Our first time together


Our first time togetherWe had spoken several times before we finally met, John and Judy were just as I had imagined them to be, a young couple in their early thirties they made me feel very welcome and relaxed, so when Judy had finished her drink and said she was going to get changed into something more comfortable neither John or I thought much about it.Only when she returned and sat on the sofa opposite did either of us notice that underneath her robe she appeared to be naked, she smiled at us both as we sat talking and drinking opposite her, I looked at John and could see that the mood had changed, I knew John had always wanted to touch another man, but never had he said, in any of our conversations, that Judy would want to either be there or watch. I just sat there glued to the sofa as Judy nodded towards me and John moved his hand onto my leg, as John slowly moved his had around my body I realised that Judy was doing the same to herself, I briefly wondered who was leading who, as Judy cupped her breast and gently tweaked her nipple till it was hard and I realised that John was now doing the same to me, it really fethiye escort was very sexy being touched in this way and watching his wife at the same time. I was getting so hard and horny and I was not sure if it was because of what John was doing to me or what I was watching Judy do to herself.I could feel john undoing my shirt as Judy’s robe slid off her shoulders to reveal her firm breasts and erect nipples, I was not ready to feel his lips on my nipples, but felt my cock harden as he sucked on them gently, I saw Judy gasp and smile as John’s hand traced a lazy circle around my hardening cock still trapped inside my jeans, Judy spoke gently encouraging John to strip me naked, I felt so helpless as I stood up and felt John’s hands undoing my buttons, belt and zip to remove my clothes and have me stand there naked in front of them both, john’s hand grasped my cock and I had to hold on to him to stop myself falling over as he stroked me, Judy was now also standing and naked she took the two or three steps to reach us slowly looking at us together, her husband stroking another man’s cock the fingers of her right escort fethiye hand rubbing their way into her pussy as her left hand reached out and for me and with her thumb soaking wet with her pussy juice smeared it across my nipples, she leaned in close to me I felt her breasts against my arm as she whispered to me kiss him kiss him for me I was unsure what she meant at first but as she pressed her lips against mine, lightly touching my lips with her tongue as she pulled away and pushed my head around to meet John’s, he looked as reluctant as I did, but Judy pushed us together and we were soon kissing, Judy was breathing hard onto my neck as she whispered help me undress him, it was an amazing feeling to help a wife strip her husband and watch her masturbate as we touched each other both of us wanted to touch Judy but knew we had more to experience before that could happen, Judy was fully in control now and we all knew it.Judy stood before us unable to keep her hands from her breasts and pussy as John and I sat before her stroking each other’s cock. Judy wanted to see her husband suck my cock, as I stood she fethiye escort bayan took my hand and moved so she could see my cock slide into her husband’s mouth, she gasped and squeezed my had as John slowly sucked my cock, he took my balls in one hand and his cock in the other and stroked himself in time with his sucking, Judy was leaning against me now breathing heavily not being able to take her eyes off my cock sliding in and out of her husband’s mouth, neither John or I had tried to touch Judy even though she was naked and as aroused as we were, she whispered again into me ear, will you suck John’s cock? I could hardly refuse and to tell the truth I really did want to taste him I sat as John stood and watched his wife staring as his cock entered my mouth and my lips closed around it, using my tongue on the underside I felt him jerk slightly inside my mouth, andharden a little bit more as Judy reached out and stroked his cock into my mouth, I could feel John was getting close to coming Judy must have felt it too and pulled his cock out of my mouth knelt beside me took his cock and stroked him into her mouth until he came she could hardly keep it all in and had to swallow several times before she looked at me leaned over and kissed me her eyes closed as our cum soaked lips met and John sat and watched as I kissed his wife with his cum on our

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