The bridge thing


The bridge thingIt is a very warm summerday and we are go hiking. Walking behind the house up the mountain and the sun is burning on our skins. We walk along the paths and between the trees. After 2 hours we pass a house and move on after half an hour we arrive at a canyon. For our luck there is a plank bridge so we can go over the canyon. But when we arrive at half the bridge we stop and enjoy the good few from the mountain into the vale. You stand there and I was behind you. Feeling a istanbul escort little like having fun I grab your one hand with mine and bound you on one of the ropes of the bridge. With the other I grab your tits and do a massage to it. Then I turn you round and bound the other hand to the bridge so that you cannot fly away.Then I pull of your shirt and kiss your tits harsh and I bite a little in your nipple. Going on I take avcılar escort the second tit and eat it in the same way like the first.Then I take off your trouser and rip off your panty. I bring my face near to your pussy and then I lick you smoothly. But you do a jump and you bring your legs behind my head and then you push my head very hard to your pussy so I have to lick you a lot stronger. After I while you release me. But I keep a smooth licking and şirinevler escort then I bring one finger in your pussy and then you want more and so I do first the second and then the third in you. You are screaming loudly over the whole vale. And you ask me to fuck you next with my dick.So I pull off my trouser and take out my dick which is rock hard. And I bring it before your pussy and then I go a little in you just with the head of my dick and you are screaming again. Then you beg me to fuck you with the whole dick. And I fulfill your wish, and then I give you my dick in a hard way and I fuck you as hard as I can. And after a lot of screaming and fucking we both will cum.Then we take our clothes and walk far to the green grassland I want to show you….the second try, and just a short dream, please coment

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