Samanthas enjoyment


Samanthas enjoymentSam sat in the waiting room reading her magazine, looking up every now and then to scan the room. A woman came in with her son and sat across from her after checking in with the receptionist. Watching from above the book, she waited patiently. As the woman fiddled with the stack of magazines she made her move. Undressing her legs and reached down to adjust her skirt. Instead, she hiked it up enough to part her legs. Which caught the eye of the young man. Not sure what to do he lowered his head a little, but kept looking her way. Watching the woman Samantha made her move. Parting her legs wide, she smiled seeing the his expression. Beet red, he looked away from her. As the woman found something to read, Sam closed her legs. As the mother continued to read, Sam waited. When he looked back towards her she moved her hand across her blouse and pressed her hand against her Escort right tit. Seeing his eyes widen, Samantha squeezed her breast. As he covered his face his mother took note and looked up. Samantha moved her hand as to brush something off her blouse. Seeing nothing out of the usual, she went back to reading. The nurse came out and called Samantha’s name. Spreading her legs wider to stand, she gave him a better view up her skirt.Seeing the obvious tenting of his pants, she smiled and followed the nurse. After her exam, she dressed. Buttoning the back of her skirt, Samantha left it unzipped. Seeing the young man was still waiting his turn to see the doctor, she turned so when she bent over he would get a look at her thong. Leaving the office, Samantha fixed her skirt before heading to the elevator. Walking through the office door, she called out. Sorry I’m late, the doctors Escort Bayan office was busy today. Standing in the doorway the office manager asked, who was your victim today. Laughing Samantha said, why what do you mean. I know you to well, Mary said. I hear the men talking. You flash them under your desk. Acting innocent she answered, is it my fault they look. Mary smiled shaking her head. Adjusting her seat, Sam sat behind her desk. Stretching her legs out, she raised her feet up. Seeing she could see her toes from over her desk, she settled down for work. Her phone buzzed from the front office. The receptionist letting her know Mr kings 2:oo was here. Hiking her skirt, Samantha watched for the door to open. Good afternoon sir, Mr king will be with you in a few minutes. Please take a seat. As he sat Sam spread her legs. He was one of many who were given a view from Bayan Escort under Samanthas desk. Looking over, he seen the design woven into her stockings. Following the design, he continued looking upwards. Looking over her monitor, she could see she had his attention. Shifting her weight, her satin red panties came to view. Would you like a drink while you wait, Samantha asked, breaking his concentration. Oh, uh yes please he stuttered out. Samantha knew he watched as she cross the room. Her form butt pushed at the seams of Sam’s skirt. Bending over to gather ice, she shifted her body. As the light from the fridge shown through her blouse, you can make out the shape of her breasts covered by her red slip. Samantha flashed a smile seeing him adjusting himself. Pouring the alcohol over the ice, Sam wrapped the glass with a napkin. Standing close to him he feel the warmth from her body Samantha teased him one more time. Bringing the glass up high, she swuirreled it and she I love the smell before offering the drink to him. His posture told her he was uncomfortable. As Samanath headed back to her desk, she wiggled her hips.

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