Part One: Her First Gloryhole


Part One: Her First GloryholeMisty sat in her dorm room on another lonely Saturday night. This was how she spent all of her Saturdays. A nineteen-year-old girl ending her freshman year in college, Misty’s life was an ongoing tale of sexual frustration. She had always had a pretty face, with full lips, large blue eyes, and long curly blonde hair. But Misty had also always been the chubby girl. She had been burdened with extra weight all of her life and never seemed to lose it, no matter how hard she tried. Despite her large, full 38D breasts, Misty’s chubby body kept her from getting the attention she craved from men. She was constantly aching for sex, but could never find a willing participant.Life was difficult for a chubby, horny girl on a college campus. Wherever Misty went, there was always a horde of skinny, pretty, young sorority girls to serve as competition. And they were the ones who ended up going home with the guys, not Misty. For Misty, the worst part was her roommate, Cynthia. Cynthia was a nice enough girl, but she epitomized the “sorority slut” archetype. Cynthia rarely spent her nights in the dorm room on weekends, and was always eager to tell Misty about her experiences upon her return. Misty was so jealous of Cynthia and all the other girls like her. “Why can’t I find one guy?” she asked herself, sitting alone, “Just one guy who wants to fuck me?”Misty’s sexual experiences were limited to self-stimulation with her trusty dildo. She often used it to play with her hairy young pussy while she was surfing the internet, looking at pornography. Misty would call up a nice, dirty picture and push the dildo deep into her wet vagina while stimulating her clit. Her favorite sites were the ones that showed glory holes. She loved the idea of sitting there sucking a constant stream of anonymous cock. Misty had even done some research on the web and found that there were glory holes at an adult bookstore about an hour from her campus. Faced with spending a night alone with her dildo, Misty began to wonder. “Could I really do that?” she asked herself, “Could I really go to the glory hole and suck off a bunch of guys?” Misty wrestled with the question for about a half hour. Then, she looked over at Cynthia’s empty half of the room. “Why should she get to go off and get sex every weekend while I’m here alone?” Misty asked herself. Finally, she resolved to do it. Misty was going to her first glory hole!After a long drive, Misty finally arrived at the adult bookstore. She got out of her car and locked it, shivering with anticipation. She had prepared well for this experience. Her long hair was done back in a ponytail and she had neglected to wear a bra or panties. To cover herself, she had put on a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt, along with some sandals. At her side, Misty had a large purse filled with various items: a towel for kneeling on, some moist toilettes to clean up with, and some condoms in case she found a cock to fuck her. She took a deep breath and approached the seedy-looking bookstore. Walking up to the door, she pushed a small buzzer and was eventually granted entrance. She nervously looked around the bookstore, getting aroused at the various pieces of pornography and sex toys. She also noticed a number of men looking her over, as she was the only woman in the store. Then she saw it. Tucked away in the back of the bookstore was a doorway with black curtains that said “video booths”. Misty went to the counter and spoke to a grizzled-looking man who looked to be in his mid-forties.”I’d like to get some tokens for the video booths,” she said, still looking around. The man at the counter just smiled, taking her money and handing her the tokens. “This is it!” thought Misty as she approached the black curtains. As she walked into the back room, she heard the sounds of various porno movies mixing together. The booths were arranged in two columns of four, with many men hanging around in the walkway. Misty caught them all staring at her as she walked into an empty booth. She locked the door behind her and set down her purse. Misty set the towel on the floor next to the hole and began undressing. When she was fully nude, she knelt down and took her spot on the floor. Misty began rubbing her hairy pussy as she peered through the hole.On the other side was a white guy. Misty couldn’t see much of him, of course, but she saw that his pants were down and he was sitting there stroking an impressive cock. Misty licked her lips as she slid two fingers through the hole. All at once, the anonymous man’s giant cock sprang through the hole.”Wow!” thought Misty, “Just like that!” She held it for a second, examining it in the light of the porno movie playing at her side. Then, Misty bent in and kissed the head