The Assault on Fortress Linda


The Assault on Fortress LindaI published the story of Linda getting fucked by a BBC for the first time, but never went into the details of how it happened. This is how it went.I had two work buddies. Dave and Shakey. Dave was a medium built white guy, and less than a week after I started living with Linda He went to the house and met her. She gave him some pussy, and, the same day, he met her Aunt, who was 3 years older than Linda Hong was a ripe OLD 21 years of age. She and Dave hit it off right away, and soon after he started living with her. Their apartment was next to ours, so he saw Linda and I saw Hong completely naked every day.Shakey was new to the unit, having signed in 4 days after I did. He was a black guy (Brother) that had come from a unit in the Central Highlands after receiving his 2nd Purple Heart. He was joking(?) at me about not helping him find a steady girl, and I asked Mai, who lived just around the corner of the building from our 2 apartments. She was around 30 years old, but VERY pretty. She was the kind of girl whose curves have curves. She was always cheerful, and best of all, she loved being fucked by BBC. She was also VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! I told her I had another friend that wanted to find a girl to visit. She was THRILLED, and told me to bring him to meet her as soon as possible. She offered me the same “Finder’s Fee” that Hong had offered me. Unlimited access to her wet, hot pussy, with initial “payment” due immediately.2 Days later Dave, Shakey, and I went to the apartments so Shakey could meet Mai. She answered the door as naked a a jaybird, having seen him out the window, which we passed getting to her door, and stripping her shift off. He got a good look at her as she pulled him inside, and began stripping him. His only comment before becoming involved with what he called the hottest fuck of his life, was “WOW!!!” He later (MUCH LATER) told us she made him fuck her 4 times before he got up to go to the latrine. Dave and I spent the rest of the day with our two girls, during which we both fucked both girls several times. Dave and I were both 20 at the time, and Shakey was 19. Linda was 18, and Hong was 21. Linda was also the youngest girl in the apartments. Next to her in age was Thaoi. She was 19 (barely) at the time I met her. We had to conduct guard mount at 5:00 (1700) so we went to work at 4:00. (1600) We, as usual, talked about the girls while we did the job, and Shakey asked when HE would be allowed to fuck Linda and Hong. We explained that neither had ever been fucked by a BBC, so it was something we would have to work on. Dave and I had both fucked Mai several times in the past, so we understood how it made him feel not to have the same access that we did. We started planning (plotting) a course of action. Shakey had seen both of the girls completely naked several times in the first few days of him staying with Mai, so he wanted them all that much more. Both were sexy, and VERY beautiful. He often spoke about wanting to plow their south 40. He was ALSO aware that both of them refused to have sex with someone who was wearing a condom.The first thing we tried was he came to the house when he knew that I was fucking Linda, or that Dave was fucking Hong. He would, as silently as possible, come to stand next to the one he had in his sights, and whomever would pull back and he would attempt to move into the vacant hole. Both of the girls, it seemed, had radar or some early warning devise. They would avoid him every time. We tried several other ploys, but none of them worked.After a time, we checked the schedule, and discovered that all 3 of us had a rare weekend off. We would get off duty at 6:00 (0600) on Friday morning, and not be scheduled to return until 6:00 (1800) on Sunday night. We discussed different plans to accomplish our stated goals. To get Shakey some pussy from Linda and Hong. We finally decided that we would purchase some alcoholic beverage, and the proper(?) mixer and try getting them drunk enough to at least not object too strongly. We Escort DIDN’T want to assault them. Just fuck them.The day before our weekend off, we went to the PX and bought a 5th of Vodka. The only thing we could find for a mixer was RC Cola, so we bought a case of that. MPs and Guard vehicles were NEVER checked so we took the Guard truck down that morning, with our purchases. We had told the girls that we wanted to take them to the R&R beach for the day, and go swimming(?) and eat lunch, then come home so we could spend the night with them. They all wanted us to stay the night whenever possible, so they agreed wholeheartedly.They were already wearing their smallest, sexiest bikinis when we arrived. It was just shortly before 9:00 (0900) in the morning, so it would be a little while before the water would be warm enough. We put on our bathing trunks under our fatigues, with a short break to get some pussy, and went out and got a taxi. We signed them in, and went to the concession and signed out a beach umbrella each. We set up an area that was afforded a modicum of privacy, and they took off their outer clothing, as did we.We went into the water and splashed around, messing around with the girls, and during the horseplay, Shakey got the opportunity to cop a feel of Linda’s tits and ass, and Hongs tits and pussy. If he had been paying attention, he could have got a feel of HER (Linda’s) pussy. He had just run his hand down inside of her bottom piece. We went back up to the umbrellas and en route, I, as I often did, pulled the strings on Linda’s bikini, leaving her completely naked in front of a crowd of soldiers there on R&R. Almost at the same time, Dave did the same with Hong, exposing her to the same people. Mai simply turned and told Shakey to go ahead and do her too, so she could put her bikini back on. He took hers, bur carried it all the way to the umbrellas, some 50 yards away, and making her walk, completely naked, the entire distance. We all got our faces slapped. Linda explained that it was for the sake of decorum.We laid around on the towels we had brought talking and having fun for a little while. We went back in the water for the second time, and, as before, we stripped the girls on the way, only THIS time we ALL carried the bikinis to the umbrellas, and folded the umbrellas before the girls got there, so they were exposed for a much longer time the second time.We checked in the umbrellas and went across the road to the club there and ordered some lunch. We ate and listened to music for a while, and suggested we go back to the apartments.When we got back, we took turns taking showers to get the salt water off, and we changed into baggy, “Papa-san” shorts, and the girls all pulled on shifts with only their panties under them. ALL of them wore see-through panties. Linda was trimmed to have a “landing strip” about 1 inch wide on her pussy, Hong was shaved around her pussy hole, and Mai was completely hairless. We laid some poncho liners on the patio to sit on. We broke out the vodka and the cola, and started mixing drinks. The 3 of us drank MUCH more than the girls, and while we fixed our drinks as we normally did, we mixed the drinks for the girls almost as strong as ours. It didn’t take long for them to get a little (giggling) drunk. Everything was funny to them. A drink or 2 more and they were getting brave, talking openly about past sexual encounters, and how big (or small) some of their partners had been. We were teasing THEM about us looking at their panties. They soon, with encouragement from us, took them off so we couldn’t look at their panties any more. They dared us to take off our shorts, so we told them we would, ONLY if they took off their “dresses.” They all agreed and soon we were ALL buck naked. We had the lights on in our and Hong’s apartments, so we had plenty of light to see by.We sat there talking and listening to music, and curiosity got the better of Linda and Hong. They were asking Mai what it felt like to have something that big inside of Escort Bayan her. They had been sneaking (or so THEY thought) looks at Shakey’s dick ever since he took off his pants. Their conversation was in Vietnamese, which I, for the most part, could understand, but, NOT speak. Every time I tried, I made a fool of myself. SHE, in turn, described, in great detail, how good it felt, and made her cum fast and often. Shakey, we later discovered, from the girls, had a 10 inch long dick that was as big around as Linda’s wrist. About 2 1/2 or 3 inches. Finally, being the braver of the 2, Linda asked her if it was as smooth as it looked. Mai told her it felt like a piece of silk going in and out of her, and, knowing how Linda enjoyed a partner that gave her large loads of cum, inside her pussy, told her that he gave her TOO MUCH cum in her pussy. She said the magic words, then. “He fuck me too long, and cum in my pussy, too much. Make me feel fuckin’ good all over.”SHE was HOOKED!!! She asked Mai if she would let her feel of Shakey’s dick. Mai told her to ask HIM if it was okay. Linda, with only a little hesitation, asked, “Shakey. Will you let me feel you cock?” He told her he would, if she would let him feel her pussy. She agreed. He came over and sat next to her. He was at half-mast when he sat down, but when she reached out and took it in her warm, somewhat moist hand, he rose to the occasion. He was fully erect in a few seconds. He had reached over and was massaging her clitoris. She had been a little damp, before, but now she was almost oozing pussy juice. She was stroking him, and he took the opportunity to put first one, then a second finger inside her pussy, and use his thumb on her clit. In a few seconds she came for the first time. He saw his chance and pushed her over on her back, and, having heard me describe how she enjoyed having her pussy licked, mover over between her legs and started eating her pussy, which made her cum several more times. He raised up, her pussy juice shining on he face, and hooked her legs around his arms and put his dick in the right spot.The first time it took him 6 or 8 tries to get all the way inside of her, but shortly she had relaxed enough that he was fucking her unhindered. She, many times just laid there with her legs open to be fucked, but if it felt good enough, she locked her ankles around her lovers back, and held his shoulders so she could kiss him at will. She, almost at the go, locked her ankles around him and began humping HIM in return to his thrusts. Other times she would do the horizontal hula for him. He made her bust a nut so many times we were ALL amazed. She was telling him, LOUDLY!!! “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! GIMME DAT BIG NIGGER DICK!!! OOOHHH!!! YOU FUCK ME SO GOOOOOD!!! YOU CAN FUCK ME ALL YOU WANNN!!! I WAN’ YOU FUCK ME TOO MUCH!!! MAKE ME FEEL