One Lesson with Callista


“Okay, so today we are going to be studying verbs,” Miss Callista said in a thick Spanish accent. “Do you know anything about verbs?”

James was sat across the room behind a desk. He was clutching a pen hovering over a piece of paper.

“Are you listening James?” She said and turned to face him.

“Yea, sure,” he replied. “I’m listening.”

He was in fact lying. The only thing he could focus on was the golden brown of his Spanish teachers skin, and how her long dark brown hair flowed elegantly to the bottom of her back. She was a beauty. She had full red lips, piercing blue eyes, toned arms and legs. If she wore more clothes maybe, just maybe, he might be able to get some work done. But Miss Callista didn’t like clothing by the looks of it. His mother had complained several times, but his father never seemed that bothered if she showed up in tiny hot pants and a top that only half covered her toned, golden brown stomach. Of course his father didn’t care, it was the most he came to any action seeing Miss Callista once a week wearing hardly anything.

James didn’t care either. In fact he had spent many nights wondering what she would wear next. And not one week did he get any better at Spanish.

“James!” The teachers voices pierced through his daydream. “What is wrong with you today?”

He shook his head. “Nothing miss. I’m just a bit distracted that’s all.”

“What could an eighteen year old boy be distracted by so much when there is nothing in the room apart from me?” She was stood now, glaring at him with her fire blue eyes and one hand on her hip.

James felt like telling her she was the distraction, it he shook the thought out of his head and sat up straight. “I’m okay.”

She walked across the room to him and leant over the front of his desk. James’s eyes flickered down for a second catching a glimpse of a silk red bra hugging two perfectly formed breasts.

“Are you paying attention?” She smiled.

James nodded.

“Now,” she turned back to the board in front of her. “The Spanish verb for love is?”

He went to speak, then shook his head. “I don’t know miss.”

He couldn’t focus. That was common for his age, he thought. Especially when his teacher was so fucking hot and the rod between his legs was raging hard. He fumbled under the desk with his trousers trying move it to the side.

“How,”she spun around again to face him. “Do you not know? Have you been studying?”

James nodded, still fumbling under the desk.

“What are you messing around with?” She asked with one raised eyebrow.

“Nothing,” he replied quickly.

“Your messing with something, what is it?” She looked angry now. Lines appeared on her forehead as she frowned. “Tell me!”

“It’s nothing honestly!” James lifted his empty hands as proof.

Miss Callista bounded across the room, gripped the side of his desk with one red nailed hand and shoved it to the left. It screeched across the wooden floor to a stop a few feet from where James was sat.

Miss Callista let out a gasp and covered her mouth with one hand. “What is this I see?”

James’s face suddenly went bright red and he quickly covered the bulge in his trousers with his arms. “nothing,” he said.

“Oh it looks like something little James. Something huge!”

“That’s it,” James stood up. “I’m getting out of here.”

“No no no, stay. It’s okay, it’s natural.” She smiled.

“No, I think I need to leave.”

“But,” her slender hand darted forwards, gripping Beylikdüzü Escort him right between the legs. “I thought you wanted to learn Spanish? If you want to learn I can teach. If not, you can leave,” she gestured to the door with her free hand.

James went speak, but couldn’t find the words. All he could think about was miss Callista’s hand groping his now rock hard cock.

“Do you want to leave James? Or are you going to let me teach you something?” She grinned at him showing off rows of perfect white teeth behind her full red lips.

“I,” he stammered. “Want you to teach me.”

“Now I understand why you have not been learning. Maybe another technique would help you. More physical no?” She cocked her head to one side then released his cock from her grip. “Before this day is through, you will at least know a little Spanish. I still have one hour.”

James sat back down and crossed his arms again covering his bulge.

“quítate los pantalones,” she said. “Do you understand?”

James shook his head.

“It means,” she stepped forwards and leant her face close to his. She smelt like strawberries and cream. “Take off your trousers, now!”

James did as he was told. He whipped his trousers off, and his underwear, and sat there, half naked with a huge pile sticking from between his legs. He felt a little embarrassed, and cold.