softly. Encouraged by the throbbing Escort sensation that this seemed to send through the man’s cock, Misty began sucking. She made sure to avoid scr****g her teeth against the cock, and slathered on lots of saliva to make it more comfortable for both parties. Misty wasn’t sure, but she thought she heard the man moaning through the hole. As the minutes passed, Misty bobbed her head up and down on this strange man’s cock. She occasionally took it out of her mouth to lick up the underside of the shaft, and then shoved it back down her throat. Misty felt the man bucking against her mouth, which suggested that he was enjoying himself. Misty had to admit, she was enjoying herself too. “Just last week, I couldn’t even find a date,” she thought to herself, “Now I’m sitting here, sucking some guy off, and driving him wild.” The thought crossed Misty’s mind that this anonymous man cared nothing for her… that he was just using her as a warm, wet hole to stick his cock in. Though Misty knew she should have been ashamed and offended by this, she wasn’t. In fact, the more she thought about how this man was using her as an object, the more turned on Misty became. She had never thought of herself as a sexual object before, and was quite enjoying the idea. Misty continued giving the man head until she felt a swelling in his cock. Before she could prepare, he burst a load down her throat. Misty was unprepared for such a large spurt of cum, and pulled the cock out quickly, choking on the man’s semen. But he wasn’t done. The man’s cock kept shooting out streams of sticky, white semen onto her face. Misty gasped to herself as it dripped down her chin and onto her ample breasts. She thought that would be it. From everything she’d read, once a man busts a nut through the gloryhole, he usually just leaves. But not this guy! He withdrew his cock and replaced it with a hand, which reached through the hole to grasp Misty’s cum-covered breast. She started to protest, but then stopped. “Well,” she thought to herself, “I’m here to have some dirty fun!” Misty held her arms behind her head and let this man that she had never met… never even seen…fondle her young, sizable chest. After a bit more squeezing, the man withdrew his hand, whispered a hushed thanks, and left the booth. Misty was thrilled! She had just sucked off a strange guy and had turned him on so much that he wanted to feel her up. After just a few moments, another man entered the booth. This one wasn’t as forward as the booth’s previous occupant. He stood in front of the hole for what seemed like a minute, and then cautiously peered down through the hole. Misty smiled at him, forgetting about the cum running down her chin. She saw the man grin, and he then stood up. As Misty watched the man through the hole, he unzipped his pants and took out his semi-hard cock. It wasn’t as big as the first man’s, but Misty wasn’t going to complain. She felt the soft, spongy cock fill her mouth as she leaned forward. After a bit of playful suckling, it began to grow and harden. But this man did not seem to want a standard blowjob. As Misty was getting ready to start sucking him proper, the man pulled his cock back and pushed it back through the hole into her mouth. Misty was confused at first, and the man kept up his pattern of pulling away and shoving his cock back into her side of the hole. Then it dawned on her. “He must want to fuck my mouth!” thought Misty. She planted her face up against the hole and kept it there. At this, the man began pumping his cock in and out of her wet, cum-coated mouth. Once again, Misty felt the thrill of being used by a stranger. Her fingers u*********sly ran through her pubic hair and down to her soaking pussy. This man didn’t seem to have the stamina of his predecessor. After just a few minutes of fucking her face, the man plunged his cock deep into her mouth and held it there. Misty was ready for the load this time, and began to smile inwardly as the man deposited another gooey load down her throat. As she was still swallowing the man’s cum, he zipped up his fly and walked out of the booth. Misty’s pussy was aching for attention. She pushed two fingers inside of her and fingered herself as she waited. While she played with herself, Misty heard murmurings outside of the booth. Just then, another man walked in and shut the door. Misty watched as he quickly took down his pants and fed his giant, fat cock through the hole. As she grasped the magnificent cock, she heard the man on the other side of the wall whisper. “They say there’s a great little cocksucking slut over there,” he said, “Rub my cock on your tits before you suck it.”Misty did as she was told, rubbing the man’s cock all over her breasts. He didn’t seem to mind as his cock Escort Bayan ran through the sticky cum left on her breasts by the first man. Then, she