Spontaneous Wife Ch. 01: Summertime BBQ


This is my story and is also published elsewhere.


It was the picture of Americana in southwest Idaho.

A partly cloudy sky, with more sun than shade. Deep green grass. Horses munching away in the pasture while the kids, whose ages ranged from 2-16, played on the trampoline and playset.

The husbands primarily were under the porch overhang, gathered around the grill, while Osvaldo and his 8 year old son Elliot jokingly played cornhole in the grass.

Their wives were on the furniture on the other end of the porch, doing as women do, keeping an eye on the children for the most part and enjoying their own trials and tribulations. Most of which focused on family dramas, future plans and prices for various groceries.

“Yeah, so what I’d like to do,” Brady said, beginning to flip the burgers from the top left, “is kinda what you did, but I’d like to do 4 rails instead.”

Steve nodded and took a drink of beer from his Payette Brewing Co. bottle. He absentmindedly watched Brady do so, his left thumb tucked into the front pocket of his jeans, shifting his cowboy booted feet to equal distribution instead of one leg being cocked slightly. His slight belly showed his 36 years of age, and while he didn’t like it, and wished he could find the consistent motivation to work out, his wife didn’t mind, and his shirts still fit, including the plain white t-shirt he wore now.

“Yeah I don’t mind the three, but the three inch- I wish I’d of been able to afford the three and a half,” Steve said, shifting the bottle to his left and adjusting his multicam hat on his head, though it needn’t be done. His brown, fade cut hair wasn’t bothering him, it was more just a habit.

“You did your fence yourself?” Jeff asked. He was blond, worked out tons and was wearing a polo, cargo shorts and flip flops.

Steve nodded, “Yeah the little mustang got out suddenly last year, little shit.”

The women meanwhile were discussing flowers.

“I’m so jealous of your little play area Jenny,” Hannah said, taking a sip of her soda.

She was married to Brady, and three of the tikes running around were hers. She was 36, was 5’7″ and 133 pounds. She knew she was attractive, as all the women here were, but her husband appreciated her the most, and that’s exactly the way she prefered it.

They’d been married for well over 10 years, he was the father of all her babies, and they led a great life.

“Well it’s been a lot of work, but yeah, it’s coming together,” Jenny said. “We’ve done a ton of work just to try and keep the weeds away.” Her husband was Steve, and as she finished her sentence she looked over at her man.

They’d been together the longest of the group of six couples, having been dating since junior year of high school, over 18 years prior. They had the second oldest child there, at 15, and the second youngest as well, a three year old girl.

They’d been the ones to leave though, he going into the Army right after high school and finally leaving six years prior, and they’d all reconnected.

Steve was still her king though, and she his queen, as they routinely told each other. Even now, as Heather, a half-asian, half-hispanic woman asked her about the newest berry they’d planted Jenny couldn’t help but think about what her king had done to her last night, and her panties got warm under her flowery, blue, spaghetti-strapped sundress.

Steve noticed her looking at him, and flashed her a smile, giving his queen a fun wink.

And that’s why she couldn’t help but love him. He just did those little kinds of things that other men didn’t with their wives. Sure he had a temper, he played video games, his memory was horrible.

But his positives more than made up for it.

“I’d like to plant blackberries, especially if they have no thorns,” Amanda said, and took a bite of potato salad. She was a short, slightly heavy black haired woman married to Osvaldo.

She looked over and saw her son and husband playing cornhole still, though Jeff and Joe had gone over to play with them. They were married to Heather and Ellen, respectively, to Amanda’s left.

“Yeah me too,” Hannah said, to which the others laughed slightly.

“Bullshit,” Kelly said, “You have too much going on already. Brady would strangle you!”

“Oh he’d be a little upset, but he always cools off,” Hannah said, Beylikdüzü Escort chuckling.

But Jenny couldn’t get the thought out of her mind now. The thought of how Steve had taken extra care to put the baby to bed, to not play Mass Effect, and to take her to bed.

He’d sweetly pulled her jeans off, then nuzzled and licked at her pussy through her panties until she’d cum, THEN he had proceeded to have his way with her, bringing her off several more times before finishing off inside her.

She imagined she could still feel his cum, making her wetter still.

She suddenly looked at the whole situation. At everyone around her and the thought of them getting old, tired, and ending…

“Hannah, watch Claire for me. I’m gonna go get fucked silly in your powder room,” she said, locking eyes with her friend and rising with a slight smirk.

Hannah’s eyes went wide as she choked slightly and let out a huge smile.

“What?!” she exclaimed, but Jenny was already striding across the patio to her man.

“Did she just-“

“What did she say?”


“Hahaha! Oh shit she’s REALLY doing it!”

Jenny had reached Steve, grabbed him by the belt buckle with one hand and had begun leading him away, walking forward as if leading a stud to a mare.

“Hey babe, whoa, what’s up?” he asked.

She turned and smirked a small smile at him, and she knew it achieved the desired affect. Her intentions must have been written all over her face, because he couldn’t help but put his beer down and follow, his own smile bursting forth.