“te voy a chupar la polla,” she smiled and slinked down onto her knees, as graceful as a cat. “That means, I’m going to suck your cock. Would you like that James?”

“Yes Miss,” James said almost groaning before she had even laid a finger on him. He had been wanting this for months. And now it was finally happening he was probably going to explode.

“Miss Callista. Always call me Miss Callista,” she smiled and wrapped a warm hand around the base of his cock. “Oh my James you have such a big one don’t you for an eighteen year old. I bet all the girls want to ride you no?”

James shook his head. “Not really.”

“Oh but look at it. I’m not sure if my tiny mouth can fit it all in, but we will try.”

Miss Callista licked her lips, then planted a Kiss just on the tip of James’s cock.

James let out a loud groan.

“Ha ha, somebody is excited yes?” She hissed and planted another kiss on the side of his shaft as she gently started to stroke her left hand up and down on the base of his cock. “how long have you been like this James? Days? Weeks? Months?”

“Since I saw you,” James said between breaths. He was finding it hard to control himself.

“I know,” she whispered. “I’ve known for a while. I just didn’t want to break the teacher student bond we had. But your not learning James. Now maybe you will….”

As she spoke last word, she took the full length of him inside her mouth and groaned as the tip of his cock touched the back of her throat.

“God your so big,” she gasped, after releasing him from her. “And so hard.”

James nodded. He couldn’t speak now. His breathing was hard, and fire between his legs was building so quick he could barely control it.

“Are you ready,” she whispered. “te voy a chupar la polla ahora. I’m going suck your cock now,” and without another word, she took the full length of him inside her warm mouth. Instead of coming up for air, her lips slid up and down his shaft, her tongue wrapped around the end of his cock and her left hand pumped up and down on him gently.

“Fuck,” James gasped. “I can’t control myself.”

Miss Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan Callista grinned between sucks then proceeded to move faster. Her head bobbed as she sucked and licked and slid her smooth warm lips up and down his rock solid cock.

James got harder before he exploded. He felt it well up inside like a pleasure he had never felt. Then he jerked and bucked his hips as warm liquid shot out of him. He let out a loud groan as his sperm hit the back of Miss Callista’s throat.

She squealed, but didn’t let go. Her lips went up and down his skin so fast, sucking every last drop out of him, draining his balls dry of everything he had. She swallowed it all, gulping it down like a hungry girl, the slowed her movements to crawl before releasing him with a gasp.

“Oh wow, that was a lot. You must be horny boy?” She grinned and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

James slumped in his chair. His cock was drained but still hard as a rock. A thin glean of sweat covered his forehead and his chest felt like he’d run a marathon. “My god.”

“God had nothing to do with that. It was my lips that had you cumming in minutes,” Miss Callista said and stood up. “now, next lesson. Quiero que me lamas el coño.”

James opened his eyes and shook his head.

“Oh you don’t know what that means either do you James. Maybe I’ll tell you. Or I’ll just show you?” She grinned and slowly, seductively unhooked her hot pants. She slid them down her long tanned legs and kicked them off to the side. She was wearing a thin, red thong. She turned and slid the desk back over in front of James then sat down on top of it.

“Don’t get up,” she giggled. “Your at the perfect height for me.”

“What does it mean then?”James asked.

“abre mis piernas,” she said. “Spread my legs.”

James did as he was asked. He placed one hand on each knee and gently spread Miss Callista’s legs wide, almost into the splits, revealing the front of her red thong that was already moist and pulsing.

“Quiero que me lamas el coño,” she grinned wickedly. “It means, lick my cunt!”

James didn’t need asking twice. He slowly slid her thong down her long legs, feeling her silky smooth skin as he did so. She was shaven, completely, and moist. He kissed her on the inside of her thigh causing her to quiver and let out a little gasp of air.

“Mmmm,” she groaned. “I think you’ve done this before haven’t you James?”

“A few times,” James smiled before running his tongue gently up the smooth skin on the opposite thigh. He got close to the sweet spot between her legs then pulled off.

“Oh dios!” She gasped. “Your such a tease. I’m getting wetter and wetter.”

