Taking Ch. 01



By: Dasoon

Ch. 1

John sat at the kitchen table watching Susan make dinner. His sister Kristen was in the living room watching some garbage reality show, and as appealing as horrible trash tv was he preferred… well anything else. Currently that anything else was his mother’s large ass swaying behind a knee length skirt as she cooked. She had married his father a few years ago, after 13 years of his father being single and heartbroken over his wife’s, (John’s biological mother’s) death. Now two years after his father had died, he lived with a family he was never raised with. Make no mistake his biological mother had died before he ever knew her; as such, Susan became more of a mother then she ever was but… she wasn’t. It was a distinction that made his cock surge at the sight of her in a negligee, and a distinction that made her leering eyes erotic, teasing.

“Kristen! Dinner!” Susan called out.

“OKAY! One Sec!” Kristen screamed back.

Susan set a bowl of rice on the table followed by a wok filled with stir fry. She met John’s eyes and slipped a painted nail covered in sauce between her ruby lips, letting a small groan escape from deep in her throat as her eyes rolled back. Pulling the finger out, she left the tip on her bottom lip basking in the taste, eyes closed. The finger now showed a tinge of red as the lipstick had rubbed off. The sound from the living room died and Susan opened her eyes, locking them with John’s once more. Sliding around the table, she rubbed against his back with gratuity and pulled the seat out next to him.

Kristen walked in clad in a knee length t-shirt, sleeves rolled up to her elbows, her slight stomach shaking as her substantial boobs bounced. Susan dropped into her seat launching her thirty-four triple D’s into a springing yo-yo. Kristen sat across the table and began plating her food. John was making a shitty show of ‘looking at the water jug’, while he ogled Susan, which of course fooled no one. It was easier to pretend that Kristen’s tits always bounced when she walked, that Susan didn’t know why John watched her cook, or that John wasn’t sliding his right hand on Susan’s lap.

“How was your day J?” Kristen prodded.

“Busy day at the restaurant, but nothing the managers couldn’t handle.” He started plating with his left hand. “Had to order some extra produce, and call in an extra body last minute but… yeah. Nothing out of the norm.” His right-hand messaged Susan’s thigh over the skirt. Being ambidextrous had its perks.

“Extra hand? Guess my big brother can tell people how to cook but can’t do it himself.” A sneer breaking from the corner of her unnaturally natural lips.

“Well I’d rather not step on toes. But I guess someone that does art online wouldn’t know shit about teamwork” snarked John.

“You mean running a business alone is harder than with help?” Kristen sneered getting into the familiar volley.

John’s hand was moving slowly along the inside of Susan’s thigh, never moving past the hem of the skirt nor the apex of her legs.

“Enough. Food’s getting cold and I didn’t cook it only for you to ignore it.” Susan barked half heartedly lost somewhere… else.

With that Kristen met John’s eyes, glanced to his right arm, before smirking and moving to eat. They ate the delicious food quietly, John’s hand moving through various modes; it switched between a gentle stroke, to a rub, to a caress barely touching the skirt. Susan’s breathing, ever so smoothly slipped into an uneven rhythm with the occasional pause, hid behind a mouth full of food and a half-stifled moan.

After dinner Kristen went to her room to paint herself and dress as a character she’d designed earlier in the day; most likely while watching trash tv, (her largest inspiration John had no doubt). Susan filled the sink with water and readied the drying rack, while John cleared the table and stored the extra food in the fridge. Once done he moved to the sink, slowly rolling his sleeves up to his bicep, Susan had a new set of music on as the old music started to grate at the mind. They usually only did dishes once a day, as none of them were home for lunch and it didn’t make sense to wash three sets of dishes and two sets of cooking pans between each meal. John’s hands pushed through suds, and he felt Susan press to his back. She made dinner so he washed dishes, it was only fair; it also meant that she wouldn’t ruin her nails. All of which was true but, John suspected, most importantly to her, she could get revenge on him. Her breath pushed against his neck, breathy and slow.

“That wasn’t very nice. You have to own your… mistakes, you know.”

With barely any contact she dragged a red nail across the bulge in his pants. Ten inches of forearm thick cock pulsed to a beat his heart raced to keep up with.

“How long do I have to wait… For you to drill me…” She slid her other hand around his body and across his chest. “…a well in the backyard?”

