Sailing Lessons Pt. 3


I walked into the dining room of the lodge, and hung my raincoat up on the coat rack. Albert and Edna were sitting at the table next to the kitchen and waved at me to come and join them. Judith was sitting to the left of Edna, working on a plate of pancakes. I grabbed myself a cup of coffee and sat down across from the three of them. Albert was just finishing a bowl of cereal, and Edna was just sipping coffee.”Pretty drippy day today, eh?” Edna observed.”Yeah,” I replied, stirring some cream into my coffee. “Is the rain supposed to last long?”Albert looked up from his cereal and said, “It should clear up by tomorrow.”I glanced over at Judith, and noticed her watching me. She really had a pretty face. I hadn’t paid much attention to her before, but she looked especially nice this morning. Maybe it was because she looked like she was wearing just a little hint of makeup.”We’ve noticed how much time you’ve been spending with Audrey,” Edna started, looking me right in the eye.Oh shit!! I thought. This didn’t sound good. I sat there and stared at Edna for a second, paralyzed. I began to imagine the trouble I could be in if they suspected that I was boinking young Audrey. I took a deep breath and fought down the rising panic.”Oh, it really hasn’t been all that much time,” I said. My life was starting to flash in front of my eyes.”Well, we saw you out on the sailboat with her, and she was telling us how you’ve been teaching her about setting up the network and all…” Edna continued. I happened to glance over at Judith. She was sensuously licking at the syrup that was about to drip off a forkful of pancakes poised before her mouth. Then she put the forkful in her mouth and slowly chewed while she finally made eye contact with me. I blinked in disbelief. I looked back at Edna and Albert.Edna took a sip of coffee and went on. “…and we just couldn’t help but notice.”My mind was racing. Were Edna and Albert trying to give me a friendly warning? Or would they tell Louise that I spent my entire vacation sniffing around her gorgeous young niece? Maybe I’d just wind up at the bottom of the lake in cement overshoes. Who knows with this family? I took a sip of coffee and glanced nervously back at Judith, trying to act nonchalant. Judith had put her index finger in her mouth to slowly lick the syrup off of it. To me, it looked like she was fellating her finger. Everything was starting to happen in slow motion, it seemed.I couldn’t help but notice that Judith’s clingy top was cut low enough to show off the tops of her breasts. They weren’t large, but were nicely shaped, and I wondered why I hadn’t noticed them before. Judith was also wearing a black choker, which caught my eye for some reason. I wrestled my attention back to the conversation I was having with Edna.”Oh, I think Audrey was just a little bored, and I was just teaching her how to sail the Princess,” I started. My eyes darted from Albert, who was drinking the sugar sludge from his cereal bowl, seemingly oblivious to the conversation, to Edna, stirring her coffee, to Judith, who now had another forkful of pancakes in front of her mouth, and was pouting. The tip of her pink tongue delicately lapped the dab of syrup from the pancakes. I thought I saw it gently part the layers of the pancakes, and give the crease a subtle flick.Wow, I thought, did I actually just see that, or am I just so freaked out that I’m starting to see things?”Well, we just think it’s wonderful of you to take the time to give Audrey sailing lessons, and teach her some skills that she can use in life,” Edna said to me as she reached over and gave my free hand a squeeze.”Excuse me?” I said, tearing my eyes away from Judith “eating” her pancakes, and focusing on Edna.”Teaching her to work with that electronic stuff is probably expanding her horizons in more ways than one,” Edna said. “I think it’s good that she gets Akbatı escort bayan some experience with some things that aren’t traditionally female roles.””Uh, yeah,” I said. “She’s such a willing student that it’s pretty easy to teach her new things,” I said, breathing a sigh of relief as I realized that probably hadn’t really been busted. I tried to breathe normally, but my heart was still pounding so hard it was a bit difficult.Judith put her fork down and said, “You know, I’d really love to go sailing sometime.” She gave me her sweetest, most innocent look and batted her eyes a bit. “Do you suppose I could tag along the next time you and Audrey go sailing?””Of course,” I said, “but I doubt it’ll clear up enough today.””Oh, that’s OK,” Judith said. “We’ve got all week.”Just then, Fred showed up at our table with a pot of coffee.”More coffee?” He asked. I gratefully took some, but Edna and Albert declined, and got up to leave.”Like some more pancakes?” He asked Judith, who looked up and smiled sweetly at Fred and shook her head no.”How about you Dave?” Fred asked. “Did you want some pancakes?””Uh, No thanks, Fred,” I said. “I’ll just have a little coffee this morning. Then I need to get the cabin on the point hooked up while it’s empty.”Fred went back into the kitchen, and Judith got up and put her plates and silverware in the tub by the kitchen.”Do you like