James laughed as he gently bit her skin then kissed her close to her dripping pussy.

“Solo lame mi coño, ahora!” She gasped. “I can’t take it any more. Just lick my cunt, now!” Miss Callista gripped the back of his head and pulled his face forwards burying his mouth and tongue right between her wet and warm legs. As his younger made contact with her clit she let out a long hiss and slumped back onto the desk.

“¡Mierda!” She screeched and arched her back.

James began to lick her hard. His teachers legs quivered with every movement of his tongue as he slid it up and down her slit.

She gasped and moaned gently at first, but it wasn’t long before her gasps came fast and hard and she let out little whimpers of joy.

“Si! Si!” She screeched as Escort Beylikdüzü James buried his tongue deeper onto her clit. He was licking hard and fast now and miss Callista was groaning and crying out with pleasure. Her back arched up and down with ever flick of his tongue.

“no te detengas!” She cried. “Don’t fucking stop James.”

James licked harder, and faster. His tongue slid up and down her furiously. She began to rock her hips against his face. Her body quivered and jerked and her mouth let out a loud, piercing scream.

James clamped his arms around her hips, holding her there. “No escape!” He groaned into her cunt.

“Oh si!” She screeched.

Several licks of his tongue later and Miss Callista was screaming. Her open wide mouth let out long piercing gasps of air and her tanned body tensed and went rigid as every muscle tightened and she exploded on James’s face.

“Fuck!” She screamed. “Oh si!”

Her orgasm rocked the entire room. Her screams bounced off every wall as she released every bit of pleasure and ecstasy onto James’s face. Her hips bucked upwards and her back arched. One hand gripped the hair on the back of his head forcing him deeper into her cunt, until her body suddenly went limp and lifeless on the desk.

James slowed his licking to almost nothing before pulling off her. Miss Callista was panting and groaning but not moving. Her eyes were shut and he realised her other hand hand lifted her top up exposing her perfectly formed breast. She was gripping the right one hard.

“Oh my James. You are a naughty student aren’t you?” She grinned but didn’t get up. “My legs are so weak.”

She laughed then slowly sat upright. She let out another sigh. “I see your hard again.”

“I was hard the entire time Miss Callista,” James smiled.

“Hmm,” she frowned. “We can’t have that now can we.”

She pushed him backwards, onto the floor, then reached up and whipped her white top off, unhooked her bra and stood glaring hungrily down at him, naked and dripping wet.

“Te voy a follar ahora!” She grinned wickedly. “I’m going to fuck you now, is that okay James?”

“Yes Miss Callista,” James said.

“Of course it is. I can tell but the way your looking at me. How many times have you imagined slipping your hard cock deep inside my cunt?” She asked.

“Hundreds,” he replied.

“I’m sure you have. All those long nights in your bed alone, jerking to my body. The thought of you jerking to me makes me so horny,” she said. “But you don’t need to imagine no more, now you get to have a taste of the real thing!”

She knelt down. Her naked, glistening body was gorgeous in the dim light of the room. She was toned and tanned and looked like a goddess. She hovered the lips of her pussy so close to the tip of his cock he could feel her warmth throbbing from inside her.

“Ooo, so close,” she laughed. “So close yet so far.”

“Sit down,” James gasped. He couldn’t wait any longer.

“Maybe I won’t, maybe I’ll leave you wanting more. Maybe, I’ll leave and never come back after you satisfied my body with your mouth.”

“Did I satisfy you?” James asked.

“Oh yes,” she smiled. “Very much. But I’m not done.” She placed a hand on his bare chest. “This could take all day!”

“All day?”

“Oh yes,” she said. “But not today.”

Miss Callista stood up. She quickly pulled on her shorts, whipped her T-shirt over her head then stuffed her thong in her pocket.

Before she left she knelt down next to James’s head and whispered in his ear.

“I’ll be thinking about you all week James. I want you to think about me too. Next time I think you should come to my house, I can teach you Spanish much better from there.”

She kissed him on the forehead and left the room leaving James alone and throbbing.

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