They bursa escort had a shared garden in the yard that they’d bonded over years ago, and when they started it, he’d said he’d make a well for her there. It was impractical and a joke now that they were older; well he was older, she was as young as the day he’d met her, a perk in her step and jiggle in her attitude.

Precum started to leak from his monster, and she slipped from his back letting him feel her tits excuse themselves from his comfort. She moved to the drying rack and dried the dish that sat there.

“Hurry up slowpoke, ain’t got all day” she teased with a smirk and a look that made the monster beat within him ever stronger.

“Yep. Sorry.”


John passed Kristen’s room hearing a conversation Kristen held with the camera, as she went over some detail of her body art she somehow hadn’t covered yet. Entering his room between his sister and mother’s, he tossed off his clothes, and went to his bed searching for a custom fleshlight Susan had gotten for him last Christmas. A normal family would have found this awkward, theirs simply didn’t acknowledge what he would do with it, or how they knew he needed it. (They didn’t normally make fleshlights big enough for him.) Stroker in hand, lube running down its surface, he moved a cloth from the old ‘mirror’ on the wall between his and his sister’s room. Moving back to the bed he started to slide the sleeve over the top of his monstrous cock, as he heard a buzzing start in his mothers room. It ebbed and flowed as she very openly started swearing into the wall.

“Fuckin pound my nasty cunt John.” Susan moaned relentlessly.

*Shlick**Shlick**Shlick* Her sopping pussy squelched through the walls.

“Wreck it. Cripple me with your horse cock. Godddddd”


“Fuck! Break me over my bed, Fuck me over the kitchen table. God Damn Fuck THE SHIT OUT OF ME!”


This continued for about two hours, her voice trailed on till with a scream she orgasmed for the second time before falling silent. John launched his third round of jizz into the toy which long overflowed with fluid and rolled himself out of bed. Across the room in front of the ‘mirror’ he pulled free of the toy and let sperm flow out into a funnel; which neatly distributed it into a wineglass which he hoisted as he walked from the room. Passing Kristen’s room on his way to the bathroom, he set the glass down in front of her door, and placed his toy outside the bathroom.

Hot water washed sweat and fatigue away, along with the sperm which coated John’s mons, as well as his dick which now slowly deflated. After about fifteen minutes he exited, picked up the clean fleshlight and empty glass before moving to his mother’s room and picking up Susan’s vibrater. In the kitchen he put on a pot of coffee and went to cleaning the vibrater with a special soap made for sex toys.

“Goodnight sis” He handed her the coffee.

“Thanks. Goodnight bro” She glanced at the vibrator with a shark styled eye, and pulled her panties further into her groin. The camera only saw from the cleavage up, so her thick thighs were naked save for a black pair of wet panties, which hid nothing but the colour of her lips.

“Goodnight mom” The vibrator stuck to his hand as she tried grabbing it.

“Goodnight baby” She shifted the black silk negligee, letting half a nipple peek out in a way that it couldn’t unless the material was pulled.

“Sweet dreams sexy” He let the vibrator go and lightly smacked the tip of her left breast, as he turned and walked to his room.

“You too, handsome” His ass shook under the strike of his mother’s hand. Images of fucking her filled his head once more as he entered his room and drifted off.


The next day dinner rolled around, and John stood behind Susan as she stirred a pot of pasta humming to a song. Her skirt resting on his wrist as he held one of her ass cheeks, unmoving. It was really only a part of the bubble butt, the part which turned to a dip and ran into thighs. At dinner the skirt covered her pussy and only her pussy, conversation was non-existent and Kristen held her left arm below the table as she watched John. As subtle as could be, he stroked Susan’s thigh directly, slowly, sensually. Susan’s gaze bore through the table and John’s slid across both women’s bodies slowly letting its command wash into them.

Dinner finished; however, none moved. None except Kristen’s hand under the table on her end; and John’s hand which shifted under Susan’s skirt, skating the edges of her raw labia as he had confirmed earlier, she was going commando. Gently playing with the woman’s flesh he was driving electricity through her rattled form. Then after roughly thirty minutes he moved to her clit. Squirt dripped from John’s hand as his mother shook uncontrollably, bent over head to the table, legs spread as wide as possible.

