New Year’s Wish


“A costume party? For New Year’s?”

Malia raised a skeptical eyebrow and twirled the phone cord around her finger.

“Isn’t that a little weird? I mean, aren’t costume parties for Halloween?”

“No I swear, it will be awesome. Tons of booze, and it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as it’s skanky.”

“Skanky? What is this, a sex party?” Malia sighed and felt irritation swelling in her chest. “Amy, I told you. I’m not as–well, ‘free’ as you are. I just don’t do that kind of stuff.”

Amy laughed on the other end. “Mal, I only said that because Brock is going to be there. And he’ll be drunk. You’ll be drunk. You can’t lose! C’mon, it’s a chance to get what you always wanted. Brock–in bed–and he won’t even know it’s you, because you’ll be in costume! You won’t have to live with the guilt afterwards. Mal, it’s like a dream come true!”

Malia considered what her friend had said. “Ames, who says I want Brock in bed? And besides, I don’t even have a costume to wear,” she argued. “I can’t possibly come up with something in only two hours!”

“If you could have only one New Year’s wish this year, what would it be?”

Mal rolled her eyes and reluctantly said, “Okay, okay, if I could only have on New Year’s wish it would be to finally have sex with Brock.”

Amy was starting to sound impatient. “Well, there you go. You have to go to this party. Wear whatever you’ve got. Wear one of your old Halloween costumes. Like the Go-Go Girl! That was hot. It doesn’t matter because it’ll be off by the end of the night anyway. Please, Mal?”

“I threw the Go-Go Girl costume away. The only thing I’ve got is the vampire costume I wore last Halloween.”

“Ugh, that frumpy thing?”

Malia clenched her fist. “Amy, it’s all I have!”

Amy sighed again. “Okay, fine. But you need to, like, cut the skirt way shorter and put on some sexy nylons. Make it skanky, or Brock won’t even give you a second look. All that booze makes him think through his cock.”

“Haha, Brock–cock. It rhymes.”

“I’m not laughing, Mal. Are you coming or not?”

Malia exhaled loudly. “YES, I’m coming. Pick me up at six thirty so we can go together.”

“Great! See you then!”





Malia stared into her closet in dismay. Amy was absolutely right, her vampire outfit was frumpy to the max. There was no way any guy at that party would give her a second chance, much less Brock!

A strange tingling feeling started in Mal’s lower region when she thought about Brock. She’d been dreaming up sexual fantasies about him since ninth grade. They were now sophomores in college, and Malia was just as obsessed as ever. Amy was right when she said it was the chance of a lifetime. New Year’s parties at Brock’s parents’ house were all about sex. Sex, sex, and more sex. It seemed like everybody who came got laid before the night was even half over–many of them multiple times! Brock’s parents always went to St Bart’s for Christmas and New Year’s, and the infamous New Year’s bash was a big hush-hush up until their plane left. Then planning went into full swing, and the excitement began to build. It happened every year, but this was the first year Mal was even considering going.

She gazed back at the long black skirt & black long-sleeved shirt that had been part of her costume. With a sigh, Malia picked up the scissors and began to cut.




“I’m telling you, I am gonna fuck the brains out of that slut Amy tonight. Her hot ass has my name all over it.”

Brock was already half-drunk. He and his buddies were still setting up for the party, but Brock couldn’t resist the bottles of Jack Daniels on the kitchen counter, and had taken a significant amount of shots while his buds Ken and Mitch made sure all the window coverings were secured and the sound system was ready. The last thing they needed was the neighbors getting a peek of this party.

“Amy, the redhead? Man, she IS a slut.” Ken shook his head and threw a handful of beers into a nearby bucket of ice. “I think I did her last year, but I don’t remember. I did like five redheads.” He laughed.

Ding-dong! The doorbell rang, and Brock rubbed his hands together in glee.

“Let the fuck-fest begin, my friends,” he chuckled.

Ken and Mitch just shook their heads.




Amy arrived late, as usual. Malia was already in her full get-up and had been ready to go for at least an hour before Amy pulled up in her black convertible.

“I’ll be down in a minute,” Mal yelled when she heard Amy enter through the front door.

Mal stood for a minute in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom, and marveled. Her costume had gone from frumpy to spectacular. She didn’t even look like herself! She looked–hot. Sexy. Slutty. Mysterious. Fantastic.

Amy poked her head in through the bedroom door.

“WHOA! Mal, is that you? Shit, you look…awesome. Hot. You really look hot, Mal. Great job on the costume.”