fed his cock through her cleavage and pressed her breasts together, tit-fucking this stranger through the gloryhole. Every time his cock would peek through the top of her cleavage, Misty’s tongue would be there to give it a quick lick. “Now suck it!” the man whispered through the hole. Again, Misty followed orders. Sure that this man was not interested in the normal foreplay, Misty opted to just start sucking him hard with no licking or teasing. He seemed to enjoy this, as his cock pulsated within her mouth. “Oh yeah!” moaned the man, now not bothering to whisper. A mixture of saliva, pre-cum, and the previous two men’s cum spilled out the sides of Misty’s mouth, running down her chin and onto her breasts. She could tell that this particular guy would have a big load to shoot, and he was going to be giving it to her soon. Misty wanted to take advantage of this. When she felt that he was close to ejaculating, Misty pulled her mouth off of his cock. Straightening her body a bit, Misty began jerking him until he deposited a gigantic glob of semen onto her breasts.The man’s cock continued pumping out cum and it coated her breasts, running down her belly and into her pubic hairs. Misty closed her eyes, feeling like a complete and utter slut. “I bet those girls on campus never did anything like this,” she thought to herself, “No matter how much prettier they are than me!”As the man finished his orgasm, he withdrew his cock and put his mouth to the hole. “Stand up!” he whispered. Misty did as he said, not knowing what he had planned. The man’s hand shot out from the hole and went right to her wet pussy. Misty u*********sly spread her legs to give him better access as he fingered her repeatedly. Then, the man used his fingers to gather his own cum from her stomach and pubic hair and placed the cummy fingers back into her pussy.Misty gasped. She wasn’t sure if she could get pregnant from just having a man finger her with cum on his hands, but she was sure it wasn’t safe. Still, she couldn’t stop. She just stood there and let the man on the other side of the hole finger her until she had a rippling orgasm stream through her body. As she coated the man’s fingers with her own womanly juices, he withdrew his hand. Exhausted and elated, Misty looked through the hole just in time to see him place his fingers in his mouth and suck them clean. “Mmm,” he whispered, “You’ve got a tasty cunt, honey.” Misty was a bit taken aback by the use of that particular word, as most girls her age were. Still, the dirtiness of the entire sinful situation served only to fill her with increased lust as she watched her third gloryhole lover leave the booth.Misty’s mind was reeling. She had sucked off three anonymous men, one of which had brought her to orgasm. The fat young girl that no one else wanted was now an object of desire. Misty knelt beside the hole and waited for her fourth cock of the evening. Soon after she knelt down, her next anonymous lover entered the booth. Misty didn’t have to encourage this guy. He simply pulled out his cock and moved it toward the hole. “I must be getting quite a reputation out there!” thought Misty. She greedily took his cock in her mouth and sucked him for a few minutes. Then, curiously, he withdrew. Misty was perplexed. Then, remembering the prior man who wanted to face fuck her, she figured this man must want the same thing. Misty planted her mouth against the hole and waited for his cock to plunge down her throat. But instead, she heard him whispering to her. “I want to fuck you!” he said quietly. Misty was a bit taken aback. She had planned for such a contingency, but was she ready to actually go for it? Her aching wet pussy told her that the answer was an emphatic “yes!” Misty turned away from the hole and bent over. She remembered the condoms in her purse, but was too hot to be bothered by them. “I’ll just have to hope for the best,” she told herself as she backed toward the hole, legs spread.Just then, the man began to slide his cock into her. Misty gasped. This was the first time a man had ever entered her. He pushed hard, determined to get his cock all the way up her young, tight pussy. Misty had to push against the wall in front of her to keep herself balanced. She was experiencing a mix of emotions. The pain of the man’s cock inside of her was almost too much to bear, but it was overshadowed by the simultaneous pleasure that she was experiencing. Her nervousness at fucking a strange man without protection was overshadowed by her lustful enjoyment of the entire situation. And her shame at being a fuck slut for some stranger was overshadowed by her feelings Bayan Escort of beauty and attractiveness. “They wouldn’t want to fuck me if they didn’t think I was pretty!” she kept telling herself.But in her heart, she knew that the man cared nothing for