Paint Me, Miss!


I was completely submerged in water, the only part of me that was sticking up was the top of my head and my nose so that I could breath. It was so warm my head span even though I was lying down but the weak feeling was welcomed by my hot body that writhed beneath my hand. My left fingers slipped between the lips of my sex and gently rubbed the juices that I could feel despite the water. My body instantly responded to the touch and made my hips buck. I had to be at an art class soon, but I was so taken by my desire I couldn’t bring myself to go just yet. I’d spent all week trying not to masturbate, but I’d been so horny I’d searched around the internet for porn and erotic stories. I loved masturbating – a bit too much, so I’d tried to put myself on hold and this was the payback my body was giving me. I pulled up the plug from the bottom of the tub and got out, grabbing the large towel from the rack and gently dabbing it over my body. I was still wet though, in more than one way and I could feel the moistness between my legs and the gentle tug of desire in my stomach calling for me to please myself or better yet – for someone else to please me. I hadn’t been in a relationship for about a year – and I wasn’t the sort of girl who just went into town and picked someone up. I sat down on my bead. My engorged clitoris was rubbing against the towel and sending strong shivers up my body. I was so weak minded that I had to walk over to my closet and rummage around to find my vibrator that was lying around somewhere. “My little magical tool,” I said and pulled out the vibrator that curved upwards, it was shaped like a penis with veins, but it was a cliché coloured pink. I dropped Ümraniye Escort my towel and felt the cool air from the open window caress my body as I lay down on the bed and spread my legs wide. I could even see my clitoris throbbing. I put the vibrator on the highest and pressed it against the spot on the right that I knew always drove me wild. It didn’t fail this time – the orgasm was seconds away before I writhed with pleasure. I rotated the vibrator against my entrance, feeling my pussy sucking it in and embracing it. I pushed down and the strong vibrations pulsated all the way through my body and up to my head. My breathing became heavier and my hips tried to squirm it’s way away from the vibrator but I kept firm and was rewarded with the sensation of waves rolling through my body. Through the large windows someone could surely see me, but I still rubbed my fingers in my juices and tasted it. I sighed in delight, few men could do this to me – I was better off without one, but I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about her luscious pink lips. My head turned to the clock on the bedside table and jerked up, I was going to miss the entire class if I didn’t get dressed and ran right tha minute. ———-My entrance disturbed the quiet class; from one of the speakers spilled Mozart and everyone’s head turned towards me as I tumbled in. They were already busy painting fruit that was neatly placed on a pedestal in the centre and I tried to be as quiet as possible as I hung up my jacket and put my bag beneath it. Someone had stolen my spot and I gritted my teeth as I had to settle for the lesser, darker spot in the corner. “I was beginning Ümraniye Escort Bayan to think that you were skipping class,” her voice made me blush as I squeezed out some beige colour onto the spotty palette. “I would never miss a class,” I assured her and wet the largest brush into the container of water. I dipped it into the beige and tried to quickly stroke it onto the canvas. She was standing next to me, watching my every move as I tried to fill the entire canvas with a base. The teacher was a beautiful, young woman named Ariella; she was tan from working outside with her light brown hair being slightly bleached by the sun. Her eyes were pretty and dark beneath a fan of lashes. It was summer and I often saw her in short dungarees that fitted her snugly and today was no different. “Carry on.” We painted in silence for over an hour, the only sound came from the speakers and Ariella whom commented on how her students could get better. I looked at her a few times and watched as she moved her full, pink lips as she spoke to the person in need. I could feel my body stir again and I pressed my legs together in an awkward and tight position, my panties were getting wetter by the second. “I hope everyone’s had a good class.” It felt as if time had flown by when I heard her voice loud and clear again and I looked up from my canvas, she stood in the middle with her hands on her hips and looked around at us like a proud mother. “I certainly have.” Sound instantly rose as people began to speak with each other, the class consisted of mainly females with the occasional man here and there. The age limit for the class was 18 which Escort Ümraniye was understandable since we’d had a couple of nude models pose for us. I reached for my painting and put my hand on the edge, the background was completely dry but a smudge of colour was still wet on top. The coldness of it made me let go of the painting, I accidentally dropped it and it fell face first down onto the colours – the palette spilled onto the floor and the water tipped so it drizzled onto the floor. “Shit!” I exclaimed and instinctively pushed my body closer to the table to try and stop the water from running everywhere. The water soaked through my shirt and sank down onto my pants and through them too. “Oh!” Ariella hurried up and lifted the glass, but by then it had already emptied itself onto my person. “Hang on, I have a change of clothes you can have,” she pushed up the painting so it stood upright and put the glass on a counter by the edge of the wall. I grabbed some paper and tried to mop up the colours that had stained the floor. While I was cleaning up everyone else left the studio and Ariella came back with a long dress. “You can just leave that,” she said and put everything on a clean counter. “It happens all the time, no worries,” she had a sweet voice with a tang of playfulness in it that I liked a lot, it was one of the reasons I came to class. She hurried up to me and tugged at my shirt and made me raise my arms, she slipped it off me and I tried to cover myself. “Oh, don’t worry, I’ve seen it all,” she chuckled and winked at me and instructed me to take of my pants while she locked the door so no one would come in. “By the way,” she lingered on the words as I grabbed some more paper and tried to wipe the dampness off my body. “I’ve been meaning to ask you,” her cheeks where getting a light pink tint. “I’ve been taking a body painting class and I really need a model.” “Uh,” was all that I managed to get out. “I was going to ask you before class, but…” “Oh, no, I mean…

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