Son’s Nerdish Girlfriend Ch. 03


Summary: Son is ass fucked by girlfriend and Dad.

Note 1: This is Chapter 3 of a girl’s journey into an amazing sexual awakening.

In part 1 the virginal Beth was finally going to give it up to her boyfriend Chris, but due to some wild circumstances, she loses it instead to her boyfriend’s hot Dad… with her timid boyfriend helplessly watching. The story ends with the humiliated son eating his Dad’s cum out of his girlfriend’s pussy… a cream pie he finds embarrassingly delicious.

In part 2 Chris watches helplessly as his girlfriend loses her anal virginity to his Dad while he is completely cucked by his girlfriend.

Note 2: Thanks to Tom for requesting a sequel to a story that was a bit more niche and somewhat less popular than many of my other ones.

Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven for his continuous dedication to making my stories even better with his thoughtful editing.

Continuing exactly from the end of Ch. 02….

Son’s Nerdish Girlfriend Ch. 03

“I need go and change to get the surprise ready, so I’ll be back in a couple minutes,” Beth said. “Don’t you two go anywhere.”

Beth grabbed her shopping bag, while even now she felt a little more cum dripping down her face.

Once the son and Dad were alone, both their dicks slowly shrinking, after dropping their loads onto the same girl, Ben mentioned, “She really is insatiable.”

“Shut up,” Chris yapped (because he had about the same authority as a small dog), his conflicting emotions still driving him crazy. But one thing remained very clear… he blamed his Dad for all of this, and he wouldn’t be forgiving him anytime soon.

“Hey, you’re the one who willingly stuck my dick in your girlfriend’s ass,” Ben retorted.

“Shut up and don’t remind me,” Chris retorted back, mortified to recall he’d indeed done that… and worse, he’d enjoyed it.

“Look, it’s obvious to all three of us you enjoyed watching me fuck her ass,” Ben pointed out, having just recently (like about an hour ago, if that) learned his son was a cuck. He’d found it easy to recognise, since he’d fucked a woman last year while her husband watched, and the man had jerked himself off while his wife humiliated him.

“I told you to shut up,” Chris repeated… bitterly angry at his Dad, but just as angry at himself.

“Hey, I’m not judging,” Ben said. “It actually makes a lot of sense.”

“How the hell could it make any sense at all?” Chris asked with a glare.

“I don’t mean to be cruel,” Ben said. “But you’ve always been a people pleaser and very timid. Come to think of it, I can’t remember seeing you asserting yourself to anyone.”

“So just because I’m a nice guy, you get to fuck my girlfriend?” Chris asked bitingly and sarcastically.

“Well, everyone likes nice guys,” Ben said. “But no one fucks them.”

“Which must mean you fuck a lot of women,” Chris snapped, thinking he was hurling an insult, but his Dad wouldn’t take it that way.

“Yeah, I do. You see, women prefer a man with confidence, attitude, and a big dick.”

“I most certainly do, and you’ve got my vote,” Beth said as she walked in… now wearing a black leather bustier crop top, and a strap-on around her waist… and still wearing her black thigh highs. Still no panties, of course.

“Holy shit!” Ben gasped, seeing how the shy nerdy teen from a couple hours ago was now strutting her stuff in Dominatrix regalia, and with a dick.

“Beth,” Chris gasped in confusion, gawking at his girlfriend in that sexy attire… and with a dick.

“I promised you’d lose your virginity today, and I meant it,” Beth grinned, stroking her cock as if it had nerve endings.

“Beth,” Chris repeated, confused, yet comprehending her intentions at the same time.

Beth swayed her pale, naked ass enticingly over to the bed, then turned and ordered, her tone strong and firm, “Chris, get over here and drop to your knees.”

“Beth,” Chris repeated a third time, for now unable to say anything else… shocked by what he was seeing, shocked by what she was implying, and shocked that his cock was hard again.

“Now,” Beth said firmly.

“Beth, please,” Chris pleaded, even though he went over to her.

“Today I lost both of my virginities,” Beth said, as she continued stroking her cock… which was seven inches long… purposely bigger than her boyfriend’s. “You will too.”

Ben watched in completely stunned silence. Even after everything that had happened today, this next step was completely unexpected.

Beth placed her hands on Chris’s shoulders and guided him down to his knees.

