Naughty with the Laptop


For the first time in our 3 month relationship, I make use of the spare key you have given me. Having forgotten an important bit of paperwork on your coffee table, I take advantage of a late lunch at work and stop by your place to grab it. Knowing that your neighbours have a brand new baby, I try my best to enter the apartment quietly. It seems like I accomplished that very well…

Passing your bedroom on the way to the living room, I discover to my surprise that you are home. And naked. And watching porn.

I am greeted by the sight of you lying on your stomach, facing away from me, with your lap top in front of you. Your legs are slightly parted, and I can just barely see the smooth, pinkish lips of your pussy peeking out. On your computer screen two beautiful women – a tall, slender blonde and a shorter, olive skinned brunette – are standing in a bedroom, kissing and caressing each other. The fact that you haven’t heard me come in indicates the level of focus you have on the scene in front of you, and as your hand slips underneath your body to touch yourself, it is clear you are enjoying the video.

I think back to a conversation we had about pornography when we first started dating. I had told you there were things I liked and things I didn’t like, but that I did watch it from time to time. You seemed embarrassed to talk about it, and I came away from that conversation fairly sure that you would never look at porn.

But now, it seems, I had been wrong.

I quietly lean in the doorway, deciding to enjoy this arousing scene for a bit while I decide what to do.

Back on the bed, you spread your legs a little wider, giving you easier access to be able to touch yourself. Your fingers glide over your dampening lips while on screen, the women undress each other; shirts are unbuttoned, pants are undone, bras are unclasped and panties are slid down silky-smooth legs.

You continue to lightly stroke yourself as the scene fills your laptop screen. They kiss and caress each other’s naked bodies, hands grabbing asses, lips brushing necks and tongues teasing hardening nipples. Eventually, the brunette turns her blonde friend around and leads her to the bed, laying her down – like you – on her stomach. Silently watching along with you, I feel my arousal becoming physical.

Your fingers make contact with your clit as the olive skinned girl climbs onto the bed, her cute little ass in the air, and begins running her tongue along the folds of her friend’s pink pussy. You let out a very sexy groan as you continue to tease your clit, my eyes darting between you masturbating and the brunette eating her friend out on your computer. My cock is straining against my pants as I watch you, and I know I have to do something about the sexual hunger I’m feeling.

I take a bold step into your bedroom, and you hear the floor creak as I do. You are shocked, to say the least, but you look far more embarrassed than angry. You quickly pull your hand away from your pussy while closing the laptop with the other hand. You clearly don’t know what to say. “What are…I didn’t know – I mean, I didn’t hear – I got the day off, and…”

I stand watching you for a moment, and then just shake my head in a judgmental way. “Well, well, well,” I say, approaching the bed, “what a naughty girl you are.”

Despite the fact that you are very embarrassed, you are also clearly turned on by me having caught you…and by me admonishing you.

“Very naughty,” I say, crouching down at the side of the bed next to you. I rest my hand on your ass as I lean in to whisper in your ear. “Is this what you like to do? Stay home and play with yourself while watching dirty videos of girls fucking each other?” You are turned on by my questioning you, but still too embarrassed to answer. “I… sometimes I…” you begin, but I stop you by kissing you hard on the mouth. Before you can enjoy that afyon escort for very long, however, I raise my hand off your ass and give you a good spank. You gasp, breaking away from our kiss, shocked and aroused. “Tell me,” I command, “is this what you like to do – stay home playing with your pussy while looking at porn?” You smile a little smile that shows you like this interrogation and say, “Yes, this is what I like to do.” I make you gasp again by giving your behind another good slap. “You really are a naughty girl, aren’t you?” “Yes,” you say in a breathy tone. “I really am.”

“Well,” I say, opening up the laptop screen in front of you, “if it’s what you like to do, I guess I should let you do it.” You feel your embarrassment resurface as I go to start the video up again, but your arousal is stronger. “But because you’re a bad girl, and I caught you being a bad girl… I get to watch.” You moan a bit as I say this, your humiliation and arousal mixing together in a delicious way.

