My Student Ch 4


I woke with a yawn and a stretch. Bobby was still sitting at my feet, asleep. A bit confused as to how we ended up here. The rays of light cast through the blinds by the sun cut through the dimness of the room. I fought through a cloudy hangover to remember. My eyes scanned my body; my long tee-shirt over my old white shorts. Things started to slowly come back to me. I ran my fingers between my legs to find no panties. Further examination told me that I was fully on display. A closer look at Bobby showed me that he was also.His limp cock on his lap; even in its flaccid state, it was impressive. Again my body began to respond. Even through my hangover, my desires were apparent. My fingers played over my wet clitoris. Just feet from this young man, I pushed a finger deep into my pussy.I watched as his dick lay still. I watched his sleepy expression. Two fingers now. I saw the semen stains soaked into my husband’s borrowed shirt. I pushed my fingers deep. With my other hand, I played with my clitoris. After my teasing last evening, I was already close. My fingers moved quickly in and out. My heart raced.Bobby moved his head. I was making too much noise. He moved Escort Sefaköy again. I stopped what I was doing and covered myself. Slowly, I pushed myself up to a seated position. I tried to clear my head by closing my eyes and breathing very deeply. The empty wine bottle sat on the coffee table in front of me. It seemed to mock me for drinking so much. I stood and took the bottle and glass to the kitchen. The glass went into the sink and I dropped the bottle into the trash. Turning to the fridge, I took a beer from the door. Before I sat at the table, I pushed the button on the coffee maker.Not sure if the beer would help, I just stared at it while the coffee brewed. The warm aroma wafted in the morning air. My head was on my arms when Bobby walked in.”Good morning, Mrs. Williams,” he greeted.”Good morning, Bobby,” I answered, ”I can’t believe you slept on the couch all night.””I watched the end of the game,” he said. ”We won by two points.””Great,” I groaned, ”I was worried.””We pulled it out with a foul in the last two seconds,” he said. ”You know, Levant Jefferson doesn’t miss a free throw.”I poured a cup of coffee Yenibosna escort bayan for me and asked if he wanted one. After stirring the sugar and cream in both cups, I returned to the table. He took a sip from his cup too soon and burned his tongue. I shook my head and blew the steam from my cup.Sitting back in my chair, I pulled my knees to my chest. The air conditioning was usually cold in the morning here, and I could feel my nipples pressing into my legs. My eyes were closed and my head on my knees.The coffee must have cooled enough by now. I lifted my head and opened my eyes. Taking the cup, I brought it to my lips and tasted the bittersweet liquid. My eyes caught Bobby staring at my shorts where they disappeared between my legs. I guess I had it coming, after the show I put on last night. None the wiser that I had caught him, I let my knees fall slightly open. He swallowed hard and looked up to see if I were doing it on purpose, but I had looked away, innocently sipping my coffee. May as well continue the game.  I let my foot furthest from him drop to the floor, naturally opening the crotch of my shorts Halkalı escort a bit more. ”Do you want to eat, Bobby?” I asked.”Ma’am?” he stuttered.”Breakfast,” I clarified, “are you hungry?””Oh, yeah,” he grinned. ”Yes ma’am, that sounds good.”My shorts were old and worn, but comfortable. Really, they were my favorite pair. The waistband was stretched out just enough that they hung low on my hips. I put my other foot down and took another sip of coffee, my knees as far apart as the arms of the chair allowed. I pushed myself up and walked over to the fridge. Eggs, buttermilk, and vanilla extract. Next to the pantry, flour, and oil. I mixed up a batter for pancakes and scrambled eggs to compliment them; a couple of sausage patties and we had breakfast. I sat in the same chair with my legs crossed and poured a glass of orange juice for me and another for him. We ate like we were starved. I glanced at him every now and then to see if he was still looking. Of course, he was. I squirmed my ass in the chair a bit, offsetting the crotch of my shorts a little more. He took a bite of pancake, dripping syrup on his chin. Looking over, he almost choked on his food. I glanced down at my crotch to see what he could see. I was almost completely exposed. I glanced at his lap; I could tell that he liked what he was seeing. I ate my breakfast as he devoured my pussy with his eyes. My head was starting to feel better now. I don’t know if it was the coffee or the adrenaline. 

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