Thanksgiving with my cousin Part 2


I lay there, trying my best to remain motionless, knowing that my cousin’s face is now just inches away from by hard cock. I can feel her breath hitting my dick which immediately floods my body with excitement. Then I feel it… what I have been waiting months for. Her slightly cold hand now wraps around the shaft of my cock and I hear her whisper to herself, “Oh my God it’s so hard.” I can now hear a very faint clicking noise. What could this sound be I thought? Then it hit me! My cousin is rubbing herself to my naked body. Her hand begins moving up and down very slowly on my dick just enough to produce a small drop of pre-cum. Instead of Erenköy escort now using it as a lube, I feel a quick warm flick across the tip of my dick. My sexy ass cousin just licked the pre-cum off the tip of my cock and it almost sent me over the edge. She let out a small moan followed by “now we wouldn’t want to waste any of that now would we?” I was trying so hard not to just get up and cram my dick so far down her throat that my balls rested on her chin. My sense of touch was heightened due to the fact that I couldn’t see anything because my eyes were closed. I don’t know if you have ever done things içerenköy escort bayan when you can see anything but it makes it hard to know what is touching you. All of a sudden I feel a warmness running down from the tip of my dick. I had to open my eyes to find out what this could be. I see Amber with a string of spit going from her mouth to my dick. She starts giving me the most amazing hand job ever while cramming her fingers inside of her at the same time. The slight moans that she was letting out were nearly making me cum way too fast. I needed to prevent myself from cumming fast, so Escort Tuzla I just slightly moved as if I were adjusting in my sleep. She stopped moving quickly, but instead of resuming after a few seconds she stands up. Then I feel a blanket get thrown over me very gently and I hear her exit the room. Damn it! I just blew it. I didn’t think that was going to make her leave. Well maybe if I just lay here for awhile she will come back in. Around 15 minutes went by and she still hadn’t returned. After waiting as long as I could, which was about 20 minutes, I decided that she wasn’t coming back and I got up and put my clothes on and went into the bathroom to finish myself off. After I got done I walked out to the living room where everyone was laying around on the couches and chairs. I looked around but I didn’t see Amber. Amber’s mom asks if I had a good nap and I tried to keep my smile hidden while letting her know that it was a GREAT nap.

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