Chris’s constantly red face burned and burned, as he allowed himself to be guided to his knees by this girl, and he was now staring at a big plastic dick. He was supposed to be the one guiding her to her knees. She was supposed to be staring at his dick. His dick… Bostancı Escort which was yet again rock hard and throbbing, even though as always today, he couldn’t explain why.

“Suck it Chris, suck my cock,” Beth ordered, gazing pridefully down at him from her stance of power.

“Beth,” Chris kept saying weakly, knowing he couldn’t deny her anything… knowing he should refuse her… but instead he was once again begging for her understanding and sympathy.

Beth looked at Ben, smiled, and then slapped her boyfriend in the face with her cock. “I told you to suck it, Chris,” she repeated, glaring at him.

Beth didn’t dare to look at his Dad… but he was very aware he was in the room, and was probably watching and judging him… yet he felt compelled to obey his girlfriend. Did he want to suck a cock, even a plastic one? No, certainly not. Yet he felt himself opening his mouth, leaning forward, and taking the fake sex organ in his mouth.

“Good boy,” Beth purred, her grin at Chris’s Dad growing wider. Their dominant-submissive seemed to be set aside for now, and apparently they’d silently agreed to become partners in crime instead.

Chris felt a small rush of adrenaline coursing through his spine, either from being called a ‘good boy’ or because he’d taken this dick into his mouth… neither choice a good reason for getting his adrenal glands all excited. Also, it felt natural to have this cock in his mouth… as odd as that sounds.

Ben watched them silently… the sight of his son sucking a dick, for reasons he himself didn’t understand, making his own cock throb. It was just so perverse! Part of him was disgusted by how pathetic his son was acting; another part was impressed by the complete sexual transformation of this perceived wallflower of a girl; and yet a third part of him was turned on by watching the kinky cuckold act. And her naked ass was pretty nice, too.

Chris awkwardly began bobbing on the cock… tentatively at first… taking only a couple inches in his mouth.

“Oh yeah, cock sucker,” Beth encouraged, calling him a name she knew he thought of as black and white, to further her campaign for his complete submission as her cuckold. “Suck that dick!”

Ben took his erect cock in hand and began slowly stroking it. He’d already dumped two loads today, so his third load would take a lot more work… he didn’t reload as quickly as during his younger days. But he wasn’t done yet with this insatiable teen!

Chris winced at the word, or maybe words, cock sucker, he wasn’t sure if it was one word or two, but his cock also flinched at the term. Cock sucker. He hated it, but somehow being called one turned him on even while it humiliated him… as he took a little more cock into his mouth.

“Shit, maybe I should have named him Christina,” Ben finally spoke, unable to resist taking the shot at his rather feminine son… recalling how his wife had hoped for a girl, and had been convinced she was having one, right up until a few moments after she’d delivered him and the doctor sang out, “It’s a boy!”

“Fuck you,” Chris said, now by rote, as he took the cock out of his mouth and glared at his Dad. Getting off by watching his own son sucking cock? The audacity of that jerk!

“Did I fucking give you permission to stop sucking me, cock sucker?” Beth growled, slapping his face again with her cock.

“Beth, I…” Chris began, his masculinity challenged over and over today, grinding him into a muddled mess of sexual confusion… but his protest, if that’s where he’d been headed, was immediately silenced, when Beth slid her cock back into his mouth and began slowly face fucking him.

“I don’t believe I asked for your opinion, cock sucker,” Beth drawled, feeling such a rush of power from wearing a cock around her waist and dominating her boyfriend, while her Master stroked his cock and watched… his expression showing he was mightily impressed by her imaginative dominance.

Chris just knelt… shame and exultation at war with each other within his head and body… while he slowly got face fucked. He wished it didn’t turn him on. He wished his Dad wasn’t watching. But he was pretty damn certain neither wish would come true.

For a couple minutes Beth continued fucking Chris’s face, loving the thrill of being the one doing the fucking… and the one with the power… as she gradually slid more and more of her cock into his mouth.

Chris focused on not gagging… and as dumb as it sounded… on being a good cock sucker. He wasn’t gay or anything, but having this dick sliding in and out of his mouth was a surreal turn-on he couldn’t ignore or explain away. His cock remained hard the entire time, which confused him. He’d never once considered another guy attractive, or thought about sucking his cock, yet this felt way too natural.

“Ready to get fucked?” Beth asked, pulling the cock out of his mouth while a long string of saliva dripped down his chin.

“Yes Ümraniye Escort please,” Chris said, so focused on this offer to have sex, he didn’t decipher which way around she’d offered it.

