Old Enough

Anal Sex

Tonya slipped the key into the backdoor lock and let herself into her neighbor’s house. She pulled an earbud out and whistled for the little old beagle her neighbor Mr. Wayne was paying her to watch. To be fair, she loved the little grey-haired beauty and would have done it for free. The fact that Mr. Wayne Lewis was so good-looking meant she wouldn’t have said no even if she didn’t like Bella. Wayne Lewis had moved into his mother’s house when she got sick a year ago. Sadly she passed away a few months later, but Wayne decided to stay. Tonya was very happy about that and enjoyed many hours of watching him through her window while he worked hard to clean the overgrown yard. Her mother would often invite him to dinner or send him a plate of food, that Tonya always volunteered to run over to him despite how he flustered her. She was a little embarrassed to admit that she had taken pictures of him while he was outside cutting the grass and sent them to her friends. They all agreed that for an older man, he was quite delicious. He couldn’t be any more than twenty years older. Not that his age bothered her. Mr. Lewis had starred in quite a few of her fantasies and brought her to so many orgasms.He had become her go-to lately. Especially after the first night of walking Bella, she found his cologne on the bathroom counter and spritzed herself with it. That night she placed the t-shirt on her body pillow and climbed on top. She closed her eyes and allowed his scent to fill her mind. At that moment, it was no longer her pillow, it had become Wayne. Her hands roamed over her body and pretended they were his. Fingers gripped her nipples, causing her to gasp with pleasure as she began to ride it, rubbing her clit over the pillow until she came, biting her lip to keep from crying out. She blushed thinking of it but thought after spending time here, she would go home and do it again. No one would be home this time, so she wouldn’t have to be quiet.Bella came bounding into the kitchen, bouncing, and yipping as most beagles do. “Ooh, Bella girl! How are you doing, sweet girl?” Tonya said, dropping down on her knees, nuzzling the older dog. “Who’s ready for a walk?” Bella answered with a loud howl and ran for the backdoor. An hour later, Tonya burst through the backdoor carrying a now muddy Bella. She had slipped her lead and ran for the pond and its extremely muddy banks. “Stupid ducks. Oh, Bella, you are not the sweetest girl.” Bella wined in response. “Don’t be cute with me now.” Tonya kicked off her muddy shoes and pulled her socks off one-handed, all while fighting a wiggling Bella. “No way, little lady, you are going straight to the bath.” She tiptoed to the bathroom, kicked the bathmat out the way, and set her on the floor. Tonya picked the mat up by her thumb and forefinger, opened the bathroom door, and tossed the mat out into the hallway. That was all Bella needed. She darted from the room and ran straight for Wayne’s bedroom. “Oh, Jesus, Bella, no!” By the time Tonya made it into his bedroom, Bella had had the zoomies all across his bed. Mud was everywhere, and the little beagle was lying belly up, wiggling against Wayne’s pillows. With her hands on her hips and her brow furrowed in frustration, Tonya crossed the bedroom, scooped up the muddy dog, and took her back to the bathroom. ~*~Wayne pulled into his driveway and laid his head back against the seat. He was so glad to be home a day early. The conference had been long and boring with a lot of people congratulating themselves. All he wanted to do now was shower and lay in his bed until sleep finally took him. He walked up to the backdoor and saw that the light in the kitchen was on. ‘Tonya must be here to tend to Bella,’ he thought, hesitating to go inside. He was excited to see Bella but hesitant to see Tonya alone in his house without prying eyes. Beylikdüzü escort bayan She was only seventeen, and she flustered him. There was no denying how sexy and sweet she was. There was also no denying how often she made his cock hard. He knew her parents would soon find him rude since he ran out of their house whenever they invited him for dinner.  Sitting at their supper table making small talk while Tonya sat across from him, randomly touching his leg with her toes, took all of his self-control. There was no way he could sit through drinks or God forbid, get in the pool where the clingy trunks would show his desires. Wayne stood on his porch with his keys in his hand thinking back to the day he left. She had been outside with a few friends, dancing and carrying on as teenage girls do. Her squeals of delight and laughter flowed through his open window, and staying in the shadows, Wayne peeked out across the street at her. Within seconds his dick was hard, straining against his boxers. When she bent over at the waist, with her legs spread, and shook her ass towards his house, it pushed him over the edge.   Before he knew what he was doing, he had his cock out. It was already leaking and throbbing before Wayne began the first stroke.  