Talk to Me


“Talk to me,” he said. I know what he wants. He loves to talk dirty to me and really longs for me to talk back. But for someone who spends a lot of time talking, I cannot make myself give him what he wants. He asks, “What do you want?”

But I’m silent. My mind freezes. I have no words to tell him what I want him to do, which is funny since when I play alone I talk to myself or to him in my mind. I love to use my vibrator on my clit while I’m thinking about his tongue on my clit, licking and sucking as I get wetter. I think about his fingers teasing my pussy, not giving me what I want until I am begging for it. I love it when he fucks me hard and fast with his fingers until I squirt for him. And then when he does it again. While I’m thinking about these things and my vibrator is bringing me closer and closer, I talk out loud, pretending he’s here to hear me: “Fuck me with those fingers, baby. Make my pussy squirt for you, baby.” I’m loud. I scream. But that’s when I’m alone.

When we’re together, he wants me to talk, but I’m silent. I can’t form the words when I’m with him. Sometimes it is that I’m too busy feeling to think straight. But mostly, I think, I’m afraid. What if I can’t do it right? What if he decides I’m pushy? Or stupid? Or worse, unsexy? I am willing to try any position, toy, or place when it comes to sex. I’m not afraid of sex. I just haven’t been able to say the words out loud to him. I want to be able to lose myself enough to talk to him. I know just what I’d say:

~ ~ ~

I meet him in the bedroom. I start to undress, but he stops me. “Let’s take it slow,” he says, and he kisses me. I love his kiss, his lips on mine, his tongue searching my mouth. He moves me backwards until I have to fall onto the bed, our lips separating. He lies down beside me and leans down to kiss my swollen lips again. He holds my face and takes his time with his tongue. I groan a little, appreciatively, and use my hands to explore his chest. He stops kissing me long enough to find the top button of my shirt. “Tell me what you want,” he says.

“I want you to unbutton my shirt slowly,” I say. He smiles and unbuttons the top button, stopping to kiss my skin that he revealed. He starts on the next one, and I pull his mouth down to mine. I kiss him softly, running my tongue over his lips, enjoying the feel of his hands unbuttoning my shirt. He has my shirt open and is running his thumb over my breast. My nipple responds through the cloth of my bra. I groan slightly.

“What?” he asks me. Kartal escort “Tell me.”

“Rub your palm over my nipple, make it hard.” He follows direction well. I put my hand over his and cup my breast, feeling him run his thumb over my nipple again. I move our hands to the other breast. “I love to feel your hands on me.” I roll over enough to get my hand under me to unhook my bra. “I want to feel your tongue.” He helps me take off my bra and my shirt. His hands are rough against my skin and my nipples have responded to his touch and are hard and pointed. “Suck my nipple, baby,” I tell him. He starts by flicking it with his tongue. “I want to feel your wet mouth suck my nipple.”

I groan when he sucks it into his mouth. “Your mouth is warm, wet… suck it baby. Oh yeah, I love that.” He uses his hand to mold my breast up into his mouth. I feel myself getting wet. “I need your skin. Let me feel you,” I say as I begin to take off his shirt. I run my hands over his chest, enjoying the feel of his skin and hair against my palms. I pinch his nipples between my fingers, longing to put my mouth on him. “I want to taste you, to feel your skin under my tongue.” He laughs at that, but I get my way.

I use my hands and my tongue to explore his chest. He unbuttons my pants and cups his palm over my pussy. “Can you feel how wet I am for you, baby?” I know he can. He kisses me again while using his hand to tease me. I run my fingers through his hair. His hands are being more persistent, and I need to feel him on my skin. I lift my hips off the bed and he helps me take off my pants. “I want to feel your tongue on my clit.” He starts by kissing my belly and then moves downward with his lips. “Yes, baby…use your tongue. Lick my clit softly.” I love the feel of his tongue. “No sucking yet, baby. I want to feel your tongue lick me. Oh, yeah, that’s the way I like it.” His tongue is bringing me closer to the edge. “Lick it like that, baby. I’m so close. Please, don’t stop. I love your tongue on me. Please, don’t stop. I’m going to come for you, baby. I’m going to come. Oh, God, don’t stop.” I feel explosions from my clit throughout my body as I lose myself to the sensations.

As I start to come down, he puts his fingers inside my pussy. “Oh, God. Please fuck my pussy with those fingers. Hard.” He knows I love that but takes his time satisfying my begging. I moan my frustration with the teasing. “It feels so good. Please, fuck me with your fingers. Fuck me hard, please.” I’m begging for Kurtköy Escort it now. Suddenly he gives me what I want and fucks me hard with his fingers. I love feeling his hand hit my pussy as he fucks me. “Yes. Fuck me. You’re going to make me come.” I squirt all over his hand as my body seems to levitate with pleasure. My brain has short-circuited, and I can’t do anything but savor the waves running through me. He lies down beside me while I return to my senses.

