‘I’ve seen you in here before, haven’t I?’ she said.

He nodded. Just slightly. ‘Umm… probably,’ he said.

‘Is this your local?’

‘I suppose so. It’s convenient. The beer’s OK. Also, I quite like Charlie’s taste in music. That’s something that is not to be underestimated in this day and age.’

She laughed. ‘Are you on your own?’

‘On my own?’

‘Yeah. You know… you usually seem to be on your own. When you’re in here.’

He nodded. ‘In that sense, yes. I suppose so. Since my wife died.’

‘I’m sorry,’ she said.

‘Hey… these things happen.’

‘Unfortunately,’ she said.

For a moment or two, they both seemed to be waiting for the other to say something.

She spoke first. ‘Look, I’ll come to the point,’ she said. ‘I’m married. I’d even go so far as to say happily married – in as much as I’m happy to be married to the man to whom I’m married. But I also need a bit of extra from time to time. And I have a particular liking for older gentlemen.’

‘Does the man to whom you are married know about this?’

‘Oh, yes. He knows. It’s not a secret. Well… it’s not a secret between us, anyway. We’ve talked about it. He understands.’

‘When you say older…,’ he said.

‘Well, I’m forty-nine,’ she said. ‘But I do have a bit of a thing for gentlemen in their seventies. Does that count as a fetish? Yes, I suppose it probably does.’

He nodded.

‘How old are you?’ she asked. ‘If you don’t mind me asking.’

‘Seventy-five. Going on seventy-six.’

She smiled. ‘That’s what I thought. Shall I go to the top of the class?’

He laughed.

‘More importantly,’ she said, ‘shall I buy us a drink? And then we can talk further.’

He laughed again. ‘Shouldn’t I be buying the drinks?’

‘You can buy the next round,’ she said.

‘OK,’ he said.

‘Are you retired?’ she asked when she returned with the drinks.

‘Not by choice,’ he said. ‘I always promised myself that I would work until the day I died. But the gods had other plans – as they often do. First, my employer went tits up. And then I had a small health problem that turned out to be not so small. I was still determined to get back on the horse, but after two years of unsuccessful attempts, I had to concede that Pegasus and I were probably no longer the dream team we once were.’

‘I like you,’ she said. ‘You have a sense of humour. I like a sense of humour in a man.’

‘What you see is what you get,’ he told her.

‘Do you still get hard?’ she asked.

He was just in the process of taking a sip of his drink and he almost sprayed the entire pub. ‘Gosh, you cut to the chase, don’t you?’ he said. And then he added: ‘But, if you must know, no. At least not reliably. The medications.’

‘That’s OK,’ she said. ‘Tongues and fingers… we can still have fun.’

Their first liaison (liaison was his word; she used the term hook-up) took place the following Wednesday.

‘Is there anything in particular you would like me to wear?’ she had asked.

‘I will leave it up to you.’

‘Garter belt perhaps? Stockings?’ she said.

‘That would be nice,’ he said.

‘Black?’ she suggested.

‘Perfect,’ he said.

The London weather was not good on that particular Wednesday. In the morning, there were a few showers. But, by afternoon, the showers had turned into etiler escort proper rain. And it was cold.

She arrived shortly before three.

‘I didn’t think you’d come,’ he said, taking her coat.

‘Come? Well, I haven’t come yet,’ she said. ‘I’ve only just got here. But I will come. I promise you that. Just press the right buttons and I’ll come like the runaway train that came over the hill.’

He laughed. ‘I assume there will be instructions. You know… where to find the right buttons. How hard to push, etcetera?’

‘Oh, yes,’ she said. ‘I come with full instructions. I think you’ll find I’m very user-friendly.’

‘Good,’ he said. ‘Because, to be honest, I’m a bit out of practice.’

‘Don’t worry. It’ll be just like the first time all over again.’ And then she said: ‘Do you remember your first time?’

‘My first time? Well, my first time was a very long time ago,’ he said. ‘But… yes. Lois. Lois Street.’

She laughed. ‘And you were superman, I suppose.’