Kristen got up from the bursa escort bayan table legs trembling slightly and moved to go to her room, hand and shirt wet. John grabbed her arm, caught her dilated pupils in his, and placed her drenched fingers in his mouth. They tasted wondrous, and he held her hand and eyes as he sucked the juices free.

“Stay.” he commanded.

She couldn’t disobey, his voice and tone wouldn’t let her. He tilted his mother’s flush face to meet his, then he moved his right hand to his mouth and tasted of her juices as well. Her taste was slightly sharper in tones, but was nonetheless worthy of being a feature dish in any restaurant, perhaps paired with its daughters flavor.

“Okay, go.” he nodded to the door, eyes never leaving Susan’s.

Kristen wobbled from the room, her ass shaking in a sex drained way. John rose and started doing the dishes, Susan composed herself and moved to dry the dishes silently. Once done John dried his hands and found soft pillows pressed to his lips. Her breath ragged and wanting, John pushed his tongue into her mouth and felt her moan into him. Her hands pulled on his back and his groped her ass cheeks, hoisting her to her toes. His bulge rubbed its way across her thick stomach and engorged pussy lips.

“My room” he growled deep in the back of his throat.

He dragged himself away from her and moved his way to his bedroom. She trailed along in a daze. Kristen wasn’t recording today, an oddity that surprised no one.

“I should probably put on something sexier” Her voice was quiet, unbelieving.

“Maybe next time” The thought pulsed through Susan’s clit as she walked numbly behind her son John, following him into his bedroom.

“This is wrong. We shouldn’t do this.”

“Then tell me to stop” he told her, knowing she wouldn’t, couldn’t.

She wouldn’t, it had been a long time coming and she needed it, wanted it, wanted him. Her thighs were chilled by her own juices, and it contrasted the burning fire he had stirred in her groin earlier. She watched him move the cloth from the two-way mirror, and store the fleshlight she’d made for him last Christmas in a drawer within the nightstand.

“Leave the skirt on” his word law.

He tossed his shirt off and Susan marveled at his muscles, not without fat but certainly not hidden by it. She removed her shirt and saw his truncheon horse cock bob, against his jeans at the reveal. Another bolt coursed through her nether region and she let a small moan slip. Before he could get his jeans off she dropped to her knees before him. His belt already in his hand, left her the zipper which she teased with her teeth pulling it down ever so slowly. Eyes locked she yanked on the jeans releasing a baseball bat of flesh, directly into her face.

John watched as air caught in his mother’s throat as she stared at his cock in awe. Sure she’d felt it through his pants, and gotten a nice squeeze on it once or twice. But never had she seen it in the flesh. Juices ran down her thighs like a river, and she could feel her legs weaken and mouth salivate. He grabbed her hair and she understood, but could she do it.

He started slow, easing the tip into her mouth, the crown stretching her lips like they would tear and dislocate her jaw. Somehow it didn’t, instead it moved in a few inches and slammed to the back of her throat. She angled her body to line up with his cock and breathed deeply. He was in her throat, and she was rubbing her clit feeling the ecstasy of becoming, the sex toy she’d cleaned each night. He started to build a rhythm.

Not as effortlessly as she had with previous lovers, was an understatement. His hand tight in the roots of her hair he pushed and pulled her head along his shaft. She choked and gagged, feeling it slide down her esophagus, stopping mere inches from her stomach. Air was faint and so she slapped his thigh. One, two, three pumps and he pulled out. Oxygen flooded her body and spots filled her vision. Then after a few steady breaths he grabbed her hair once more.


And up for air. Red lipstick smeared along his shaft.


Her throat screamed in pain and light started to fade, but she wanted more. She could go longer, and she could take it harder. She urged him on with her eyes and he grew fierce.


Pelvis colliding with her face.


Air filled her lungs, and she came, Hard. Spraying the carpet with her female ejaculate.

“That…nnnnn… all… yuh…you got?” she asked. Dazed.

He released her hair and she fell to the floor shaking.

“We haven’t even started.”

Pulling her to her feet he dragged Susan to the bed and laid her across the Queen mattress, head hanging over the edge. She opened her mouth, understanding what was to come. His cock landed on her face spreading drool and spit across it.


