My Lover, My Granddaughter II


When I woke up later that morning, I looked at the young woman in my bed, and wondered what in the hell I had gotten myself into. As I stared at her, her eyes opened up and she smiled at me. I looked at that face that I had known almost all her life, which was so familiar, and yet had changed so much, overnight. “Good morning, Gpaw.” She smiled at me and leaned forward and kissed me.”Good morning to you , Karen. What am I going to do with you?” Saying that, I swung my feet out of bed and got up and went to the bathroom. After I brushed my teeth, I told her to do what she needed to do, take a shower or whatever, and we would hit the road back home. It was a very quiet trip home, with neither of us saying much, and sort of tiptoeing around the “elephant in the room.” As I dropped Karen off at her apartment complex, I told her I would see her at the office in the morning. I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening arguing with myself, why I should never touch Karen again, and then saying why the hell shouldn’t I. She obviously wanted me to touch her, and there was no legal reason why I shouldn’t. Of course there were going to be a lot of loud and angry relatives of hers, who were going to have a lot to say about the situation.The next morning, I got to the office early, only to find that Karen had gotten there even earlier. She had brought us some Danish and had made coffee. She told me to sit at the small conference table and served us both. As she sat down I started to say something, but she quickly shushed me. “Gpaw, I know I caught you by surprise yesterday. But growing up, you were the one who always told me, ‘if you want something, figure out how to get it for yourself. Don’t sit there hoping it will magically appear in your lap,’ remember? I told you that Grandma and I talked. From the things she said, I really don’t think she would mind what we did.””Karen, last night I spent a lot of time thinking about us. Trying to accept the change in our relationship, that we will never be grandfather and granddaughter again. I am saddened by the loss of that relationship, more than you can imagine. I also cannot imagine why you would want to spend the best years of your Escort Acıbadem life with a man who, let’s face it, doesn’t have that many good years left. But, if you want to try, there are going to be certain conditions. One, we cannot act like young lovers around people who know us as grandfather and granddaughter. It would ruin your reputation and make you the butt of too many jokes. I don’t want that for you. Two, if we are going to be lovers, you have to start calling me by my name. Three, you have to go out with men your age once in a while. You will hopefully find one you want to spend the rest of your life with. and maybe even start a family with him. Four, if you do find such a young man, or if you decide that this relationship is not what you thought it would be, do not be afraid to tell me. Believe me I will understand.””Gpaw, it’s too late for me to call you anything but Gpaw. If I changed now, people would wonder why. I’ll agree to try not to act like lovers, but it will be hard. As for other men…we’ll see. In this day and age, people would be just as likely to think I’m lesbian. It’s no big deal these days.” Karen stood up and came to me, and leaned down and gave me a kiss. The kiss began to get longer, and suddenly both of our breathing changed and became more labored. Karen broke off the kiss, then walked to the office door and locked it. She came back to the conference room, and began where she left off. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I slowly began to slide my hand up her leg. As my hand reached the junction of her thighs, my fingers brushed against her soft pussy hair, and I realized that she had not worn any panties. I slowly began to rub between the lips of her pussy and felt her spread her legs to make it easier to get to her. I slid one finger in, then a second one. As I slowly pumped my fingers in and out of her pussy, I turned her around and seated her on the table in front of me, hiking her skirt up to her waist as I did so. I placed her legs over my shoulders and forced my face in between her thighs, until I could nibble gently on her beautiful clit. I pulled on it with my lips as I did so, Kaynarca Escort and continued to finger fuck her pussy. She was moaning quite loudly by this time, and her hips were jerking back and forth. I could feel the walls of her pussy clenching and releasing as I drove my fingers into her. Suddenly I curled my fingers and pushed them hard into her G-spot and nipped on her clit with my teeth. Karen gasped and cried out, “Oh God, Gpaw what are you doing to me? My cunt’s on fire! I’m going to come, I’m going to come.” “I’m coming, I’m coming,” she moaned. Suddenly, a tremendous gush of pussy juice squirted out of her pussy, and into my mouth. I swallowed as much of her sweet nectar, as fast as I could. I then reached around her legs and spread the lips of her pussy as wide as I could, then began to lick her pussy from her clit to her ass. I stiffened my tongue as much as I could and drove it in between the lips of her cunt as deep as I could. I licked faster and faster, and Karen was writhing on the table top, moaning in ecstacy. I reached up and slid my hands up under her blouse and up to her gorgeous tits, undoing her front-clasp bra as I got to her tits. I pinched each nipple gently and began to roll them between my fingers, tugging on them as they hardened. As I tugged and licked, I felt Karen’s pussy begin to try to turn itself inside out as her climax neared. She was frantically thrusting her pussy against my mouth, holding my head with both her hands and pushing me down on her cunt. Even if she had not had my head clamped between her thighs, covering my ears, I don’t think I could have come close to understanding the words spilling from her lips. Again her pussy blasted a tremendous geyser of juice into my mouth. After several more blasts, which I tried unsuccessfully to contain in my mouth and swallow, she slowly began to relax, but her climax left her body trembling.She slowly pushed my head away from her body, and said “God Almighty, Gpaw. I have to rest. My body can’t take anymore of this right now.”I put my arms around her shoulders and sat her up on the table. “Are you able to stand up?” I asked her. “If you want, Aydınlı escort bayan we can go to your apartment, and spend the day there, and talk, or whatever.””Gpaw, I’m ready to go home, and do whatever. I don’t think I want to talk.”We left the office, and drove to her apartment. As we drove over, I realized that I had suggested her place, perhaps because mentally, I wasn’t ready to take her in the bed I had shared with my wife. When we got to her place, I realized that her apartment was one of two on the top floor of a four unit building in the complex. When we entered her apartment, she closed the door and locked it, then placed her arms around me began to kiss me so passionately, that it literally took my breath away. I immediately felt my cock start to get hard, and it was soon straining to be turned loose. Karen reached down and rubbed her hand on my crotch, squeezing my cock gently as she rubbed.”Gpaw, I think you’re more than ready. I know I am.” She undid my belt and my slacks, pulling them down to the floor. After undoing my shirt, she started to pull it off. I snapped out of my trance and began to undo the buttons on her blouse, and pulled it off, dropping it on the floor, on top of my shirt and pants. I undid her bra and pulled it off down her arms and dropped it. I leaned over and took a breast in my mouth and she gasped as I began to suck on it. I continued to suck as I pushed her skirt down over her hips. I cupped her pussy with one hand and began to rub back and forth. As I did this, Karen pulled my underwear down, letting my cock spring free from its constraint. I clasped Karen’s body to mine, feeling the warmth of her body against mine, the pressure of her nipples against my chest. As we kissed, our tongues entwined themselves, and our breathing became labored. I felt Karen grind her crotch against my cock, and I could feel the wetness of her pussy against me. I reached down and took my cock and began to rub it up and down between the lips of her cunt. I took one of her legs and lifted it up around my waist opening up her juicy cunt, and slowly pushed my cock deep into her. After a few strokes I pulled out of her, and she said “Gpaw, what are you doing? Keep making love to me.””Karen, where’s your bed? I’ll last longer with a bed under us, plus it’s much more fun!” When we got to her bed, I laid her down on her back and spread her legs as far out to her sides as they would go, and placed her hands on her legs causing her to hold them open.

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