Rediscovering Jenny Pt. 02


I wanted my phone to buzz with a message from Jenny, but I heard nothing from her. I was tempted to send a text message, but my instinct told me to hold back, any relationship would work better if she came to me, just play things cool; but I couldn’t get that Friday night fuck with my ex-mother-in-law out of my head. I was so cock sure she would want more and now it was seven days and nothing from her. I was on the point of surrendering my high moral ground and texting her, when things took a turn for the better and from a strange direction; my ex-wife Sally phoned.

As I’ve mentioned our divorce was amicable. However, we still had a few legal issues to resolve, which meant we to communicate occasionally regarding the sale of a property we owned jointly.

“Hi Paul, how are things with you?” Sally wanted to know. I was tempted to say — oh great, and by the way I had a great fuck with your mum and spunked all over her tits — but reality prevailed, although I did snigger to myself at the time. We discussed and agreed the legal concerns with the property and then Sally threw in the surprise.

“Another reason for calling was that mum and dad are looking to have work done in the garden, some landscaping and a chalet built, and mum asked if I could recommend anyone. I said don’t be silly ask Paul, he’s more of a general builder but I am sure he would give you a price. Mum said she hadn’t thought of you but it made sense to have someone we know do the work.” Yeah I bet, I thought to myself. Sally continued. “Anyway, if you fancy doing the job pop around and weigh it up. Mum said the best time is Saturday afternoon. Dad’s away golfing in Portugal and Saturday afternoon would fit in with her weekend plans. Don’t worry about not getting dad’s input he will go along with whatever mum wants just to keep the peace, as you know. Will you do that?” I told Sally of course, I’d be pleased to.

I cancelled the call and stood smirking to myself. So, Jenny had contacted her daughter about the work knowing full well that she’d recommend me, as a pretence to have me call around. It was a way round the awkward situation of not inviting me directly. Jenny wanted to see me, but didn’t want to appear desperate or needy by texting or calling me. Clever lady and good thinking on her part.

Saturday came around and after lunch I showered put on a pair of new jeans and a tight fitting v-neck tee-shirt. My twice a weekly visit to the gym keeps me in good shape and the tee-shirt showed off my physique nicely. I was well pleased with my appearance and, without sounding too arrogant, felt confident of the fact I would end up fucking Jenny that afternoon

I pulled onto Jenny’s drive just after two-o’clock and couldn’t help noticing there was a new range rover standing outside the garage. Jenny and Tony bought a new one every two years just to keep up appearances — Tony just had to have the very latest model — probably a substitute for not getting his leg over with his wife!

Jenny answered the door and invited me in. I leaned in to greet her with a kiss on the lips but she turned her face and offered me a cheek instead, deliberately avoiding any contact too personal. Jenny’s appearance in a dark blue dress gave her the look of a 1940s Hollywood starlet. The silk dress was fitted tight at the waist making me wonder what body shaping lingerie she might be wearing, and the flared skirt stopped just below the knee. However, the top half could only be described as ostentatious insomuch as Jenny was displaying more cleavage than I’d seen her show on any other occasion during the time I had known her. It was an amazing presentation of her abundant breasts, which again had me pondering on what lingerie she was wearing beneath the blue silk dress. I also noticed she seemed taller than the last time we were together, which was due to the four inch high black stilettos that completed her ensemble.

Jenny began chatting about her plans for the garden, as we walked through to the lounge, her posh voice prattling on about this and that — the fact that we had fucked two weeks ago forgotten and seemingly inconsequential. OK, I thought, I’m happy to play your game for now.

She led me through the large patio doors and into the garden and showed me an area that was rather neglected compared to the rest of the immaculate shrubbery. It was a decent sized area on a rise making Jenny’s plans more complicated. I explained what her design would entail from a building point of view and went through what I had in mind.

“OK, Jenny, what I would have to do initially is dig in to that bank and erect a retaining wall. You can have the Cotswold stone you like for that and make a real feature of it; it will look good. Then for the patio area I could use Italian flooring tiles and maybe cut some lights in to it. That would look stunning in the evening sunshine when you’re sitting out here with your drinks. What do you think”

“I love the sound of that, Paul, you almost read Escort Yeşilköy my mind. I can picture it now, great stuff.” Jenny said sounding very enthusiastic about my ideas. Perhaps I was wrong, maybe I had been invited just to give her a quote for the work!

