Teenage Temptations – Two


A week had passed after I had held my first private English lesson. I had swapped careers, moving from my steady job in engineering to pursue my vocation as an English teacher. Now, I was reconsidering the wisdom of the whole thing, given the lapse in judgement with my first student. Emily was due for her second tutorial in the afternoon, and I was anxious about how things would turn out after her first visit. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about her. I had relived that moment when my cock had filled her lovely young pussy time and time again in the nights that followed. Be that as it may, I knew I had to stay focused on my work and not let her feminine wiles draw me in. Hoping that I could put all carnal thoughts to one side, I was dismayed when she arrived, again attired in her school uniform. It was that pleated skirt with her gorgeously smooth legs and knee high socks. I wanted to sweep my hand up those delicious thighs and explore inside her skirt. Suddenly I had to cope with her flowing hair, her unblemished skin and the sweet warmth of her scent, that wafted in my direction. Even before she had sat at my desk I was getting a hard on. I actually didn’t know how I was going to see through the hour with my cock making a painful tent in my trousers. Somehow, and with my dick intermittently rising and falling, we got down to business. I would be okay for a while as I discussed grammatical fine points. We touched on the gerund, hanging participles and the like and then my gaze would fall upon the outline of her breasts or her beautiful luscious lips and I would feel my loins stirring again. We had moved on to the subjunctive mood when Emily dropped a bombshell that sent my pulse racing. “Oh, hope it’s okay, Steve… my friend Izzy is meeting me here, in a bit.” “Izzy?” “Yes, Isobel. We’re Bağcılar escort bayan going pony trekking for the weekend. She lives quite nearby, so her Mum will pick us up from hers.” “I see. But why is she coming here?” “You know…” “What?” “We thought you would like to meet her?” “Ummm… she wants me to tutor her? I need her parents…” “No. You know very well what I’m talking about Steve!” “Do I?” “Yes. And yes, she will be in her uniform too, before you ask!” “Oh.” “I know what effect it has on you, Steve. So don’t pretend otherwise.” “Emily…” “Oh stop it. There’s no point. Anyway, she’s coming round, so you had better take it on board and deal with it.” I was trembling. Yes, actually trembling just from the thought of being faced by two High School girls, whose hormones were pinging round like balls in a lotto machine. Emily smiled sweetly, and tapped my leg with her foot. I looked at her, and then down at my notes, attempting to drag the tutorial back to all things academic, when her foot began to brush the inside of my calf. “Have we finished for today, Steve, or is there more?” she, asked, her foot moving up to my knee. “I was going to go over the passive voice, but…” My words were cut short by the tap-tap on my door, which made me jump and Emily’s eyes light up. I was nursing a rather stonking erection, and going to the door like some randy perv wasn’t exactly my style. “That will be Izzy!” “Ummm… shit.” “Problem?” asked Emily, looking down sheepishly, detecting my predicament. “Yes. No!” “Okay, Steve, I’ll let her in.” Emily got up and giggled impishly, and made a point of straightening the tops of her black socks. As she bent over, her skirt rode up just enough to show me the edge of her white panties. I was willing my erection to subside, but it Escort Arnavutköy was up to stay. The sound of the catch on my door and then another girl’s voice made my heart leap. I turned round to get my first glimpse of ‘Izzy.’ “Steve, this is Isobela.” Izzy was a blonde, or at least more blonde than Emily, but they shared a certain look and might have passed for sisters. My eyes went to her legs first and then her boobs. Her shirt was a little tighter than Emily’s and highlighted her breasts, which looked a little smaller than her friends. I must have entered a brief day dream and realised my eyes were brazenly wandering over her body. The two girls began giggling and walked from the door to my study. There were a million thoughts that might have passed through my mind at that moment. However, the only one that made it through, was how my cock would feel in her pussy. Any faint glimmer that I might have beaten my hard-on had gone. Close-up, Izzy was as gorgeous as Emily. They had that pristine, fresh-faced complexion that sixteen year olds have. “Hey Steve. Pleased to meet you.” I knew I looked stupid, jammed in my chair, so I began to get up and feigned injury. “Ow, my foot went to sleep.” “Course it did,” said Emily, derisively. “It’s okay,” said Izzy. “Emily has told me all about you. You don’t have to pretend.” “This isn’t happening,” I said under my breath. I stood up and went to shield my erection, drawing sniggers from the girls. “I told you it was a good one,” said Emily. “Ems and I are going trekking, but we thought it would be a nice way to kick off the weekend if I joined her for some sexy fun, first.” “Sexy fun,” I repeated, bewildered. “Hmmm… that is a good bulge!” Izzy moved closer to me and brushed my cock with the back of her hand, as Avcılar escort she spoke making it twitch. Then she turned her hand and slid her fingers along the thickness of my hard-on. Emily joined her and they began teasing me through my trousers. Almost involuntarily, my hands went inside their skirts. Trembling like a leaf, my palms passed over their smooth legs and up to the edge of their panties. I slid my index fingers under the cotton. The contrast of textures against my fingers was making me hot. The smoothness of their flesh and the fine cotton of their schoolgirl knickers was beyond amazing. I continued my exploration, cupping an ass cheek in each hand. Izzy had a very pert, sticky outy bum, at least as perfect as Emily’s. I didn’t know where or when to stop, but continued to knead the flesh, while Emily unzipped my fly. Her fingers made a sortie into the entrance of my trousers, where my cock was now desperate to find some respite from its painful imprisonment. I continued to paw Izzy’s lovely ass, now using my right hand to feel her boobs through her top. They were soft but perky and I could feel her cleavage squish up from inside her bra, as the soft flesh rubbed against her shirt. For a few tantalizing moments, Emily was teasing my cock, as it battled against my boxers. It was barely less constraining than my trousers, such was the sheer hardness of my cock, but then I gasped from the simple pleasure of release as she threaded my rigid tool through the opening, and it was free. Both girls gave an appreciative coo of delight as my pumpingly hard dick throbbed into view. I felt so bad, suddenly exposed like that. The girls were on me in a flash, stroking my dick; Emily tugging gently at the root as Izzy wanked the end. I gulped and took a deep breath at the same time, a difficult feat, but the result of the sensation of two schoolgirls’ hands on my cock. I slid my hands wantonly over their bodies, and set out to unbutton their tops. Emily had begun to slide my boxers down, initially bending my dick down until it was released, springing up like a lever and causing the girls to laugh, nervously.

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