No Strings Attached – The Christmas Rift Pt 2 – Chapter 28


Later that evening, I sit on the kitchen counter, holding an ice pack wrapped in a towel against my throbbing balls. The pain is nauseating, and I’m questioning my decision in allowing this to happen. Liam sips his wine beside me on a stool, reading through some statements and rolls his eyes as I whimper.”You’re such a baby…””I’m sorry, but do you want me to strike you across the nuts so we can see how you react?” I snap.Liam’s face flashes with malice as he glares at me.”Why are you suggesting such a thing? Are you contemplating taking control? I will make you sorry for being born if you tried.””No… Dammit! It aches so bad. Can I ever have kids again? I’m going to be infertile…” I grumble.I knock back the remainder of my vodka, thinking little of it, but then glance back at Liam.”What do you mean by kids?” Liam frowns.”Well, I want a family one day. Don’t you, Liam? Sure, right now it isn’t possible, but that doesn’t rule out the future.””I haven’t thought about it.”I look at his now impenetrable expression, curious about the thoughts running through his head. A similar conversation to this is what led to my relationship with Charlotte ending. I fear pushing it could lead to the same thing, but the chance to talk about it may never come up. I don’t always want this in my life. I was never happier than when I had my daughter around. I want a family someday.”Clearly, neither of us are women, but if we stay together, then what do you think about adoption or surrogacy? Our lives can’t revolve around sex forever. Surely you want something more than this in life?””Let’s not talk about it now. I’ll see you in the morning. Don’t forget to speak to Selena.”My mind begins reeling. He could have let my complaint about not being able to have children pass, but he zeroed in on it. We haven’t been together long, but we’re already serious. It probably is a good idea to discuss it. I don’t want to waste years of my life to find out much later down the line that it’s not a possibility. I’d prefer to know earlier so I can make informed choices.”Liam… Please?””I don’t want to talk about it. End of discussion, Matthew.”As he passes me, I reach out to him, but he shrugs me off and leaves the room. Contemplatively, I swill the ice around the bottom of my glass, then pour another from the bottle next to me. Every time I think we’re making progress in opening up to each other, we end up with setbacks like this. I do know that he isn’t averse to me having Rebekah around when I finally have her back in my life. If Liam is completely against having his own family, then perhaps it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. Charlotte didn’t even want me to see Rebekah.Selena walks in, rubbing her eyes and interrupts me from my thoughts. We’d left her sleeping in bed to have some time together. She spots me sitting on the counter, drinking, legs spread with the ice pack and gives me a quizzical look.”What are you doing? Is everything okay?””I’m just trying to relieve the pain, although it’s easing now. Sorry, you have to see me like this.””Don’t be sorry. I’m just admiring the view.””Really?” I respond, laughing as I raise the ice pack. “What about now?””Uhh, I take it back. Please cover that back up. Is it even possible for you to have children if you injure them like that? Do you want more children?””Not a clue, but I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t have an effect. I just tried having this discussion with Liam, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. I guess I should be happy for the daughter I do have,” I respond.”I want a family one day, but I don’t know if it will happen,” Selena muses as she leans against the worktop. “I have PCOS. I have to be careful with my weight too, which is why I do hoops and silks.””So you’re on a time limit of when you can have your family? Why are you wasting time with us then?””I don’t feel like I’m wasting time, and I still have a few years. I’d rather risk not having a family than settling down before I’m ready. So how does a normal person like you get involved with someone like Liam anyway?””You think I’m normal? Hah, I spent six weeks on a psychiatric unit around Escort Esenyurt Christmas because I wasn’t in a good place. I didn’t get out until February.””Do you still feel that way?””I think my reaction to my ex fucking off with my kid was completely normal at the time. My relationship with Liam makes sense now, doesn’t it? I enjoy the thrill he gives me which quietens those kinds of urges.”Selena joins me by sitting on the worktop without responding to my revelation. I remain silent, waiting for her to get whatever it is off her chest and drink the rest of my vodka. So much has happened in the past week that it would be odd if she doesn’t ask anything about me cheating. What I’m not expecting is for Selena to grab my leg and raise it over her lap to stroke it.”Matt, may I ask why your body is completely hairless?” she says, running her hand up towards my crotch.That unanticipated, but reasonable question catches me off guard, and I burst into laughter, not knowing how to respond. I don’t want to tell her about Dollie yet, but I haven’t lined up a convincing lie.”I… fancied a change?””Matthew, you’re smoother than me, and I get regular waxes! You barely had any hair to start with, but you must be shaving daily?””More or less. Liam told me he likes me smooth, so I did it for him. Do you prefer me without the facial hair at least?””I could get used to seeing more of your adorable face. So, do you want to talk about last week? How did Liam react? He said he emasculated you on the phone?””He reacted pretty well. He’s been reasonable, which is more than I deserve, and a spell in a chastity cage is nothing in comparison. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings too. I’m surprised you want to see me after how I acted?””I was more concerned about you, to be honest, and whether I’d get to see you again. Just promise me you won’t do it again?””I’m in no rush to make that mistake again. I’ll try seeing my daughter the proper way next time,” I sigh.”I’m glad.”Chastely, Selena kisses me as she holds my hand. I’m in no mood for sex at the moment, but the comfort is much needed. We should do something together that I don’t usually get to enjoy.”Hey, Selena, did you wanna watch something? We’ve barely seen each other in two weeks, and Liam is in bed…”We go into the living room, sit down on the settee, and I begin to flick through the channels to find a film. Liam doesn’t spend any time watching the television, so the choices are limited with him not having cable. Selena opens up a bag of pretzels then takes a sip of the vodka and coke I’d made her.”This is a bit strong? How much vodka did you put in it?” she grimaces. “Oh, Love Actually is on. Did you want to watch that? I haven’t seen it yet.”The last time I saw this was with Charlotte when we tried acting like a normal couple. A sudden sinking feeling comes into the pit of my stomach at that unwanted memory.”Not really, but I’ve got a DVD I haven’t seen yet. The Grudge? You’re not afraid of scary films, are you?””Not particularly…””So you’ll hold me if I get scared then?” I tease as I put it on. As I sit back down, Selena shifts, so she’s at the opposite end of the settee. Intrigued by her behaviour, which is incredibly odd, I cock my head. “What are you doing? Why are you sitting so far away from me?””I’m just nervous. You’re cute, and this feels like regular relationship stuff, and I’m not used to it with you,” she says, looking flustered.”Well, I think you’re cute too, especially with the way you’re blushing right now. Come and snuggle up with me.”Reluctantly she moves closer and rests her head on my arm, but there’s still a gap between us. I do the classic yawn and stretch and put my arm around her, bringing her warm body against me.”Smooth…””I am a smooth operator, and maybe I’ll be able to woo you into bed with me later…” I wink. Watching her face turn crimson in embarrassment is too much, and I laugh. “Why are you shy again? We’ve banged at least twenty times already. Is it because you love me? How hard is your heart thumping in your chest?”Selena gives an indignant hmph, irritated by Etiler escort me tormenting her, but then she picks up a cushion to hide behind. More interested in her behaviour, I barely pay attention to the film and continuously steal glances of her whilst I sip my drink. I’ve craved having this contact, and when she yells out during the jump scare, with her warm hand seeking mine, I can’t help find my mood being lifted.”This film is terrifying! I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.””Is it? Then, I’ll stay awake with you. I’m sure we can find something to do to pass the time…” I grin.”Maybe I’ll take my chances…” she responds, slapping my hand and pouting at my perfectly reasonable suggestion.”Fine, but it’s your loss. I’ll just be best friends with my hand and make the most out of my current freedom.””I have to sleep next to you tonight!””Do you? Liam has several beds here so I’m sure we can find you one. You’ll be safe on your own right? I’m sure there are no scary creatures apart from Liam in this huge, old mansion.”She sticks her tongue out at me and moves away but instantly clings to my arm as something scary shows on the screen again. I’m desensitised to jump scares, so her reaction is incredibly amusing to watch, and I stroke the goosebumps along her arm. Adrenaline and cortisol are coursing through her; the body’s natural response to fear, and that may make her really, fucking horny once the film ends.”I don’t like this film…””You don’t? Well, what do you want to do instead?” I ask, licking my lips in anticipation. “We could make out?”Selena’s eyes widen, and with a smile, I lean in close to rub my nose against hers. As her mouth parts in a gentle gasp, we make eye contact, and I find myself sinking further in love with her whilst we kiss. Our bodies grind, with my erection pressing firmly against the front of her dress. I want to make love to her, and rapidly it becomes clear that Selena wants that too as she moves on top of me, pulls off her dress and lowers herself over my unsheathed cock. The film continues to play, but I’ve completely lost interest as I gaze over the face of the beauty brazenly sitting upon me, who is no longer feeling shy.”Maybe I want to sleep with you tonight,” she whispers, stroking my forehead.Feeling intoxicated, and unable to keep our hands off each other, we walk up the stairs and pass Liam’s door. We don’t even reach the playroom before Selena is giggling in my arms whilst we kiss against the wall. I know we’re being loud, and it’s only a matter of time before we wake either Liam or Janet, and get into trouble, but it will be worth it.”Isn’t it usually now when couples die in horror films? Did you see the Halloween film where he kills the ones fucking in the barn?” I ask, with sudden realisation.”For fuck sake Matt, why would you remind me of that?””Heh, you really are scared,” I tease, caressing her cheek affectionately. “I