My New Gym Buddy Pt. 04

Kenna James

With the newfound cash burning a hole in my pocket, I found myself last in line at the checkout of the adult shop that daddy had so kindly requested I stop at. My head was still swimming with thoughts of what he and I had done only 30 or so minutes back. It was nothing like I had ever experienced. The pleasure I felt from having another man in my mouth, and now in my no longer virgin ass, seemed to open up a whole new outlook on how I saw myself. Being able to make daddy’s long, thick cock stand at attention by dressing up slutty and giving him a few shakes of my tight little ass made me feel powerful in a way I had never felt before. I felt addicted. And daddy wanted more of me. The thought sent tingles down my spine.

Not only did daddy want more, he had so graciously given me money to find more sexy clothes to turn him on. So there I was standing in line with his requested party favors.

Lube? Check. I made sure to get a nice large bottle.

Bra and panties? Check. I had found the cutest skimpy top that had just barely enough fabric to cover the nipples. I made sure to get one that was slightly see-thru, so daddy could see mine standing at attention for him. It came with this adorable little blue g-string with a perfect front pouch to hold my cock in just the right place. Daddy was going to love it.

Dildo? Check. I also made sure to take my time picking out the perfect dildo. I browsed up and down the aisle for quite some time to try to make sure I got one that most closely resembled daddy’s perfect cock. I settled on a light pink/flesh colored one with a suction cup on the end of it. I had already begin drawing up plans to stick it to my shower wall, get down on my knees and not get back up until I could fit the entire thing down my throat. I needed to be ready to deepthroat his cock, just like daddy requested.

As a little gift to both daddy and myself, I also picked out a beautiful brunette wig. Having tried it on in the wig section, I knew he would love the way it framed my face and the way the soft locks draped down my back before stopping just a few inches above my ass.

“Next” I heard from the cashier. She eyed me as I approached. She was dressed in a all black, with black lipstick and piercings on just about every feature on her face. In stark contrast to the way she dressed, she greeted me with a warm, disarming smile. The whiteness of her teeth and the warmness of her cheeks starkly contrasted her black clothing.

“Ohh, are these for some lucky lady?” she asked as she maintained her bright smile.

I could totally see how she might think that, and the recipient of these wonderful gifts most definitely was lucky in so many ways. I shot a quick glance towards the door and saw the person who was previously in front of me in line walk out the door. This meant she and I were the only two left in the store. For some reason, I felt at ease enough to just embrace it.

“Yes they are! They’re for me.” I said with a reciprocating smile. I wasn’t sure what response I was going to get from her, but sure enough I was met with yet another smile.

“Oh, awesome! I bet they’re going to look gorgeous on you! I love the style and color of the wig. Do you always go brunette?”

Good question…

“Well, to be honest, I’m really new to all of this. I’m kinda flying blind here, but I really want to look good next time I see my… um…. new friend…?”

“What a lucky guy!” she responded.

“Well just looking at you, I can say for sure that that bra and panty set is going to look gorgeous on you.” istanbul travesti She said as she began surveying the empty store.

“You know what?” she continued, making her way out from behind the register.


She was standing over a chair that faced a bright vanity mirror.

“Let’s get that wig looking right. Do you have any makeup?”

“Erm…. no?” I said as I made my way over to sit in the chair.

“Don’t you worry. I got you.” she said, opening a drawer and pulling out a fresh palette.

I had never been in an adult shop before, but I figured if the service was like this in every one, I was missing out big time. She was the epitome of great service. I learned her name was Sarah, and that she was working there part time while she studied at the local community college. She wanted to transfer somewhere on the coast to a 4-year university so she could study marine biology.

She was also apparently a professional makeup artist.

By the time we were done chatting about life, she had turned me into a totally different person. She had cut the wig slightly to fit my head better, and done a perfect job on my face. What was previously a boyish face on a skinny 25-year old’s body now looked profoundly soft and feminine. I didn’t even recognize myself. With the tips she gave me on how to apply the eyeliner, blush and lipstick, I was confident that daddy wouldn’t be able to control himself next time he saw me all dressed up.

