Playing the Game


It’s been too long, I thought to myself as I walked down the path to the soccer field. All throughout high school and most of college, I was on the field every time that there was a game. I loved the sport. I always thought that I was good enough to make a career out of it. Unfortunately, the broken leg and torn tendon that I received in my junior year put the kibosh on any long term plans I had for the sport. I didn’t even try out my senior year, focusing instead on my grades and then graduate school. But I never lost the love of the game.

One of my friends that I’d gone to college with and still kept in touch suggested going down to the local Y and seeing what was available. I was looking for something new to do as I had just broken up with my latest boyfriend and needing to get my mind clear. Moping around my apartment wasn’t doing anything for me so I took her advice. That had been three weeks ago and I found myself getting excited again. When the day finally arrived, I threw my clothes in a duffle bag, donned my old college shorts and jersey, happy that they still fit, and drove over to the YMCA. After putting my bag in a locker, I practically ran out to the field.

There were already many women down there as I approached, kicking a ball back and forth. I took a minute to size them up, trying to determine which ones were there to actually play a competitive game. Happily, I noticed that not only most of them seemed serious but also they seemed to know what they were doing around a soccer ball. There was one woman though that caught my eye. Short hair, slender but muscular frame, cute face, she was dressed in tight shorts and a sports bra over which she wore an old tee shirt with the sleeves cut off. I looked up at her to see that she was looking at me also, a gorgeous smile on her face as her eyes glanced up and down my body. I blushed a little and heard her chuckling to herself as I turned away and began to do warm up stretches.

After everyone had arrived, one of the women who I recognized as an instructor at the gym gathered us all together and explained the rules. We were quickly divided into two teams and took the field. It didn’t take long to determine that woman from earlier, who I found out was named Nicole, was a regular demon on the field. We’d ended up on opposite teams and she was playing the defender position and I was the forward.

Everyone quickly learned to keep away from her side of the field. Well, everyone but me. I would be damned if I was going to let some soccer field princess get the better of me. I was left with a sore ass, sore pride and wondering how hot hell was this time of year as I watched Nicole running off with the ball being dribbled by her feet, her well defined legs and tight ass packed into the shorts she wore. I swore out loud as I got up and dusted myself off. Looking back at her, Nicole gave me a huge I-just-owned-you smile and laughed. I tried to smile as intimidating as possible and promised myself that that would not happen again if I got the chance. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance because soon after that happened, the game ended. My warrior pride stung as we lost three to one but I had to admit that all the women out there played their hearts out.

I stayed out on the field to talk with the ref and by the time I made it back to the locker room, most of the other ladies were already gone. I headed over to my locker to grab my towel and prepare to take a shower. As I peeled off my sweat soaked clothes, I happened to glance back in the shower area just in time to see Nicole removing her towel. I caught the briefest glimpse of her naked form before she walked out of view. Blushing again, I turned my head and finished undressing. I didn’t know what was coming over me. I’d seen many naked women in my lifetime. Being in sports, it was just part of the game. Never before had I acted this way. Oh sure, I checked the other women out, just to see how I stacked up and occasionally, I would wonder what it would be like with another woman. But, I never acted on those urges, burying them deep inside.

Walking back to the showers, I noticed that Nicole was relaxing in the hot tub. Most of her body was covered by the bubbling water. She had her head leaning back and her eyes were closed. There was a contented smile on her face as I just stood there for a moment, gazing at her again. “Well, aren’t you going to get in?” She asked. I noticed that she was now looking at me through half lidded eyes. I started to stammer out that I needed a shower before she cut me off. “Come on, don’t be shy girl.” I smiled at that and then figured what the hell as I removed my towel and slipped into the hot water. As I did that, Nicole sat up, placing her arms on the rim of the tub. Her breast, small but well formed were plainly visible. I did my best to feign nonchalant as my mouth went dry. “Sharron, right?” Nicole asked. I nodded to my head as I tried to regain the ability to talk. “You played a hell of a game out there today.”

“Thanks. So did you.” I said. Sports Beylikdüzü escort talk gave me something to focus on and soon, Nicole and I were telling each other our life stories. Turns out, she almost went pro and even tried out for the Olympic team but couldn’t make the cut. I told her of my college years and the injury and subsequent reconstructive surgery that sidelined my hopes.

