Never Mess With An Aroused Woman


It may be helpful to read the first part of this story, “A Good Samaritan Cums To Their Aid.” Vanessa pushed Professor Henry off of Suzie and straddled the professor. His just emptied limp cock pushed against her soaked and wanting pussy. She felt the hair of his balls tickle her. Vanessa needed relief now. She slid her hands over her body. Her own hands were even arousing her. It had been too much to watch Suzie and the professor fuck, even though her fingers were busy pinching her nipples and probing her hot steamy cunt. It was now her turn and she would not be denied. Suzie meanwhile was lying next to them. Her legs spread wide. She was still basking in the after-glow of losing her virginity and from having an intense orgasm. She had a beautiful glowing, just fucked look with her landing strip covered with cum and sweat. Suzie’s t-shirt was still Acıbadem Escort on but her nipples were clearly visible. Her fingers were absentmindedly, playing with her dripping pussy. Vanessa could see cum seeping out and slowly dripping towards her ass. The sight was very erotic and just added to Vanessa’s unfilled desire. Vanessa’s hands slid down her body. Her nipples were hard and erect. Once her fingers touched her nipples, a jolt of extreme pleasure ran through her body. “Oh my,” she stammered and shivered. Her nipples were almost too sensitive now for her fingers to touch but someone’s lips would be something else, she thought and smiled. Chris started to speak. “I need to go. My wife will be getting home soon and will be wondering where I am.” “Not yet, professor,” Vanessa cooed in his ear. “I need to show Acıbadem Escort Bayan you what a woman of experience can do.” Chris and Vanessa both started to feel Chris’s cock come back to life. It certainly helped that Vanessa was rubbing her hot, puffy pussy lips up and down his cock and balls. Chris felt her juices cover his cock. Vanessa felt his cock rising, growing, and slowly pushing harder against her wet lips. Vanessa leaned down and whimpered, “Suck my breasts, professor.” The professor glanced up at Vanessa’s swaying voluptuous breasts. He could see her swollen nipples and he reached up to lick them. Soon, his face was buried between her soft mounds, biting and sucking each breast. “Oh yes,” Vanessa moaned as his tongue teased her breasts. Vanessa looked over at Suzie who was now rubbing her Escort Acıbadem breasts as well. For some reason, that increased her lust even more. “Take off your shirt, Suzie, Vanessa commanded. “You said you wanted to be a slut. Well now, prove it. Sit on Chris’s face. I want to see him lick his cum from your dripping pussy.” Both reluctantly and expectantly, Vanessa pulled back from Chris’s sucking and sat up once again while Suzie straddled his face, facing Vanessa and slowly lowered her pussy on to the professor’s waiting lips. A loud moan escaped her lips and her body quivered as his velvet tongue worked its magic on her pussy and clit. Her moan was muffled when Suzie felt Vanessa’s mouth on her lips. There was a brief pause, followed by a frenzy of passion as they kissed. They embraced each other, their hands exploring each other’s breasts. Hearing their moans of passion, tasting Suzie and his cum and feeling Vanessa’s hot pussy on his rapidly growing cock with driving Chris crazy as well. “Suck my nipples,” Vanessa pleaded to Suzie as she again reached down between her legs for Chris’s now hard rod. Her fingers encircled it and played with his tip.

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