her. He just kept pumping away at her stretched pussy. The man was almost robotic in his relentless, continuous fucking. Misty was moaning out loud, unconcerned with who might hear her. And then it happened… she felt him start to cum. All at once, Misty’s pussy began to fill with the stranger’s seed. She knew she shouldn’t feel good about it, but she was elated. The feeling of a hard cock coating her womb with semen made her have her second orgasm of the night. From that point on, Misty vowed never to use a condom again in her life, no matter what the consequences. As the man’s orgasm subsided, he quietly pulled his cock out of her and left the booth. Misty’s entire body felt wonderful. She didn’t want to suck cock anymore…she wanted to get fucked! She kept herself in her hunched over position awaiting her fifth glory hole lover. As the next man entered, Misty could hear him whistle. What a sight it must have been for him…peering down to the small hold and seeing a hairy young pussy dripping with semen. This man followed his predecessor’s style and pushed his cock into her instantly. Misty had a much easier time taking this one, having been loosened up by the booth’s previous occupant. The cum that now spackled her insides, she thought, was probably serving as a convenient lube as well. The man pumped his cock hard into her, varying his fucking speed over the course of a few minutes. As this new man hammered her, Misty reached down and began playing with her swollen clit. Finally, he deposited his own seed into her. As the man withdrew his cock, Misty could hear him calling her a “nasty little slut” before he walked out of the booth.Misty smiled to herself. Maybe she was a nasty little slut. But she was also getting the first bit of real sexual relief she had ever received in her life. And she wasn’t about to stop. For the next half hour, Misty got anonymously fucked by four other men, all of whom shot a sizable load of cum into her pussy. Now filled with the cum of six strangers, Misty was aching for a seventh. Almost on cue, the next man walked in. But he didn’t instantly push his cock into her. Misty listened, and could hear him fiddling with something on his end of the hole. Then she felt him slide in. It was much smoother than her previous six lovers’ cocks had been. “He must be using a condom,” she thought to herself. Misty realized that she was disappointed by this, and settled into an unfulfilling fuck. As she felt the man orgasm and pull out, Misty quickly turned around and faced the hole, speaking to him in a hushed tone. “Let me have the condom,” she said, “Please!” The man pulled off his condom and shoved it through the hole. As the man knelt down to watch what she was going to do, Misty held the condom upside-down over her open mouth. She heard the man groan with delight as his semen dripped from the condom into her mouth. Misty smiled at him and waved goodbye as he left the booth.Misty was exhausted. She had sucked off three men and fucked seven more. Now, for the first time in her young life, she knew what absolute sexual fulfillment was like. She also knew what it felt like to be a slut. “Honestly,” she thought to herself, “It’s not so bad. I get plenty of cock and men always want me.” Misty resolved to become an easy girl at that point. She actual wanted a bad reputation. When men talked to her, she wanted them to know that she would fuck them in a heartbeat. Misty sat naked on the filthy floor, spreading her legs. Cum soaked out of her used, hairy pussy as she examined it. When it appeared as though no one was left to service through the hole, Misty began playing with herself. Taking large deposits of cum from her pussy, she repeatedly brought the sticky goo to her mouth and tasted it. She even worked the men’s cum into her pussy hair, rubbing it in like shampoo. Finally, Misty decided she’d had enough for one night. She put on what little clothes she had brought, cum already soaking through and forming a dark patch in the crotch of her shorts. She didn’t care, though. Misty grabbed her purse and brazenly walked out of the booth. She was a sight! Cum was streaked down her face and chin and her shorts were so soaked with semen that it looked as though she had wet herself. Misty passed about a half dozen men on her way out of the adult bookstore, all staring at her. She thrilled to the idea that she had probably sucked and fucked most of these men just minutes earlier. Getting back into her car, Misty began the long drive back home. “I won’t shower tonight,” she thought to herself, “I want to wake up feeling full of cum and having it dried all over my body.” And Misty did just that, eventually falling asleep in her bed later that evening, resolving to visit the glory hole whenever possible.

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