“Shit.” Nina swore to herself, glancing at the clock. Did that clock read 11:30? And the video was due back at Blockbuster by noon. Damn. Bruce Willis was good but not good enough to pay for another night. She grabbed a pair of jeans and pulled them over shapely hips, donning a wrinkled white formfitting t-shirt that offered a stark contrast to her dark chocolate skin. Slipping into open toe leather sandals, she hurried from the apartment. It really was too warm for jeans, a heat wave in Philadelphia in early June. Ridiculous. But she was only going to the Blockbuster. These were the days that she loved the short curly cut she’d opted for a few months ago, she rarely had to give it a second thought. And she was glad she’d left her glasses in the car last night. No use running into a tree just to return videos. And the small round black frames looked adorable on her, her one consolation since discovering her eyesight had gone to hell.

She revved up the engine of the sporty Toyota, she had just enough time to make it if these Philadelphians would let her drive like the New Yorker she was. She managed to arrive at the video store in 15 minutes. Five minutes to spare. She decided to take the videos to the counter instead of putting them in the drop off box. With only five minutes left, she didn’t want an argument the next time she decided to rent and someone accused her of returning videos late. Once in the store, she decided to browse, wondering if she should rent a couple more videos.

She noticed the only other customer in the store almost immediately. Not only because she was generally paranoid about her surroundings (the New Yorker in her), but also because the woman was…well, “in the club” so to speak. At least according to her gaydar. She looked soft butch. Caramel colored skin, a few inches shorter than Nina’s five foot seven inches, stocky…a nice muscular form from the look of her golden biceps, complemented nicely by a black tank top. Rippling was the best description for those biceps. Short hair, died blonde and cut into a flattering fade… As they both browsed for videos, Nina felt the woman’s eyes on her. When she turned to look, the woman smiled. Nina smiled in return, chastising herself immediately. She had just promised Renee she’d be a good girl. No more straying. But damn, she loved a light-skinned butch. And that blonde hair was adorable on her. She shook her head, no. No. She had promised Renee. She couldn’t. She selected her second video with Renee in mind, a martial arts film, and decided to leave before anything else happened.

The clerk at the counter decided to launch into a sales pitch about the Blockbuster “rewards” program. Free video rentals, blah, blah, blah. She said yes just to shut him up. Only eleven dollars a year, whatever, she had to get out of there. The blonde was now standing in line behind her. She quickly signed her name on the receipt and left. She was in her car and out of the parking lot before the blonde even left the store. She sighed, temptation was a bitch.


She was parking the Toyota when she realized she’d left the videos at the store. She swore softly, she would get them later when there was no possibility of running into the blonde. She had just fit the key into the lock when she heard the phone ring. She grabbed it before the machine could pick up, “yea?”

“Hey. Wassup?”

Oh, midday check-in from wifey. No fun being on lock down, but it was part of the penalty one paid for cheating. “Nuttin honey. How’s your day going?”

“Busy. Very. I’ll be home a little late. Maybe around 6:30, okay? Start dinner.”

“Sweets, it’s too hot to cook, let’s order out.”

“Okay, see you later.”

She hung up the phone. Ugh. How long would it take Renee to trust her again? Well, she shouldn’t complain. At least Renee was willing to “work on it.” She thought Renee would have ended it after the first woman. Definitely after the second. When she didn’t leave her after the third, she felt pretty comfortable with the fourth. But she had promised not to do it again. How long that would last, she had no clue. She really needed to learn the art of not getting caught.

The phone rang again and she snatched it up, expecting Renee. What did she think, she had to time to get a one minute fuck? “Still here.” When she heard a türbanlı escort male voice, she was embarrassed for a moment. It was the front desk, someone named Tre from Blockbuster wanted to bring up the videos she’d left at the store. She told him to send Tre up. What a loyal clerk, bringing the videos all the way to her apartment. He probably wanted a “tip.” For a man, she knew what that meant. She sighed, she had no trouble fighting off hungry men. No problem at all. Women were her weakness.

She was surprised when she opened the door. Tre was the blonde from the video store. She was dumbfounded. What the hell kind of name was Tre for a woman? Jesus. And how had she found her?

“I gave the clerk a twenty for your name and address. He asked me to bring these…” Nina was still frozen in the doorway, watching the muscles ripple in Tre’s arms as she handed the videos over. The woman looked even more delicious up close.

“I figured it was my fault you bid such a hasty retreat from the store…I must have spooked you or something.” A dimpled smile. Simply irresistible.

Nina didn’t say a word, she just stood back and let her into the apartment. The apartment was a nice sized two bedroom. Large, spacious kitchen, two bathrooms. Renee had bought it some years back and had decorated it. A second hand burgundy and green Oriental rug dominated the living room. The furniture was mostly Chippendale, all bought at a steal from local flea markets. Contemporary art donned the walls. The only thing in the room that belonged to Nina was the stereo, her two thousand dollar toy.

Tre entered the living room and made herself comfortable on one of the large green and gold sofas. She turned her amused brown eyes to Nina, watching her curiously. The first thing Nina could think to say was “what kind of name is Tre for a woman?”