“I can only give you a ball park figure at the moment, I need to price up the materials exactly” I said in answer to her question about the cost.

“OK, I’ll grab us a glass of wine. Red alright for you, Paul?” Jenny asked.

“Yes, fine thanks. Sally tells me Tony is away golfing; Portugal I think she said.” I said raising my voice so she could hear me in the kitchen.

“Yes, I dropped him off at the airport this morning.” Jenny shouted back.

I sat down and did some rough costings for Jenny’s project. I was feeling confused because I had kind of hoped Jenny would jump on me and drag my cock out, as soon as I walked through the door. But my posh, stuck-up ex-mother-in-law was back in character; where was the hot sexy woman I’d accidentally bumped into just a couple of weeks ago? I did all the estimating I could for the moment and closed my notebook.

Jenny returned with two large glasses of wine. I would have preferred a beer, but knowing Jenny the thought of having beer in her fridge would be frightfully common! She wouldn’t even entertain Tony drinking beer in the house, far too vulgar. He had to drink wine with Jenny if he wanted to stay on the right side of her.

“It’s only a rough estimate, Jenny.” I said putting my wineglass down on the highly polished coffee table. “But I reckon around ten grand.” Jenny opened up about the kind of furniture she wanted on her new patio and I suggested a fire pit as well — heaven forbid the mention of a barbecue area! I was beginning to write off my chances of having a round two with Jenny, but decided it was worth trying a move just in case I hadn’t grasped any subtlety in her evasiveness. Jenny was sitting opposite me looking chilled and confident, but I could also sense she was a little uneasy being alone with me. I took the plunge and dived in.

“So, Jenny, are we going to talk about the elephant in the room, or are we going to act like nothing happened at my apartment?”

Jenny took a big sip of wine. “I thought we agreed the matter would be forgotten and never mentioned again.” She replied.

“Yes, we did. But right now I’m under the impression that you engineered this convoluted scheme to get me here knowing Tony was out of the equation. I turn up, you’re looking like a million dollars — and please don’t tell me you always dress like this way on a Saturday afternoon. OK, so you may be looking to have work done in the garden, but you could have googled local builders and landscapers and have had twenty quotes by now. So, Jenny, why I am here?” I said calmly.

Jenny looked at me, a little subdued. “I wanted to put everything in perspective, explain my situation….” She paused and took a deep breath. “I don’t know why I should be talking to you of all people about this but,” another pause. “Tony and I have been having issues in the bedroom. He lost interest in me about the time I was starting to feel a little more adventurous. Sally had moved out to live with you and we had the place to ourselves. I thought it would be a fresh start for us both. Well, that was the plan.” Jenny said.

“As you know I meet up regularly with my friends, remember you used to refer to them as ladies that lunch. Well, most of them are having affairs or divorced and I usually have to sit and listen to them bragging about their sexual exploits.” Jenny stopped and sipped at her wine. “Can you imagine what this does for my sexual ego? My friends are getting laid and having fantastic sex and there’s me sitting at home with my own sex life going down the tubes!” Jenny was obviously having difficulty confessing such personal issues to me but I was interested to see where she was going with it, so I kept quiet.

“I decided to confide in my friend Judy, she’s divorced and has a lover twenty years younger. I’d drank far too much wine that lunchtime and felt a little tipsy, which always makes me over-sentimental, so with my inhibitions lowered, I spilled the beans regarding my sex-life with Tony. Judy was a good listener and told me I should get out more and try to get laid. I said who would want someone my age? But Judy had the answer. She produced her phone and googled some pornography sites dedicated to older women with younger men. She said nearly all younger guys love older women for one reason or another and pointed out that, compared to some of the women on that porn site we were looking at, I was still in good shape. Initially I was ashamed to be looking at pornography, but after Judy sent me some further links, I found myself looking at theses sites more and more particularly when Tony was away.” Jenny paused to pour herself more wine. “Paul, I feel so embarrassed talking to you about watching porn.” Yeşilyurt escort she said

“There’s no need to be, Jenny, we’re adults and you obviously found the content of those porn sites titillating or you wouldn’t have continued to watch them.” I turned on the sympathy and understanding hoping she’d continue. Jenny was expressing a mix of emotions as she revealed her closely guarded viewing habits and yeah, I was turned on by them. Did she know that, I wondered? I also wondered whether

Jenny’s revelations were leading anywhere, or was I just a friendly shoulder to cry on and share her frustration with. Jenny returned to her confession.