“So, what made you come here today? If you don’t mind my asking” Nicole quickly added as a sad look passed over my face.

“Um…no, I don’t mind. Same old sad story. Broke up with latest boyfriend. I was tired of his shit and had enough. Looking for something to take my mind off the pain.”

“Oh, poor guy.” My eyes shot up at her in disbelief. “It’s got to be killing him now that he no longer has a girlfriend as beautiful as you.” I laughed at that as she shot me another one of her smiles.

“Well, it not for lack of trying. He keeps texting me wanting to get back together.”

“I’d just block the bastard if I were you. Move on. I’m sure something much better is just around the corner.” With that said, Nicole stood up and stretched her body, her arms in the air as every muscle tensed. Her neatly trimmed bush was plainly visible. I tried to force myself to look away but my eyes couldn’t leave the vision of beauty that was before me. I actually followed her as she exited the tub. Her ass fit her body so well. It was slightly bubbled, giving her a nice curve. Nicole walked over to the shower area. Before she entered the stall, she again smiled at me, causing me to shudder in the steaming hot water.

Over the next few weeks, the captains quickly learned to put Nicole and myself on different teams. Together, we were unbeatable. That was okay with both of us, though. We took it as a challenge to see which one could get the better of each other. Whether I could score on her or she would block my advances.

It was just the opposite when the game ended though. Nicole tried every trick in the book to try and score on me but I blocked all of her advances. Ever since the time we first talked in the hot tub, Nicole was full of innuendo and flirting. It was driving me to distraction. At night, alone in my room, my hands would roam my naked body. I would rub my pussy to orgasm, thinking of her ass, her tits, the sexy way she smiled. But, after it was over, I would feel twinges of guilt over my fantasies. Even at work, I caught myself looking at the other women in their tight button up blouses and skirts. “Oh God, I’ve got to get laid.” I thought to myself, shaking my head, trying to clear it as I sat at my desk. That night, I used my biggest dildo on myself in an effort to put those lesbian fantasies behind me. I forced myself to remember the few men I’d been with but failed in frustration to bring myself to orgasm. I laid there, the dildo still buried deep inside me, as I let out a sigh, closed my eyes and began to have an argument with myself.

“You know what the problem is, don’t you?” I could hear Nicole’s voice in my head.

“Yeah, you. You are killing me!” I replied.

“What are you afraid of? That you’ll like it?” In my mental image of her, she was talking to me as we sat in the hot tub, her breasts clearly visible.

“Maybe. I don’t know. I mean, I’m not a dyke, am I?”

“What’s wrong with that if you are? Have any of your other relationships worked out?” Nicole was sidling up to me, putting her arm around me, our breasts touching as she held me close.

“Well, no…they haven’t. It’s just because I haven’t found Mr. Right yet.”

“And what if “Mr. Right” isn’t a man? What if she is a woman? Would that bother you?” Nicole turned my head toward her. She had one of those famous pussy melting smiles on her face.

“No. I mean, yes. I mean…” Nicole, the one in my mind, the one who I was imagining talking to, leaned in and kissed me. Tenderly. I didn’t even realize that I was working the dildo in and out of my pussy as my fantasy lover caressed my body, inserting her tongue in my mouth as her hand traveled under the water to lightly brush against my swollen clit. A very real orgasm pulsed through me right then as I clenched down, coating my fingers with my juices. I held my breath for a few moments as the pleasurable waves crashed over me, then let out one long sigh when it was done. I could still see her, smiling at me, as my body returned to a state of normalcy. Then, I opened my eyes. Nothing. My eyes focused on the ceiling. I couldn’t help myself as I felt tears beginning to form and drip down my face. As I started to cry, I could feel all of the negative emotions pushing up in me, trying to get out. Frustration in my inability to have a lasting relationship. Fear of what just happened. Anger at myself for being afraid. The cowardice I felt in not being able to be honest with myself. With Nicole. All of it culminated in my body wracked with sobs, tears staining my bed, as I curled up in a fetal position, wishing someone was here to hold me. No, I thought to myself. Beylikdüzü escort Wishing she was here to hold me.