Tre smiled, her dimples causing Nina’s pulse to flutter just a bit. “Trevina. My father’s joke. He’d planned to name his boy Trevor but got me instead. Everyone calls me Tre.”

“Well Tre, thanks for bringing the videos…” Nina was still standing at the door, holding it open. Tre laughed, a deep husky laugh. Nina could already feel moistness between her thighs.

“Can a woman get something to drink for doing you a favor?”

Nina sighed. This woman had no idea what she could have. She shook her head, muttering to herself on the way to the kitchen. She returned with a glass of lemonade and watched as Tre downed it in one swallow. Damn. She loved a light-skinned butch. She had to get this woman out of here.

“Look, Tre, thanks for bringing me the videos. But my wife would not appreciate you being here—”

“Then I’ll be sure to leave before she gets home. You the housewife?” She teased.

Nina smiled, and she had a sense of humor. God help her. “I’m on break for the summer.”


“Yea, first grade.”

Tre nodded. Nina’s mind was whirling, taking in the scent of a man’s cologne mixed with female heat. This much temptation just wasn’t fair. And she didn’t have a chance in hell of keeping her promise if this woman didn’t leave soon. She sat on the sofa beside Tre, crossing her legs. Her mother always said you could catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.

“Forgive me” she began sweetly, flirting just a bit, “I was surprised that you would go out of your way just for me,” Nina smiled.

Tre said nothing, simply raising a brow.

“Would you like more lemonade?”

Nina was surprised when Tre suddenly closed the distance between them, capturing her lips. Her mouth was hot, sweet…Nina felt herself responding before she could decide if she wanted to. She moved in closer to Tre, enjoying the feel of those muscled arms as they ensnared her, the feel of Tre’s breath against her cheek. Tre’s tongue outlined Nina’s lips, sending chills down her spine. Nina caressed the biceps she’d admired, the hardened pecks, traveling downward to skip across a flat, rock hard stomach. Damn this woman was diesel. The tingle between her thighs let her know this battle was already over and Tre the victor. She attempted to undo the button on Tre’s jeans, but Tre grabbed her wrist, halting her busy hand. Nina’s clit hardened instantly. The power of that grip was pure aphrodisiac.

Tre tüyap escort smiled. “Slow down,” she breathed. It was a command, not a request. Nina took a deep breath, adhering to the order. Her hardened nipples were pressed against Tre’s rather flat, muscular chest. She felt light-headed.

Tre pushed her back against the couch. “Close your eyes.”

Nina obeyed, waiting. Her t-shirt was peeled from her, followed by her black lacy bra. She was a little embarrassed that her nipples were so hard, that she was so evidently turned on. When Tre’s lips found a nipple, she gasped, her fingers balling into fists. She moved to cup the back of her head, but Tre grabbed her wrists, stilling them. She brought them back to Nina’s sides, whispering “don’t move Nina.” Nina could feel the heat coursing through her. She ignored the phone when it rang.

Renee let the phone ring for the fourth time, ignoring the request to leave a message when the machine asked her to do so. She had no intention of talking to her own machine. Hanging up, she waited a few moments and called again. That would give Nina enough time to pick up if she was in the shower or something. No answer. She would wait a little while and call again.

Nina knew it was Renee when the phone rang a second time, but she was mesmerized by this intoxicating blonde. She lay naked now, stretched out on the sofa on her back. Her hands were at her sides, her eyes closed. Tre was licking her from head to toe, her tongue tracing enticing patterns on her throat, her breasts, her stomach, her inner thighs. Her body was taut with arousal. Her clit was so hard she thought it would simply rupture. Tre had commanded her not move. She was eerily intrigued by the dominating attitude. Then Tre was licking each of her fingers, sucking the tips, her teeth tenderly nibbling at them. Nina sighed, she wanted so desperately to touch her, to kiss her, to taste her. She moved her hand, her fingers curling into the short blonde curls on Tre’s head. Tre grabbed her wrist again, returning it to her side.

“If you don’t listen to me, I will have to punish you Nina” Tre warned softly.

Nina smiled slowly, that didn’t sound so bad. She reached up to curl her fingers into Tre’s hair again and was shocked when Tre seized her wrist brutally and flipped her over roughly, exposing her backside. She held her breath, curious about said punishment.

She sucked in air harshly at the sting Tre’s hand created as it mercilessly spanked her bare bottom. There were tears in her eyes, it actually hurt! She was startled and a little humiliated. When she felt the fingers on Tre’s other hand part her engorged labia, stroking her throbbing clit each time her bottom received a slap, her entire body tensed at the combination of pain and pleasure. She knew she was moaning loudly, but couldn’t help it. She had never felt anything so wonderful. She felt her buttocks strain toward Tre’s hand in anticipation, her hips shifting to meet the fingers that stroked her. She could feel the orgasm building within her, growing, uncontrollable. God she wanted it so bad.