She turned and looked at his house, and without her knowledge, they locked eyes before she turned, bent again, sliding her hand over her ass and almost between her legs. His cock was rock hard. Wayne spat in his hand and gripped it tightly, jerking up and down quickly, losing all the control he had built over the years, and came in seconds. That was not the first time Tonya had made him cum like he had when he was sixteen and took his girlfriend out on their first date. Fumblings in the backseat, and he had shot all over her panties. That ruined their night, and he made it a point to learn control. Something this girl seemed to take from him without even knowing it. Wayne’s dick stirred at the memory, and he debated getting back in his car and going for a drive until she left. ‘This is stupid, it’s my house,’ he said, giving himself a pep talk. ‘Surely you can behave yourself long enough to pay her and send her home.’ The backdoor was unlocked, but Wayne knocked to get her attention and then called out as he walked through the door so he didn’t startle her. “Tonya, you here? I’m home early.” As he walked into the kitchen, he noticed that her black sneakers and a pair of socks were on the floor by the door. They were both covered in mud. “Tonya, what happened to your shoes?” He set his stuff down on the table and walked further into the house. “Tonya?” Little tippy-tappy sounds greeted him as Bella ran down the hallway. She was dancing and shaking when she came into the room. “Hiya, good girl.” Wayne squatted down, took Bella’s face in his hands, and kissed her. “How’s my good girl? You smell good. Where’s your collar?” He stood up and looked on the counter, but there was no sign of her bright red collar and tags. “Bella, where’s Tonya? Is she here?” he asked and walked down the hallway. Bella pranced in front of him and ran straight to his bedroom and then back out in the hallway. Wayne froze for a moment, trying to figure out why Tonya would be in his bedroom. He liked her and hoped she wasn’t snooping or that she wasn’t in there with some boy.He suddenly felt a pang of jealousy and then scolded himself. ‘I’m thirty-eight years old, why the hell do you feel jealousy for a teenage girl?’The beagle ran to him and back inside the room again, her tail wagging excitedly. “I’m coming,” he mumbled to Bella but then called out again before stepping into his room, “Tonya?” What greeted him was not something he had prepared to see. Tonya was sprawled across his bed, asleep. Her hair was damp, and she was lying on her stomach. Escort Beyoğlu The t-shirt she had on had pulled up, giving him a clear shot of her perfectly round ass because she had nothing on underneath. At least not on the bottom half. Wayne took in her long, slender, yet shapely legs. She played volleyball and ran track so that would explain how flawless they were. His eyes continued to roam down her body to her perfectly painted toes. Everything about her bare body was perfect, and he needed to see more. There had been times when he had seen her in her bedroom window with only a bra and panties on. He was almost ashamed to admit that he begged her to take it off. Of course, she never heard him, and Tonya had never taken it off. The first time he caught her in her bra and panties was the first time he had lost control and stroked his dick right then and there. Wayne had come so hard that time that even his toes curled. His cock was so hard and seemed to be leading him to his bed. Why else was he suddenly standing a foot away from her? He forced himself to stop, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. When he opened them, he took in the whole scene with a little more clarity. His comforter was gone, as were his pillowcases. There was a strong hint of citrus, and his mother’s bulky rug shampooer was in the corner. His mind started whirling, and then the dryer buzzed from down the hall. Wayne looked down at Bella and back to Tonya. “This was your doing, wasn’t it? I know it was.” She had the grace to look sheepish and trotted out of the room. At that moment, Tonya made a soft sound, and her knee bent, spreading her legs and exposing her soft pale pink gift. Wayne’s hand moved down to his jeans and adjusted himself. His cock was straining against them to the point of uncomfortableness. Her hips lifted slightly as if offering herself to him, and all he could think of doing was sliding between her legs and burying himself dip into her pussy. Instead, he took a step forward, laid his hand on her ankle, and gave her a gentle shake. “Tonya, I’m home.”  ~*~Tonya stretched her body out long, with arms above her head and toes spread. She rolled over, and that’s when her eyes popped open. Standing beside the bed, looking down at her, was Wayne Lewis. “Oh my God!” she squealed and scrambled off his bed. “Mr. Lewis-”“Wayne,” he interrupted. “Wha- Oh, yes, Mr. um, Wayne, I’m sorry, I can explain,” Tonya stammered. He raised an eyebrow and scanned over her body. She tugged gently at his Dave Matthews t-shirt and blushed. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled again. “No, it’s fine. It looks good on you.”‘Did he just compliment me? My God, he’s sexy, but I need to focus. I would die if he told my mother.’ All that ran through her head as she tried to compose herself. “Thank you, um, you see, Bella and I were at the park, and she saw the ducks. I couldn’t stop her. Then when we got back here, I took her to the bathroom to bathe her, and she escaped. Of course, the first place she goes to is your bed!” Tonya paused and waved her hand over the bed. Her eyes scanned down his body and back up to his face, her eyes widening slightly, thinking, ‘My God is his dick hard?’“Of course,” Wayne said with a slight smile and looked to the doorway to find Bella peeking in at them. “Those damn ducks get her every time.” “I didn’t know, and my God, she’s fast.” “You do track, and you couldn’t catch her?” he teased and raised his eyebrow again. Tonya grinned for the first time. “That is the only reason I was able to catch her. So I bathed her first and took everything off your bed to wash it. While that was washing, I cleaned the bathroom and your carpets. I’m sorry if I didn’t get it all out.”He waved a hand in dismissal. “They’re old and need to be replaced. I’m not concerned about a stain, but I am curious…” Bomonti escort This time he waved over her attire or her lack thereof. “Oh,” she said and blushed. “I was covered in mud and threw them in the wash along with her collar. Her tags are on your dresser.” “Ah, well, you forgot your socks and shoes in the kitchen.” “Oh!” she said again, her brow furrowing. “I’m sorry, Mr.- um, Wayne. I planned to have everything spotless so Bella and I didn’t look like bad girls.” Wayne’s head cocked to the side, and he smirked. ‘Lord, did I just say that to him?’ “Don’t worry, Tonya, I don’t think you’re a bad girl. Quite the opposite.” There seemed to be an electric charge building between them, and it emboldened her enough to ask, “So I’m a good girl then?” It took all of her effort to keep her wide eyes open and innocent, almost pleading, truly concerned with his opinion of her. His chin lifted, and his eyes widened for a brief second. “Would you like to be?” ‘Yes!’ she screamed in her mind, but out loud, she blushed and giggled. He took a step forward, lifted a strand of damp hair, leaned down close, and took a deep breath. She could feel how warm he was. “You smell like me,” he said softly. “Would you like me to?” she whispered, turning the question around on him.  He groaned. They stood in that moment of electricity flying between them, neither of them speaking. Then he dropped Tonya’s hair and said softly, “You should go swap the laundry. You can’t go home in nothing but my t-shirt; the neighbors might talk.” She took a small step closer and mumbled, “Most are too old to see that far.”His fingers touched her arm, and she felt them tremble against her skin. “Tonya. Please go swap the laundry.”Tonya nodded and slipped around him, heading for the laundry room. ‘Jesus, I am so turned on right now. I swear to God I would melt if he touched me again, and Lord, I want him to touch me.’  ~*~ Wayne stood stock still in his bedroom rubbing his face with his hands. ‘What the hell was that? You are twenty-one years older than her, so stop it.’ He wanted her so badly, and when he smelled his familiar scent on her, everything in him growled the word, mine. It took all of his effort not to grab her by the hair and kiss her. To just take her to his bed and taste her sweet pussy. “I need to have better control with her,” he mumbled, walking out of his bedroom and down the hallway towards the laundry room. The least he could do was put his comforter back on. The sooner it was sorted, the sooner she could go home and stop driving him insane. Or at least go back to doing that from a safe distance. “Hey,” he froze in the doorway. Tonya was bent over, half dangling inside his top-loading washing machine. Her tiny little star and her glistening cunt were exposed to him. Seeing how slick her lips were was too much. “Fucking hell,” Wayne mumbled, stepped inside the room, and placed his hands on her hips, losing his self-control.“Oh!” she squealed and sat up, her ass slid down the front of his jeans and his hard cock. His hands were now on her waist, holding the hem of her shirt up. Her hips swayed lightly, rubbing her ass crack against him, causing his grip to tighten. She looked over her shoulder at him, and he saw how flushed she was. Her lips were parted, and he saw the tip of her tongue touch her upper lip. She continued to sway a moment longer and then tried to turn around, but he used his hips to trap her between his body and the washer. “Don’t. I won’t be able to stop if you turn around.” “Maybe I don’t want you to stop.” His hips rocked harder causing her to gasp. “Jesus,” he snapped and stepped back. He grabbed the comforter from on top of the dryer and stomped back into his bedroom.  ~*~ Tonya collapsed against the washer and took a deep shuddering breath. “Holy shit.” She threw her clothes in the dryer, turned it on, and grabbed the pillowcase that had fallen to the floor. Tonya went back to Wayne’s room to help him fix the bed. Or at least that’s what she told herself. When she walked into the room, he was standing beside the bed with his head back and his arms across his forehead speaking softly to himself.

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