The next day was supposed to be a match but when I got to the field, the skies opened up and started pouring down rain. Now, I wasn’t adverse to getting a little dirty but it was agreed that today’s game would be postponed. Sighing in disappointment, I went back to the locker room to change. There were a few other women in there and then Nicole walked in. I hadn’t been avoiding her but I did find it difficult to look her in the eyes. She definitely could tell something was bothering me though. “Hey, you okay Sharron?” she asked, concern in her voice.

“Yeah, just a little bummed out cause of the rain.” I answered, trying to put a smile on my face. “Not looking forward to going home to an empty apartment, that’s all.”

“Well, you could always come over to my place, you know.” I nodded as Nicole made the offer. She’d offered before and I always came up with some excuse why I couldn’t.

“Yeah, I know. I…would like that, thanks.” The words were out of my mouth before I could stop myself. Nicole’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Really? Cool! You can follow me if you want or we can take my car. Either way.” I thought about it for a minute. If things became super uncomfortable, I would want a way out without having to rely on anyone.

“Yeah, I’ll follow you if you don’t mind.” I said, as I closed my locker. Nicole flashed me one of her smiles and a little tingle shot up my spine as we grabbed our bags and went to our cars. On the way there, all types of scenarios played in my mind. I was shaking a little by the time Nicole stopped her car in front of a duplex. I parked behind her and sat for a moment, trying to calm my nerves. All sorts of conflicting emotions were coursing through me right then. Then, as I watched her leave the car, my mind settled on determination and I opened the door and followed her up the path to her front door.

Her place was nicely furnished with framed pictures on the wall of her family and an enlarged photograph of a beautiful landscape of a city at night. “Welcome to my humble abode.” Nicole said as she removed her shoes. I did the same, not wanting to get her carpet wet and followed her to a couch. We sat there in uncomfortable silence for a moment before Nicole asked if I would like some wine. “You definitely look like you could use some.” I nodded and she quickly poured us each a glass of Merlot. “Now, you want to talk to me about what’s troubling you?” She asked, looking into my eyes.

“It’s…it’s nothing, really.” I stammered.

“Oh yeah, that’s convincing.” I smiled at her statement and took sip. I closed my eyes for a moment, enjoying the flavor and steeling my nerves.

“Okay, yeah, you got me. I cried last night.”

“And…” Nicole replied, trying to prompt me further.

“It…it was because I didn’t have anyone in bed with me.” I half expected a smart alec reply but instead, Nicole just looked at me expectantly, a touch of sadness in her eyes. “Oh God, this is embarrassing.” I said. I wanted to tell her but it was so difficult.

“You know you can tell me anything, right?” I nodded at her statement. We weren’t exactly the best of friends but she was as close to one as I currently had.

“I tried getting myself off last night thinking about the men I was with. Thinking about the men I would like to be with.” I finally said after a long pause.

“Let me guess. It didn’t work?” Again I nodded and took a large drink from the glass. “So, did you finally get off?” Once more, I nodded yes. “What finally did it?” At that, my eyes shot up and looked directly at her. It took a moment for Nicole to grasp the meaning of my gesture and I let out a little chuckle as her eyes got big and she leaned back onto the arm of the couch. “And…what? You feel guilty about that?” My mind wandered briefly to the night before where I had an argument with myself and the voice in my head was hers.

“I don’t know. I mean, I’ve never felt this way before. About another woman.” I added after a pregnant pause. “At that moment, after I came, I felt so alone. I just wanted someone there. Well, actually, I wanted you there.”

“Why didn’t you call then? You know I would have come over.” Nicole said, her tone soothing but I could also detect something else. Hurt, maybe. She laid her hand on mine. It was an intimate gesture of friendship but, for a second, my heart raced at the contact. I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I glanced out the window. The rain was really coming down right then, the overcast skies muting all of the colors to various shades of grey. I drank the remaining wine in my glass down before answering her.

“I know. It just…something stopped me. Fear I guess.”

“Of what? Finding out that you are sexually attracted to women? Realizing you’re bisexual? You do know that there are worse things in this world that you could be, right?” I let out a little choking laugh.

“Yeah. I guess Escort Beylikdüzü you’re right. I just know that, when I leave here, I’m going back to an empty apartment.” I let out a sigh right then, my head turning back to look outside.