Malia smiled escort at herself in the mirror and turned to face her friend. “Really? I’m pretty proud of it myself.”

Mal had taken the scissors to her costume until there was practically nothing left. Her skirt had been reduced to a shredded, tiny piece of cloth wrapped tightly around her ass, with her long legs clothed in sexy spider-web nylons. She’d pulled out the “hooker boots” Amy bought her two Christmases ago, and they looked perfect. Her top had also been reduced to practically nothing–just a swatch of cloth that looked like an ill-fitting tank top. The neckline plunged down to almost her belly button, and Mal had foregone a bra, letting her full breasts practically spill right out of the front of the shirt. The completion of the outfit was Mal’s long black hair–she’d let it all the way down, so that it nearly graced her perky butt, and then overdid it on the makeup. She had blood-red lips, black eyeliner spread thick around her eyes, and even a little trickle of “blood” dripping from the corner of her mouth. She looked nothing like the sweet, innocent Malia who usually stayed at home on New Year’s Eve. She looked like…

“Oh my god, you look like a vampire dominatrix,” Amy exclaimed. “It’s fantastic!”

Amy didn’t look too bad herself, sucked up into a white vinyl minidress with knee-high white boots and her red hair teased in all directions. It wasn’t exactly a costume, but Malia figured it didn’t matter anyway…Amy never stayed in her clothes at a party where booze and men were involved. As long as her boobs were threatening to pop out of her dress–which they were–that was all the “costume” Amy would need.

“Ready to go?”

Malia took one last look at herself in the mirror as she followed Amy out of the room. She was surprised by how turned on she was by her own costume. It didn’t help, of course, that she had foregone underwear.

With the nylons gently teasing her clit, Malia felt herself starting to get extremely aroused. She could feel the cool air breathing on her clit as she walked, and realized just how little was seperating her womanhood from the outside world. If she even stretched wrong, the pool of arousal forming on her nylons would become exposed.

It was going to be an interesting night indeed…




By the time they reached the party, so much anticipation was building inside of Malia that she was desperately horny. She had never worn an outfit like this, one that screamed “fuck me,” and she liked the sensation it caused through her entire body. For the first time in her life, she felt like a whore. It felt surprisingly good. She had the desire to jump on the first hard cock she could find and ride it until she came to a screaming orgasm. But, she knew, she was here for Brock. And she wouldn’t leave until she had felt him inside of her.

She spotted Brock across the room, already visibly drunk and hanging on some blonde dressed as Barbie. Hesitation suddenly caused Malia to halt. She wasn’t a sexually forward person. Usually, her kinky fantasies came out only when she had the house to herself, a few erotic stories off of the internet, and a vibrator. Did she actually expect to just march up to Brock and start fucking him?

Alcohol. That was the solution.

Mal reached for the nearest table of booze, grabbed a shotglass of whiskey and downed it quickly. It burned, warmed her insides, and made her clit tingle even more than it already was.

Just a few more, and she would be as shameless as Amy. Mal quickly began to take shot after shot.

Soon, the room began to spin and Mal quickly found a place to sit down. As it was, she ended up on some guy’s lap. It became apparent, both from the grin on his face and the bulge in his pants that the guy was happy to see her.

“Hey sexy,” he said.

Even with how liquored-up Malia was already, the words did not sound smooth. She guessed that if she weren’t drunk, they probably would have sounded even worse. The guy was clearly a loser.

“Sorry,” she slurred. “I have to find Brock.”

Brock was nowhere to be found downstairs, so Malia headed to the next logical place–upstairs. She tossed back a few more shots of whiskey and 2 martinis on the way, and realized she was now officially plastered. Her body was raging with hormones, just dying for a good fuck. A trickle of juice slipped past Malia’s nylons and began to slip down her leg. She was good and ready, that was for sure. Now she just had to find Brock…

Before Mal even made it halfway down the hall, a hand grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into a dark, humid room. A voice surprised her by whispering right in her ear. “I found you.”

Mal nearly jerked away in surprise. “Amy?” she hissed. “Is that you?”

A familiar laugh filled Mal’s ears. “Yes Mal, it’s me. I was hoping you’d find your way up here. We’ve been waiting for you.”


Mal felt a rush of dizziness and knew that she’d overdone it on the alcohol. There izmit escort bayan was no way she’d remember any of this in the morning….if she even woke up in the morning. At this rate, she might be dead-hungover for three days!

“I’ve been dying to fuck you ever since I saw you in that outfit.”