She lead him through the door and didn’t give him time to properly shut it, but he was able to with a strong hand.

“Jen, what are you doing?” Steve asked, grabbing her wrist. She was closer to her target though.

“I need you,” she said, suddenly breathless as she kissed him deeply, her sexy body pressing up against his.

She made sure to press her bra’ed 34C breasts into his chest, her left hand around his back, her right up in his short hair.

Steve’s hands went around her pinched waist first, then his left up her side and back while his right went around and down to her plump ass, cupping and kneading.

She moaned at the touches, then broke the french kiss and backed away towards the half-bath by the front door.

Steve followed eagerly and suddenly they were in the little bathroom, finding the light and locking the door behind them.

“Hun, what’s gotten int-ohh shit!” Steve started, but she hushed him by immediately dropping to her knees, and getting his jeans undone.

“Damn girl, the fuck has gotten into you suddenly?” he asked, as she got the front of his pants open, not pausing and pulled down his underwear too. But his hands went to her head, lightly rubbing the sides and back encouragingly.

“Can’t I just want my husband?” she asked before throating his semi-hard, 6 inch cock in one go.

“Ah fuck,” he said, his biology taking over for a moment as he thrust his hips an inch forward, his hands tightening on her head.

Her tongue was going crazy on the underside of his shaft, the tip even coming past her bottom lip slightly to lick his balls as much as she could, and he got rigid hard in moments.

He gasped and breathed as if he were in pain, but she knew he wasn’t. Jenny didn’t give him head very often, so this must be a real treat for him. Though truth be told, this was a means to an end. She bobbed her face on his crotch for a dozen or so pumps, until she felt his cockhead nudge the back of her throat. That end was now.

She rose, looked him in the eye as her right hand grasped his hard prick, some of her hair in her eye as she did so, stroking it in short strokes as she turned to the vanity and mirror.

God she looked slutty. One of her spaghetti straps had fallen off her shoulder and her lips were an excited red from having just been stretched in an obscene ‘O’ around his magnificent cock.

But she could still FEEL her sex drive though, his taste still in her mouth. Her boobs were hypersensitive in their confines, feeling wonderfully constrained as she breathed, and her panties were probably soaked through.

She pulled up the hem of her dress and bent over the counter, looking back at him over her right shoulder.

“God, just fuck me. Fuck me!” she said, “I Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan need it.”

Steve couldn’t refuse this personification of pure lust in front of him. She wasn’t his wife in this moment. She was a bitch in heat. A mare in season. And he was going to give her the beast she needed.

He grabbed her brief-cut panties with both hands and yanked them down with animalistic urgency to her feet, where she stepped out with one sandaled foot.

He then rose and put his right hand to her pussy, immediately confirming how wanton she was by the heat and wetness he found there, easily one of the wettest times he’d ever seen her.

“Oh fuck,” she said, finding her own lustful gaze looking back at her in the vanity mirror, feeling his fingers run through her sex from her clit(which he brushed ever so slightly) right up to her asshole. She knew he must’ve thought about playing with it, as she’d let him take her ass several times in the past year, finally.

But he didn’t linger, instead he stepped right up to her bent over body and slid his steel hard cock into her pussy all in one go.

“Oh! Oh fuck! Oh god that feels soo good!” she practically screamed, but huskily.

His hands went to her wide hips, finding her pelvic bones that made the perfect obscene handles, beginning to piston her pussy slowly.

But she wanted more, she wanted to be fucked, and fucked well.

She looked over her shoulder at him, “Steve, god damnit, FUCK! ME!” With each stressed word she pushed herself back on his cock, sparks flying from her sopping cunt through her body as she did so as his rod plowed her depths.

She was rewarded with her stud pulling her hips back so that she’d fall backwards if he wasn’t there, cock lodged inside her. Her hands were on the countertop, now somewhat in front of her as her hair swung with his thrusts. Her tits were swaying as much as her bra would allow, and the pulling on her chest added to her sexual experience.

In moments he was fucking her hard. Fast. Making her ass jiggle with every impact of his pelvis. She felt his cock running though her with abandon, the heat from her pussy quickly turning into a fire, then a blaze, until stars burst in her vision and she screamed a carnal, drawn out “ah” in orgasm, her legs shaking uncontrollably.

Her hands slipped as they clenched and gripped the sink, Steve stepping up as her hips were pushed forward against the edge of the counter.

Whereas moments before she’d cum from her assertive pushing back, now she was trapped with nowhere to go. More precisely, her hole couldn’t get away from the prick fucking it.

Jenny realized that she’d be forced to cum at least again, maybe more even. Her king had slowed as he’d trapped her, bringing his hands up to her shoulders and finding new grips with which to pound her.

She looked up and saw herself in the mirror again, her jaw dropped open as she breathed heavy with sexual arousal, her whole body jarring with each impact of Steve’s hips against her ass.

God she was so sexy, and her cunt was doing such a good job of clenching around the invader, her body doing as it was designed to do, trying to bring the penis inside it to orgasm. Her hole wanted his semen. That was it’s purpose, to get fucked and filled by cum, so she could carry his child.

