Playing With My Wife Kay Encounter With Young Stud


Playing With My Wife Kay Encounter With Young StudI have been married to my beautiful wife Kay for over 20 years. She is a 47 year old brunette. She looks no where near her 47 years??more like mid to late 30ish. She has a beautiful body that she keeps tanned throughout the year. She is 5-1 115 pounds with beautiful shape for her small frame?.32c breasts with huge nipples that get extremely erect when she is the least bit turned on, and a nice little heart shaped ass. This is a true story about her encountering a young 19 year old stud that would make a play for her. She would have to decide whether she could resist her desire for his young hard body or give in to her extreme attraction to this young well hung stud. Time would tell. Eric was one of our neighbor?s k**s?..19 years old, about 6-1, probably around 180 pounds and very nice looking. He played both football and basketball on the local high school teams and his body was rock hard as he trained and worked out constantly. We had known him since he was a small k** when his family moved into our neighborhood. He was best friends with our own son and spent as much time at our house as he did his own. Kay and I had remarked to each other lately about how he had grown up from the little boy we knew him as for so long, into this great looking young man that all the young girls worshiped. It was the summer after Eric and our son?s senior year and we had planned to take the two of them on a trip to the beach with us to have a great time before they went off to college. This had become an annual ritual for us and the boys always enjoyed the beach trips and loved getting to meet cute young girls from all over the south. Kay had remarked to me a few times lately that Eric was looking at her differently these days?.he no longer treats me like his 2nd mom, she said, his hormones must be completely out of control. What do you mean by that, I asked. Well maybe I?m just being paranoid or something she said, but I catch him looking down my blouse any chance he gets and touching me. What exactly do you mean by ?touching me? I asked. Well, you know, rubbing up against me. Rubbing up against you, I asked again? Yes, she said, for instance the other day in the kitchen he had come down stairs from our son?s room to get a Coke. You were already in our bedroom getting ready for bed and I was the only one up, and was in the kitchen putting some dishes away. He had to walk behind me to get to the fridge and obviously rubbed himself against my ass intentionally. Are you sure, I asked? Yes I?m sure honey, she said, when he walked into the room all he had on was some gym shorts and it was very obvious that he already had an erection and it was like there was a magnet on my ass. I?m telling you he rubbed his penis on my ass and even hesitated there. He also had his hand on my waist as he went by and brushed it over the side of my breast. It made me very uncomfortable. What did you say to him? Well, nothing, she said, I didn?t know what to say?.I didn?t want to embarrass him or anything?.I just didn?t say anything. Well, what did he say, I asked. He just said, oh excuse me Kay, I?m sorry, and went on to the fridge. I glanced over at him as he looked in the fridge and I could easily see that his penis was as hard as a rock?..about to pop out of his shorts, she said. Hmmm, I said, just out of curiosity, what were you wearing? Well I had on a nightgown, she replied. That little silk low cut short black one that shows everything you have, I asked surprisingly? Well, yes, she said, because if you remember?.we were going to mess around that night so I had gotten dressed for ?the occasion?. I thought the boys were upstairs for the night and had no idea Eric would be seeing me in it. Well I can?t say that I blame him, I replied, I guess he got a good look at your erect nipples because there?s no way to hide them in that nightgown. And you can see straight through the thing Kay? just going to have to be careful around him. He?s not a little boy anymore you know?..he is a 19 year old with raging male hormones and believe me, I can tell you from experience that he would have loved to bend you over on that counter and had sex with you then and there, I said. As we were talking about all this I was thinking back about the night in question and remembered Kay coming into the bedroom. I remember commenting to her that it looked like from how erect her nipples were she was ?ready.? Yes I am, she had replied, and immediately got on top of me in the bed where we fucked with much more a****l karşıyaka escort passion than we had in a long time. It made me wonder if Kay?s actual reaction to what he had done was more enjoyment than embarrassment. And had she actually encouraged him by not resisting at all?..maybe pushing her ass back against his hard dick a little. I wasn?t quite sure she was telling me the complete truth. Could it be that she was looking at him in a whole different way also? Our beach trip was the next week and we had arrived at our condo we rented every year and unpacked all our stuff. The 2 story complex has a pool that is visible from each condo, or it?s a half block walk to the ocean itself?.the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. The boys had been there only about 10 minutes before they changed into only their swimming trunks. I would give anything to have a body like either of them. They said they were going on over to the beach to check out the babes. Kay always enjoyed the pool more than the ocean so we changed and went to the pool area to get some sun. Kay was looking extremely good, with a new bathing suit that was way more revealing than what she usually wore. It was very sheer and the bottoms were the kind where they came up kind of high but were loose around the ass and easily showed the bottom of her ass cheeks. The top was way smaller than what she usually wore also?.almost to the point of showing a trace of her dark nipples?..especially if she bent over in the right way. When I commented about her sexy suit?.she replied, what the hell, you only live