“I realised that I was seriously frustrated, Paul. Watching these women in their fifties and sixties being fucked by younger men was having a serious effect on me, driving me crazy for sex. So I decided it was time to do something about it, and that’s how I ended up in that bar where we met. I had drunk a whole bottle of wine for courage before I went out, but in the back of my mind I was thinking you stupid woman, who would want to have sex with you? And if I was propositioned by someone younger, would I have the courage to go through with it and jump into bed with him, acquiesce to his demands…… then I saw you.” Jenny said picking up her glass again. It was time for more of my empathy.

“Jenny, I guess there must loads of women like you looking for a younger bloke, all in a similar situation. But what I don’t understand is, now that you have found someone who can give you what you want, you’re backing away from the prospect of something enjoyable and satisfying.” I told her wanting to keep our Friday night fuck in the forefront of her mind. I was determined that she saw me as the person to make her sexually happy, but it was becoming a struggle.

“My God, Paul, I am a married woman! I should not be thinking like this and the last thing I should have done was to have sex with you. The way I spoke, the language I used, how many times did I utter the F word? You know me Paul, that wasn’t the mother of your ex-wife talking like that!”

Jenny was on the point of losing it and I tried to reassure her that, in my opinion it was perfectly OK to screw someone younger and outside of marriage. I was starting to accept our fuck was a one off and we had no future. So, resigned to the fact I took a deep breath and stood up.

“OK, Jenny, I will get the garden work priced up properly and post you the quote” I said finishing my wine. Jenny got to her feet and we walked in silence to the front door.

“Thanks for being so understanding, Paul, and thank you for coming round to price up the wo…” Jenny never got to finish her sentence because I slid an arm around her and pulled her close. Then, before she could object I planted my lips on hers. Things happened so fast they took me by surprise. First there was the taste of her lipstick quickly followed by her lips parting and our tongues fencing for domination.

We kissed like crazy teenagers just inside her front door. Behind us was the staircase — the way to her bedroom!

When we stopped for air, Jenny’s insistent voice rang out. “No, Paul, no!” I kissed her again silencing any further objections she might raise.

“Upstairs, get upstairs!” I demanded my tone authoritative. “When I fucked you last time I let you make the running. This time we do it my way! Now get your panties off and let me fuck you properly, the way I know you really want me to.” I took Jenny’s hand and lead the way upstairs. She stopped at her bedroom door. “No, not in our bedroom. In the guest room, please.” She begged.

“Oh no, I am going fuck you in your bed. The bed where you and Tony sleep and you are going to love it.” I pushed her through the open door. “I want you to think about me fucking you when you’re in bed with Tony. I want you to remember the things I’m going to do to you while Tony is alongside you.” My mood was tempered by domination, I was in the driving seat and Jenny was about to be fucked on my terms. I was dictating the pace now. This was not a repeat of the Friday night drunken seduction.

The dramatic change in Jenny’s character became obvious once inside her bedroom. Without prompting she unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. I watched the striptease act admiring her body, especially her big tits. Wow! Was she asking to be fucked, her black lingerie invited my lengthy appreciation. It seemed Jenny had a penchant for presenting her wonderful big tits in a half cup bra and today was no exception, they tumbled over the lacy edging seductively. The deep waisted suspender belt held black seamed nylons in place, and this time Jenny was wearing her panties over the top of the suspenders. I smiled inwardly thinking she was better prepared this time. I wouldn’t have to rip them off today.

“Fuck me, Jenny.” I said. “You were puzzled that younger guys wouldn’t find you attractive, wouldn’t want to fuck Zeytinburnu escort bayan you. Christ, if they could see you now they’d be queuing up outside the bedroom door for the chance!” Jenny gave a slightly nervous smile as I walked towards her. We kissed again and I couldn’t resist grabbing a handful of big tit and squeezing it. With her tongue in my mouth she moaned with pleasure, her liking for my roughness making her tense up; I squeezed harder enjoying the firm fullness of her boob in the bra.