And it was working, her own voice raising with every fourth or fifth quickening thrust as she felt her second orgasm building in her depths, Steve’s dick hitting amazing pockets of nerves inside her.

It suddenly was upon her as her left hand pressed against the mirror, her right coming around to grab Steve’s hip as her pussy exploded in pleasure, her eyes wide. She rocked herself back as he tried to pull out for another thrust, trying to keep him inside her as she came, throwing her head in an out of control nodding motion and half panting, half exclaiming “ah”s.

Steve for his part wasn’t faring well on holding out. He regularly told Jenny that her orgasms would collect massive amounts of cash on the internet, and they usually brought him off. But Jenny had never been this needy before, and though she did have bouts of increased sexual activity, this was a whole new level.

As she came again for the second time, the thrashing of her head, her hair flying and her hand on the mirror, Escort Beylikdüzü almost got him.

It was her hand landing on his right side, hip and ass cheek coupled with her rocking pussy clenching on his shaft that got him. He slammed forward to the hilt as his cum rose from his balls, rocketing down his weapon until it fired into her hot sheathe.

Again and again it fired, “Oh yeah! Uh! Uh! Uh! Take it baby!” he said through blurred vision and clenched teeth.

And though she hadn’t fully finished her orgasm, it had been ending, that is, until she felt her man begin to fill her.

“Ohh! Oh god! Oh fuck, it’s, so hot! Oh fuck Steve!” she seethed, feeling him pumping his seed into her. Her cunt suddenly went taught and rippled against the tool that had penetrated it, sending Jenny into another fit of orgasm, catching her off guard as her legs finally gave way, coming off the floor and slightly spurring Steve’s calves as all she could experience was the ultimate, womanly pleasure. Through blurred vision she looked at the mirror her face was resting on, her tits as well as her weight was mostly on her hips.

Steve smiled as he fired his last shot of cum into his wife, enjoying her multiple orgasm as he rubbed the small of her back right before it went into the crack of her ass, reveling in the clenching of her pussy.

“Ha ha, fuck yeah, you’re awesome baby,” he said, taking a deep breath as his heart rate came down.

She slowly relaxed until her feet came down to the floor again, finally taking her weight. She came upright, allowing Steve to pull himself free of her depths before turning around and leaning back on the counter.

“Mmm, holy shit, that felt so good,” she said, smiling.

“You’re damn right about that,” Steve said, reaching down to pull up his underwear and jeans. “What got into you?”

“Nothing, I just, I was looking at you,” Jenny said, finding her own panties around her right foot and stepping back into them. “And I suddenly thought about how short life is. I wanted to be taken, and I didn’t want to wait.”

He chuckled as he finished buckling his belt, “Jesus. Fuck that was good. You drained the shit out of me.”

“Mmm, and you fucked the hell out of me. Whew!” she exclaimed, finally seating her panties comfortably and pulling the strap of her dress up onto her shoulder.

Steve stepped forward and kissed her, her left hand coming up to his cheek. His groin pressed into hers and a light heat radiated from her pussy again.

“Mm, stop it!” she smiled at him, pushing him away, “Argh, you do that any more and I’ll need you to fuck me again.”

He unlocked the door and they stepped out, a couple heads on the porch turning their way, followed by the rest.

When they came out onto the porch, hand in hand, everyone clapped as if they’d put on a performance, then laughed openly at their friends, with some light cheering from both the girls and the guys, to which they both blushed But laughed as well.

Steve brought Jenny back to her bench next to Hannah and sat her down, then kissed her hand sweetly before stepping away.

Brady promptly high fived him.

“Dude fuck yeah!” he said enthusiastically, then took a bite from his cheeseburger, “Food’s ready!”

“Dude Steve, you really just go fuck your wife just now?” Osvaldo said, holding a plate of chips, cheeseburger and veggies but not eating anything.

“Yeah, she just, she wanted it man,” Steve said, sort of shrugging and finding his warm beer, enjoying the sip nonetheless.

“That’s awesome,” he said looking at his wife who’d heard him, her already watching him.

“Don’t you be getting any ideas!” Amanda shouted at him with a smile, and everyone laughed.

“Seriously, what came over you Jenny?” Ellen asked her. She and Joe were the most religious and reserved of them all.

Jenny half shrugged, feeling her man’s cum begin to seep out of her well fucked, wet cunt.

“What? He’s mine, and I wanted him. And I didn’t want to wait,” she said, meeting the prudish woman’s eyes.

“But what even started that?” Amanda asked next, her four five year old son running up to her and wanting a sudden bite.

“I just, I suddenly had a thought about how short life is. And why wait?” Jenny said, Claire having toddled over for the same.

Hannah’s eyes drifted to her husband.

“Not to start like, a thing, but you’re pretty right,” she said, and gave Jenny a knowing look before rising herself and sauntering over to Brady.

Jenny just laughed, the other women commotioned, and as Brady smiled the largest shit eating grin, he handed the spatula off to Jeff and they went inside.

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