could think of worse ways to go…”I stagger through to the playroom, carrying Selena in my arms, and kick the door shut behind me with my foot. Sex with Selena is much different from what it’s like with Liam. I’d had my misgivings about bringing a third into our relationship, and I still believe she is too kind to be with us, but she gave me what I lacked with Liam.Falling into bed together, I reach to the lamp. In the dim light of the room, she’s a siren, and my breath catches just looking at her as she crawls onto me on her hands and knees. Stunned, I remain fixated in place, until she pulls me into a kiss, with her tongue prying inside my mouth. Immediately I harden against her again, turned on by this vixen unleashing her feminine wiles on me.”I want you, Matthew,” she says, moving onto my erection.We continue to kiss, abandoning our senses as she rides me. This Goddess has me behaving in ways I shouldn’t, and despite the aching tenderness in my balls, I want her. My heart has been ensnared in an instant, and I’m unable to deny that we’re not crossing a line by getting carried away like this. We’re not even using protection.The pain throbs as I get closer to Eyüp escort bayan orgasm and I lay back to watch as she moves over me, with her breasts bouncing gently. Did she ever tell me she was on birth control? For the first time, there are no barriers between us, and I can’t help but feel that risky, vanilla sex may be the ultimate thrill.”Dammit, Selena… We shouldn’t be doing this,” I groan, wrapping my fingers around her gorgeous, red locks.”But doesn’t it feel good to be bad?””Mm, but I’m the one who’ll be punished for it,” I respond, sitting up to kiss her neck.”And you’ll enjoy it… Ah!” she gasps. “Remember when I said I wanted to feel you cum inside me?””When we had phone sex?””Yes. I’d love it if you tied me down and filled me all day, in the future.””Mm… Why are you doing this?” I sigh, gripping her thighs firmly against me.”It’s my fantasy to be dominated this way and potentially be bred with… To overflow with cum from you,” she purrs.I shouldn’t be turned on by this, but like over the phone, I find myself inexplicably enjoying it.”It’s me submitting to you right now, Selena,” I whisper. “Maybe one day you’ll tie me down and just take it from me instead?”With a smile, Selena pushes my hands down above my head and continues to fuck me. I could overpower her, but I don’t stop her, and instead, I thrust from beneath. My breath becomes heavy and uneven as I refrain from cumming until she does. If I fail, I’ll release my load into her which could lead to us breeding, and that thought increasingly turns me on. My pursuit of these rushes will get me into trouble someday, and right at this moment, Liam could walk in on us.”Ah, Matthew,” she calls out, tossing her beautiful head back as her body shudders around me, and a flush creeps over her skin.Her gorgeous, soft and warm pussy tightens rhythmically as she orgasms, and with every ounce of self-control, I pull out at the last moment and cum upwards over her breasts. My heart is pounding, knowing I’ve committed a huge sin with her. We’ve broken the rules. Selena may end up pregnant from this liaison, even if the chance is reduced.”We probably shouldn’t do that again, or Liam is going to kill me,” I say, sitting up.”We don’t have to tell him,” she says. “I won’t say anything if you don’t.””I don’t want to have any more secrets with him, Selena,” I respond kissing her collarbone. “He will send you away from me. I don’t want to lose you from my life.”My mouth moves down to her chest, dripping with cum and I taste myself as my tongue laps over the curves of her milky skin. With the evidence swallowed, I continue downwards and nudge her thighs open, so I can devour her. My fingers slide inside her, becoming slick with her fluids. She could very well be fertile, and it only takes one to get with child. I will need to be careful about not getting carried away again, because fucking like rabbits, with her breeding kink, could lead to an entire litter.Gently I begin to kiss and lick her clit whilst I finger her, and she gasps and tries to close her legs.”I’m sensitive…””Hmm. Then I’ll just go slower… I want to make love to you all night, Selena.””You do? How many times can you orgasm?””My sex drive is immense, and my refractory period is short, so I could have an all-day marathon if I wanted,” I smirk. “But I’ll settle for an all-nighter?”I kiss the inner part of her leg, and she stops flinching to my touch, so I hold her legs open to me. As she relaxes, I kiss her labia and everywhere else apart from her clit and listen to her faint sighs whilst I gradually increase the intensity.Tentatively I use my tongue to circle her clit and gaze up at her as I lay before her. There’s an unmistakable flutter in my chest as she smiles then opens her mouth erotically. Delighting in her moans of enjoyment whilst she pulls my hair, I bring her to climax, and she cries out my name.”Matthew… Oh my god!””Mm, I love hearing your enjoyment, sweetheart…” I say putting a condom on. I’m not going to risk getting carried away again.I enter her as I pull her beneath me then tilt her face, so we’re making eye contact. I dread when I have to choose between her or Liam someday. I love both of them, dearly, but I know it will have to happen unless I can find a way to keep both of them happy. It would be so much easier if she loved Liam too. We might be able to make it work long-term if she did so he doesn’t feel left out.

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