The Boarding School – Part IV


I slowly got up off the chair and left the room to go to Ms.Baxley’s office. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, and I was breaking out in a cold sweat because of my nerves. I walked much slower the usual, thinking that if I took too long to get there she might forget about me and leave, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I finally reached the door, and hesitated before knocking and going inside. Clair and Sofia were sat on two chairs in the front row on the classroom. Ms. Baxley was sitting behind her desk, writing something. She didn’t even glance at me as I walked inside, so I decided to go sit beside Clair and Sofia. We sat there for about five minutes Anadolu yakası escort bayan before Ms. Baxley looked up for what she was writing. “So, you three decided it would be OK to engage in sexual activities in my classroom” she said, looking us each in the eye in turn. “I’m surprised that it was you three, you’ve never done wrong before. You two…” she said looking at Sofia and me “are the best students in the year. And as for you Clair, you haven’t done one thing wrong since you first came to this school. The Headmistress wanted you three expelled, but I said I have more meaningful ways of dealing with these Escort Kurtköy issues”. None of us knew what she meant by “more meaningful ways”, but we guessed it had something to do with the paddle in the corner. A fearful look spread over the girl’s faces when they saw I was looking at the paddle. “I see you’ve noticed the paddle, which will soon rest upon your bare butts. Sexual activities are not allowed in this school, especially not in my classroom or between brother and sister!” she said. “Miss perhaps there is another way we could make you knows that we are truly sorry” Sofia said. “I guess what you’re going to say next is Maltepe escort for us all to strip and fuck” Ms. Baxley said. “You read my mind Sofia. Strip now, all of you” Ms. Baxley ordered. We done as we were told, completely stripping down. I was surprised when I see Ms. Baxley start to strip too. She had an amazing body. She had curves in all the right places, and an amazing firm bubble butt. She had small but perfect boobs, which has dark nipples that were erect. I looked at her pussy between her legs, which was shaved bare. I could see juices glistening on the insides of her tights which told me she was already soaking wet. “Now which one of you wants to be the first to taste my pussy?” Ms. Baxley asked. “I want to taste you Ms. Baxley, I’ve wanted to for a long time” Clair said moving towards her. Ms. Baxley sat in her chair and Clair got to her knees on the floor, and started to eat her out. I was extremely hard now watching this, so I motioned Sofia to start sucking my cock.

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