“Huh?” Malia tried to sort through the swirling thoughts in her brain, but was distracted by the flash of light that zipped through her vision as she suddenly felt a hand on her clit. It had to be Amy’s. She could feel the long acrylic nails that Amy had obsessively manicured every week. Amy was gently rubbing her clit, her fingers pressing insistently against Mal’s soaked nylons.

“Mmm, Mal you are horny, aren’t you? Good, because you’re in for a treat.”

Suddenly, all of the dizziness in Mal’s brain disappeared. She hit that second stage of drunkenness, where she was keenly alert and high-strung. Her raging horniness had escalated to a fiery, throbbing level. She could feel the lips of her cunt swollen and pushing against the constraining nylons, begging to be freed.

“Amy, I–what’s going on? Where’s Brock?”

“Sssshh, be quiet. I don’t know where Brock is. I think he’s down the hall fucking some blonde.”

Amy was leading Mal by the arm, backwards through the darkness until Mal felt the softness of a mattress against the back of her knees. She fell onto it.

Amy was already tugging at Mal’s nylons, pulling them downward until they had reached the top of her hooker boots. Air rushed to greet the lips of Mal’s pussy, and she nearly sighed with delight at the sensation of freedom.

“Wait Amy,” Mal suddenly protested, groping for her friend in the dark. She grabbed a handful of hair and immediately argued, “I’m not a lesbian! What are we doing?”

“No Mal,” Amy said, her breath tickling Mal’s clit. She was deathly close…Mal could almost feel Amy’s presence inches above her aching pussy. “You’re not a lesbian. You’ve told me yourself, you get off to both male and female porn. You’ve said before that you’d like to experiment with Angelina Jolie. Mal, you’re bisexual.”

Mal opened her mouth to argue, but was immediately cut off by the warmth of Amy’s mouth, diving upon her swollen clit. In a second Mal was being teased, flicked & probed by Amy’s tongue, and all she could do was gasp in response. The sensations escalated into her abdominal area and she couldn’t resist the urge to buck her hips, shoving herself more insistently into Amy’s devouring mouth.

“Oh my god, Amy…Amy….I don’t–I don’t know…”


Mal had never felt anything like this. She had been orally pleased before, sure, but never by another woman. It was an entirely different ballgame to receive from someone who shared the same reproductive organs, from someone who knew exactly what she wanted and where she wanted it. The sensation was nearly too much.

Mal already thought she was ready to go over the edge when suddenly Amy slipped a finger inside. A shiver of pleasure ripped through her whole body, causing her nipples to tighten. Mal felt shock at what was happening, but an insane pleasure at the same time. She began to cry out and buck her hips harder, faster. Amy’s finger was soon joined by a second finger, then a third. Soon, Mal was bucking as hard as she could, riding all three fingers while Amy insistently teased and sucked on the clit, bringing her dangerously close to an explosive orgasm.

Amy must have known when Mal was a mere millisecond away from coming, because she stopped suddenly and slid her body seductively on top of Mal’s. Mal was shocked to feel Amy’s warmth against her cunt. Amy was already naked, and her warmth was joined by a feeling of dampness that immediately let Mal know how turned on she was. She knew Amy loved experimentation, but she had always pictured that experimentation happening with guys–not with girls, and especially not with her!

Mal was soaking up the attention with a heavenly, drunken stupor. Her pussy was still throbbing, more blood-filled and swollen than ever, begging to orgasm. She was now keenly aware of every sensation, from the tickling feeling in her nipples right down to the delicious shiver in her toes.

Amy was right, Mal realized. I am bisexual! I’m actually enjoying this!

Malia’s attention was directed right back to her nipples when Amy suddenly ripped the shreds of shirt aside and began twirling her tongue around Mal’s tits. Her moves were slower and more deliberate now, dragging out the agony of Mal’s need to orgasm. Amy’s hand roved underneath the shreds of fabric, probing and massaging every area of Mal’s body as she continued to suck gently on each nipple, bringing them to taut peaks. Mal let out a moan, and felt every muscle in her body loosen a little bit. Now that she was resigned to enjoying this, she felt liberated and almost exhilarated by the touch of a woman’s tongue on her body. It was Amy’s tongue, she reminded herself. Amy, her best friend izmit sınırsız escort since elementary school. Amy, beautiful Amy whom she trusted more than anyone else. Amy, the experimental one, who was now bringing her experience to the table in a way Mal had never even fathomed.