my new choker?” Judith asked. I looked at her dumbly for a second. She was about Audrey’s age, but was very different from Audrey. She had honey blonde hair, and was quite slender by comparison. She didn’t have Audrey’s flaring hips and big boobs. Judith did, however, have a beautifully shaped, body, and long legs.”Uh, sure!” I said, “It’s cute. What’s that pendant?” I asked. “Some sort of coin?”Judith brightened up at my interest, and said, “It’s a real golden Roman coin.” She was standing across the table from me, and to give me a better view, leaned across the table, resting her elbows on the table, and holding the pendant out with one hand. She was giving me a better view all right. Her top fell open so I could just see her perky little breasts, topped with cute little nipples. Unlike Audrey, Judith had apparently spent very little time tanning topless. I pretended to examine the gold coin on her choker, but my gaze was focused a little further down.Judith stood there patiently letting me examine her treasure until I finally said, “Cool choker!”She stood up, smiled and said “See ya later!” and headed for the door. I couldn’t help but stare at that cute little butt in those little shorts and those long legs as she walked away from me.She retrieved a raincoat, since it was still raining pretty steadily, and turned and said, “Let me know if you need any help with your project. There isn’t a lot to do today anyway.””Sure!” I said cheerfully, and just sat there for a bit and stared after her as she stepped into the drizzle outside and closed the door behind her. I was still staring at the door when Fred sat down beside me with his cup of coffee.”She’s sure looking nice today, isn’t she?” He observed.”You got that right, Fred,” I agreed. Later that afternoon, the rain was still coming down in a steady drizzle, and I had managed to get the cable pulled into the big cabin on the point, and I was glad to be someplace dry and warm. This cabin was going to have a bunch of outlets, and I needed to wire up a hub somewhere inconspicuous. I had found a place under the bar by the kitchen where it would fit nicely, but I was going to have to install it by laying flat on my back with my head and shoulders inside the little access hole in the wall on the side of built-in bar. I had just managed to get myself situated when I heard the outside door open and someone step inside.”Hello?” Audrey called from the other room.”In here!” I called.From my point Escort Aksaray of view, all I could see was Audrey’s legs and the bottom of a raincoat as she walked in. I wondered absently if she had worn any clothes under the raincoat this time. I could hear her toss the raincoat over one of the bar stools.”What the heck are you doing in there?” Audrey asked.”I’m fastening this hub to the inside of the bar,” I said. “I can hide the wires and the whole mess that way.””Need any help?” she asked.”You might hand me the screwdriver on the bar,” I said, suddenly glad that Audrey had showed up to help, and I wouldn’t have to wriggle in and out of this little hole every time I needed something.”Oohh, so you plan to do some screwing?” she said, as she knelt down, straddling me, and handing the screwdriver into the hole. When I took the screwdriver from her, she sat back, straddling me and planting herself right on my groin.”Why yes I am,” I replied, looking down. About all I could see was Audrey’s thighs up to the bottom of her breasts. She was apparently wearing one of the outfits she had found the other night in Uncle Ed’s cabin. The red satin bra looked familiar anyway.Audrey wiggled her bottom for effect and said, “I’m not distracting you, am I?” She could obviously feel my erection growing in my shorts.”Not at all,” I said, determined to get this job done somehow, in spite of Audrey teasing me like this. As I fastened the hub in place with a couple of screws, Audrey was doing her best to make me think of something besides getting this little job done. She was rubbing herself against me, and in spite of the fact that a couple of layers of fabric separated us, I could tell that her pussy was pressing directly against my cock, which was now fully hard, and threatening to poke its head out of the waistband of my shorts.”How’s the screwing going in there?” she asked, grinding her pussy against me for emphasis.”So far, so good,” I replied, struggling somewhat to keep my attention focused. “Could you hand me one of those connectors up there?””One of these?” Audrey asked, handing me one without breaking the rhythm of her dry humping of my dick.”That’s right,” I said. “Now I need the wire stripper.””So, you like strippers?” Audrey asked, rotating her pelvis lewdly on me.”Yeah,” I said, taking the stripper from Audrey. “When you need one, they’re just the thing to have.””Mmm…” Audrey said. “Some folks just don’t have an appreciation for good tools.” I could hear her smiling. And starting to breathe a bit faster.I somehow managed to strip the wire and get the connector fastened on to the first wire. Four more to go. This wasn’t going to be easy. Audrey’s persistent grinding was starting to drive me crazy, but I wasn’t going to admit it just yet.”Could you hand me another