once, right? We enjoyed the sun for an hour or so which is about all I can take so I told Kay I was going to go in and fix a cold drink and take a nap. Could you be a sweetie and fix me an ice cold cooler with a few beers in it and bring it out here to me, she said, I promise I?ll make it up to you later, she said with a sexy little glance at my crotch. Be right back, I said, and went in to fix her request. Instead of beer, I decided to whip up some margaritas with crushed ice and put the whole blender full of the mix in the cooler surrounded by ice to keep it chilled for as long as she wanted. It doesn?t take much to get Kay drunk so I figured I could speed up the process a bit with the margaritas !. I was dying to remove that sexy bathing suit from her and the quicker the better ! I took her the cooler and a chilled glass and she loved it?.thank you baby, she said, looks like I?m really gonna owe you and gave me a wink. About that time, Eric came walking up. He checked out my wife?s body and k**ded to me, I hope I have a wife that looks like that when she?s 47! What did you do with our son I said?..did he find a girl and run off and get married, I k**ded. Well not quite, he replied, but he did meet a girl that he told me he is ?in love with? and is going to her parent?s condo with her to watch some movies or something. ?Or something? Kay emphasized, and we all laughed. Eric, I said, I?m going in to rest for awhile, there?s ice cold beer in the fridge if you want some. That sounds great, he said, and followed me inside. Be right back, he told Kay, and she and I shared a curious glance at each other as he walked off. The huge bulge in his trunks was obvious as I watched him grab several beers out of the fridge. I?m just gonna hang out by the pool for a minute and then go back to the beach, he told me. Have fun, I said, and went to our 2nd floor bedroom that overlooked the pool area. Walking up the steps I contemplated this situation?..hmmm I thought, a sexy ass wife with everything she has hanging out, she can only handle a couple drinks before she loses about any inhibition she ever thought about having, a gorgeous 19 year old stud that appears to have at least a 10 inch dick that is about to explode out of his pants for my wife?..and he?s drinking. Like he needed any additional encouragement to make a play on Kay. My son would probably die if he knew his best friend was trying desperately to fuck his mother. But then again, he probably thought the same things about Eric?s mom?.as she was very attractive herself. I decided to take a look at what was going on so I went up to the bedroom, closed the shades and turned off the lights. I could peek through the shades and see everything around the entire pool area. It was only about 40 feet from the window to where they were. I watched as they laughed and talked and drank together for about an hour. Kay rotated from laying on her front and then on her back and then sitting up. Eric obviously karşıyaka escort bayan checked out every part of her body depending on which part was visible at the time. If she was sitting up he was looking at her swollen pussy through her bathing suit and her beautiful breasts that obviously showed her erect brown nipples. She appeared to bend herself often in a direction that would allow him to see a bare breast down her top. She was already on her 3rd tall margarita and Eric had downed at least 4 beers. I could tell they were pretty drunk by the increased laughing and flirting. I saw Kay place her hand on his leg several times as she was talking and laughing with him. The pool area was pretty deserted but there were a couple of 40ish looking couples and a group of three young cute girls that looked to be in their late teens. I noticed that they were all kind of checking out what was going on between my wife and Eric. I imagined that Kay probably liked the fact that she was the center of his attention and not the pretty young girls that kept checking him out. He was paying absolutely no attention to the girls but was obviously trying to get in Kay?s pants. Kay occasionally glanced toward our condo to see if I was around anywhere but seemed satisfied that I must be asleep. She didn?t appear to care what any of the others there thought. I surprisingly found myself not getting mad about all this but instead getting turned on. I had a hard on and was rubbing my dick through my pants. I was extremely turned on watching this great looking stud seducing my wife. And I knew he was doing a damn good job on her as things progressed. I knew the alcohol and a nice looking young stud would eventually be more than she could stand. I saw Kay reach for her suntan lotion, say something to Eric, and turned over and layed down on her stomach. She handed him the lotion. Eric put a lot of the lotion in one hand and then rubbed it in to the other hand. He moved his chair around to where he could start applying the lotion to her legs. He started on her feet and slowly moved his hands up to the tops of her legs. He rotated going up one leg and then switching over and going down the other leg. He repeated this slow massage, with each trip up her leg going a little higher. At first it appeared he was stopping just short of her ass cheeks but then it was obvious that his hands were going to her cheeks and then even up under her suit. As he moved across to the other leg he was obviously rubbing against her pussy on the way to the other leg. I saw her turn around once and k**dingly scold him?.he obviously didn?t think she really meant no and continued what he was doing. I had taken my pants off and was jacking off while watching my wife getting seduced by Eric. It was turning me on extremely. He finally just decided to slide one hand completely under her bathing suit bottoms and felt of her entire ass and then down to her pussy. At this Kay jumped a bit to see if any of the other people were still watching. They were, so she quickly turned over on her back and acted like nothing was going on. She k**dingly slapped Eric on his leg and layed down with her front side ready for some erotic lotion massaging from Eric. She handed