Team player

Group Sex

Chuck slid the bolt slowly and silently and peeked through the tiny crack into the locker room. Most of the team had left by then; Carlyle had dried off and was dressing when Devry and Cameron strolled in fully naked from the showers, drying their hair. Chuck licked his lips when he saw their muscular bodies, and his cock swelled as he imagined how theirs would be swelling in a few minutes. Carlyle soon left, and after three minutes Devry locked the door and sat on the bench. Cameron stood before him and sighed as Devry began stroking him to full hardness and leaned forward to lick the head of his cock. In tandem, Chuck began choking his choad. Just as last week, and just as the week before and weeks before that, Chuck stared hungrily as Devry started pleasuring his teammate. By this time both of them were fully hard. Devry was well-endowed, his eight inches of uncut ebony glory rising smoothly from his thick nest and already throbbing in sympathy with Cameron’s regular moans; Cameron was an inch shorter and istanbul escort a little thicker, with an ivory circumcised cock marbelled with veins and a massive head that poked against Devry’s cheeks as his tongue worked quickly. Chuck was breathing heavily as he lightly stroked himself, eager for release but more concerned to watch the two drain each other as they did every week before he spilled his own seed. Suddenly his elbow knocked a mop handle. As it clattered to the floor, Cameron said, “Sounds like we might have a sneak on our hands.” The two rushed over to the janitor’s closet and pulled the door open. Chuck stood there naked, cock throbbing in his hand, and smiled sheepishly. “Well, Cam, looks like we have a voyeur on our hands. What should we do?” “We’re not playing for an audience, little man,” said Cameron. “You’re not telling anyone, understand? You’re our toy now, got it?”Chuck nodded with a dry mouth and a queer twisting in his guts, and Devry said, “Look istanbul escort bayan at that cock like to burst. He really likes this.”“Yep, this oughta be some kind of fun.” Turning to Chuck, he said, “Come here, toy. On your knees.”His heart leaping for joy, Chuck knelt and looked up in awe as Cameron pushed his cock forward. Reaching up to stroke him, Chuck said, “Fuck my mouth.”Devry said, “Cam, ya hear that? Now that’s the kind of toy I like.”Cameron said nothing as he thrust forward deep into the wide-open mouth eager for his flesh. He moaned a few times, “Oh, God,” and then went speechless as Chuck’s mouth took him all the way inside. Chuck rubbed and lightly squeezed his swollen balls, and he was soon rewarded with a rush of thick spunk that he easily swallowed. Cameron fell back onto the bench and said, “Dev, he’s a hell of a lot better than you.”“Then he must be a genius compared to you,” Devry replied. Chuck began stroking Devry’s cock, which jutted Escort istanbul out from his torso like a branch on the side of a tree. The velvety brown skin slid smoothly up and down the rigid shaft underneath as Chuck exposed the head for his questing tongue. He ran his tongue side to side along the underside of the head, collecting the drops of precum that oozed onto his tongue, and he heard Devry breathe in sharply as he closed his lips around the fleshy fringe at the base of the head. The shaft pulsed as Chuck grasped it firmly in his fist and stroked slow and tight, and within three minutes Devry grabbed his head and forced himself as far into Chuck’s suckling mouth as it would go. Half the shaft filled his mouth, the rest fucked the hand holding it, and soon the throbbing branch tensed up and sprayed Chuck’s tonsils with a dozen ropes of cum. After their heated orgasms, Cameron and Devry were dripping with sweat. Cameron pulled a tube out of his locker and said, “Come on, toy, into the showers with you.” “Yes, boss,” he replied, and walked ahead of them into the showers. He looked back to see Cameron was already fully hard again, while Devry was regaining a limber member. “Take the position, hotshot,” said Cameron. Chuck spread his ankles and leaned forward against the tile walls as Devry knelt before him.

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