The porn video screen size seems to have minimized when you closed the screen, and just before I go to maximize the image, I notice the title of the vid. I smile a coy smile at you and read it aloud like a teacher reading a note they caught a student passing in class. “Beautiful Coeds Discover Anal Fun.” I am certain I actually see you blush a little bit. I lean in and whisper in your ear again. “I had no idea I was dating such a naughty little pervert. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Another little spank on your ass causes you to groan in pleasure. “I want your fingers back on your pussy right now.” You smile your little smile at me again as your slowly push your hand back under yourself. I click on the video as you do.

On the screen in front of us, the olive-skinned brunette has stopped lapping at her friend’s moist, pink lips and is now sucking on her engorged clit. You let out a moan a couple of moments later, and although I cannot see your hand from where I am crouched next to you, I feel certain you have just made contact with your own sensitive button.

When we are treated to a close up of the blonde biting her lip in reaction to her friend’s oral pleasuring, I again whisper in your ear. “I’m gonna get more comfortable. You just keep watching your dirty little video.”

With that I get up and shuffle around behind you as you watch the incredibly hot scene going on in front of you. When I climb on the bed behind you a few moments later, I have stripped down to my boxers.

I watch you playing with your pussy from behind as the video continues. I look up to watch the screen, and true to its title, the brunette releases her friend’s clit from her mouth and lets her tongue roam up, “discovering” the blonde’s tight little asshole. Tentatively at first, her tongue begins to tease and explore, and the blonde wiggles in appreciation under her. Seeing this, your hand moves a little faster between your legs.

Your fingers continue to dance across your clit as I lean down and lightly kiss your ankle. I then proceed to run my tongue slowly up the back of your leg, as if following an old fashioned stocking seam. When I get to your ass I give your cheek a little love bite, and I hear you take in a sharp breath. I give the spot a kiss and continue my journey, licking up to your back and then over to your tailbone.

The brunette, I look up to notice, is now fingering herself as she continues to lick her moaning friend’s ass.

I now put my hands on your ass cheeks, parting them slightly. Your fingers are busy on your clit in front of me as I slowly run my tongue down your crack, stopping just before your asshole. I can almost feel your anticipation as I pause for a moment, listening to the moaning from the video and heavy breathing from you. When I finally make a light circle around your hole, just barely making contact, you let out your own moan. ağrı escort You push your ass back a bit, wanting more, but I tease you for a while – coming close, but not quite touching your sensitive spot.

But it can only go on like that for so long. It is like teasing myself as well, and I finally give in, at first just grazing your ass with the tip of my tongue. You let out a little whimper when it happens. Now I am hungry for it, and start licking you in earnest. Your fingers move faster on your clit as you get more and more turned on – having your ass eaten from behind as you watch the dirty little video in front of you.

I take my time pleasuring you. Once in a while I have to grind my crotch into the bed as a wave of arousal hits me, but mostly I focus on you, snaking my tongue around and into your tight ass. Your orgasm is definitely starting to build, the idea of how dirty you are being almost equaling how good what’s being done to you feels.

After some time I lift my eyes up to the screen in time to see the hot little brunette pull away from her lovers ass and sit up. Her pert breasts are capped by nipples made hard from arousal, and she removes her fingers from herself and puts them in her mouth, enjoying the taste of her own pussy. She proceeds to take those same wet fingers and rub the blonde’s ass with them. After the short massage she slowly pushes a finger inside as her friend moans and squirms on the bed.

I lap at your sensitive hole a few more times and then run my tongue down through your smooth, damp lips. I take your fingers into my mouth and suck on them, loving the way you taste. You raise your ass off the bed a bit, arching your back, and push my face further down, sucking your clit into my mouth as you moan and squirm. I finally release it from my lips and sit up, watching with you as the little olive skinned hottie finger fucks her lover, now stretching her friend’s ass with a second digit.

You feel a little pressure against your own backside and look over your shoulder to see that I have grabbed your little bullet vibrator and have lubed it up, pressing it gently against your asshole. You turn back to watch the two women as I ease the vibe into you, taking lots of time to open you up. As it starts to go a little deeper, you start moaning like the blonde in the video. Soon I am easing it in and out of your ass, gently fucking you with it as it gets nearly all the way in. Your fingers buzz away on your clit below as I push it in as far as it will go, filling you up in a deliciously dirty way.

Then I switch it on.

The electric jolt of pleasure that flows though you makes you breathless for a moment, and when you do exhale it is a long sigh.

I climb on top of you from behind, my crotch up against the butt end of the vibrator. I lick and bite the back of your neck as I watch the video with you, the vibe buzzing away in your ass and under my balls.

