Please Mr. Tally


Amy stood in the doorway and watched her friend’s dad dance around the kitchen. Ken, loved music, and he loved cooking, so it was a treat to watch him combine the two. Amy’s mom was married to her job. It provided for them, but it also took her all over the world. This meant that Amy was constantly bounced from house to house. Most of the time she stayed with her aunt, but she was on vacation. The other back-ups were also busy, and that is how Amy ended up staying at her sort of friend and neighbor, Rachel’s house. They didn’t have anything in common so they never hung out, but Amy didn’t mind being here because of Ken. Ken was tall with rich brown hair, and gentle brown eyes that always seemed to have a smile for everyone he met. She loved when he flashed those eyes on her. Amy stepped into view as he turned towards the refrigerator. He paused and grinned at her. “Bubblegum pink? Nice. The pixie cut is cute too. It makes you look older and your mom is going to freak,” he said matter-of-factly. Amy nervously ran her fingers through what was left of her hair. She had started dying her hair crazy colors at sixteen. When she first bleached her brown hair out to do it, her mother had complained and had continued to complain for a year now. “Rachel helped me do it last night. You don’t think it’s too much?” She asked and ran her fingers through it again. Ken walked over to her and ran his fingers through her hair. “You look beautiful with it. Not too many girls could pull it off, but it works for you,” he said. Amy blushed. “Thank you. So what are you cooking?” “I’m making a stir-fry for lunch. Rachel and Mrs. Tally should be home from the store in a couple of hours. Do you want to help me cook?” Ken asked. Amy looked down at her feet and admitted, “I don’t know how to cook. My mother never thought Bahçelievler escort bayan me how so I’ll just stay out of your way.” When she turned to leave Ken caught her arm and pulled her into a hug. “It’s alright, Amy, I’ll show you a few things.” Amy had wanted to touch him for months now so she instantly snuggled in and rested her head on his chest. Ken tensed at first but soon relaxed and held her. He kissed her forehead, and tried to step back. Rachel held on a little tighter, “Dance with me, please,” she said as one of her favorite slow songs came on. Ken leaned over and removed the pan off the stove before he took her back in his arms. They fell into a comfortable position, Ken’s hand on the small of her back right above her bottom and her hand tucked nicely inside his. He pulled her close and laid his chin on top of her head as she laid hers on his chest. Their bodies swayed completely in sync with each other. As they danced together, things started to feel different for Amy. The music, the warmth of the kitchen, and the breeze blowing through the windows made the moment very arousing. Amy’s fingers played lightly up and down Ken’s spine. As her fingers moved lower down his back she felt his grip tighten on her back. She snuggled a little closer and tried it again, with the same results. Ken’s breathing had picked up and he pulled her waist firmly against him. That was when she became aware of the bulge firmly pressed between them. This made Amy’s body tighten and fluids to wet her panties. She had a crush on Ken for the last couple of months, but never had this reaction to him before. She moved her hand from around his waist and placed it on his chest. His body was pressed firmly against her now, and things rubbed against her as they swayed. Escort Bahçeşehir She gripped his shirt as she moaned into his chest. The hand on her back moved in slow small circles, that dipped lower with each pass. After several circles it was firmly on her bottom. As he circled back down lower on her bottom she pushed it back into his hand. A wider circle and his hand went on the bottom of her cheeks. This time as she pushed back he griped her bottom, and gave it a gentle squeeze. Her body shuddered and she sighed into him. Amy lifted her head and ran her hand up his chest and around his neck. With her hand on his neck and his hand gripping her ass she pulled him down to her mouth, and whispered, “Mr. Tally.” Their lips met; just a slight connection. A shiver went down Amy’s spine. She placed her other hand on the back of his neck and stood on her tip toes to press her lips harder against his. It had been so long since Ken and his wife had had sex. Three years to be exact. Their marriage was over, they both knew it, but they were waiting for Rachel to be out of the house before they ended it completely. He had never thought of Amy as anything other than his neighbor’s daughter, but dancing with her in the kitchen today seemed to change that. It felt so good kissing her, he didn’t want to stop. Both his hands were now firmly on her ass as they kissed. Ken gripped her tightly before he lifted her up into his arms. Her legs automatically wrapped around him. She held on tight afraid he would end their connection. Instead he moved her towards the island and set her down. She didn’t let go; Amy gripped him even harder pushing his cock firmly against her throbbing, wet pussy. Ken rocked his hips forward rubbing his length along her. She broke the kiss and Bakırköy escort moan, “Oh God Mr. Tally.” Her voice momentarily broke the spell and Ken said in an almost pained whisper, “God, Amy what are we doing? This is so wrong.” Amy held him tighter. She didn’t care that he was old enough to be her father; she had never wanted anyone as much as she did him at this moment. Their foreheads were touching and their breathing was hard as they silently decided the next step. Amy saw he was going to pull back so she gave him a quick kiss. When he froze she gave him another, and then another. “Please kiss me, don’t let me go,” she begged. He didn’t move. “I want you. I know you want me too Mr. Tally,” Amy said, still whispering. “Don’t call me Mr. Tally,” Ken said, whispering back to her. “Okay, what would you like me to call you? Ken? Or perhaps, daddy?” Amy said kissing him again. Ken’s eyes locked with hers and he gripped her body tighter. “Oh, is that what you like? Would you like me to call you daddy?” Ken nodded. “Please kiss me daddy,” Amy moaned. He closed his eyes and finally kissed her back. There was so much passion and heat in that kiss, that Amy was afraid she would melt in his arms. Her fingers went under his shirt and up his back. She felt his body trembling under her hands. Amy pulled his shirt off so her fingers could go where they wanted. She decided before she explored his body, she would give him a chance to explore hers. She grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, pulled it over her head and tossed it to the side. Ken leaned back, looked at Amy and thought that with her bubblegum pink, pixie cut hair, and her small perky boobs she was perfect. She loved the look in his eyes and decided to present him a pretty picture. Amy leaned back on the palm of her hands displaying her breast to him. She shimmied a little in an attempt to shake them at him. “Touch them,” she said. Ken listened. Her nipples were small, and pink, but they were also hard and perfect. He touched each nipple lightly with the palm of his hands making small circles as he brushed against them. Her eyes fluttered and she made a little noise.

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