Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 22


Chapter 22. Simon. Night Porter. (Sept 2003)

I expected to have completed my assignment by mid-afternoon at the latest so despite the distance hadn’t bothered to book overnight accommodation. The litigation turned out to be a far more complex case than expected though and the series of meetings dragged on into the evening. Seeing my anxious glances at the clock the Chairman of the client company asked if I’d be driving home when the details were finalized. Answering in the affirmative I explained that not realizing the complicated nature of the case I hadn’t booked any accommodation. He very kindly offered to ring round the hotels in town and book me a room, courtesy of the company. An offer I gratefully accepted, not relishing a late night drive home after what was proving to be a stressful day.

The hotel he booked me into turned out to be the oldest and probably most expensive in town. Situated in the town centre I would normally have taken more of an interest in the historic old building but tired and drained from the lengthy meetings I just wanted to get to my room and relax.

It was the night porter who conducted me to the room, it was that late, and I explained the circumstances of my lack of luggage to him while we walked up the wide and creaky staircase.

Once inside I sank down onto the bed and kicked my high heels off with a sigh of relief. The new shoes had been giving me hell all day. From the doorway the porter asked me if I wanted a drink from the mini bar, the main bar being closed by this time. He told me what was on offer and I asked for a gin and tonic, telling the guy to get himself one if he wanted and sancak escort put it on the bill. The client company would be paying. I also said to leave the door ajar so that I wouldn’t have to get up to open it when he returned.

It was warm in the room and I partially undressed. I don’t know if I’d made a conscious decision to seduce the guy at this stage but sex would certainly be the ideal way to relax after the stresses of the day. Although loving my job, I at times find it a bit stressful but discovered the ideal antidote to stress in sex, and lots of it. Hence perhaps, the large number of lovers I’ve enjoyed myself with! If I was far from home then inevitably the sex had to be with someone other than hubby, but J of course has always been happy about that. Anyway when the porter re-entered the room carrying a tray he stopped in his tracks on seeing me laying on the bed in just my bra and panties.

“Not in any hurry are you? Close the door and enjoy your drink with me.” I said, patting the side of the bed for him to sit down.

He told me his name was Simon and that he carried a pager so could leave reception unmanned for a time. He would have been in his mid-twenties I suppose.

Simon’s eyes were drinking in my scantily clad body but he seemed shy of making a move. Perhaps feared for his job if he’d misread the signs and made a pass which I angrily rejected and subsequently complained to the hotel management.

Finishing my drink I replaced the glass on Simon’s tray before resting my hand on his thigh.

“Thank you, I needed that.” I smiled encouragingly, stroking his thigh.

“Is sarıyer escort there anything else you want?” Simon asked haltingly.

“What do you think?” I smiled, blatantly spreading my legs.

My stroking hand was moving towards his crotch and Simon quickly deposited his unfinished drink on the tray before kissing me. My hand found his cock and I squeezed the rock hard member. His shyness disappearing now Simon’s hand slid down inside the front of my panties, his fingers locating and slipping inside my cunt. I pushed my sex against him while he fingered me, his hot breathe on my face as he looked at me.

“You really want it don’t you?” Simon breathed.

I merely nodded, the almost desperate way I was pushing my cunt against his fingers answer enough.

Standing, he quickly stripped down to his socks while equally quickly I shed my bra and panties. Recumbent again I urged Simon to kneel over me so I could take his cock in my mouth. He did so and for several minutes I licked and sucked his cock, also paying similar attention to his balls. Then he knelt fully over my face and lowered his own between my thighs. Spreading the lips with his fingers Simon licked my cunt in delightful fashion, flicking and nibbling my clitoris. Meanwhile I was greedily sucking his cock, soon becoming aware of the taste of pre cum. His own activity ceased then and Simon groaned, groans which increased as he approached his climax. He came, jets of hot cream spurting down my throat. By the time I’d swallowed it all Simon’s tongue was back at work between my thighs.

It was my turn to cry sefaköy escort out now, the exquisite feel of his tongue on my cunt driving me wild. Then I too climaxed, writhing and yelling joyously as the orgasm engulfed me.

Simon was standing beside the bed smiling down at me and I returned the smile, mainly because his cock was erect again and raring to go. Back on the bed Simon lifted my legs and doubled them back. He was kneeling, his cock nudging at my entrance. It slid inside and Simon came down on top, pinning my ankles against my shoulders. It’s one of my favourite positions and I told him so as he began fucking me.

With his cock surging in and out of me I was in heaven, thinking that having come once Simon would hopefully last a nice long time. He did!

After fucking me in the doubled back position for quite a while he suddenly withdrew and asked me to get up on hands and knees. I adopted the position with alacrity and gave vent to my joy when Simon’s cock again drove into me. Hands on my hips he fucked me steadily, reaching over to play with my hanging breasts from time to time.

“I suppose by your rings you’re married.” Simon commented, pausing once more.


“Wonder what your husband would think if he knew you had another guys cock deep inside your cunt at this moment.”

“Hubby would be pleased for me. I shall certainly tell him all about when I go home tomorrow.”

Surprised by the revelation Simon flipped me over onto my back to mount me in the conventional position. Again his cock powered into me and this time I knew he was going for the finish. His thrusts were urgent now and I writhed beneath the onslaught yelling my pleasure. Grunting and gasping I knew he was getting close. Turning to look at the clock Simon muttered something about 25 minutes; had he been timing himself? Then he came, his semen flooding into my depths.

Simon departed soon after, saying he had work to do, and I quickly and happily drifted off into a deep and satisfying sleep.

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