Rose in Winter Ch. 01


Rose glanced at the clock, in an hour her lover would be home and she needed to prepare herself. She jumped into the shower wanting to be fresh when he arrived. Rose began to wash her long wavy blonde hair. She thought of her beloved arriving home and her mound began to swell and throb. How he excited her! Just the thought of him set Rose on edge, she never tired of showing him how much she loved and adored him. Rinsing her hair, Rose carefully applied conditioner and allowed it to set while she gingerly scrubbed her body. Taking the scrubby she applied body wash and tentatively began to wash her chest, arms an stomach. Reaching her pussy Rose gently washed the area, the feel of the suds delightful to her nether regions. She continued on to her legs, her ass and finally her feet. Rose grabbed the shower head and moved it down to rinse her body. As she rinsed the suds off and came to her Mons Rose spread her legs and let the water wash up onto her pussy lips. The feel of the spray felt so good. She moved a hand down and spread her cunt lips to expose her hard throbbing clitoris. Rose moved the shower head to spray gently onto her clit sending orgasmic vibrations through her body, thinking to herself this only a hint of what he could do to her. The orgasm made Rose’s legs tremble a bit and she thought to herself she best not get too carried away before her darling got home. She moved the shower head and began to rinse her hair to finish her shower otele gelen escort up. Stepping out Rose wrapped herself in a towel and swaddled her hair with another. Wiping the condensation off the mirror she smiled at herself. How happy she had been lately. Overjoyed to have found her One that made her feel beautiful, sexy, so complete.

Rose thought about Lee, her mate. His eyes that were deep and intense, his muscled body, his erect cock. She laughed to herself, her mind always in the gutter. That man just did something to her that no other had ever done. He set her on fire, he was under her skin, always on her mind. She desired and yearned to please her lover and make him happy.

Drying herself off, Rose opted to adorn herself with only a bracelet, necklace and a single pair of earrings. Simplicity was best, her sweetheart adored her naked body and she didn’t want to have anything get in the way of Lee taking her when he got home. Carefully she brushed and dried her hair, her curls flowing to where all she had to do was spray a small amount of hairspray to keep the hair in place.

“Now to make myself more appealing,” Rose thought. Carefully she applied her base makeup and face powder to set off the tone of her skin. She then selected two tones of brown eyeshadow, some brown eyeliner and black mascara. After applying those she found her lipstick, the red that pendik escort made her lips appear sultry, seductive. Glancing at herself, enjoying her reflection she puckered her lips and made kissing noises feeling playful awaiting Lee.

A quick check of the clock Rose noted her beau would be home in just a few minutes. She glanced at herself again, just what he likes she thought to herself. She walked to the doorway and positioned herself there on her knees awaiting his entrance. The sound of his truck pulling into the driveway made her cunt instantly wet and her juices begin to drip.

Rose’s anticipation built as she heard the doorknob turn as her lover walked in. “Well hello baby,” Lee said to her.

“Hello my love,” Rose responded. Lee walked over to her and placed his hand on her head in approval. He loved to see her like this, willing, waiting and so seductive looking. With a quick motion he unzipped his jeans letting them and his boxers fall to his feet.

“Is this what you’ve been waiting on?” he asked holding his dick out to her.

“Oh yes Daddy!” Rose squealed in delight seeing her lovers delicious sword.

Anxiously Rose took Lee’s cock into her mouth and began to suck. He moaned slightly as she took all of him into her hot wet mouth. She felt so good taking him right there in the doorway when he came home from work and he enjoyed it so much. Rose rus escort worked her tongue around his cock, swirling it and teasing the underside of his cock, licking all along the veins. She licked the length of his manhood and sucked him back into her mouth. His cock was rock hard and she loved it.

Lee began moaning and started to fuck Rose’s mouth with his cock rhythmically. She grabbed his ass and pulled him further into her mouth, his shaft moving deep down into her throat making it difficult to breath. He thrust violently in and out of her mouth bringing tears to her eyes and making her face turn red. He slowed down so she could breath and let her take over again.

Rose focused her attention on his balls. She gently suckled one into her mouth and rolled it around gingerly, and tenderly. Moving her tongue she caressed it and teased it. After giving that nut a good soaking, she took the other into her mouth and lavished her tongue on it, giving it as much pleasure as the other, Lee was moaning and pressing her head onto him. Rose knew he was close to cumming.

Taking his erection back into her mouth Rose began to urgently devour his hard on. He thrust into her carefully not wanting to choke her as he knew he was about to explode. She felt his cock stiffen and throb and felt the hot warm salty cum hit the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly taking in as much as she could but Lee’s throbbing manhood twitched and kept convulsing. Rose laughed as his seed dripped from the sides of her mouth and down her chin. She lovingly licked every ounce of his essence off his rod. She licked her lips and ran her hand across her chin.

Lee pulled Rose from her knees up to him. He kissed her softly. “I love you baby, thank you,” he told her.

“I love you too Daddy,” she replied.

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