Not a pizza guy but….

Not a pizza guy but….
It was Friday night and I had just come home from office.
Home alone again, since my nice hubby was flying away on a business trip. After a nice warm shower, I relaxed and went to bed. There I spread my legs and shoved my favorite black dildo between my pussy lips. This time I made a furious masturbation, until I came screaming like a crazy bitch…
My orgasm subsided, but I wanted still a bit more.
I was hungry also; but was feeling tired to cock something. Then I recalled a sexy guy from the pizza restaurant around the corner… I could calm down my hunger and my arousal with just the same person…

With shaking hands and trembling fingers, I picked up the telephone and gave my order: a mozzarella pizza and a cold beer bottle.
Then I impatiently waited for my gourmet feast to arrive.
By the time the doorbell rang, I was hungry and horny.
I lifted my body from the couch and slowly walked to the door.
When I opened the door, my jaw dropped and my stomach wriggled.
There was not a pizza guy bringing the delivery; but a girl; a sexy girl…
She stared at me and smiled, offering the pizza slices and the beer. But I made her come in; pointing at the couch.
The sexy girl, with no hesitation, without a bit of surprise; just plopped herself down, opened the delivery box of pizza and began to eat one of my slices. I opened the beer bottle she had brought and poured two glasses…

I stared at her enjoying the pizza and I felt true love at first sight.
She looked at the TV, where a porn movie was been played. Two lesbian babes were entangled naked in a king size bed, doing a nice 69…
The video was still playing and I looked intently into her eyes. No words were spoken. That bitch knew my desires.

She offered me a slice; but I told her now I was not hungry. It was not pizza I wanted now… I wanted to taste that sweet sensual bitch…

The porn came to an end and she smiled at me.
Then she got up from the couch and turned on the music system.
A soft song invaded the room and she moved her hips, swinging and swaying with that sensual rhythm.
Suddenly she removed her top to reveal a nice couple of round boobs. Her dark nipples were already erected. The girl swayed and danced for me.
She continued this sensual writhing. Her hands were lifted over her head, to show her nice firm tits. She moved sexily for a couple minutes and then her jeans also dropped to the floor. I could see a very tiny red thong covering her shaven mound.
Iwas in heat, admiring her buttocks and the string buried between them.
Then I started to feel wet… and horny. She noticed my fevered state.

I lost control. I fell to the floor and wrapped my arms around her thighs.
Then I pulled down her red thong with my teeth, until it went to her knees.
I shoved my face against her sweet shaven labia and opened her outer lips with my tongue. The sexy girl grabbed my curly hair and pushed my head on her hot crotch. I licked her clit during a long while; as she closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure.
Finally she took my hand and led me to the couch.
She grabbed me head and massaged it between her fleshy boobs. I then felt I was in heaven.
She suddenly looked me into my eyes and begged crying to br fucked with my fingers. I shoved my four fingers deep inside of her wet cunt and my thumb rolled onto her nice tight rosebud.
The girl again moaned in ecstasy until she finally came onto my fingers…
After her orgasm subsided, she made me get on all fours. She went to the bag she had left at the entrance. Then she showed me a huge black dildo.
I asked her to fuck me with that nice monster piece of rubber cock.
The bitch smiled and licked the tip of the dildo. Then she spread my pussy lips and shoved the cock very deep into my vagina, as I felt she was also fingering my asshole. She fucked me nicely with her huge toy, until I came screaming like a real bitch.

I passed out after that slut took her dildo from my well stretched cunt.
When I finally awoke from my dream, I was alone again.
Then my phone rang and it was my loving husband.
Victor asked me what I was doing and I replied I was just having a cold slice of pizza…

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