Suddenly Mal plunged into a flashback. She was remembering the time in third grade when she and Amy had just come inside from playing in the little swimming pool in Mal’s backyard. They were in the process of getting dressed when Amy suggested that they “have sex.” Mal’s parents still hadn’t given her “the talk” about the birds and the bees, so Mal only knew what she had seen on TV those times she snuck out to the living room late at night and watched from behind her dad’s recliner. He was usually watching some Skin-emax movie, where the acting was horrible but it was really the sex that mattered. All Mal had gathered was that sex involved two naked people and a lot of moaning. She knew it was usually a girl and a guy, but, not really understanding anything about penises, she didn’t see why it couldn’t work with 2 girls instead.

Her mom had walked in on them when Amy and Mal were naked, cuddled up against each other on Mal’s Garfield bedspread and awkwardly kissing each other’s necks like they’d seen on TV. The girls had quickly scrambled apart, explaining that they were just goofing around and looking for their clothes.

Now, Mal flashed back to the present, where Amy’s luscious body was on top of hers, and she was enjoying waves of pleasure from the presence of Amy’s well-trained tongue. It was almost surreal.

“Amy,” Mal gasped. “Amy?”

“Yes, my lover?” Amy stopped her teasing swirls just long enough to lift her head and brush her lips across Mal’s. “What is it?”

Mal grasped for the right words, hoping to sound experienced and casual. The words came out blunt and desperate. “I–I need to cum. I want you to make me cum.”

Mal could have sworn she felt Amy smile in the dark.

“Of course,” was all she said.

Soon, the teasing and flicking had resumed on Mal’s juice-soaked pussy. It wasn’t enough.

“Fuck me,” Mal demanded. “Fuck me, Amy.”

This time, there was no gentle progression…Amy gave all three fingers to Mal in one insistent entry, which caused her to buck in surprise and cry out.

“Is that what you wanted, Mal? Do you want me to fuck you will all three fingers?”

“Yes,” Mal gasped. “Harder, I want you to fuck me harder.”

Amy was now fucking her with one hand and using the other to feather her clit. The combination of the two raised goosebumps on every inch of Mal’s body, and she shivered in delight. A delicious sweat was now soaking all of her skin. She felt lighter than air, like all of her muscles were melted away and she was slowly beginning to rise off the surface of the bed. She began riding Amy’s fingers feverishly.

“Amy, I’m going to cum,” she gasped.

In response, Amy bent over and took Mal’s clit into her mouth, suckling it and begging her to cum. Her fingers continued to ram deeper and deeper into Mal’s slick, tightening cunt, until she felt the convulsion of the muscles as they began to orgasm.

Mal screamed out in a long, unwavering note, her hips held high in the air, sucking imaginary cum from the tips of Amy’s fingers and bucking lightly, desperately, trying to hold onto the orgasm for as long as possible. She shuddered, her eyes clamped tightly shut and her entire body wracked with sensation. The convulsions kept coming in waves, one after the other, until finally Mal peaked one last time and collapsed on the bed in an exhausted, gasping heap.

“Wonderful,” Amy murmured, followed by a giggle. She stretched her body out on top of Mal’s and kissed her lightly on the lips, enjoying the heaving of her full breasts as she gasped for air.

“I–I’ve never done anything like that before,” Mal breathed in awe.

Amy giggled again. “What about threesomes, Mal? Haven’t you ever had a threesome?”

Mal’s mouth was dry as she shook her head and then realized it was still pitch black. “No,” she replied. “Never.”

“Would you like to?”

Amy was leaning down in her ear now, speaking in that seductive voice that sent shivers of excitement down Mal’s spine.

“Here? Now?”

Mal was shocked to suddenly feel the warmth of another body laying down beside her. This body was different though…bigger, rougher….and as she felt the tip of an erection begin to probe the lips of her pussy, she gasped in surprise.

“Who’s here??”

But suddenly the smell of aftershave overcame Mal’s senses. It was Stetson Untamed, the cologne that had driven her wild for the past several years. Every time Brock walked by, she caught a whiff of it. And now, she knew whose huge cock was slowly inching its way into her drenched lips.

As his cock finished its slow, agonizing journey inside of her, Mal let out a sigh of bliss and contentment. Amy’s tongue began coming down on her nipples again, and she reveled in the sensations of two people showering her with sexual pleasure.

A watch suddenly beeped.

“Oh,” Amy cried, “it’s midnight.”

She leaned down and nipped playfully at Mal’s earlobe. Quietly she whispered, “Happy New Year Mal.”

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