Sex Studio Secrets #20:: Sasha and Ashtyn-2


Sex Studio Secrets #20:: Sasha and Ashtyn-2Sexy Sasha big boobed beauty pops also the rose of her virgin tasty tiny tit tight teen awesome AshtynAshtyn secretly seduces Professor Peter to take her at the toilet, which the others find out very fastSasha orders her tasty teen lesbian over to take back her position in a daisy-chain of pretty pussiesHer second anal initiation evokes an almost religious ritual for four foxy beautiful Bishops of LoveAshtyn votes ‘thumb up’ as Professor Peter proposes to retire as Pope, stepping down for Popess SashaSexy Sasha and awesome Ashtyn left my readers at first episode at the moment of the teens first analAs if her tasty tight teen sexy sphincter was winking at me with her expecting cute contractionsShe looks so inviting I mount the smallest anal strap-on from your cute collection to take her roseHow hotly she arches her back! As a cat for a tom to take her at all fours for our ferocious fuckingAs she seems to be a virgin at her backdoor as well I enter her sexy ass so slowly and very gently Sasha remembers well how things start to take their turn from that moment, captured on camera by meTerrific footage, which would sell well if I would offer my clients a copy of erotic events edited!As Ashtyn and Sasha have a both a veto and a majority of votes as owners of the show it’s up to themReally, my vote as co-owner of the premises counts as nil, my co-owner Petra can not overturn theirsTeasing and tantalising the sexy couple from Sweden my great granddod pretty Petra iniatiated a chainSexy sight to see two tasty teens of almost the same age suddenly nibbling each at a nipple of Sasha Beautiful big breasts Sasha has! The teens need both hands to cover their share of her great goodiesYou bite my nipple naughty tasty teen! Do you sollicit for some severe spanking, awesome Ashtyn?Awesome idea! Let us three make a daisy-chain for spanking asses and licking love lips says Petra Naturally the three get soon very wet twats so they skip the spanks to lap love lips for pussy juiceAfter all come a few times Ashtyn breaks the chain for a quick visit to the bathroom and I follow herLovely looking big brown banana, professor Peter! Can I kiss it please as long as I take a leak?I offer it you for free to you as long as you let me watch your golden shower, slender sexy sweetie!Now munch my manhood maiden! Can you handle all my sexy seven inches? Shall I teach you deep-throat?I offer you to take all my orifices for the very first time my Master of Sex, teach me everything!The first lesson is her initiation in deep-throat when I grab her hair to pull her head backwardsI slowly poke it all Ankara escort the way in, telling the tasty teen to breath through her nose not to chokeAutomatically awesome Ashtyn adapts, grabs my balls by one hand and starts to finger my sphincterTurn around please as I long to take you now! Ashtyn gets up and invites me by spreading wideI tease her first all along her hot love lips wet from sexy expectation before I aim at her flowerOh please Peter, take my teen twat as first! I long be initiated by a man who knows what he can!Nice to welcome my member tasty teen! I enter her fully in one stroke in the sexy style of Sasha!One hand of her soon disappears between her legs, the other helping to keep her position bent overFurious fucking as I grab her hips for good grip and bang her home as well as I can to satisfy her The tasty teen screams sexily as she comes which alerts her love Sasha who takes a look where she isAshtyn, so that is where and why you were hiding from our daisy-chain you nasty naughty tasty teen!Shall I ask our Professor to give you a good hiding bare back next in order to punish you for this?The sexy shine in your eyes give your intentions free, sexy Sasha! It turns you on to watch us two!You bet I am excited to watch you come first time with a man! Baby I am so proud of you my dear!Ashtyn do us all a favour by making a sexy ceremony of the next scene I hope our Professor performsWe want you at the centre of attention when you offer Peter to pop next as well your anal cherry!Extremely interesting idea, sexy Sasha! Petra will disappear behind our mirrors to direct camerasShall we three get back to the studio to set up the next sexy shooting? First I propose a drink! Only Petra knows from long experience the details of the drink I am to offer for such an occasionMeeting four flutes at the table at our return she pops the cork of a fresh ‘frizzante’ white wineEveryone grab a glass, I propose a toast to the tasty beautiful bottom of awesome Ashtyn, cheers!Ashtyn blushes in a lovely contrast to her pale prety silk skin, golden hair, who wouldn’t love it?Shall I form the fundament for a threesome perhaps, Professor Peter? On top of me will feel fine!Hot construction for us three to get high, it seems to me! Lovely idea to me: four holes on offerThe sexy sandwich! Please sexy Sasha take me again with a strap-on before the Professor takes me?You get the idea my dear! You learn so fast at us two, isn’t it Professor? – Yes indeed, my dear!Nice position for the defloration of your rose! I envy you, you young yummy blonde beauty of me!Ashtyn accepts by my penetration Ankara escort bayan of her anal canal by my sexy scepter her promotion to CardinalShe shall rule as Archbishop of Love