The Awakening Part III


Part III Chapter 1 Marcus strolled from the restaurant toilet towards the bar to pay his bill. He couldn’t see either Tom or Mandy in the restaurant and so assumed they had left. He was disappointed. He had allowed a minute or two extra, hoping they would still be there. As he walked out the door into the cool night air, Marcus spotted the headlights of a car flash. He struggled to see much but the lights flashed again and he assumed they were to attract him. There was no one else around. Marcus walked towards the smart black car and saw the driver’s door open and a man step out. It was Tom. “Marcus, hi” said Tom, slightly nervously and whilst his eyes shifted around, searching for observers. There were none. “Hi Tom,” replied Marcus. Tom walked towards the tall black man and extended his hand. The two men shook hands. Mandy watched from deep inside the back leather seats of the rear of Tom’s car. “So, did you guys talk?” asked Marcus. “Yes, yes we did. You have to understand Ankara escort that this has all happened a little quickly and before either of us had really given much thought to things. When Mandy acted like she did in there, it kinda caught me off guard initially.” Tom watched Marcus closely as he explained this. “Sure thing Tom but, that hot wife of yours clearly had her mind made up before you, and so what have you decided since I, well, since I showed you what I want to give Mandy?” Tom felt his face redden once again. This handsome, forthright black man was inducing embarrassment and humiliation in him, the like of which he had not felt before. “We would like to invite you to our home, for a drink and to talk things over,” said Tom. “Tonight, I mean now, if you would be able to.” Marcus smiled at the nervous white husband. “Is that what Mandy wants too?” “Yes. It’s what we both want.” “Then that would be wonderful Tom.” Tom turned and walked to Ankara escort bayan the car. Marcus followed and as Tom sat in the driver’s seat he heard the rear door open. For a second he thought Mandy was getting out of the car until he realised Marcus was getting into the rear seat. Tom had expected Marcus to get in the front beside him. Tome watched in the rear view mirror as he heard Marcus say “Hi Mandy, I am Marcus. I am so pleased to finally get the chance to introduce myself properly. Tom tells me you want me to come home with you both. I hope that’s OK with you?” Mandy smiled nervously at Marcus. She saw, close up just how good looking and tall he was. “I would like that, yes.” Marcus tapped Tom on the shoulder and confidently said, “Home driver, and take your time. Mandy and I have some slow business to attend to. You concentrate on the road and don’t worry about things back here,” he continued. He saw Mandy giggle at what Marcus had Escort Ankara said. Tom felt his face redden and he felt anger at being spoken to like that, in his own car, with his wife listening. With his wife listening in the back seat of his car whilst sitting with a complete stranger they were taking to their home; a complete stranger who they were going to discuss his wife fucking. Tom couldn’t concentrate at that point, as he tried to deal with the overpowering emotions clashing in his head and heart. Jealousy, rage, hurt and inadequacy all surged through his body. And they all seemed to converge in his throbbing, pulsing cock. What the fuck was he doing? He thought to himself. Chapter 2 As they left the car park of the restaurant Tom was still in a state of confused lust and jealousy. He glimpsed movement in the dark of the rear of the car and could hear sounds, but no words coming from either his wife or Marcus. He tried to glance around and in the fleeting moment his eyes were off the road he could see very little. In the back, Mandy was at that precise moment opening her mouth to allow Marcus’s long, hot tongue entry. Following his gentle stroking of her arm and after telling her in a whisper, how gorgeous and sexy she looked, he had leaned in towards her exposed neck.

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