“I look absolutely gorgeous!” I exclaimed as I looked at her in the mirror.

“I have no idea how to thank you. I was so nervous, thinking I could never pull this off.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” She said back, flashing her huge warm smile.

“I’m sure your new boy toy is going to love the way you look. Speaking of which!” she said, looking elsewhere in the mirror.

“Looks like you’ve got yourself on admirer…”

I looked in the mirror and saw exactly what she was talking about. Standing behind us in the store was a slightly older white man, probably in his late 30s if I had to guess. He was looking directly at me, smiling. We made eye contact in the mirror for a brief moment before I watched him walk towards the sign in the back that said ‘Theater.’

“Go get em girl. I’ll finish ringing you up when you’re done.” She said with a grin.

I had heard what goes on in the sections of adult stores that were labeled as ‘theaters’, and I knew what that guy was after. I pondered it for a split second. I really did look good. I couldn’t blame this guy for eyeing me. I looked hot with my new hair on and my makeup done by Sarah, bless her heart. If I was what turned him on, then good for him. The thought of it turned me on as well, so before I knew it I was getting up and making my way to the back.

Passing under the sign, I turned the corner and saw him standing down the hall. We made brief eye contact again before he shot me a wink, placed his hand on a white door labeled ‘theater

‘, and then stepped into ‘theater
‘ and closed the door behind him. He couldn’t have been any clearer. On I went into theater


It was completely dark in the room. I reached out my hands to try to find a wall with a light switch. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small square cut out of the wall light up in blue, apparently serving as a window into the next room. Abandoning my attempts to find the light switch, I quickly got down on my knees and peered through the hole in the wall.

I got there just in time to see the stranger unzip his pants and pull them istanbul travestileri down, taking him underwear with them. This left his semi-hard cock dangling only a few inches from his side of the wall. He gave it a few cursory strokes before beginning to move his hips toward the wall, and consequently, my face. I backed up a few inches to allow him to poke it through, but this led to his torso covering the hole in the wall, which was currently providing the only source of light to my room. I was back in the dark.

I stood up briefly and moved toward the door with my hands out in order to find a light switch. Before long I found one and flicked it on. It illuminated the whole room in red. I could see again, so my eyes made their way back towards the hole in the wall.

There it was, hanging confidently and expectantly through from the wall, begging for attention. I immediately returned to my knees in front of it, watching it slightly swing and twitch as it waited to be serviced. I was really starting to appreciate the aesthetic of a nice cock.

My mouth began to water. I wanted to see what it looked like standing completely erect. I sat there in lust for a few more seconds with his cock only a few inches from my face, taking in the sight before I finally made my move.

I reached out and grabbed it by the base, pointing the tip directly at me. With tightly puckered lips, I moved my head forward and gave it a nice warm kiss. Upon withdrawing, I felt a warm spot of precum stuck to my lips. My new favorite thing apparently, because before I could even think, I was licking my lips and trying to taste it. I kept stroking his cock while I savored the taste on my tongue. Before long the cock was hard and standing completely on its own in front of me, so I removed my hand and let it stand proudly. I gave it a good once-over, appreciating how hard it was. Unlike daddy this guy was circumcised, so I could see his soft pink cock head clearly glistening with my saliva from my lips having been placed gently on it.

Also unlike daddy, this guy’s cock was about average sized. It was very smooth and straight, but for some reason I felt a hint of disappointment that this cock didn’t quite measure up to my first, my favorite. That being said, I began making bets on how much of it I could fit in my mouth. I figured I could fit most of it, and the fact that it wasn’t quite as long also allowed me to stroke it a little faster. I was going to make quick work of this nice man’s cock.