I roll over and wrap my hand around his cock. He’s hard, and I love the feel of his cock in my hand, pulsing against the squeeze I give it. I kiss his chest and raise up on my elbow to rub my face on his chest. “I love the feel of your skin against my lips and tongue,” I tell him as I slowly kiss and lick my way down his body. “You taste so good.”

He asks me what he tastes like. “Like you,” I answer. He laughs as it’s a funny answer, but it’s the truth. He tastes like salt and sunshine, a unique taste I crave when we’re apart too long. I reach the soft hair around his cock and blow on it gently. I feel his cock bump my chin, but I ignore it and I continue kissing and licking my way down to his balls. I suck on his balls, using my teeth to add the pressure I know he likes. It’s his turn to moan. I turn my attention to his cock. “I love how your cock gets hard for me,” I tell him. I slowly and softly run my tongue up the length of his shaft and gently flick the head. “Do you like my tongue on your cock?”

He says, “I think you can tell that I do.” I laugh, and take just the head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around in a circle. “Oh, yeah, suck it,” he says.

I don’t give him what he wants right away. I kiss my way down his cock and then lick my way back up. As I get to the peak, I clamp my mouth around him and slide his cock down my throat. I love that he moans, responding to my mouth. I keep him deep in my mouth and run my tongue around his cock. I feel him get harder against the softness of my mouth, so I suck his cock and move my head up and down the shaft, getting faster and sucking harder as I go. He puts his hands in my hair as I continue bathing his cock with my mouth. I taste him as he gets so hard in my mouth, and I feel myself getting wetter. I run my tongue across the head of his cock, telling him, “I love the taste of you. Your cock feels so good in my mouth.”

He says, “My cock does feel good in your mouth.” I chuckle, and then he asks again, “What do you want?”

I suck him a few Maltepe Escort more moments and then answer. “I’m wet for you. I want your cock inside my pussy,” I tell him. He grabs my hand and pulls me up his body so I’m straddling him. I feel his cock pushing against my pussy, and I am so wet. I move my hips just enough to move his cock to the wet opening. “Do you want to fuck me, baby? Do you feel how wet I am for you?”

He puts his hands on my hips as I slide him inside me. I moan as his cock fills my pussy. “You feel so good inside me,” I tell him. “I love to ride your cock.” I start to move faster and feel myself relax into a rhythm. My breath comes faster as I ride him faster.

He says, “You love to fuck, don’t you?” I answer him with a moan.

I feel it coming like a wave racing toward shore. “God, I’m going to come,” I tell him.

“Do it,” he says. “Come baby.” I come hard, and I feel it get wetter between us. I slow my movements while I catch my breath.

I stop moving and lean forward to kiss him. I love the feel of his tongue against mine. “I’m going to fuck you again,” I tell him.

He chuckles and says, “You’re such a nymph, aren’t you?” I smile and start moving my hips again. After the first time, it doesn’t take me long to get there again. I fuck him faster, and he reaches for my hands so I can brace myself.

“I love being on top of you…love using your cock the way I want,” I tell him as I fuck him.

“Do it…fuck it,” he tells me, “make yourself come again.” I ride him hard and come again, crying out as I do. I collapse forward onto his chest and enjoy the feel of his skin against mine.

After I catch my breath, I look into his eyes. He smiles and asks, “What else do you want?”

I kiss him and then tell him, “I love to fuck you, but now it’s your turn to fuck me.” I hold his eyes with mine as I lift myself off him and get on my hands and knees. “Fuck me from behind, baby. I want to feel you pound me.”

He gets behind me and grabs my hips, rubbing my pussy with his cock. “I love to feel your cock rub against my clit. Oh, that feels good.” Then he shifts himself and buries his cock inside me. “Oh, God, yes,” I moan, “fuck me, baby.” He doesn’t tease this time but gives me what I want. Hard. Driving. Fucking me like I want it. I moan for him, “Yes, please, fuck me hard. Give me that cock.” I can feel him get harder and then he cries out, coming as I do. “Come for me, baby,” I tell him. He groans and slows his thrusting and I feel his cock throb as he comes. I always love to feel him come.

He rubs my back a minute and then lies beside me. I say, “Your cock felt so good, baby. I love fucking you.”

He smiles. “Why?” he asks. I roll my eyes at him. He shakes his head, and now he’s silent for once.

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