Reconnecting Ch. 02


Even on our second go around, his tongue not so gently massaging my clit sent a deep hunger for him through me. I gave in to the waves of pleasure, a ragdoll in his hands, as he held my hips firmly, pressing me into his agile tongue.

The gap of time since his tongue last explored between my legs had not affected its expertise in the least. Nor had it seemed to affect the familiarity and comfort we shared together as I was able to fully relax and succumb to the dance piece his tongue now performed on my pussy.

He was the only one who ever made it feel even better than my own finger, so much so, I often still imagined it was his cock head or tongue when I rubbed my clit. Alternating perfectly between direct pressure on my clit and longer wider licks across my folds, his actions served to straddle the line between simmer and fire. He would use his tongue to rub on my clit just enough to stoke the fire, then back off to teasing licks, kisses and blowing along my pussy folds.

As his tongue continued its magic, my hips grew more and more active, squirming around and unable to resist pressing into him with more and more force. He was not rushed by my gyrations, instead maintained the same luscious and tormenting measures keeping me on the edge of orgasm.

The delights of his tongue between my legs continued to make me squirm all the more. Everything in me wanted to rub fiercely on my clit and top off the intense building orgasm he’d long fueled. Unable to stand it any longer, I pushed my pussy into him with a quick movement and let out a loud deep moan.

Knowing he’d taken me to my limits, he tightly grabbed my hips and pushed me against his tongue that darted squarely on my clit. With much pressure, he rubbed his tongue back and forth and around it and somehow managed to continue to do so as I squirmed and wiggled in his arms riding out each larger wave of my orgasm.

As I reached the peak, another groan exploded from my lips, much more loudly than I would have liked. Slowly, he released his grip on my hips and began softly running his tongue over and around my clit as my body relaxed and rode the last remnants of pleasure as they dissipated into a lingering warm glow.

Lying still, victim to his touch, I felt his tongue begin working its way up from my pussy, drag slowly over my mound, and then work up to my stomach. With light wet kisses, he worked his way up around both my boobs, then to my neck and finally my lips.

I returned his deep kisses, and let my hands run through his long reddish brown hair and down along his shoulders. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my side and it did not take long for a heat between my legs to start pulsating again.

Reaching down, I let my hand find his hard shaft, and ran my fingers lightly up and down its length. I wrapped my fingers around the top, and let my thumb gently rub in circles around his tip and did the same motion around his tongue with mine. He broke our deep kiss to let out a long, “mmmmm”, and smile at me. I returned his smile and while still holding his shaft blurted out, “What is it about you anyway?”

“I’m irresistible,” he replied, as he laid back and gently pushed me down towards his crotch. “Feel free to play my wiener.”

Though eager to play with his cock as he asked, I paused briefly, unable to turn from the jovial expression on his face, especially in his eyes. It was the same look I remembered from the first time we’d met so long ago. Something there, something in him, that made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Pondering a moment on that unexplained connection, I let my hand run gently against the side of his face.

“By the way, JD, hello,” I said.

He laughed and replied, “Hi RT, how ya been darling?”

I leaned in and kissed his lips softly before moving to kneel beside his hips and take his balls in one hand and his shaft in the other. He let out a long breath as I rubbed them gently before leaning over to touch the tip of my tongue to kartal escort the tip of his cock. Letting my tongue softly encircle around and around, I enjoyed his sighs and shutters to my titillations.

I ran my tongue up and down the length of this shaft a few times, then moved to kneel between his legs before taking as much as his cock as I could into my mouth. Taking his balls in both my hands, I held his cock in my mouth and let my tongue rub back and forth across the underside. Squeezing his nuts in my hands, I continued to hold his shaft in my mouth enjoying the fullness there as my pussy ached in its emptiness. I alternated between letting my tongue rub back and forth against his shaft and trying to suck him in deeper.

Continuing to eat up as much as his cock as I could, I enjoyed his writhing and staggered breaths, and knew he would soon be unable to deny me my favorite part. Keeping him in my mouth, I moved my hands from his sac long enough for us to move together to our sides and grabbed a pillow to support my head. I placed both my hands on his shaft, and let him know I was ready.

Slowly, he moved his hips to pull his cock from my mouth and through my hands, then pushed back in. I loved the feel of his hips pushing into my mouth, and continued to let my tongue massage his cock each time he entered.