The blonde on the bed is being pushed very close to orgasm, too, and we watch together as the brunette removes her fingers from inside her friend, leaving her gasping and whimpering. The brunette then reaches over to the bedside table and opens the drawer, pulling out a harness for a strap-on. She pulls the straps up her smooth tanned legs and straps herself in, the harness framing her perfect little ass beautifully.

Her hand goes back into the drawer, pulling out a flesh coloured dildo. The brunette then climbs on top of her friend from behind and dangles the fake cock in front of her face, feeding it to her. The blonde sucks on it hungrily, full of desire and happy to have something in her mouth. I can’t help but grunt in your ear as I watch her lips and tongue devour the realistic looking dildo with passionate abandon.

When the brunette has decided that it is well lubed, she pulls it away from her ravenous lover and attaches it to her harness. aksaray escort She then positions herself back behind the blonde, and with one hand on the small of her back, pushes the cock into her friend. As the tip of the dildo touches the blondes asshole, I turn the vibe in your ass up a notch.

We are both getting closer and closer to cumming as we watch these two hot women fuck in front of us. The vibe is rattling away under my balls, causing me to get harder and harder. You are going back and forth between rubbing your clit and sticking your fingers into yourself, loving feeling so filled up. I am panting in your ear when I am not sucking or biting it.

There is a close up of the brunette fucking, shot from behind, that lasts for a short while. She is thrusting in and out of her friend, the perfectly smooth, damp lips of her cunt peeking out between the leather straps of the harness. The camera shot is so close it feels like she is right in front of us.

“I don’t know what I would want more,” I groan into your ear, “to be able to just lean forward and run my tongue over her pussy, or to lie here and watch you do it instead”. It’s hard to say if it’s my words, or the fact that I turn up the vibe another notch just as I finish saying them, but you let out a very sexy moan.

You are quickly approaching orgasm, and I climb off of you and remove my boxers, releasing my hard on from its confines.

It seems almost cruel to do, with you so close, but I take the end of the vibrator and slowly pull it out of you. You let out a little groan of frustration, wanting to cum with your ass filled up.

I squirt some lube into my hand and stroke myself with it, moaning with pleasure as I do so. From beside you, I lean into your ear.

“Do you want to try something else in there?”, I whisper as you watch the brunette pull her dildo out of her friend, flipping her over. “Please,” you sigh back. “Tell me,” I say, my sticky hand still stroking, “tell me what you want.” “Please,” is all you say again as your climax approaches. I use the hand not wrapped around my throbbing cock to give you a firm spank on your ass. “Tell me what you want, naughty girl.” Your reply as if you are telling me a dirty little secret that you are too turned on not to let out. “I want your cock in my ass.”

My cock still in my hand, I have to grit my teeth hard not to cum right then, hearing you speak like that.

I position myself right behind you as the olive skinned girl starts fucking the blonde once more, now in missionary position. The blonde is in ecstasy as the two rub against each other – tits pressed together, tongues hungry in each other’s mouths.

I touch the head of my cock to your tight little opening and ease it in, both of us so close to bursting. By the time I have sunk myself all the way into you, you are moaning with more abandon than the blonde in the video. Through the haze of our building orgasms, we watch the blonde climax loudly, grabbing at her friends ass to pull her in as deep as possible.

That is all the arousal you can take, and you cum hard under me, my cock thrusting in and out of your asshole. The hand you are not finger-fucking your pussy with is grabbing violently at the sheets.

Your orgasm pushes me over the edge, and I thrust as deep as I can into you, letting go. You reach back and grab at my balls as I do, giving me the most intense orgasm imaginable.

We are both spent, and as I lower my bodyweight onto your back, you close the screen of the laptop and sigh a very satisfied sigh.

Not having thought about it until this moment, I realize I have to get back to work. I quickly get up and get dressed, kissing you on the lips as you lay on the bed relaxing.

“Sorry, babe, I gotta run. I’ll see you in a couple of hours for dinner?”

You get up and approach me, pressing your naked body against me, you lips right next to my ear.

“Ok,” you whisper. “But after dinner… it’s gonna be your turn to pick a clip to watch. I wanna know just what kind of kinky, naughty boy I have on my hands.” With that, you give my ass a hard spank… and I know I’m in love.

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