“Good boy,” she said, and she pulled him up to his feet and kissed him.

Chris kissed her back, surprised and even blown away by this sweet, romantic interlude during this day that had been anything but sweet or romantic.

But when Beth broke the kiss, that was over and she ordered, “Now get on the bed and onto all fours.”

“But Beth, I thought you said….” Chris began, but he was interrupted yet again.

“Sorry Chris,” Beth said, “I don’t think my pussy or asshole would even feel your tiny dick after your Dad fucked the hell out of me.”

“Beth, please,” he repeated, his eyes pleading for her understanding.

“Look Chris,” Beth said. “I still want to be your girlfriend, and it’s probable I’ll allow you to fuck me some other day when your Dad isn’t available, but tonight, I’m the one fucking you.”

“Beth…” he said yet again, sounding completely defeated.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want this dick in your ass,” Beth cautioned, as she spun him around and playfully shoved him towards the bed.

Ben remained quiet, unsure about what he thought of this. Yes, it was going to be hot. And yes, his son was obviously a pathetic cuckold, but he was beginning to feel sorry for him again… this whole submissive cuckold downfall thing wouldn’t even have happened if he hadn’t seduced Beth and turned her into his submissive slut. No way he could have possibly predicted the turn of events that followed, but he could recognise the consequences of his actions when he saw them.

“Get on the bed and onto all fours, Chris,” Beth repeated her order verbatim, while she firmly slapped his ass.

Chris silently climbed onto his bed and into the position as instructed… and also spread his legs without even realizing he was doing it.

“Good boy,” Beth purred as she grabbed the lube, almost calling him a good girl, but resisting the temptation… for now. She didn’t know why, but while she enjoyed being used and dominated by Ben without reservation, she equally enjoyed the polar opposite feeling of taking charge of Chris. (Not that the other way around would ever work!)

Chris remained on all fours… his head down… his cock hard… and although he wasn’t remotely sure he wanted to lose one of his virginities this way… getting fucked instead of doing the fucking… he was horny as hell and willing to do almost anything Beth told him to. Through his obedience to her he was finding sexual fulfillment, even though he didn’t understand how or why.

Beth poured lube on her fingers, and then brought them to his ass… she’d make sure his ass was ready for her cock before she fucked him… she didn’t want to physically hurt him… no… just physically dominate him.

Chris felt her wet fingers touching his asshole, and he clenched up.

“Relax, Chris,” Beth said, “this step is so I won’t hurt you very much,” her free hand rubbing his lower back gently, her tone soft and supportive.

I’m not sure I can relax,” Chris admitted, the idea of getting his ass fucked terrifying him, even though Beth had seemed to love it when his Dad was banging her butt.

“Trust me, Chris,” Beth said, continuing her softspoken tone and gentle back caressing, “once you get used to it, you’re going to love it.”

“I don’t think so,” Chris said unsurely, waiting for the inevitable push of her finger into his ass.

“Think again. I know that for men, a prostate orgasm can be amazing,” Beth explained.

Ben wondered if that was true… he hadn’t ever thought much about it… although a mid-sixties slut he’d once picked up at a bar and accompanied back to her place when he was in New Orleans, had slid a finger into his ass while she was sucking him and he busted a nut almost instantly, having one of his more intense orgasms. He’d assumed it was because he was drunk, but Beth now had him wondering what it would be like to have something up his ass. Not a dick… not a strap-on… but a finger again… while he was getting his dick sucked by Beth… was intriguing.

“Yeah, I bet you’re going to moan like a sexy slut while I’m fucking you,” Beth said soothingly as she pushed her finger forward and it easily slid inside him.

“Ooooooooh,” Chris moaned, surprised by how easily her finger slid into his ass. And that there was literally no pain at all.

“Shit,” Ben said, as he watched Beth going to work on his son.

“Not a word to anyone outside this room,” Chris said, and he kept his head down while his girlfriend slowly moved her finger around inside his ass… which felt so weird… so wrong… yet with his cock continuing to throb… so right.

“You see, I need to gape your ass nice and wide for my cock, baby,” Beth purred, loving the power she was exercising over him and the Anadolu Yakası Escort rush of adrenaline coursing through her body, even without any of her erogenous zones being touched.

“Oh fuck,” Chris moaned, not so much from her words, but the way her finger was moving around inside his ass… creating some strange sensations inside him… not really any particular pain, nor any particular pleasure… but a slow build of… something or other… something impending?