‘Lois was the morning receptionist at the agency where I worked. We had two. Receptionists I mean. Lois did the mornings and Tina – at least I think her name was Tina – or was it Hannah? Anyway, Tina – or Hannah – did the afternoons. I think I must have told Lois that I was going to visit some bookshops in my lunch break. And she said: “No. Come to mine, and I’ll make us a cup of tea.” So we went to hers. She had a small flat just off the other side of Tottenham Court Road. “We’ll have the tea afterwards,” she said. “But first you can fuck me.” Just like that. And I remember thinking: Yes. Why not? How hard can it be?’

‘Was it fun?’

‘As I recall. Yes,’ he said. ‘Mind you, Lois was a few years older than me. I was very much the new boy. I seem to remember that she sort of directed proceedings.’

‘And what became of Lois?’

‘She moved to Manchester. Or was it Liverpool? She said that she had been wanting to fuck me for some time. We only did it that once. She left the following week. Would you like a drink?’ he said. ‘I have some wine. Or…’

‘Yeah. That might be nice,’ she said. ‘Get us both relaxed.’

She followed him into the kitchen and watched while he poured a couple of glasses of chilled pinot gris.

‘The bedroom’s just through here,’ he said, as he handed her a glass of wine and nodded to his left. ‘I assume we are permitted to allow ourselves the comfort of the bedroom.’

‘Oh, I think so,’ she said. ‘Did you and Lois allow yourselves the comfort of the bedroom?’

He shook his head. ‘We did it on her kitchen table,’ he said.

She smiled and nodded. ‘The scene of many a good fuck. But let’s use the bedroom, shall we?’

She followed him into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed, still holding her wine. ‘This is nice,’ she said. ‘And you’re so tidy.’

He laughed. ‘I have a girl comes in. Twice a week. She was here this morning. I got her to change the sheets.’

She smiled. ‘To April showers,’ she said, raising her glass in a toast.

‘More than just showers out there at the moment,’ he said. ‘But yes. Rain to grow the flowers for her first bouquet.’


‘So… what now?’ he said.

‘Well… perhaps I should remove my dress.’

He nodded.

‘You could help,’ she said.

Yes. He could. It had been a while since he eve gelen escort had helped a lady out of her dress. ‘Is there a catch?’ he asked. ‘Will I need an instruction manual?’

‘There’s a little hook at the top. And then just lower the zip.’

Beneath her dress she was wearing a black bra and, as she had promised, black stockings and a suspender belt. The suspender belt was one of those deeper designs that also doubles as a sort of light girdle. ‘Very nice,’ he said. And then he realised. ‘And no knickers.’

She smiled and took another sip of her wine. ‘And now you,’ she said. ‘Shall I do the honours?’

‘I suppose so,’ he said. ‘Would you like to?’

She crouched down, unbuckled his belt, and lowered his zip. Looking down at her, as she crouched there, he was slightly surprised at how substantial her breasts were. Or perhaps it was just that her bra was pushing them together and raising them. Either way, he wasn’t complaining. No, he wasn’t complaining at all.

And then she lowered his boxers. ‘Nice,’ she said, her soft, smiling face only inches from his soft cock, his soft cock that felt that it should now rise – if only it could. She kissed its pinkish-purplish head and, yes, he definitely felt something. ‘Let’s get onto the bed,’ she said.

She wasn’t someone who you would describe a small girl. But she wasn’t a big girl either. And all of her padding was in the right places. At least, he thought so. ‘You’re… you’re rather beautiful, aren’t you?’ he said, as though he had only just noticed.

She laughed softly. ‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘But let’s not get carried away. Let’s just say – as my mother used to – I pass with a push.’

‘Oh, no,’ he said. ‘You’re way better than that. Way better than that. And we should pull the duvet back. After Maria has gone to all the trouble of clean sheets, we should at least enjoy them.’ They both took another sip of their wine and then took up their positions on the fresh sheets.

‘I let my lady garden grown out over winter,’ she said. ‘I hope that’s OK.’

‘I like a bit of lady garden,’ he told her. ‘A sign of a real woman. Trimmed is OK. But I’ve never been a fan of the totally bald look.’ And her ran his fingers over her lightly-forested mound. ‘Yes. Nice,’ he said.

‘And your fingers feel nice,’ she told him. ‘Very nice indeed.’