When we stopped kissing I started to undress. Jenny looked at me intensely.

“I want you to lick me again like last time, that was incredible. Tony hasn’t done that to me for years and even when he did I never felt the way you made me feel.” Jenny said while sliding her panties down her legs. The black satin and lace garment was what you’d describe as full-cut panties, which I found seductive and covered her ass with a nice black lace panel. I continued to undress and watched Jenny head to the bed. With the full panties now removed her suspenders and stocking tops were framing her ass perfectly, like a sexy circular target and I was aiming for it with my erection.

I was right behind Jenny as she went to get onto the bed. She already had one knee lifted, which effectively parted her legs, when I told her to stop. I dropped to my knees behind her and pulled her arse cheeks apart. Jenny’s puckered hole looked tight and I went to work on it with my tongue, while at the same time slipping two fingers in to her surprisingly wet pussy.

“My God, Paul, that is so dirty.” Jenny gasped. “I’ve never had my bum licked before, but you do it so nicely, so sexy.” I was more than licking it, I was pushing my tongue in and I could feel her push back on it, by fuck she loved this. I was gripping her arse cheeks under the black suspenders, as I worked on her with my tongue. I readjusted after a couple of minutes and moved down to work on her pussy and that super sensitive clit of hers. True to form, Jenny was soon screaming out and covering my face with her pussy juices.

I was ready to fuck her now and said so, but Jenny had other plans. She was breathing heavily as she moved her position to sit on the edge of the bed.

“I want to do this.” She uttered wrapping her fingers around the shaft of my cock. “I want to pleasure you with my mouth Paul. I know I’m not experienced and I realise my efforts on that Friday night fell short of what you were expecting. So, please tell me what I need to do.” I noted there was no mention of not cumming in her mouth this time! I held my cock in her face.

“Lick around the knob, that’s it that good, lots of tongue action.” I told her. “Yeah, that feels so good, Jenny, and keep looking up me all the time, that’s it.” Jenny was adapting to her role as a student of fellatio with relish. “Now, take it, take it in that posh fucking mouth of yours! Oh yeah, keep using your tongue at the same time.” I said easing my cock into Jenny’s hot wet mouth.

“Keep using your tongue, on the underside of my cock especially.” Jenny dutifully obliged her tutor. “Now, I am going to fuck your mouth, not too deep. Alright, here we go.” I urged my cock deeper into her mouth. “Yeah that feels great. Just tighten your lips around the shaft and wank the exposed part of my cock. That’s it, grip it firmly with your fingers. Oh fuck yeah, that feels good Jenny.” I complimented her on her understanding of my needs and in truth she was conforming to my instructions perfectly. But she needed to be better acquainted with the length of my cock before I started ramming it down her throat.

“Now, lick my balls and it take them in your mouth.” I ordered. Jenny pushed my cock up and out of the way so she could get to my bulging sacs and took them in her mouth, and in fairness it felt pretty good. But that ended too soon for my liking.

“I want it in me Paul.” She cried out. “I want you between my legs.”

I wasn’t quite ready for the final stages, but it was a simple case of pushing her back on the bed and cradling her legs; the bed was the perfect height to ease my cock into her.

I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down the length of her moist pussy before partially easing it in. Jenny screamed out in pleasure as my swollen knob opened her passage and took half my shaft. I kept my cock where it was for a second or two before pushing it all the way in until my balls slapped against Jenny’s ass cheeks making her scream louder, her long manicured red painted finger nails digging into the quilt.

“Jesus, Paul, that feels so good.” Jenny cried out. “You fill me up beautifully. God, your cock feels so good in there.” Listening to Jenny’s posh voice giving vent to her emotions was like an aphrodisiac and given the stupid games Jenny had been playing since our first fuck, I felt a little smug that my cock was balls deep in my ex-mother-in-law’s pussy again. I was also fairly sure there would be more of this type of action to come.

I started to fuck Jenny hard and fast her foul mouth obscenities filling the air. As I said earlier, Jenny’s posh demeanour and voice gave the common place expletives new meaning, an interpretation I found genuinely exciting, and something I wanted to exploit further to enhance the act of fucking her.

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