“Slide a second finger in,” Ben suggested, unbelievably turned on by watching her gaping his son. He didn’t even know why. Was it from her ongoing humiliation of his submissive son? Was it from the dominance this formerly shy nerd girl was showing? Was it from this taboo role reversal? Was it simply from watching this perverse act? Or was it all the above?

“Fuck off, Dad,” Chris said automatically, even though he’d just been thinking of asking for the same thing. The single finger felt really good now, and although he hated it feeling good, he kind of wanted more.

“Is your Daddy right? Would you like that?” Beth asked in a gentle voice, as she contemplated doing that exact same thing.

Chris moaned, hating that his Dad had suggested it, hating his Dad was watching, and hating that he’d suggesting something that would be an improvement. So he was stuck, and he answered in the affirmative, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” Beth asked, as she pumped her finger in and out of Chris’s ass… literally finger fucking him.

Chris didn’t answer while the pleasure increased and while she rubbed his prostate.

Beth pulled her finger out and repeated, this time harshly, “Yes what, Chris?”

Chris suddenly felt empty, and he wanted Beth’s finger back in his asshole. So now he responded with an embarrassing sense of urgency and desperation, “Yes, please shove a second finger in my ass.”

“You’re sure?” Beth asked as she traced the rim of the slightly gaped hole with her fingers.

“Yes, yes, please finger fuck my ass with more fingers,” Chris pleaded, his voice breaking ever so slightly, thus sounding oddly feminine.

“Yes please, finger fuck my sissy son,” Ben encouraged her, this scenario turning him on in ways he didn’t understand. He knew this next idea was twisted, but a growing part of him wanted his to be the first actual dick to fuck his son’s ass.

Beth pushed two fingers inside, which didn’t go in as smoothly as the one finger had, but after a brief resistance they slid inside.

“Oh fuck,” Chris whimpered rather femininely as his ass was spread unnaturally open, causing a sharp pain, yet inexplicably making his hard as a rock dick flinch even harder.

“Oh yeah, take my fingers, my slutty boyfriend,” Beth purred as her two fingers disappeared into his ass… and she resumed gently caressing his lower back.

“Fuck,” Chris responded, partly from his humiliation at being called slutty, which guys never were, only girls, and partly from the pain suddenly burning inside him, and partly from the pleasurable sensations zinging directly from his ass to his dick. He’d heard that the prostate gland could provide pleasure to a guy, but this was entirely different from the pleasure he could give his dick with his hand. It was more subdued, yet somehow more intense.

“Oh yeah, pretty boy, you just love the idea of getting your lovely asshole fucked, don’t you?” Beth prompted, as she spread her fingers apart inside his ass… gaping him the best she could.

“Jesus,” Chris said, feeling the fingers widening his ass in an unnatural way, so he felt a mixture of pleasure and pain. His ass burned. He felt a sort of fire. Yet his cock throbbed, and he wanted more.

“Gape that asshole, slut,” Ben urged, considering doing something that would be so wrong.

“Dad, just don’t talk,” Chris moaned, trying ((but failing this time) to get angry at him.

“Daddy, do you like watching me finger fucking your son?” Beth asked, totally revelling in her power and once again ignoring what Chris said.

“Yeah, it’s fucking hot,” Ben nodded, coming right up next to her to watch more closely.

“Yes, it is. I think Chris will be a really good bottom bitch sometime soon,” she said as she reached around and stroked his big dick with the hand that wasn’t inside an asshole.

“Yeah, I bet real soon he’ll start begging to get that ass of his pounded,” Ben moaned softly, as Beth rolled her finger over Chris’s cock head.

“Please stop doing that,” Chris said, not meaning the fingers in his ass, but their terrifying conversation.

“You want me to stop?” Beth asked, pulling out and admiring the gaping hole she’d created.

“No, no. Please don’t stop doing that,” Chris pleaded.

Beth bent down and probed the open hole with her tongue… giving her very first rim job.

“Oh my,” Chris moaned again, feeling the weird sensations of Beth’s tongue probing into his ass… yet another strange, pleasurable and weird sensation.

“Oh, fuck you’re a nasty slut! Eat my son’s asshole,” Ben cheered.

“Please shut up, Dad,” Chris yelled, even though he enjoyed the ass eating.

“Son, just lie there and look pretty,” Ben retorted as he watched the wicked act… with his cock throbbing.

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