“You don’t have to go home right now.” Nicole said softly, her voice barely above a whisper. I turned back around and felt a tear trickle down my cheek. She reached her hand out and brushed it away, her fingers barely touching my face. I closed my eyes and leaned into her hand. She cupped my cheek and I heard the couch creak a little from her shifting her weight. That’s when I felt Nicole’s lips touch mine.

The kiss was soft and lasted only for a moment but it stopped my heart. The only kisses I’d received prior to this point were from men, aggressively mashing their lips to mine as if to claim me, to show me the fierceness of their passion. I licked my lips, my eyes still closed, then smiled. When I opened them, it took me a second to focus on Nicole. She had a look on her face that was have anxious, half hopeful. We sat in silence, the only sound being the rain hitting the window. Then I reached out, taking her hand in mine. I rubbed the back of her fingers with my thumb, trying to think of what I wanted to do. She was looking at me in silence, awaiting my decision. Finally, something in my brain clicked. I wanted this, even if it was just once. Nicole was here, desiring me, and I would be a fool if I passed this opportunity.

I grasped her hand and pulled her toward me. We both leaned forward at the same time and met in the middle. This time, the kiss wasn’t just a quick, tentative brush on the lips. My desire for this woman, the one who I’d been lying in bed thinking erotic thoughts about ever since that fateful day, quickly overrode any inhibitions that I’d been feeling earlier. I inhaled deeply, the scent of her shampoo filling my nostrils as the kiss between us deepened. Nicole’s lips parted and I felt the tip of her tongue touch me. I opened my mouth, inviting her in. I’d moved my hands up her arms to hold her close to me and when I felt her tongue brush mine, my hands clenched, gripping her tightly.

Finally, after what felt like this side of forever, we broke the kiss, pulling back. I bit my lower lip as Nicole stood up, looking down at me. She reached out to me, not saying a word. I took her hands, letting her pull me up. There was a mischievous glint in her eyes as she started walking up the stairs, leading me along. Her bedroom was small, dominated by a queen sized bed and a dresser with a large mirror mounted on the top. Nicole let go of my hand and turned away from me, facing the mirror. She was watching my reaction as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it off, revealing her lacy white brassiere. I thought she was going to unhook it but then she put her arms by her side and stood there expectantly. I knew what she wanted. My hands shook a little as I reached out and undid the hooks holding the undergarment to her body. I moved my fingers up to her shoulders and brushed the straps off. The bra fell to the floor as I stepped forward, pressing myself against her naked flesh. I caught sight of us in the mirror as I leaned down, planting a kiss on her neck while my hands traveled down her arms and moved to her small but well formed breasts. Her nipples were hard. I could feel them poking the palms of my hands as I caressed her tits.

I gently bit down on Nicole’s neck which caused her to let out a small gasp as I moved from her chest and explored other parts of her body. My hands traveled down to her flat stomach and then to her sides before stopping at the waistband of her shorts. Her skin was soft, smooth under my wandering hands. My lips moved from her neck to her ear, my tongue lightly touching her earlobe. “I want you.” I whispered, then began to push down her shorts. I knelt down as I did, my hands never leaving her legs and my lips trailing kisses down her spine. I felt her shudder as I kissed the small of her back and I pulled away, looking at her panty clad ass. It was the same lacy white fabric of her bra and I touched the garment, feeling her tight bottom through the material. That’s when the scent of her arousal hit my nose. She kicked off the shorts as I turned her around, still on my knees. I looked up right then to see Nicole smiling that smile of hers down at me.

I smiled back and started to lower her panties down her legs. Her well trimmed bush came into view, then the lips of her vagina, engorged and shiny with her juices. Licking my lips at the sight, I leaned forward until my nose was tickled by the small patch of hair on her mons. I closed my eyes and tentatively poked my tongue out, for the first time in my life, tasting the fluids of another woman. I was pleasantly surprised at the taste, a little sweeter than mine with a hint of tanginess. Again, my tongue snaked out and I gathered up more of her delicious juices, savoring each taste. Nicole spread her legs apart and placed her hands on the back of my head, holding me close to her. It wasn’t necessary though. Right then, I wouldn’t have left the spot on the floor I was kneeling at if the house was on fire. I grabbed her well muscled thighs, feeling them tense as I began to feast in earnest on her delicious pussy.

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