Subject: Revenge on Mike, Chapter 3 All characters and events in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real events or real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Though this work of fiction may contain sexual situations and/or sexual acts between adults and minors, neither the author condones such situations and/or acts. Your donations make Nifty Archives possible. Keep this site running with your support: fty Please direct any comments or ideas for this story ail Revenge… Sunday morning I was totally spent. The high I had was unlike anything I had ever felt. It was part power trip and part sexual climax. Add to that the beers and cigar smoke, and I wasn’t moving. I guess this was going to be my second night in Mike’s bed….. When I got up on Sunday morning, Mike was already gone. I collected my things and left him a little present. It was a picture I printed off from the video of Mike with my cock in his mouth and cum all over his face. I left it on his bed, right next to the cum stains from last night. I’m sure it will help him remember the fun we had the past two days. Or at least the fun I had had. I didn’t really expect much out of today. I needed to get some homework done. I needed to go to the library and do actual school work. It should have been a relaxing easy Sunday, but it wasn’t. Just after lunch, while I was in the library trying to get a paper done, I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. Now everyone knows that there is a back area of the library where some of the freaks go to get a quick blow job or fuck. Most of the time they at least keep it quite so that they don’t draw attention to themselves. But who ever was back there today was being a little loud and people were noticing. I tried not to let it get to me. I worked on my paper listening to some gagging and then some knocking around. Who ever was back there was batıkent escort getting it rough. Try as I might I couldn’t block it out. I had to try to see who was back there. I got up and worked my way around the back of the stacks. I looked around the first corner, no one there. I went to the next one and again no one. Only one stack left, so I looked around the corner and the biggest smile spread across my face. Mike had the skirt hiked up on a cheerleader and a hand over her mouth while he was fucking her. He was so rough, he was lifting her off the ground each time he slammed his cock in her cunt. Mike was lost in the fuck. He didn’t realize I was there. He wasn’t really talking or making much sound. He just kept slamming his big cock into that cheerleader cum dump. And she kept doing her best not to scream. Mike started to pick up the pace and I knew he was close to cumming. I had the most wicked thought; a sadistic sneer went across my face. “Hey Mike, who you screwing?” I said coming out from behind the stack. Mike stopped mid thrust and looked over at me. He had this mad, embarrassed, hurt look on his face. “Don’t stop on my account” I grinned. Mike threw her a few more thrusts then grunted. “What the fuck?” the cheerleader said as Mike pulled out. “Just get the fuck out of here bitch.” He replied. Mike started stuffing his cock back into his shorts and the cheerleader turned and left. “Nice technique.” I laughed. “Man that’s not right.” Mike said looking at me. “Well you see my bitch left me high and dry this morning. I didn’t even get a chance to throw him my morning wood.” I was looking him right in the eyes while I said it. Mike couldn’t return my look. You could see how ashamed he was. “Did you see the picture I left for you of our first date?” As I talked Mike turned red, then beşevler escort pale. “I assume you didn’t. It was this great picture of you making love to my cock. And that pretty face of yours is covered in cock snot.” Mike was totally pale. I had never degrading someone like this. It was a total power trip. I was so turned on. Mike started to walk away but I wasn’t done yet. “Where are you going?” Mike turned to look at me. “I didn’t say you could leave, did I?” Mike wasn’t saying much. “Why don’t you come over here and help me out?” I said while squeezing my cock through my pants. “I can’t man, someone could catch us. Man you can’t…” Mike started getting flustered but I just stood there squeezing my hardening cock. All I had to do was get my phone out of my pocket and pull up one of the images of Mike sucking my cock that first night to really make him start squirming. “I really like this pic man, it shows your face really clearly and the cock in your mouth is very clear too. Even the cum bubbles coming out of the corner of your mouth are clear, see?” I showed him the picture. Mike’s pale face was getting some color back in it, he was turning red again. I grabbed Mike’s hand and guided it to my growing cock. Mike was looking around wildly trying to see if anyone was coming. His eyes wear full of fear. My eyes were full of lust and power. “You know this would be easier if you got on your knees. The quicker you get to business the quicker you can get out of here.” Mike wasn’t moving. I put my hand on his shoulder and with a little pressure, he dropped to his knees. I looked at his face, but he wasn’t looking up, he was looking at my crotch. “Take it out and suck it. Suck it just like you did on our first date.” I leaned back a little resting on the rack of books. Mike reluctantly pulled büyükesat ankara my waistband down enough to free my cock. He looked at it for a minute then opened his mouth and started sucking it in. His lips were dry but after a few strokes they started getting slick. I was leaning back enjoying Mike’s mouth, but it didn’t feel right. It was okay. I mean my cock felt warm and moist in there, but I wanted more. I put my hands on each side of his face and started fucking his mouth. That’s when I really started to get hard. I mean I was already hard, but once I took his head and started fucking, I got rock hard. Mike was starting to gag a little. He was struggling to take my cock into his throat. But I didn’t stop. It was music to my ears hearing him gag and choke just like he had done to that cheerleader. Just ten minutes ago, Mike was cunting out some cheerleader. Now here he was being my cunt. I was starting to really fuck Mike’s throat rough. I stepped forward a bit to get a better angle for my cock down his throat. I pinned Mike’s head between my cock and the wall behind him. He had no place to go and I was bouncing my balls against his chin. The drool was flying and the tears were running down Mike’s face as I picked up the pace. I wasn’t going to last much longer but who cared. This was my third date with this stud and he put out like a cheap whore, all be it not willingly, every time. Pinning Mike’s head I started pumping my cum down his throat. Mike’s face was a mess and when I pulled out of his mouth, I grabbed his head and tilted it, then spit on it. I pulled up my shorts, covering my cock back up, then laughed. When I walked back to the table I had been working on, I saw another guy from the football team walking to the back with a girl in tow. I laughed. Mike was still back there. He hadn’t left yet. I strained to hear what was going on back there, but I heard the punch loud and clear. Mike went storming out of the stacks followed by the other guy holding his jaw. The girl he went back there with was chasing them both. I finished my paper and packed up. I wonder if Mike went back to his place. If he did, I’m sure he found that gift. If he didn’t, he would get it soon enough….

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