He regretted that, despite being unquestionably excited by the situation he found himself in, his cock did not seem inclined to rise to the occasion. But she did not seem to mind. He had been honest with her. He had told her about the medications. He had said that he was a bit hit and miss these days. Well… more miss than hit really. But she just took his flaccid cock and caressed it. And then gently stretched it. Perhaps if he stopped worrying about it.

His fingers worked their way south and deeper into her crevice. ‘Oh, yes,’ she said, and she spread her thighs slightly to better facilitate his entry.

‘You’re warm and slippery,’ he said with just a hint of surprise in his voice.

‘Should I not be?’

‘Oh yes,’ he said. ‘It’s just that… well… we’ve only just begun.’

She laughed. ‘I think you must have found some of the right buttons already,’ she said.

‘Now,’ she said, in a tone of voice that suggested that she was about to take charge, ‘for the next part I fatih escort need you to lie on your back.’

‘Will I like it?’ he asked.

‘You’ll love it,’ she assured him.

He lay on his back and, almost before he knew what was happening, she was on her knees, astride his face, and facing towards his feet.

‘OK?’ she said.

He laughed. ‘I’m sure I shall be,’ he said.

She leaned forward so that her mouth was over his cock and her slightly spread cunt was within reach of his tongue. ‘Oh, god, you smell divine,’ he said.

‘Good enough to eat?’

‘Good enough to eat.’

And it was her turn to laugh. ‘And, meanwhile, I shall enjoy a snack at this end,’ she said. ‘Bon appetit.’

Bon appetit indeed. After just three or four minutes, five at the most, she was grinding her now sopping-wet cunt into his face.

‘Oh, fuck, yes,’ she muttered in between mouthfuls of his cock. ‘I just knew that you would have an educated tongue. I don’t know how. I just knew.’ And then, a minute or so after that, as she had promised, the runaway train came over the hill, and she blew.

‘Can I breathe again now?’ he said.

‘I take it that you and your late wife were the 1969 champions of oral sex,’ she said.

‘Funnily enough, Muriel was not really into oral sex,’ he said. ‘She sometimes did it to please me. But it was more a special treat for birthdays and the like.’

She smiled, leaned over again, and kissed his cock, which was still not exactly upstanding, but it had filled out. ‘Can you get onto your hands and knees?’

‘When I have to,’ he said.

‘Well… now I’m telling you that you have to.’

He smiled and clambered over onto his hands and knees. ‘I may need help to get back up again,’ he said.

She laughed. ‘Or you may never want to get up again,’ she said. And she positioned herself behind him and between his legs. ‘Ready?’ And she spread his arse cheeks.

Muriel may have allowed him the special treat of oral sex on feast days and high holidays, but she had never kissed his arsehole. Never. ‘Fuck, yes,’ he said. And that was only the beginning. There was more to come.

‘It’s all right, I’ve trimmed my fingernails,’ she said. ‘Well… I’ve trimmed the nail on this finger anyway. I think we only need one. And my tongue, of course.’

‘Oh, fuck, yes,’ he said. And he felt his cock twitch.

‘Nice?’ she said.

‘Heaven,’ he admitted. ‘Absolute heaven.’

‘We make a good team,’ she said. ‘I thought that we would.’

As she fingered and tongued his arsehole, she reached around with her other hand and began to ‘milk’ his cock. And then, suddenly, everything seemed to click. It was a dribble rather than a spurt. There was no denying that. But it still felt pretty damned good.

Afterwards, they lay in each other’s arms. ‘Well… that was a surprise,’ he said.

She smiled. ‘A nice surprise, I hope.’

‘Oh, yes,’ he said. ‘Oh, yes.’ And his fingers wandered back to her cunt, her warm and slippery cunt.

‘Nice,’ she said. And she added her own fingers to the mix, working her clit while he explored her fuck hole. And then it was time for a second visit from the runaway train.

‘OK?’ he asked.

‘Perfect,’ she said. ‘Yes, perfect. But I should probably think about going. I need to pop into M&S on my way home.’

‘Well… if you must,’ he said. And then he said: ‘It’s been…’

‘It’s been perfect,’ she said. ‘That’s what it has been.’ She disentangled herself from his embrace and slipped her dress back on. ‘Same time next week?’ she said.

He seemed slightly surprised. But then he nodded. ‘I’ll be here,’ he told her.

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