FUCKIN’ GOOD!!! I WAN’ YOU CUM INSIDE MY HOLE!!! GIB ME ALLL YOU CUM!!! i WAN YOU KNOCK ME UP!!! GIMME YOU BABY-SAN!!! I GOT GIRL I TEACH HER HOW FUCK SAME SAME HER MAMA!!! I GOT BOY I TEACH HIM HOW FUCK SAME SAME HE DADDY!!!! YOU COME SEE ME I GIB YOU FUCK ME ALL DAY ALL NIGHT!!! I NO GOT ‘NUFF YOU COCK!!! CUM SAME SAME TIME ME!!! MAKE ME CRAZY FOR YOU DICK. I CAN FUCK YOU 20 TIME NO ‘NUFF!!!At this point she screamed out loud, and the landlady and her daughter (12 Years old) came to see what was going on. They stood there and watched as Shakey pumped a HUGE load of cum inside her, and she fainted. Mama-san wordlessly, but smiling, went and wet a towel for her to clean her pussy with. The DAUGHTER sucked his dick clean, which gave him another erection. Hong had been sitting there, an arm’s length away from them, diddling her own clit. When she saw he was hard, again, she laid down beside him and began fondling his pecker, and telling him SHE wanted the same thing he had just given Linda. Mama-san, began wiping Linda’s pussy to get any leakage, and the towel rubbing her pussy made her cum even MORE. The daughter, who was still cherry, got down and started eating Bayan Escort the cream pie from Linda. I was so amazed that I barely noticed that Dave had gone over and was fucking Mai. Both were having a VERY good time.Hong had, shortly after she got relaxed, rolled Shakey over and started fucking him “cowgirl.” She enjoyed “riding the horsey” more than the other positions. Soon she turned and started giving Shakey a show, where he could watch his dick going in and out of her pussy. He stayed like that for a while and rolled her over to give it to her “doggy-style” for a little bit, and then rolled her again to go on top of her and to load her all the way. She was always MUCH less vocal than Linda, as was Mai. They simply moaned and groaned, and sometimes, if it felt exceptionally good, whimpered. Hong whimpered profusely that evening. When he finally came inside of her, SHE fainted, TOO.By then Linda was awake, and watched Shakey top off Hong. She went in the latrine and douched, and washed her pussy to her own satisfaction. Mama-san came back with 6 cold cans of beer, and we sat and relaxed for a bit. She and her daughter took care of Hong the same way they had cared for Linda. She also secured a promise from Shakey, that he would fuck HER like he did Linda and Hong. She was around 40-50 years old and heavy built, but still had a pretty face, and nice soft tits and ass. She enjoyed the opportunities to have one of the guys that came to her apartment building, to seed HER garden. SHE got loud on occasion. She had told us that she would, on her daughter’s 16th birthday, allow someone to pick HER cherry, while she (Mama-san) watched.Linda allowed Shakey to relax and recover from the two breedings he had delivered, and went over and started sucking his dick, which proved to be as much a task for her as getting it in her pussy. She finally got him hard and turned and told him that she wanted him to fuck her “same same dog.” She put a pillow under her head, and spread her knees apart and reached back and held her pussy open for him. He went ahead, after we told him how thoroughly she had cleaned herself, and ate her pussy, again. THIS time she felt so good that she started crying, and begging him to eat her pussy till she came a few times, and THEN to fuck her “same same dog.” Shakey, as tired as he was, was MORE than happy to do as she wanted. She was so wet, and well lubricated that he only had to make 3 stabs to go all the way inside of her, MUCH TO HER DELIGHT!!!He was wearing her pussy out, drilling her like he was looking for oil, and she was wagging her ass like a friendly puppy. She was cumming on every third or fourth stroke. He said when she came she would clamp down with her internal muscles and it would almost be painful from the tightness. He stayed with her for a long time, and pulled out and rolled her over to go on top of her. She kept urging him to put it inside her, “all way deep you can.” He thought it was funny every time she mentioned it was a “nigger,” or she was getting fucked by, “nigger cock.” He would have kicked the ass of anyone else that told him that. From HER, he took it as a COMPLIMENT!!! He, as she asked(?) him, delivered another great load of cum to finish. Hong was still out of it, so I fucked Mai, who had only been fucked once by Dave, and we helped Mai and Linda take showers and turned in for the night. During the night, Dave fucked Hong a couple of times, in spite of her being nearly u*********s, and I nailed Linda 3 times. It had been such a turn on, watching her dance around that long black cock. Every time I thought of it, I got a hard on.The next day we stayed around the house during the day, and that night we went to the movies. Neither Linda or Hong felt like fucking that much. Mai took care of all of us, and we pulled a train on her. Or should I say, SHE pulled a train FOR us. We all fucked her the third time. Linda and Hong just watched.We went back to work the next afternoon, and before he left, Linda found out that he had another duty, and would be off in a couple of days, and Dave and I would be working. She, with Mai’s permission, asked him to come and wake her up that morning. She wanted him to spent the day and night fucking HER some more. He gladly accepted the invitation.

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