Sticky in the Woods


Sticky In The Woods

It’s a picnic day in your favorite forest.

We’re out in the woods enjoying nature in a really private setting, where nobody can find us. We find the perfect tree, thick trunk, branches the exact right height.

I take out the ropes while you take off your clothes, and I tie you up Shibari-style so you’re still somehow comfortable and restrained at the same time, suspended in the air, with your pussy and ass on display and your tremendous tits hanging towards the earth, demanding to be sucked and slapped. Your perfect ass faces the sky and your face is just at the level of my waist.

I take a bucket and place it underneath you. “What’s that for?” you wonder to yourself, but don’t ask. You know it’s probably better left unquestioned.

I start by taking my cock out and rubbing it all over your face. My pre-cum starts to seep out and gets on your lips and cheeks while I slowly get harder and harder.

“Are you gonna fuck my face?” you ask. I don’t answer, I just start doing it, letting you blow me and suck me first, then gradually starting to pump my thick, rigid cock in and out of your mouth. Your slobber starts flying everywhere as I rapidly shove my meat Anadolu Yakası Escort into the very back of your mouth and down your throat. You think you might gag – and then I start to cum. My dick pulses again and again as I send huge, thick mouthfuls of warm white semen into you. You swallow as fast as possible. As soon as it starts to seem like you might run out of breath, I pull out. Your lips dribble cum into the bucket. I grab your hair and wipe my thick cock all over your face.

I stroke myself for a few seconds while you catch your breath. Then, as soon as you’re no longer gasping for air, I shove my fat dick right back down your gullet and start fucking your head like a pussy – followed by another huge cum. This time you gag a little bit and semen comes up out of your nose before I pull out. I shoot a couple of strings of cum across your lips whole you cough and splutter.

The third time, you realize your belly is feeling full. Each time I’ve cum in your mouth has felt like drinking a pint of heavy cream. You splutter and spit up a little bit as my fat penis withdraws again. My cockhead spits a few more ropes of salty cum on to your lips and nose.

This Avrupa Yakası Escort goes on six more times – by my count, not yours. All you know is the feeling of your mouth and face being violated, my pelvis thrusting into your jaw, and more and more thick cum being drained out of my balls into your queasy stomach. You’ve had nothing to eat all day but cum.

You can’t take it any more. You say the safe word and I stop. Semen is all over your lips and chin, dribbling down from your nostrils, and your tummy is trembling. I offer to untie you and you say yes, hoping for some relief from the discomfort of having a belly full of cum suspended from a tree.

I untie you very carefully and you kneel down. I put the bucket in front of you just in time – you almost immediately begin to spit up semen by the quart. It doesn’t seem to stop. You feel humiliated and wretched – naked, kneeling in the dirt, spitting up enormous amounts of cum into a bucket. I bring you a bottle of water – you drink it, thinking I’m being nice. You’re so exhausted you lie back in the dirt, your eyes closed, and let out a huge sigh.

I pick up the bucket and pour its entire contents over your body, İstanbul Escort from head to toe. Your beautiful face, your lovely hair, your incredible curves, right down to your sexy toes – all are now covered in recycled cum. Your body is practically encased in slime. You shout in horror, “what the fuck!!!”

I’m already gone, carrying off the empty bucket. You try to wipe the cum off your self but it just makes more of a mess – you’re naked in cum and mud. You can barely see through the grime covering your body.

I finally show back up, with the bucket full of water. I’m holding up my phone to make a video of this amazing moment, of you covered in my cum and filth.

“Do you want to clean up?” I ask.

“Yes” you respond.

“Yes PLEASE?” I say.

“Yes, please.”

“What happened here today?” I ask.

“You fucked my face,” you say, “and you came so much I threw it all up.”

“Then what?”

“Then you poured it all over my body, and left me in the mud.”

“That sounds rough. Would you let me do that again?”

“Oh yes. Yes I would,” you say.

I put down the bucket of clean water. You’re able to mostly clean yourself up, while I keep making videos of you rubbing off the scum. I offer you a towel to rub off the last bits of cum and mud before we head back to the car.

We drive back into town with you naked in the passenger seat, hair still mostly covered in muck, while you furiously fuck yourself thinking about how I debased you in the woods.

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