It was not long before his thrusts began to move faster, and the forward motion lost itself to quick lust inspired jabs. Each of those uncontrollable jabs sent electricity through my body. I’d always found that hip movement deeply sexy. I felt my pussy yearn more and more to be filled with cock with each and every thrust into my mouth.

When he pushed in and held himself there, I knew he was near his edge. I remained still and gave him a few moments to find control again. I slowly released my hands from around his shaft, and let him slowly take his cock from my mouth. Letting my eyes linger on the wet tip, I moved my pillow underneath me and laid face down on the bed with my ass up just slightly awaiting his penetration.

Kneeling between my legs, he let his cock rub lightly against my ass, and rubbed it a bit up and back between my ass cheeks. Each moment of his hesitation made me all the more wet and eager to feel him inside me once more. Neither of us could hold out long, as I soon felt his hands guide his cock slowly into my pussy. He let it ever so slowly slide down in, then just held there, buried, warm and deep.

I lay still, lost in my lust, as long as I could. My hard nipples burned and I yearned to begin rubbing them into the bedding. When I could resist no longer, I tightened around his shaft, first slowly, then with urgency. I heard him groan deeply then slowly pulled out, paused a few agonizing seconds then drove back in hard, fast and deep.

We both let out guttural moans as he began to pump his cock in and out of me. He did a few long strokes, pulling out slowly and diving back in, then began shorter strokes, trying to push in deeper each time. When he hammered it home, he stayed in and pushed me down into the pillow that sent sparks into my clit.

The smaller waves I would ride to the largest in orgasm, quickly began as he pounded and gyrated down into me. His weight coming down on me with each poke was intoxicating as we both let out moans and groans of sexual passions. I could hear his panting, the bed creaking, and myself nearly yelling out with the pleasure of each stroke.

It felt so good each time his cock filled me, my thoughts were blinded by only his motions sending waves of pleasure through every bit of my body. I cherished each moment of his sliding in, then riding home and the pressure when he pushed down a bit more. Hoping for just a little longer, I moved my arm back and grabbed his leg to indicate for him to stay buried deep. He understood and with the next thrust, pushed down, then laid his body on me, his cock rammed deeply within kaynarca escort me.

The lingering pause offered brief respite from the fire we shared, though it could not be held back for long. It was a contest between the lust for conclusion and desire for the current passion to last that much longer. His cock buried deep in me, his weight on my body, felt delicious, yet made me all the hungrier for that final drive.

Again, I could stand it no longer, and just as I was about to squeeze on his cock, he pulled out to start ramming back into me anew.

His pumps somehow seemed to have even more heat and urgency as he pushed into me. I could only grunt each time he drove down. Each slide of his cock seemed to send more sparks to my burning pussy. Every moment his meat delved into me was pure treasure.

I could hear our grunts and groans grow louder and felt my hips squirm all the more as the heat between us reached towards explosion. He gripped my hips and began driving into me quickly, jerkily, and finally again burying deep as we both came and rode our own waves of ecstasy.

After time to let the final sparks flow from crotch out through fingertips, he rolled off of me to lie on his back. I moved the pillow out from under me and turned on my side, letting my leg drape over his. He turned his head to face me, and reached over to tuck a strand of my long black curly hair behind my ear. “So was that all you wanted, ready to let me go for another 16 years?

I smirked, then moved to sit cross-legged beside him. “Well, at least I know now what I didn’t know then.”

“What’s that?” He asked.

“You are the easiest guy to hang out with.”

“Hang out?” He questioned, reaching out to cup one of my hanging boobs.

“Yeah, pretty much, I guess,” I replied and leaned in, enjoying the feel of my boob in his hand.

Grasping as much of my boob as he could and giving it a squeeze, he said, “I think these grew, much more than a handful.”

I scooted in closer, and got up on my knees to lean in over him more. “You just have to use both hands then.”

With a smile, he wrapped both of his hands around my boob and rubbed it gently.

“Do you think your hands have always felt best because they were the first?” I asked.

“No, it’s just me, all my women tell me that.”

I pulled back, got off the bed and tossed a pile of blankets back at him. “You are such a jerk, but you are so easy,” I said, walking towards the bathroom. “I’m going to take a shower.”

I was leaning over the tub, adjusting the water temperature when I felt him press his junk against my ass. I pulled up the tab to direct the water to the showerhead, then turned around and said, “Occupied.”

He stepped closer, moved his hand between my legs, and snaked a finger into my pussy, and replied, “Feels like there’s room there to me.”