over proper love to all warm wet wanton women in the WestHer cute colleague tasty teen pretty Petra heads all erotics in the East, equally as ArchbishopThe two tasty teasing teens are the most attractive Archbishops in the world history of religionYou only need to look once at either one of them to become a believer in our sexy faith as well!No more religious wars! Fighting for peace is like fucking or virginity! Let love rule our worldAwesome anal canal looks lovely and inviting, so sweet as she tries to imitate sphincter winkingNice naughty tasty teen tight twat is very wet from coming so I easily wet the tip of my manhoodAshtyn is an awesome tight teen! She is excited and completely relaxed, still it takes me a minuteWith the head inside I slide easily deeper into her holy hole reserved for very special visitorsEvery inch a gentleman, I let her direct the rythm to build up another awesome orgasm for AshtynShe slowly gets used to the feeling filled up so much, discovers the joy of bouncing back at meOf course she soon comes as Sasha is having a commanding finger-tip around her clit all that timeMake her come another time for us please! I whisper in Sasha’s ears, so she fingers furtherEverytime you come, you milk my member beautiful baby! Try to make me come by your contractionsDear Ashtyn is very willing to learn all love tasty techniques and wants to prove she is a womanAwesome anal intercourse with three tasty holy holes on offer for more to enjoy my day at ‘work’I feel how sexy Sasha interferes at us with her hot hands holding and softly squeezing my ballsShe suddeny inserts two fingers into my arse which takes this Tantra expert completely by surpriseYou two making me come is the most beautiful pain in my groin of all my life, sexy Swedish slutsCome close Papa Peter! You can trust us, we are like your dear dirty doddies, just like Petra is!Holy Father, thank you for blessing my dear Ashtyn anally during Holy Mass with fluid white waferAwesome close-knit sexy community we are, believing in free love on our way to sexual enlightmentI believe in true love without borders or any age limits! All three are free to join our prayers!Nice true words our pretty priest of free love preaching Professor Peter! We three vote You Pope! Of course we lost our breaths longer from the role-play by Sasha than by best of our orgasms so farFinally I accept my new status and wonder what attributes will Escort Ankara be? A purple penis-hat on top of me? This reminds me of the joke in the opening scene of Chinatown with Jack Nicholson and Faye DunawayHe tries to make a pass at her with his riddle: Why the Chinese are best in bed? She has no clue!”Really very easy, just keep the same rythm of kiss a lil, talk a lil, love a lil, laugh a lil”Elected head of our Church I preach free love, public intercourse in Holy Service to watch for allEvery Sunday shall be sexy ‘Sinday’ for former Christians and Monday asks for much more of it allSinning your way through week is the safest way to reach sexy Saturday in eminent health, isn’t it?Of course all our believers are obliged to make love also during their hours at their boring jobsMy Church shall be the first truly democratic one! In fact I’d rather have a Goddess for Popess! Emblematic big boobs can convince fresh believers, I believe! I abdicate and propose Popess Sasha Let us vote dear believers! Who votes for Popess Sasha? I see all four thumbs up! Do you accept?Of course, holy Peter! I feel honoured and very horny by now! Please do my inauguration! I want youVery well! Papem habilem! On all fours please Popesse, I like to enter my scepter inside you foreverExtremely tasty teens I propose to suck at Your Nipples during our inauguration sexy ceremony, girlsAs I enter the Holy Scepter into Your Intimate Universe, I proclaim you Popesse Sasha I shall pray toThe Throne of Your Reign shall be in our Bed with Your yummy young cute Cardinals of only nineteenMy co-believers can’t stop laughing from my beautiful blasphamy, so I propose the next ceremony or us:You all will attend Holy Mass to celebrate our new Popesse! Get back to you dirty daisy-chain againSasha shall bless the love lips of Archbishop Ashtyn and Petra shall poke the Popess with her tongueExtremely easy to predict my position in the chain now, isn’t it? But who will eat my meet this time?X-rated footing with Petra probing my pole in all possible ways is abundant from our lovelife togetherSo I propose I will offer our Archbishop that particular pleasure while Petra will do her duty at YouTerrible girls in my Church! Giggling all the time! Time for our serious sexy Ceremony, lovely LadiesUsually you get carried away being horny, holy Granddad! Do not worry, Ashtyn will munch your Banana!Do I long to! Shut up Bishop and get into position to offer me your manhood to chew on for breakfast!I enjoy the shivers down my spine caused by the two tasty teen cute Cardinals trying to discipline meOf course our daisy-chain comes in proper order as no-one dares to come before our Popesse (s)explodesFirst letters from all lines taken together form two the lines[/i}SASHASASHA STARTS BY ANAL INITIATION OF TASTY AWESOME ASHTYN ASHTYNAN AWESOME DAISY CHAIN OF THREESOME LOVE AT MY SEXSTUDIOCopyright by Poet PETER who warmly welcomes your comments and thumbs up

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