. She had been thoroughly fucked by a man with whom she had exchanged only a handful of words and whose name she didn’t even know.

She couldn’t deny though, that her whole body tingled pleasantly, her ass and pussy slightly sore from his thorough use of her, her butt cheeks lightly stinging from the spankings. Oh Chloe, you are such a slut, she thought to herself, a smile curving her lips.

Monday morning found her again on the street making her way to work, her eyes scanning the crowds for him. He saw her first and she found his deep blue eyes staring intently at her. She smiled saucily as he stopped in front her, pulling her close.

Without speaking he ran his thumb across her painted lips and finding it free of color, he kissed her deeply, taking her breath away. His hands kneaded her firm ass as their tongues twirled unabashadly among the sea of business suits. Finally he broke away, and stood gazing down at her. “Good morning,” he said softly.

“Good morning,” she replied in an equally soft voice.

He slipped a business card into her cleavage and after giving her ass a final squeeze, he was gone. She read the card as she continued on her way. Daniel Stone was his name and he’s an investment banker the card stated. She dimly recalled his luxurious apartment. A darn good one I would guess, she thought, a small smile hovering on her lips. On the back of the card, in an elegant yet masculine hand was written a phone number and the words, ‘my home number. I would like to see you again.’

Still smiling, she slipped the card into her purse. Her mind again went over the events of Friday night. He would definitely be seeing her again.

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