Nicole Pt. 02


As she wakes, Nicole is a bit disoriented. She feels groggy, but really good. She is lying on her stomach, and someone is gently caressing her back. The hand slowly, gently slides up and down, and then across her ass cheeks and down the outside of her leg. As more of her consciousness returns, Nicole remembers the incredible sex, and how she fell asleep in his arms.

He slides his right hand to her hip and rolls her on to her left side. His left hand moves her hair off of her neck, and immediately his lips make contact. Nicole’s body starts to respond, and she feels his cock, already hard, pressing in between the cheeks of her ass. His left arm slides under her neck, and he cups her breast with his left hand. The nipple hardens immediately. His right hand cups the other breast, doing the same to it. She moans softly.

His right hand slides across her belly, and Nicole remembers that it is full of his cum from last night. The thought makes her pussy get wet. He slides his hand across the front of her right thigh, spreading her legs bostancı escort slightly. Then he runs his hand up the inside of her thigh, and gently caresses her wetness.

His talented fingers tease Nicole’s clit, and she gets more excited. His cock is pressed hard into her ass, and she desperately wants it inside of her. She arches her back to him, hoping he will take the hint and take her. But he is waiting. Nicole knows what he is waiting for, and it makes her blush. The red starts on top of Nicole’s breasts, and moves up her neck.

“Why are you blushing, Nicole?” he asks with a teasing tone of voice.

All she can say is “Please!”

His response makes her blush more. “Please what, Nicole?”

His fingers continue to stroke her clit, and she is almost frantic with need. But Nicole is too shy to say what she so intensely needs.

“Nicole, what do you want?” He knows fully well what she wants. He also knows that teasing her turns him on too.

Nicole is so very büyükçekmece escort close to an orgasm now, but she doesn’t want to cum unless he is inside of her to feel it. She finally gives in and says “Please, I want you inside of me!”

He knows she is close, so he eases off of her clit. But he still does not take her.

“What do you want inside of you?” he asks.

Nicole blushes again, but she knows he won’t take her until she uses the right words. The embarrassing, dirty words. His finger strums across her clit, and, out of desperation, she gives in and says “Fuck me, Please!”

His cock slides down her ass crack, and she feels it touch the entrance to her pussy. With one last tease he says “Are you sure?”

All of Nicole’s inhibition washes away in a storm of lust and need. Nicole says “God yes, please fuck me! Put your big hard cock in my pussy and fill me up!”

She moans as the head of his cock parts her pussy lips. She is so wet he slides inside çekmeköy escort easily. Her mouth open, Nicole gasps as his cock head hits her cervix. At this angle, he can get deeper that anyone has ever been. His finger is still moving on her clit, and her orgasm suddenly crashes over her. Her body shudders, and she cries out. He can feel her pussy squeezing tightly around his cock, milking it for his seed. He slowly strokes in and out of her as she comes down from her orgasm.

Still with his hard cock inside of her, he rolls her onto her stomach. He spreads her legs, and pulls her hips upward. Holding onto Nicole’s hips, he begins to pound into her hard. She grunts with each stroke, getting closer to a second orgasm. He leans over her back and slips his hand between her legs to stroke her clit. She arches your back and he bites the base of her neck. She gasps loudly.

Then he says “I am going to cum. I am going to fill your pussy up with my hot cum.” He again grabs her hips and pulls himself into her pussy. Nicole feels the white hot jets of cum splashing against her cervix, and she cums hard. Her pussy milks his cock again, and he groans in ecstasy.

They both collapse to the bed, and he rolls both of them onto their left sides. As Nicole feels his cock soften inside of her, he says. “Good morning beautiful”.

All she can think is that it is a wonderful morning.

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