My Teachers Love Me


My Teachers Love MeThis story is not made up and actually happened. I was in grade 10 and my law teacher was incredibly busty and had the biggest tits my virgin eyes had ever seen. She had massage cleavage showing everyday and it turned me into a staring, drooling cave man. The best part was that she knew what she was doing to me. She would bend over in certain angles to only flash her cleavage to me. Sometimes I would zone out while staring at her tits and I wouldn’t even notice that she was smiling and giggling at me. So one day I thought Id thought Id return the favor. Law was my last class of the day. When the class ended there was a couple of students including me standing in line to see her about homework before they left. I was at the back of the line. Soon enough I was the only one in the class room with her. The halls were empty as well because Id been standing in line for a quite a while. I had just missed the previous day of school and needed to receive work I missed. Luckily for me she was out of copies of the paper I needed. She had to leave for a couple minutes to print more. This gave me the time I needed to work up the biggest erection Ankara bayan escort I’ve ever had. I wore tighter skinny jeans than normal for the occasion so my boner would stick right out and be very easily visible. I mean you could see this thing from space. And I wore a shirt that was too small to cover an erection. Not that I planned to cover it. I wanted her to think that I was embarrassed. I wanted her to see the struggle in my eyes as I frantically pulled my shirt down to try to hide my boner from her. I wanted her to feel embarrassed for me and laugh and giggle at me. I wanted her to think that I was having the worst moment of my life. But in reality, I’m loving every second of it. Anyways, when she returns to the classroom I was purposely looking away from the door so I had no idea when she would arrive, just to play the act off better. I turned around acting embarrassed, uneasy and surprised as why she was already back. I had both my hands awkwardly spread out over my jeans, purposely doing a horrible job at concealing it for now. I knew she was going to hand me a bunch of things and Id be forced to move Escort bayan Ankara both hands. She could already tell something was up. My face was beat red. I was sweating and looking around the room nervously. Then when she handed me the papers and I purposely hesitated, then moved my hands, she stopped. She was literally in the middle of a sentence and briefly stopped talking because of shock. How the tables have turned. I was looking up at her eyes as she was wide eye staring straight down at my package. And to top it all off, we were standing sort of diagonal from each other. Because we were reviewing papers and we both had to see. This gave her the absolute perfect line of sight at my cock. After her good long stare she came back into reality. She immediately grabbed her tight top and pulled it way up. She struggled to try and pull it up because her boobs were just so big. She was trying to block all sight of her huge delicious boobs because we both knew that’s why I was rock hard. She was doing that for me, not for her. She felt bad for me and was trying to save me by making my boner go down. I showed her that Bayan escort Ankara that wasn’t gonna work by staring at her boobs whenever she looked at my eyes. I would time it. When we made eye contact I would look at her eyes for a bit then glance down at her breasts. The rest of our conversation consisted of me acting extremely embarrassed, me purposely trying and failing at cover my cock, her smiling and giggling at me, her failing at covering up her tits and us exchanging glances at each others goods. When our conversation was over she said “you can go now” and grinned at me. I ran out of the classroom, my hands over my still throbbing cock. Soon after I also realized my pants were wet. I literally came in my pants for her. There was a big stain on my pants right where my cock was. And when I think back I wonder. Did she witness me cum in my pants? Did she watch me soil myself for her? I hope she did. For the rest of the semester she gave me seductive looks, called me buddy (which she had never done once before all this), and would come over and lean on me when seeing what I was doing. (we all worked on computers so she would lean on me when reading from over my shoulder). When she leaned on me she put her huge boobs right beside my face but just out of sight and touching range. She knew I wanted them. She knew I thirsted for them. She knew that she made me rock solid whenever she did that. She was teasing me so hard. I still think of her till this day.

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