Tre watched her, delighted at the chocolate ass squirming before her, begging for the next slap, hungry for the next stroke. She could see Nina’s passion building, her face contorted with shock and intense pleasure. She watched as Nina climbed higher and higher, her own clit aching pleasingly. She knew it would be like this. When she saw Nina in the video store, saw her perfectly round breasts, her plump ass, her cocky walk, she knew it would be like this. She spanked her relentlessly, ruthlessly, enjoying Nina’s swift intake of air and frantic moaning. Then, suddenly, she stopped, removing her fingers from Nina’s inviting wetness. She took delight in the look on Nina’s face. “Oh god, please…” Nina begged softly. Tre leaned in, positioning her mouth close to Nina’s ear, “I told you I would punish you if you didn’t behave…now get dressed.”

Nina’s body was a ball of fire ready to explode. “Please” she heard her herself whimper softly. She found herself obeying Tre without hesitation, promising silently to be good if she would just make her feel like that again. If she would just let her get off. After pulling on her clothes, she sat on the sofa quietly, her thighs pressed together tuzla escort tightly, trying to calm her pulsating clit. Tre waited a few moments and then knelt before her, reaching out to unbutton Nina’s jeans. Nina was careful not to move, her body craving Tre’s touch. She was impatient as Tre unhurriedly slid a hand into her jeans. Tre found her swollen mound and stroked it, slowly, longingly, just once. Her dark eyes danced as she watched Nina squirm beneath her touch. She waited a moment and then stroked it again. Nina’s mouth opened, her head fell back against the couch, her eyes closed. She sucked in air noisily, her breathing ragged. When Tre stroked a third time, Nina came with an intensity she had never before experienced. She grabbed Tre’s hand, moving her hips back and forth against it, her body writhing from the force of the climax. She could barely catch her breath. She knew Tre was watching her but didn’t care. She felt the waves crashing over her again and again and relished in them. Moments later, she inhaled deeply, trying to compose herself. When she opened her eyes, those dimples mimicked her.

Renee tried the phone again. No answer. Maybe Nina went for groceries or to the library…but Renee knew otherwise. She glanced at her watch, 2:00pm. She shut her computer down, covering it just in case she decided not to return today. She hurried down the corridor and pressed the elevator button, waiting impatiently. She didn’t have to notify her boss, she would talk to her soon enough. She swore under her breath. She’d better not find what she thought she’d find at her condo.

Tre smiled, licking Nina’s sweet juice from her fingers. She stood, unbuttoning her own jeans and stepping out of them. She stood before Nina who sat half dazed on the sofa.

“Come on girl, make me pop” she demanded in a throaty whisper.

Nina was happy to oblige. She slid from the sofa, kneeling before Tre, burying her face into her curly bush. She lapped at Tre’s freely flowing juices, finding her inflamed knob and licking at it hungrily. Tre closed her eyes, she was so close. She put a foot on the sofa, opening herself wider for Nina. Nina inserted two fingers into Tre’s heat, fucking her fast and furious while she sucked greedily at her clit. Tre cupped the back of Nina’s head, pressing her closer, her hips bucking until she felt herself erupt.

Tre’s moans drowned out the sound of the key in the lock, the sound of the apartment door opening and closing. Nina continued to lap up Tre’s juices, careful not to miss a drop. Tre moaned as Nina’s tongue slowly stroked her aching clit. Her legs were trembling and she moved Nina aside before collapsing onto the sofa. Nina turned to face her, laying her head in Tre’s lap, breathing deeply. Tre smiled, her eyes still closed as she stroked Nina’s hair. Too bad.

When she opened her eyes, she was not surprised to see Renee standing there, fuming. She’d been expecting her. Nina didn’t see her lover standing behind her and moaned softly as Tre continued to stroke her hair. Tre’s eyes never left Renee’s as she bent to kiss Nina, tasting her own juices on her lips. Nina responded passionately, rising up to kiss Tre with enthusiasm.

Renee stood, her blood boiling as she watched her lover passionately kiss her boss. Tre leaned back, still stroking the back of Nina’s head. Nina purred softly. Renee could feel her fingers ball into tight fists. Damnit all to hell. She took a deep breath, gaining her composure before she spoke.

“Wassup Tre?” Renee asked quietly.

Nina turned, startled. She looked up at Renee, her eyes wide. Then she turned to look at Tre. They knew each other? What the hell was going on? She grabbed at her clothes, pulling them on quickly. Tre reached for her jeans and pulled them on, taking a seat on the sofa to watch the show.

“Renee?” Nina asked confused.

“I bet you’d like to know what the fuck is going on, wouldn’t you Nina?” Renee asked tightly.

Nina nodded slowly, not certain she really wanted to know.

“Well, I wanted to believe you when you said you were done fucking me over. Tre didn’t think you could do it. You know, once a ho, always a ho. She bet me $100 you’d let her fuck you.” Renee dug into her purse and pulled out a hundred-dollar bill, walking over to hand it to Tre. Tre took the bill and slipped into her pocket. Nina looked from one to the other, trying to gather her thoughts. A bet?

“Renee—” she stopped herself, trying another tactic, “baby, let me explain—”

Renee held up a hand, shaking her head. She spoke the next words clearly and calmly. “Pack your shit and get the fuck out.”


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