him the lotion bottle again and I saw her laugh and mouth the words ?now behave Eric? to him. He rubbed the lotion in to the front of her legs using the same up and down motion from one leg to the other, each time getting closer to her pussy when he got to the top of her legs and went across to the other leg. I could even see from where I was that her pussy was swollen?.I would love to see it from where he was. After a few times of this, he made no attempt to hide that he wanted to feel of her pussy, stopping his hand on it and rubbing it. After he rubbed it for a few seconds, she grabbed his hands before it went too far and moved them up to her stomach. He rubbed lotion all over stomach but started with his hand eventually sliding under her bathing suit bottom heading back for her pussy. She stopped him but not before he had enough time to reach her landing strip pubic hair?..his finger may have even reached her wet pussy. She again redirected his hands to her upper chest and shoulders. He rubbed the lotion over this area but soon had slid one hand under her top and felt of her tit and erect nipple. She glanced around and felt like no one was looking and did not stop him but leaned a bit toward Eric in a way in which it would block the other people from seeing what escort karşıyaka they was doing. Her face was right at Eric?s crotch and I watched as he took his other hand and pulled his trunks away from his leg and reached underneath to pull his dick down to a position where she could see it right in front of her face. I could see the head of it which was completely out of the bottom of his swim trunks. I think seeing his large, young, hard cock right in her face was more than she could stand. It was hers if she wanted it?.all she had to do was give in to Eric?s desires. He continued to feel of her breast and she reached her hand up to his dick. She slid her hand under his trunks and felt of the whole thing. After a few seconds of this she must have realized that things were going to get out of control and turned over and stood up, trying to gain her composure. The sun had started going down and over the last few minutes the other people around the pool had given it up for the day and left. After watching Kay and Eric they probably went to their rooms to have sex. Kay paused a few minutes until the last couple had cleared the pool area and slowly stepped down the steps into the pool?.she definitely needed to cool off. Eric followed her into the pool. They played around in the pool for awhile with Eric obviously feeling of everything Kay had to offer every chance he had. She moved herself to the side of the pool holding herself up with her arms on the sides of the pool?.she rested her face on her arms and in this position could watch the condos and see if anyone was watching. She paid particular attention to our condo. Eric came up behind her and pressed himself up against her, holding on to the side of the pool also. He had her sandwiched between himself and the side of the pool. He was hunching her ass thoroughly with his hard on and kissing her neck and whispering into her ear. She moved one of her hands from the side of the pool and around behind her??obviously feeling of his huge cock that he was rubbing all over her ass. I could see her face and see that she was closing her eyes and moaning as he explored her beautiful body, with no more complaints from her. I know Kay, and I know when she gets that look that she wants to be fucked?.there?s no way around it, no turning back now. She would be taking this young dick into her pussy?.no matter what. She turned around and they made out passionately. she put her arms back behind her on the sides of the pool and held herself in place as Eric felt of anything he wanted. Eric let her go for a second and worked himself out of his swim trunks. He then reached down and helped Kay out of her bottoms. He then reached behind her and unclasped her top. They were both completely naked in the pool together and Kay had her legs wrapped around his lower back. Kay?s head leaned back on the side of the pool as he inserted his rock hard dick into her pussy. I wasn?t the only one getting to watch this show as I noticed a guy on the balcony of a nearby condo with binoculars aimed directly at them. Kay?s head moved back and forth as she moaned in ecstasy as Eric pounded her against the side of the pool. He leaned down and sucked her rock hard nipples that were just out of the top of the water. Water from the pool was lightly splashing up over the side of the pool where they were fucking? he moved his dick in and out of her pussy. They went at it for several minutes in the pool when there was some activity in one of the condos. A couple had stepped out of the condo and were obviously heading toward the pool. Kay saw them coming and pushed Eric away from her. Damn, I thought. They scrambled quickly to get their suits back on. Kay made her way out of the pool and headed for our condo with Eric close behind. I knew they were coming in and didn?t really know what would happen next. I laid down on the bed and pretended to be sound asleep. In a minute I could hear Kay quietly open our bedroom door. She was checking to see if I was still asleep. She looked and listened for a few seconds and was sure I was asleep. She quietly pulled the door to??.she was going to finish the job this 19 year old stud had started. I stayed put and in about 30-40 minutes Kay sneaked back into our bedroom and gently layed down on the bed next to me. I acted like I was still asleep but could feel her heart pounding as she lay there?.and she smelled strongly of sex. I wanted to fuck her so bad my dick was aching. I thought to myself?..we?ve barely been at the beach for 5 hours and my wife Kay has already been fucked by our son?s 19 year old best friend. So much for Kay being careful around him, I thought! And I was actually kind of proud of Eric?.knowing he had accomplished what he wanted?..fucking my beautiful wife and his best friend?s mother. For more of this story see ?Kay?s Encounter With Young Stud Part 2?.

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