With my lips puckered, I grabbed his member and pointed it right at my face again. I quickly brought my lips back down onto the head, kissing his slit gently and slipping my tongue out through my lips to coat it with his sweet juices. From there, I opened wide and took as much of it as I could into my mouth. It felt warm on my lips, and before long, the back of my throat.

Bobbing my head slightly, I pushed my face further and further trying to get it past the entrance of my throat. I looked down and saw I had about 3/4 of it in my mouth. If I could only get this far on this man’s average-sized cock, I would really need to work on my cocksucking skills in order to please daddy the way he wanted. I decided to use this as a learning opportunity.

I briefly pulled his cock out of my mouth to take a breath. Trails of spit and sweet pre-cum stuck to my lips as I pulled them away, taking a deep breath before shoving his cock back into my mouth, all the way to the back of my mouth. Opening my throat wide, I pushed my head further until I felt his warm travesti istanbul head slip down my neck slightly. I once again withdrew my head, gasping for air before engulfing his cock once again. This time though, I went down with my throat open and pushed with more determination. His cock slid past my lips, grazed the roof of my mouth gently, then made its way down my throat. I continued this rhythm and before long, my nose was up against the wall.

I was so proud of myself. I was such a good cocksucker. As a celebration, I sat there for a few seconds with this cock all the way down my throat, leaking pre-cum directly into my esophagus. I pulled my head back and removed it from my mouth once again to admire it. At this point my face was covered in running makeup, spit and another man’s juices. I felt like such a slut. I felt perfect. And now I was on a mission.

Quickly, I opened wide and shoved his cock back into my mouth. I gave the head a few short slurps, paired with nice sensual strokes to the base with my hand before going all the way back down. I was in a trance now.

With this cock now penetrating my throat, I knew I had it right where I wanted it. All the way out and in his cock went, each time reaching as far as it could down my neck. I began to hear moans coming from the other side of the wall.

It wouldn’t be long now. I shoved his cock all the way back in, kept it there and began to move my head in short bobs, allowing his cock to fuck my throat quickly. It felt amazing in my throat. He must have been in heaven, having a warm tight throat fuck his cock while he stood back and enjoyed. With short bobs of my head up and down, his cock continued to massage my tonsils. As his moans grew louder, I picked up speed.

Sure enough, I heard a soft ‘Oooh’ from the other side of the wall, and felt his cock pulse lightly before beginning to leak his cum down my throat. The warm sensation was incredible. I left his cock all the way buried in my mouth as he continued to shoot streams directly into my esophagus. I was in heaven down there on my knees, a nice cock spraying its juicy filling down my throat. This was where I belonged.

Once his cock was completely drained I slowly removed my mouth, savoring the feeling of his warm skin sliding out, sweet and slick as brushed over my tongue. Once it was out of my mouth, I instantly missed the taste, the feeling.

The light in the room switched off abruptly, and I heard the door open and close. I was now all by myself again. I sat there for a minute or two pondering what to do next. I didn’t quite have a towel or anything to clean up. My makeup was smeared and my wig was a mess.

“Fuck it” I thought to myself as I stood up.

I was determined to walk out and proudly own it. It made me feel powerful.

Exiting the theater section, I immediately made eye contact with Sarah who was now standing behind the register again. The store was completely empty, no stranger with a freshly sucked cock in sight.

We both sported huge smiles as I walked up to the checkout lane.

“I’m ready to check out now.” I said with a devilish grin.

“Damn girl, that was quick! and judging by the moans I heard, you did quite a good job…” she said slyly.

“You sure you’re new to this?”

“I can’t thank you enough Sarah. You did such an amazing job on my makeup, and you made me feel so confident.” I said.

“Oh, don’t you worry about it love. You are absolutely gorgeous. Your new ‘friend’ is a lucky man. Now I’ve got everything bagged up here, and I even threw in a sampler of the makeup palette I used on you today. Free of charge”

“Thank you so, so much” I said again as I grabbed the bag and made my way out the front door.

Daddy really is a lucky man, and he’s not going to know what hit him next time he sees me.

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