connector?” I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.”Mmmm…sure.” she said, and seemed to shift her weight like she was either leaning forward to reach the connector, or she was forcing the bulging head of my cock into her clit as she rubbed against me.”Are you sure you aren’t getting a little distracted?” she asked, handing me the connector.”Oh, I’m sure,” I deadpanned.”Well, just let me know if you need to take a little break, and pay a little attention to me for a while,” she said. I felt one hand on my chest as she steadied herself.Audrey was obviously not going to let up. She did hand me three more connectors as she relentlessly continued to ride me. When I asked her for the last one, however, she just wasn’t listening any more. Her breathing was ragged, and she slipped her fingers inside the waistband of my shorts so she could hold the head of my dick against her pussy as she rubbed it against me. I gave up trying to think of my project. I was going to lose it in just a few seconds. Audrey had started off trying to distract me, but Ankara escort seemed to be losing her concentration, as her hips gyrated with a mind of their own. Her fingers in my pants were massaging the head of my cock against her as fast as she could, and I suddenly felt myself coming as she started gasping for air. In a few seconds I had blown my whole load into my shorts and all over her fingers. Audrey came immediately after me, and her orgasm seemed to last for minutes. She came and came, and finally, after a couple of whooping gasps, she wheezed to a stop and quit moving.I felt her pull her fingers from the sticky mess in my shorts.”Oops,” she said. “Looks like we’ll have to do some laundry.”I could hear her smack her lips as she licked her fingers.We wound up in the shower together, getting me washed off. The cabin had a large master bathroom with a nice, big shower, and we were both soaping each other up under the mist of warm water. I had discovered Audrey dressed in one of the sexy outfits that she had found in her cabin when I had pulled myself out from under the bar, and I had delighted in peeling it off of her. The skimpy panties had been almost as soaked as my shorts, so her comment about the laundry was right. I was running my hands across her beautiful skin, soaping up every nook and cranny I could find, and Audrey was doing the same to me. Audrey was spending most of her time trying to revive my semi-hard member, while I played with her gorgeous breasts. I reached around to play with her butt cheeks and then ran my hand down the crack of her ass, and rubbed a soapy finger against her puckered little anus.Audrey looked up at me with a mischievous grin. She really caught me off guard when I felt her reach around and slide a soapy finger right up my ass to the second knuckle. I gasped involuntarily. I’m sure that I looked shocked. Audrey looked pleased with herself that she had managed to shock me.Turn-about is fair play, so I returned the favor immediately, and wiggled my middle finger into her ass, and pushed it in to the second knuckle. Just for good measure, I reached down with my other hand to play with her pussy. My cock, in the meantime, had sprung back to full attention, and Audrey was stroking it while finger-fucking my ass.Audrey looked up at me as we stood there diddling each other, looking proud that she’d found something new and naughty for us to try together. There was a fire in her eyes that showed just how turned on this was making her. As I started making little circles on her soapy little clit in time to my other finger sliding in and out of her ass, Audrey’s eye’s drifted shut like she was being overcome with the sensations. She didn’t miss a beat though, and her stroking became even more insistent.I was starting to get twitchy and couldn’t help but move my hips a little. Audrey was doing the same, and it soon resembled some sort of spastic dance in the shower. We were both panting and grinning like fools. Audrey came first, and she almost collapsed into my arms. She caught herself though, and stopped stroking me just long enough to let the shudders of her orgasm subside. I slowly pulled my fingers out of her and gave her a little more room to work on me. As her breathing became a little more normal, Audrey reached up to pump another handful of liquid soap into her hand, and then slid it up and down my cock before she attacked both my cock and ass with renewed vigor. Her soapy hand pumped my rock hard prick, covering my balls with mounds of lather. She was twisting the finger she had stuck in my ass and I was sure the pumping and twisting was going to make me completely insane. My hips were now just bucking uncontrollably in time to Audrey’s movements. In only a few more second, I sprayed her belly and hand with my seed, and the intensity of my climax was amazing. I felt like I had just been pulled inside out, and I was left panting and shuddering.I had never gotten around to this kind of thing with Louise, and she had always sent signals that she wasn’t interested in it.Audrey and I rinsed each other off, and then toweled each other dry. God, I loved the way she just gave me complete…

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