My Sister Gill – part two


At the end of the weekend I went home to Mum and Dad’s with my head reeling. I couldn’t believe what had taken place over the weekend. I normally stayed at my sister’s place at weekends. Most weekends I messed around with motorbikes with my brother-in-law Tony, but at night alone in the spare room I had taken to reading all of Tony’s porn magazines and basically wanking for most of the night. For the last few weeks I had started to fantasise about my sister Gill. I was 16 and she was 23. She was pretty fit and of late had a habit of not bothering to cover up much around the house. I’d seen her in bra and panties, see through nighties and occasionally with no bra underneath. At 16 years old this was starting to take its toll on me and my mind was wandering into fantasies I just shouldn’t be having. To me she was as fit, if not fitter than the girls in the magazines. And of course she was real! Anyway, as of last weekend in circumstances I could not believe, I had finally seen my big sister totally naked, I watched sitting on the toilet, I saw her fucking her husband, I saw her masturbate until she came and she watched me do the same, she then jacked me off in the bathroom. We became lovers over that weekend and stole every opportunity to touch or kiss but we had both agreed we shouldn’t actually have penetrative sex. I wasn’t to put my cock inside her as that really would be naughty. We were after all brother and sister. The last thing before I had to go home Gill was wearing a pretty short skirt and no panties. She had given me a few flashes in the kitchen, groped my cock a few times and at one point while her husband wasn’t watching she fingered herself right in front of me. She was driving me mad. I made my excuses and went upstairs, a few minutes later she arrived. The bathroom door was closed, she leant up against it sticking her butt out, and I slid my hand between her spread thighs and slowly slid two fingers into her hot wet pussy. She reached behind her and slid her hand into my shorts. With her fingers wrapped around my rock hard cock and my fingers deep in her wet snatch I humped away on her ass until I shot my load all over her hand inside my shorts. The whole episode had taken just a few minutes. We kissed and she disappeared back to her husband downstairs leaving me to clean up the mess in my pants. I went home at the end of that weekend wondering what the hell I had done, or rather what we had done! All week school was a blur I was just waiting for the next weekend and a visit to Gill’s house. I was also very nervous in case she had decided to tell on us. I had little privacy at home, it was a very small house and Mum and Dad heard everything. I took every opportunity to fantasise more and more about me and my big sister. I was by now, obsessed. Weekend finally arrived and I set off cycling over to Gill’s. When I arrived Tony was out, Gill was on her own. It was a tense moment. Would she have changed her mind since last weekend? Was I in the shit? I walked in, Gill was in the kitchen. Küçükyalı escort She was wearing a very tight pair of jeans, standing at the sink her backside was a delight. She looked over her shoulder and smiled, “Hiya Pete.” “Hi Gill. Tony not around?” “He’s just nipped out but he won’t be long. You look sweaty cycling all that way, why don’t you go get yourself a shower?” “yeah OK, erm … look, err, Gill, last …, last weekend …” “Pete, it’s Ok, we talked about it alright? I won’t tell if you don’t.” She turned towards me, fuck she looked so hot and sexy I just wanted to grab her and have her there and then on the floor. “We must be very careful kiddo; we got a bit carried away last week. Lets slow down, we mustn’t get caught. People would think we were sick!” She smiled and walked towards me. Taking both of my hands she said “Go get a shower little brother. I’ve got something special planned for later on. Tony’s out with the boys tonight and that means we can have some fun. I’ve been looking forward to this all week; let’s enjoy it while we can.” As I stood there looking into her eyes my cock was starting to grow and throb. I was 16 years old and a beautiful 23 year old was basically telling me we would be having sex later that evening! “Tony might come back. Go get a shower and be patient!” She reached over and rubbed my cock and balls through my shorts. “Go!” I spent ages in the shower. My hard on wouldn’t go away and I didn’t want to wank, I was saving my cum for my sister. Eventually I settled in front of the TV downstairs and tried to keep my mind off the subject. A few hours later and Tony was out the door, “See ya later guys!” We both sat there in a strange silence. We kept glancing at each other. Gill looked so sexy. Her tight jeans showed every curve, her T-shirt clung to her body and she clearly didn’t have a bra on. I was so nervous wondering what happens next. Gill stood up, her tight jeans showing her gorgeous body. “You know the score kiddo, playing only. We can touch but that’s all.” I stood up, Gill looked down at my crotch. “Mmmmm you are keen aren’t you!” she said referring to the growing bulge in my shorts, “We’d better go upstairs, there’s less chance of getting caught then if Tony comes back.” She took my hand and led the way. I couldn’t help but stare at her rounded bottom in those skin tight jeans as she walked in front of me. I still couldn’t believe what was happening and as we climbed the stairs I started to tremble with excitement. Once we were in the spare room she turned to me arms outstretched. I fell into her arms and we hugged. Clumsily I made a grab for her tits, “Oi!” she said pulling back from me laughing, “Slow down tiger I’m not some cheap whore on a time limit you know!” And she laughed some more. “Listen, I told you I had something special planned. Why don’t you get undressed and …” before she could finish her sentence I was almost naked and standing in front of her cock sticking straight up. I don’t think Kartal escort bayan I could have been much harder. My cock was dribbling pre cum already. “Blimey, you are in a hurry!” she laughed. “I was going to say why don’t you get undressed and I’ll go change!” and she laughed again. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I stood there completely naked gently stroking my cock as I waited for what seemed ages, then she was back and what a sight! She was wearing a red bra with matching red panties and a black suspender belt. The straps went down to black fishnet stockings and on her feet were red stiletto shoes. I could not believe my eyes and just stood there in silence. “Pete, last weekend when I caught you wearing my nighty and knickers it really turned me on, so I just wondered if you’d do it again for me?” Her gorgeous smile said it all. “What? wear your knickers? I don’t think …” My words failed as she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her knickers and started to wiggle out of them. “How about you try these ones on while they’re still warm?” She slowly slid her red panties down over her stocking clad legs carefully stepping out of them, bending down and picking them up. She stood there legs slightly spread dangling the panties from her outstretched hand. I couldn’t help but stare are her pussy. I could see her pussy lips just below the small patch of black hair, slightly open and inviting. I would do anything to get closer and touch her, feel her wetness and heat. I reached out and took the panties. Carefully I put them on, all the time never taking my eyes off her curvy body. I wiggled into the panties attempting to tuck my cock into the front but there was no way it was going to stay in there! Gill stood looking at me and I stared at her. I so wanted to touch her, just grab her now and get between her silky thighs. She smiled, “Now what about a bra?” and she started to reach behind her, my mouth dropped as I realised what she was doing. Slowly she removed her red bra and I gazed on her rounded breasts and strong erect nipples. She held out the bra. “Here, I’m sure it will fit you little brother.” I was in zombie mode now. I would do anything to get the end result of fucking her. I knew in the back of my mind we had agreed no sex, but I didn’t believe it and just knew I was going to lose my virginity to my sister. “Pete!” she snapped, “You don’t get to touch me and I won’t touch you until you do what I want!” She smiled and waved the bra at me. “Play the game or it all stops here. Trust me you’re going to look hot babe.” Her other hand snaked between her thighs and started to move slowly back and forth. I was mesmerised and without knowing it I took the bra and started to slide my arms though the straps. “Turn round babe and I’ll fasten you up.” This was weird. I turned around and stood still as she fastened the bra for me. Still standing behind me she hugged me, her arms slowly slipped down my body until her hands fell on my cock. I could feel her hard Escort Suadiye nipples in my back as she cupped my balls with one hand and started to stroke my hard cock with the other. “See. Do as you’re told and you get rewarded little brother.” She was stroking the length of my cock really slowly and grinding her body into my back. I was in heaven enjoying every last stroke when she stopped and stepped back. I turned and gazed. She was about 3 feet away wearing only stockings and suspender belt and her red stiletto heels. She was standing legs apart with her hands on her hips. “You put these stockings and suspender belt on as well Pete and I’ll be naked, you’ll look sexy and I promise we’ll get on the bed and you get to touch me here.” Her hand moved to between her thighs her fingers sliding between her pussy lips. “Aww come on sis, don’t make me! Can’t we just get on the bed now? I feel stupid”. I was almost pleading with her. She slowly turned around and started to bend over. As I stared her smooth bald pussy came into view nestled between her silky thighs and framed by the straps of her suspenders. She spread her legs and I saw her fingers appear at her pussy lips. Using two fingers she carefully spread her wet pussy lips … “If you want to play like this,” and the two fingers slid inside her, “Do as I ask. Especially if you want to know how a blow job feels, and I’m sure you know what that is.” She straightened up, turned around and started to remove her suspender belt followed by the stockings. I knew I had to play along. Being honest it was actually quite a turn on wearing the bra and panties and as I stretched the stockings onto my legs Gill, who was now completely naked, knelt in front of me to help fasten the suspender straps to the stockings. As I looked down I could see my cock, hard and dripping pre-cum right next to her head. As she finished the last strap she wrapped her left hand around my cock, she looked up at me, smiled and turned to my cock. I watched in awe as her tongue appeared from between her lips and as she drew my foreskin back her tongue slowly swept across the end of my cock taking with it small bead of pre-cum. I shivered and my legs almost buckled. I was looking down at my 23 year old big sister licking on my erect cock. The fact I was standing there in red panties and bra, suspender belt and stockings didn’t even bother me, I actually liked being dressed like that. I continued to watch as her tongue started to wrap itself around my cock; the feeling was almost beyond describing. Her hot breath, the heat and texture of her tongue as she licked on my cock was pleasure beyond what I had felt before. My eyes closed and my head went back, it was almost too much to bear and I was frantically trying not to cum. And then the sensation changed, my whole cock was enveloped in hotness, a heat like I had never felt. I opened my eyes to see my cock disappearing into her willing mouth. She was working her lips up and down my shaft. I grabbed her head to stop her, “I’m going to cum.” I said “Oh God!” My knees were trembling, my legs shaking, I could feel the orgasm start to build and my instinct told me to thrust my cock hard down her throat. She stopped moving, her fingers formed a vice like grip around the base of my shaft, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and just squeezed.

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