After escort bursa what felt like a lifetime John bottomed out and exploded inches from her stomach, letting her feel the full pressure of his orgasm blast through the door to her stomach. She came again, hand on her clit tensing. As he retreated from her mouth she felt like a hollow sleeve. His taste lingered in her mouth and like magic restarted her engine once more.

“My turn” John said, sweaty and breathless.

“No… It ok… I cum too much” Susan quavered.

“Fine next time then”

She half expected him to leave for a shower and be done right there. That half was wrong, no instead he pulled her up onto the bed, and propped her up against pillows behind her back. Her body ached deliciously and her mind hummed numb and groggy from her last two orgasms. Susan had brought herself to multiple orgasms in the past but, not like this, not under someone else’s ministrations and certainly not in such a tight time frame. Her legs lay limp knees rolled aside, cunt juice leaking trails down her thighs past the skirt; a skirt which covered little more than half her quivering thighs and aching pussy lips. A groan rose from Susan as she looked through lidded eyes seeing her son’s forearm of a cock appear before her spread legs.

John’s mother looked like a goddess. Matted hair framing a flush sultry face, glazed with cum and drool. Heavy tits heaving with a steady rhythm, pert hard nipples straining against the air itself. Her arms lay limply besides her and her legs; oh god her legs, smooth thick pillars of marshmallow, streaked with her own juices as they flowed in plenty.

“Drink.” John passed Susan a bottle of water kept on the nightstand.

“Thasss” Her arms raised briefly before flopping down once more.

“Open.” John ever so slowly poured some water into his mother’s mouth letting her swallow it in gulps.

Water coated her raw throat, bringing a slight pain before a welcome relief washed over her. She heard her son take a long draw on the water before setting the bottle back down on the nightstand. His gruff hands grasped her ankles and started to push them up and back towards her head. Her groin strained and her pussy opened with a slight fart, gods she was embarrassed. Feet pushed to Susan’s shoulders, her skirt pushed to her stomach, sex bare to the world. Then she felt John’s mouth on her tits, the under ridge of his cock pressed to her over heated vagina.

“Please” she begged.

“What was that?” He growled.

“Please fuck me” the voice trailed out desperate and soft.

“I’m sorry, were you talking to me?” He asked flat and dead.

“Please sir” Her pussy quivered “Fuck your slutty mother”

The tip of the master’s cock started to push at Susan’s labia. He retreated, stroking his dick along her slit rubbing it into her clit. *MMMMmmmmm* Susan was in purgatory feeling heaven descend upon her. John’s cock pushed at her opening once more, and it slid in with ease stretching her beyond anything she could have imagined. Rolls of electricity coursed through her body. Head lolling back and forth as an ecstasy started to overflow within. After what felt like a lifetime John face to face with Susan bottomed out, penis pressed to cervix. She convulsed, head snapping back, muscles spasming. He stayed put, letting her ride out the high of her orgasm, adjusting to his size as it pushed her past her limits.

Next to her ear John whispered, “Cum for me slut” and started to pull out.

Then her new master started to jackhammer her pussy, slamming it into the mattress like a nail he wanted not just in the wood but through it.


“Shhhhhuuuuu” Her body bounced off the mattress, ping ponging between her master’s pelvis and the mattress below.


“FUuuuuuuuuuuuucK” Orgasms wracked her body as he destroyed it beyond belief; cunt crème came out in a frothy ring around John’s obliterator.




His mouth was on hers soft and gentle, letting her bask in his love; it was a complete contrast, with the brutalization he was committing to her synapses. Sperm rammed into the back of her canal as he continued his demonstration of domination. She felt it fill her and coat the well-used walls of her cunt, before leaking out as it had little room to sit with a truncheon behemoth plowing its way through.

John slowed to a stop leaving his tip rest within the entrance, aftershocks rocking along the 10inch forearm. Susan’s body shook and convulsed, clenching and releasing around the tip in rapid succession, calming ever so slowly. After a few minutes her body coming to a rest John bottomed out once more. Eyes rolled back and body convulsed like a lightning strike.

John watched his mother’s head loll to the side as consciousness fled from her mind, she still shook. He did not let up. Her pussy now loosened, and he slammed away with abandon. This continued for roughly another hour maybe more, with his new slut waking up every-so-often disoriented, and cumming.

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