Keeping his finger inside me, he pushed me back into the shower and under the water’s stream. Moving in close to me, he whispered, “The 18 year old in me wants to take you again right here, right now, but my 40 year equipment doesn’t seem up to the task just yet.”

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pushed my boobs against his chest, “No worries JD, we got the place for the whole night.”

Reaching down and pulling his hand from between my legs, I led it to the bottle of body wash along the shower wall and said, “If you do me, I’ll do you.”

“Deal,” he replied.

I grabbed a washcloth and after getting it wet, held it open, “You are best at the squirting.”

With a grin, he turned the bottle over and squirted out way too much.

“Whoa,” I said, “Just need a little.”

“It’s okay, I like when you are well lubed,” he replied.

After indicating to me to turn around, he pushed up firmly against my backside to reach around and begin lathering up my front. Starting with my neck, he gave a quick lather, then worked down both arms kozyatağı escort before starting on my breasts. He paid them much more attention, all the while remained tightly pressed against me.

I happily leaned back into him and enjoyed his hands as they lathered each boob, trailed down my torso and firmly rubbed between my legs and down my thighs. He then turned me around and pressed my front against him while he lathered my backside.

He lathered, then cupped my ass, and said, “Feels like you are still doing a lot of walking, fine round ass.”

“Is that your nice of way of describing my fat ass?” I countered.

He laughed. “Feels just fine to me girl.”

After spending ample time squeezing and rubbing my ass, he handed me the washcloth. We turned so I was getting most of the water and could lather his body. I quickly cleaned both his arms, then let my hands linger over his chest, enjoying the view of the suds on his thin mat of reddish brown hair there. I rubbed down to his waist, then stepped in close, and pressed my tits against him while I reached around to lather his back. I much enjoyed the feel of my boobs and the suds slithering over his chest.

Eventually, I parted from him, then kneeled down to clean his dick. Starting at his waist, and ever so slowly worked my way down to his cock and balls. They were not without some rejuvenation. After lathering his legs, I reached around, to soap his ass.

When I stood back up, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deeply. Still locked together he led in spinning us around the under the water a few times to rinse off. As I pressed myself tight in against him, my pussy was already burning to be filled up with him again. Without realizing it, I had begun slowly shaking my head back and forth.

“What?” He asked.

“Huh? Oh, nothing, just thinking it’s been too long.”

We stepped out of the shower, and while JD went to find his clothes, I pulled an old white V-neck T-shirt and baggy cut-off sweats from my bag. After putting them on quickly, I took a glance in the mirror. The T-shirt barely hid the outline of my nipples, and held tightly to my boobs. Looking back, I saw JD watching me and buttoning up his shirt.

“Leave it unbuttoned,” I requested.

He complied, then started gathering up the mess we’d made.

On the counter, I had a bag with my usual must have overnight items, mostly the fixings for my daily mocha. “Are you secure enough in your masculinity to have a mocha with me?” I asked him.

“I could be convinced,” he replied, “We could probably do with some fresh air.”

As I prepared the mochas, he opened the door to the room and the windows and cleared off a little table by the window. I glanced over at him a couple times and he seemed to be checking on something outside.

With nothing left to do but wait for the milk and water to heat, I joined him at the table and gestured to where he’d been looking. “What are you up to agent JD?”

Letting his eyes linger on my nipples through my worn thin white T-shirt, he replied, “When I opened up the windows, I saw those curtains across the way there drop down. Nice shirt, by the way.”

“Are you worried about those guys from earlier?” I asked.

“Not worried, just wondering if one will come out to play.”


“Play,” he replied, his expression and tone telling me exactly the type of play he meant.

“With both of us? Have you done that?” I asked, hit by a sudden jolt of shyness and curiosity.

“No. But I kind if liked earlier today, knowing they had seen,” he answered.

“You want him to watch us then?” I wondered.

Taking a moment to think through it and perhaps to find the nerve, he quietly replied, “I think I’d like to watch he and you, and maybe, well sort of direct things.”

I sat back in my chair and let out a breath of air. “Geez man, I dunno if I could do that.”

I stood and went to check on the water and milk, and wanted a few minutes alone to ponder his idea.

When I returned with two cups full of mocha with a swirl of whipped cream on top, JD was looking out the window. I followed his eyes and saw one of the men just leaving his room.

“So if he happens this way?” JD asked.

I turned my mocha mug in my hands and kept my eyes down at the table, both scared and intrigued.

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